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A podcast that digs into the stories of a place, listens to the people who know it best, and goes places you never expected.

A podcast that digs into the stories of a place, listens to the people who know it best, and goes places you never expected.


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A podcast that digs into the stories of a place, listens to the people who know it best, and goes places you never expected.






bonus interview: In Spain with the Coronavirus

What happens when you find yourself stuck in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, but you're thousands of miles from home? A conversation with Jonathan Graca and Becky Brun on March 16th after they caught the last bus (literally) out of Spain and into Portugal - and were now faced with trying to get home to Oregon and the Gorge, before time (and the airlines) ran out.


Socially Distant bonus interview with Suzanne & Aaron

A quick phone call with Suzanne and Aaron, owners of Solstice Woodfire Cafe & Bar in Hood River, Oregon to find out how Covid 19 and social distancing is affecting their business. AND a handful of local kids share some of their favorite things about homeschooling.


LIVE! Part Two: October 24th, 2019

This is Part Two of the Hear in the Gorge LIVE! event that happened October 24th, 2019. You'll get to meet Terrie Brigham, member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation and also "fisherman, captain, hunter, and parent of 3 beautiful children".


LIVE! Part One: October 24th, 2019

This is Part One of the Hear in the Gorge LIVE! event that happened October 24th, 2019. Listen to find out how the podcast came to be, why Producer Sarah Fox did an entire interview in a car, and how the people she's met along the way have shaped Hear in the Gorge.


Ep #5 Tribal Fishing in the Pacific Northwest

In this episode you’ll hear one piece of a much larger history. It considers a fight for civil rights that is uniquely connected to the Pacific Northwest, and the ensuing violence – the Fish Wars - that took place. It shares the story of fisherwoman, Terrie Brigham, her family - and the salmon in the Columbia River.


Crag Rats on the Out There Podcast

The Hear in the Gorge episode about the Crag Rats got featured on the Out There podcast. Here's the episode, preceded by a short interview with Host/Producer Sarah Fox - including talk about backpacking with llamas!


Ep #4: Oregon Trail Roadtrip

Thought the Oregon Trail was all covered wagons and pioneers? Think again! Join us as we take a roadtrip down the very last leg of the Oregon Trail. We'll get to know the trail in ways you never expected - and maybe even see an elephant or two!


Snapshot: Dufur, Oregon

While re-tracing the Oregon Trail we stopped in Dufur, Oregon and talked to Josiah Dean at the Balch Hotel. Turns out we're not the only ones who've wondered about naming a town, Dufur. Song: Gordon Lightfoot "Did She Mention My Name" -


Snapshot: Toughest Interview Yet

An impromptu recording turns into my toughest interview yet. I can't help but think that Woody Guthrie would've been proud.


Snapshot: You Never Know

Stories told through lost recordings, unexpected discoveries, and listening to the people who know this place best. Each episode starts here, in the Gorge, but you never know where we’ll end up.


Ep. #3: Woody Guthrie & the Columbia River Songs

When folksinger Woody Guthrie strolled into the Bonneville Power Administration in 1941, he played a song or two on his guitar, filled out some paperwork, and was hired by the federal government to write songs about dams on the Columbia River. And then, just as abruptly as it began, this odd-couple story came to an end. The folk singer’s 30 days at BPA is considered one of the single most productive bursts in his fruitful songwriting career. We track down the man who rediscovered this...


Ep. #2: Crag Rats

In the summer of 2013 a father and son set out on their first camping trip together. For the 10-year old boy, it was a dream come true and he was prepared, but then the trip took a turn they never saw coming. In this episode we hear from two Crag Rats and the father of the boy, to learn just what happens when things go wrong in the wilderness.


Ep. #1: Almost Home

JAPANESE HISTORY IN THE HOOD RIVER VALLEY In 2015, Min Yasui was the first Oregonian to ever receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom - our nation's highest civilian honor. Min was first generation Japanese American, born right here in Hood River. His father, Masuo, had immigrated from Japan and become a respected leader in the small community. But this is far from a simple success story. It includes FBI spying, unexpected death, the largest mass incarceration in U.S. history, and a small...


Hear In The Gorge on Mid-Columbia Today radio show: May 10, 2017

Hear in the Gorge on the radio! Amanda Lawrence and Sarah Fox stopped by the Mid-Columbia Today show to talk with Host Mark Bailey about the upcoming podcast launch party and episodes.


Snapshot: Min Yasui Day

An audio postcard to celebrate Min Yasui Day in Oregon. Music by: Kai Engel, "Denouement" - Free Music Archive.


Snapshot: Change your sense of place

Japanese Americans growing up in the Hood River Valley...Our country's oldest mountain search and rescue team, The Crag Rats...Woody Guthrie and the Columbia River songs - you'll find it all in this season of Hear in the Gorge.