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A bi-weekly podcast plumbing the depths of genre films from the old, new, cult, and transgressive. Join us as we explore the wide world of cinema broadening our horizons one movie at a time.

A bi-weekly podcast plumbing the depths of genre films from the old, new, cult, and transgressive. Join us as we explore the wide world of cinema broadening our horizons one movie at a time.


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A bi-weekly podcast plumbing the depths of genre films from the old, new, cult, and transgressive. Join us as we explore the wide world of cinema broadening our horizons one movie at a time.




Episode 043: The Righteous (2021)

In this episode, Jason and Dustin band together to check out another listener episode while Michael goes on temporary hiatus. Join us in wishing him all the best and await his return later before the end of the year. This time, we're looking at Mark O'Brien's powerful art house horror flick The Righteous shot in gorgeously stark black and white. Jason celebrates the classical style of the film. Meanwhile, Dustin goes down the rabbit hole to tackle the film's religious horror angle. Before...


Episode 042: Ludo (2020)

In this episode, we wrap up our focus on Indian cinema for the time being. After the highs of Tumbad and the lows of 13B, Dustin brings a quirky black comedy crime film hoping to lift his co-hosts spirits and drag the group across the finish line. Join us as we delve into Anurag Basu's Ludo from 2020. Michael has some harsh criticism for the depictions of several members among the central cast. Jason gets completely lost in the film and struggles to even discuss the plot. Dustin fights...


Quick Cuts Episode 007: Pink Rabbit (2022)

In this special bonus episode of Genre Exposure, Jason and Dustin team up to deep dive on the brand new horror film Pink Rabbit. Shot by a two-person crew on a micro-budget, Pink Rabbit is a feminist fantasy horror film that transcends its production value to deliver an enjoyably thought provoking experience. The story follows Martha during her daily work routine when an encounter with the titular Pink Rabbit plunges her into a series of bloody quests fighting her way back home to her...


Episode 041: 13B: Fear Has a New Address (2009)

In this episode, we continue our exploration of Indian cinema with a blind pick from Jason leading us to check out Vikram Kumar's 13B: Fear Has a New Address (also known as Yavarum Nalam) from 2009. While normally we bank on our varied tastes and interests to lead us to differing viewpoints on a film and thus, ultimately, a more balanced discussion, this is a rare time where we all walked out in the same place. Jason struggles to find the good in the film and theorizes how the concept could...


Episode 040: Tumbbad (2018)

In this episode, we take our first stab at focusing exclusively on some world cinema for a block as Michael launches us into a series on Indian cinema. It all kicks off with an amazing slice of period horror that weaves a generation spanning tale of greed. Join us as we check out Rahi Anil Barve's Tumbbad from 2018. Jason praises the visual design of the monstrous entities in the film. Michael celebrates the stylistic parallels to the works of Guillermo del Toro. Dustin dares to claim that...


Episode 039: It Follows (2014)

In this episode, we dig deep into the mailbag to check out the first listener suggestion the podcast ever received. This leads us back to show-favorite director David Robert Mitchell and his landmark 2014 horror film It Follows. Jason champions the film's classical aesthetics. Dustin focuses in on the varying interpretations of what "It" actually is. Michael returns to the topic of nightmare logic and draws some interesting parallels to prior episodes of the show. And so much more! Special...


Episode 038: Robot Carnival (1987)

In this episode, we wrap up our series on anthology films with an obligatory Dustin-mandated anime episode. Stepping away from the world of horror, we gear up to dive into Science Fiction to check out Robot Carnival from 1987. With an all-star crew of nine prominent animators taking the director chair for their own segments, the film offers a buffet of varying themes, moods, and ideals. Michael continues to weigh out his complicated feelings toward anime. Jason seems unusually familiar with...


Episode 037: Cat’s Eye (1985)

In this episode, we continue our focus on anthology films by advancing to the beloved world of 80s horror. We check out Stephen King's Cat's Eye from 1985 directed by Lewis Teague. Michael shares his appreciation for the very MCU-like interconnected nature of King's world in the film. Dustin champions the more critically maligned segment in the anthology and the tension of high-stakes gambling. But before all that Jason shares just how desensitized he is to extreme horror. Also, as our first...


Episode 036: Dead of Night (1945)

In this episode, we eagerly kick off our next block focusing on anthology films. Michael starts the conversation with the legendary Ealing Studios classic Dead of Night from 1945. Jason helps define the stylistic elements of anthology films. Michael embraces the very British Horror vibe of the movie. And for some reason, Dustin can't stop using the term urtext. But before all that Dustin hops on the soapbox to champion Alex Garland's Men, Michael tries to not discuss Rescue Rangers and Jason...


Episode 035: Let the Bullets Fly (2010)

In this episode, we return to our vault of listener suggestions to cool down from our focus on made-for-tv movies. Echoing back to our block on Westerns and Dustin's recent foray into Hong Kong cinema, we're taking a look at Jiang Wen's Let the Bullets Fly from 2010. Dustin weighs some shoddy CGI as the price of admission for the comedy that follows. Jason shares his undying devotion to Chow Yun-fat. Michael lays out some of the differences between Hong Kong cinema and films from mainland...


Episode 034: Seance (2000)

In this episode, we wrap up our series on made-for-tv movies by jumping ahead fifteen years and setting our sights on Japan as we discuss Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Seance from 2000. This completes a secret (and accidental) subtheme across the last few episodes of films based on a work of literature. Jason takes a stand against sham psychics and also puts the Stephen King miniseries Rose Red on blast. Dustin gushes his heart out over Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Spurred on by all our talks about mediumship and...


Episode 033: Fortress (1985)

In this episode, we charge ahead with our current focus on made-for-tv movies. Jason serves up an interesting follow-up by bringing to the table another film based on a work of literature, but takes us to Australia and advances the clock a decade into the era of HBO with Arch Nicholson's Fortress from 1985. Michael finds himself torn between the film's wildly varying high and low points. Dustin formulates an interesting, and ultimately pointless, theory regarding Jason's film picks on the...


Episode 032: Duel (1971)

In this episode, we kick off our next block focusing on made-for-tv movies AKA television films. Michael starts us off by setting the bar high with Steven Spielberg's Duel from 1971. Which, surprisingly, ends up being a first-time watch for Dustin. We also use it to finally have an excuse to gush over the works of Richard Matheson and his involvement in television and film. But before all that, like with every new block, we spend some time talking broadly about TV movies, their history, and...


Episode 031: Come True (2020)

In this episode, we dive into the mailbag for another listener episode to shake out all the dust from our series on Westerns. This time things get a little heady as we dig deep and muse over Anthony Scott Burn's 2020 feature Come True. Things get super serious and maybe we share just a bit too much in our pursuit of talking about the nature of dreams. Michael raves over Julia Sarah Stone's incredible performance as our lead Sarah. Jason opens up about his own experience with sleep paralysis....


Quick Cuts Episode 006: Celebrating Dukey Flyswatter + Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)

In this special bonus episode of Genre Exposure, spurred on by the announcement of a documentary about Michael Sonye, better known by his stage name Dukey Flyswatter, and his band Haunted Garage we decided to take some time to briefly discuss the man, the myth, the legend and then cover one of our favorite films from his career: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama from 1988. More important than the episode, we're super stoked about this project and want to encourage you to go check...


Episode 030: Keoma (1976)

In this episode, we wrap up our series on Westerns. Dustin can't let the conversation close without casting some focus on Spaghetti Westerns which leads us to Enzo G. Castellari's Keoma from 1976. This brings up a podcast favorite topic once more: Franco Nero. Dustin comes out swinging with high praise suggesting the film deserves to be held in much higher regard among Spaghetti Westerns. Jason praises the film's cinematography, particularly focusing on its use of flashbacks. Michael tries...


Episode 029: Brimstone (2016)

In this episode, we continue our series on Westerns with Jason rolling the dice on a blind watch leading us to check out Martin Koolhoven's Brimstone from 2016. Collectively, we manage to toss out a pretty balanced range of impressions all across the spectrum between love and hate. Dustin finds himself totally put off by the film and tries to break down why that is. Jason takes the field in defense of the movie's many charms. Meanwhile, Michael falls somewhere decidedly in between and tries...


Episode 028: Silverado (1985)

In this episode, we kick off our next block focusing on Westerns by checking out Lawrence Kasdan's love letter to the wild west flicks of the past: Silverado from 1985. Jason celebrates the film's careful use of foreshadowing. Dustin finds himself put off by the movie's tone which leads to him realizing just what a range the genre can cover from film to film. Michael loses the plot on his own pick leading to discussions about the film's ponderous length. But before all that, we give a...


Episode 027: The Beast of War (1988)

In this episode, we put away the black gloves and cool down from our #GialloJanuary insanity with a listener suggested episode. From the dark streets of the world of Giallo, we carry on to the field of war to check out Kevin Reynolds' The Beast of War (aka The Beast) from 1988. This is an incredibly special film that was criminally buried during its release. We dig in not only on the film itself but also the crazy story of its production and unfortunate fall to obscurity that is an...


Episode 026: Knife+Heart (2018)

In this episode, our #GialloJanuary celebration kicks into overtime as we spill into February to wrap everything up. We've checked out gialli in its heyday of the early 70s and followed it up with a look at its waning days in the late 80s. Circling our discussions has been this idea about modern interpretations of the genre and the concept of the neo-giallo. We finally bring that center stage by checking out Yann Gonzalez's Knife+Heart from 2018. Jason charts a lot of the loving influences...