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GenYChron Ep. 0018 – Birthdays, Pareto distributions and spirit molecules

Show summary Join us this week as we talk about empirical evidence for birthday-dependent personalities, the eerie predominance of naturally occurring inequality within our universe and a psychedelic substance that our bodies produce, known as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Show notes - The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers - Gary Goldschneider’s Wikipedia page - Confirmation bias - “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”. - The Pareto principle -...


GenYChron Ep. 0017 – Ethnopediatrics, co-sleeping and Jólabókaflóðið

Show summary We’re back! After our three-month podcasting hiatus we dive into some parent-friendly topics ranging from child-rearing practices in different cultures, the prevalence of bed sharing outside North America and research surrounding the risks and rewards of co-sleeping. Also, with Christmas just 37 days away, we talk about our plan to adopt a traditional Icelandic gift-giving practice called "Jólabókaflóðið". Show notes - Relaxin - Public bookcases - Our Babies, Ourselves: How...


GenYChron Ep. 0016 – The Millennial munchies: Foraging and eating wild edibles

Show summary This week we listen to Jasmin share her knowledge about foraging for wild edibles. We talk about our experiences foraging berries, nuts and various plants in Germany and Nova Scotia. We also explain how we make teas, juices and salads from wild berries and herbs. Show notes - Picking elderberries and making homemade elderberry juice - Elderberry juice is an important ingredient for making German Christmas wine (Glühwein) - Make your own camomile tea by picking it fresh in your...


GenYChron Ep. 0015 – Service culture wars: Germany and Austria vs. Canada

Show summary On this week’s show, listen to us reminisce about our eyebrow-raising experiences with servers and cashiers in Germany, Austria and Canada. We compare two different service cultures and two different perspectives to see which one stands supreme. Prepare yourself for a mildly heated discussion! Show notes - “It’s strange how the level of expectation for good quality service is pretty low” - During one of my university lectures, our professor asked for a show of hands to see if we...


GenYChron Ep. 0014 – Emotional maturity, ageism and Millennial wisdom

Show summary This week on the Gen Y Chronicles podcast, Jasmin and I tackle some complex topics that affect Gen Y. Listen to our personal experiences and stories about the age perception gap between North America and Europe, and our opinions about the evolution of emotional maturity in Millennials. Show notes - How do you define emotional maturity? - Jordan Peterson on Theo Von’s This Past Weekend Show #110 discusses why family gets more important as he gets older (YouTube video) - Do...


GenYChron Ep. 0013 – Tea: The drink of the Millennials

Show summary Let’s talk about tea... the drink of choice for our generation. This week, we discuss the growing demand for tea among Millennials, coffee substitutes, making tea from local plants and the health benefits of drinking various teas. We also share our opinions on some of the finer green and black teas, and we outline the different perspectives on tea in Canada and Germany. Show notes - Tea is more and more popular among our generation than previous generations (YouGov article) -...


GenYChron Ep. 0012 – The Impossible Burger, dangers of soy and food evolution

Show summary On this week’s episode we sink our teeth into a trending food topic: the meatless burger that bleeds, AKA “The Impossible Burger”. We also review research about the relatively unknown dangers of eating unfermented soy. To finish, we discuss how the ever-increasing global demand for meat may eventually force us to invent a substitute for meat that is equally nutritious and delicious. Show notes - Adam Savage introduced me to the Impossible Burger (YouTube video) - What’s an...


GenYChron Ep. 0011 – The Millennial marriage taboo and Generation Squeeze

Show summary This week we focus on the benefits of marriage, the ever-changing perspective of marriage in Western society and the unfortunate victim mentality of Millennials. We’ve collected a tonne of facts that will make you second-guess your preconceptions about marriage. We also share our opinions about why we should actually be excited about Generation Y’s prospects. Show notes - These days people are much older when they first marry (Article on the Time magazine) - In Germany, people...


GenYChron Ep. 0010 – The secret language of fathers

Show summary Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! On this week’s episode, we review a list of seven facts based on research about how fathers can affect a child’s development. We talk about the surprising importance of roughhousing, how fathers encourage courageous exploration and many other relatively unknown facts that will change the way you think about fathers. Show notes - Analyzing statistics with a critical eye and remembering that studies don’t always use the same...


GenYChron Ep. 0009 – The most livable cities, #CitiesForPeople and thoughts about happiness

Show summary On today’s show we talk about two cities that make the top-five list on both Mercer’s and Monocle’s “the most livable cities” rankings: Munich and Vienna. Having lived in both cities, we compare our own anecdotal evidence with these two livability rankings. We also chat about how some cities in North America are starting to plan their cities for people instead of cars. To finish, we discuss how happiness is not a goal, but rather a side effect. Show notes - The most livable...


GenYChron Ep. 0008 – Demystifying yourself, your IQ and the education system

Show summary Do you know how your personality compares to 10 000 others? This week we try to demystify ourselves by taking a scientifically valid personality test. The results were somewhat surprising... we also discuss some facts worth knowing about intelligence and how your IQ is determined. To top it off, we talk about our childhood experiences in an obsolete education system. Show notes - (A scientifically valid personality test that compares the five big personality...


GenYChron Ep. 0007 – Epigenetics, fasting and outdated food guides

Show summary Warning: listening to this week’s podcast episode may change the way you think about food and your genes. Did you know what you eat today can affect your great-grandchildren’s genes? Can fasting actually make you live longer? Did you know that the recommended limits on alcohol consumption significantly differ from country to country? Is eating eight servings of grain-based foods per day still a relevant recommendation? Show notes - Learning about epigentics on SciShow in 2012...


GenYChron Ep. 0006 – Languages, divorce and marshmallows

Show summary This week we cover a mishmash of topics ranging from the slow death of bilingualism in Canada to discovering the secret recipe of Jasmin’s special breakfast. Also, did you know that marshmallows were eaten by ancient Egyptians to sooth sore throats, and that there are some countries where divorce is still illegal? Open up another tin of your favourite Surströmming and get ready to learn something new. Show notes - “As a kid, I always thought it would be impossible for me to...


GenYChron Ep. 0005 – Sleep-loss epidemic, saunas and the Intellectual Dark Web

Show summary This week we talk about your health on two fronts: the dangers of not getting enough sleep and the health benefits of going to the sauna. We provide a brief summary of Joe Rogan’s mind-blowing podcast with Matthew Walker, and we share our sauna bathing experiences in Canada and Germany. Last but not least, we define the trending #IntellectualDarkWeb by reviewing the facts. Show notes - Matthew Walker talks about sleep on Joe Rogan’s podcast (YouTube link) (Matthew Walker’s book:...


GenYChron Ep. 0004 – Free Yale courses, free Internet and practising French with a chatbot

Show summary In this week’s podcast episode we dive into a treasure trove of free knowledge. Did you know you can take free courses at Yale on YouTube? Did you know you can access the Internet for free? The Internet is a paradise of human knowledge, where we can learn French by speaking with chatbots and debunk rumours about Chinese spyware in mobile phones. All this and more, for free, in this week’s episode from the Gen Y Chronicles. Show notes - Stephen King’s opinion about writing your...


GenYChron Ep. 0003 – The sensitivity epidemic in the Western world

Show summary On this podcast episode we explore what’s causing the sensitivity epidemic: political correctness run amok, micro aggressions, helicopter parenting, trigger warnings, Scent Free Around Me, censorship at universities, safe spaces, etc. We live in a society where we have to constantly walk on egg shells or risk being labelled a social pariah. Let’s dive deep into the root causes and get to the bottom of it (or at least try to grasp the “what” and the “why”). Show notes - Jordan...


GenYChron Ep. 0002 – Millennials talking about beer, cannabis and liver pâté

Show summary Listen to our experiences about moving to 4 different cities across the globe in 4 years. We share with you our nomad-like strategy for moving like a millennial. We also talk about a few random but hotly debated topics: marriage stats, controlled substances and vegetarianism. You may also learn something new about the “Imperial City”, “Athens on the Isar River”, “Haligonia” and the “Gateway to the World”. Show notes - The Gen Y moving strategy - eBay classifieds in Germany and...


GenYChron Ep. 0001 – Infantilized youth, data privacy and gut bacteria

Show summary We’re excited to welcome you to our first podcast episode. Today we discuss a wide range of nagging social issues. We make a few observations about independent kids in Germany vs. kids in Canada, your online freedom and personal privacy, low-sugar diets, gut bacteria, the supermarket scene in Germany and yes... goose fat. Show notes - Independent German kids - Parenting styles (authoritarian, anti-authoritarian and helicopter) - Discussion at NYU School of Law with Jonathan...