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It's Jason Lee and Kluck, uncensored. Not safe for work or pretty much anywhere else.


South Bend, IN


It's Jason Lee and Kluck, uncensored. Not safe for work or pretty much anywhere else.






We Want What We Want

We finish off January with a whole host of new fetishes, including a few we've never even heard about, hear of a horrifying Amazon mix up, find some new Valentine's Day merch at Goop and find out ways of dealing with sexual frustration! See for privacy information.


Kinky Kelly

We find out all about "Winter Penis" and what it means for you, hear about some great kinks and why you might be into them and please, just leave your crack pipe at home or in the car. See for privacy information.


Bad Boys Bad Boys

We finally get a moment to talk about "that" police department in Tennessee, learn about an ancient celebration, how Bryan Cranston lost his v-card and we meet a guy named Troy....who is on his way to Hell. See for privacy information.


Women Do It Too!

Last week we heard about all the wild things fellas lost inside themselves last year, this week we find out what the ladies are hiding! Also, some great ways to get your partner in the mood and maybe dig a bit and find out what kind of secret dirty stuff they're into! See for privacy information.


Going All In

First episode of a brand new year! We'll find out what we were looking for last year as far as online filth goes, we'll learn what the ladies were interested in and what we some very tight spaces! Happy 2023 yo! See for privacy information.


The 2022 Finale

We learn how to properly dirty talk, how not to properly dirty talk and we clear out all the last Worst People In The World we have in the tank! Thanks for listening this year everybody! See for privacy information.


The Naughty Nine

Everyone is into at least one of the 9 major sexual taboos....take a trip with us and find out which one or ones you are into! We also learn how to start a sext conversation and things a woman won't do until she is a girlfriend! See for privacy information.


Harder, Faster, Stronger

...or whatever the Daft Punk song is called. We learn how to turn your dong into a World Class Athlete! We also meet a lady who disappoints Jason Lee. Enjoy the last 'cast of November! See for privacy information.


Ed Dare

We find out what annoys women about having sex with you, why we may be facing a sperm shortage, what the fine line is between a kink and a fetish. And we meet Ed Dare. See for privacy information.



We find out from a surgeon why you should NEVER try making yourself a bigger man, man. We meet the best OnlyFans fan there probably is and if you remember our infamous tweezer episode a couple years back....proceed with caution. We have a contender to unseat the champ. See for privacy information.


Good Luck Cuck

We learn about a man who wonders if the internet has ruined him for dating, meet a woman who does NOT get what she ordered off Amazon and we learn all about the ancient art of the cuckhold. See for privacy information.


Fappy Ending

What happens if you find yourself getting a happy ending you didn't order? How do you take a "sexcation" on a budget? How often and why are women faking it? And we meet the most humble braggart of all time. See for privacy information.


What Women Want

Believe it or not, women only want 5 things form you! We update the classic "love languages, meet a guy who is running for "worst plane passenger ever" and a guy who is still running....for office. See for privacy information.


He's Going The Distance

We learn about a man with a very embarrassing allergy, find out how you can last longer than the American average of 5:24 seconds, a woman's dog finds a terrible toy and we're getting government sex tapes now! Sorry for the upload delay....forgot to hit "publish" before we left yesterday. See for privacy information.



We learn a whole ton of new ways to do the foreplay ladies seem to love so much, learn how to take your best "pic," there is a new terrible toy on the market and we need a sad old man who just wants you to leave his yard alone! See for privacy information.



We learn 5 easy ways to build your own sex toy, whcih piece of jewelry men should avoid, meet ANOTHER person using vibrators to cheat and a fella has a sex dungeon.....for real dolls. See for privacy information.



We learn 7 easy ways to improve your sex life, meet a woman who rates dongs for a living, learn why sleeping in the same bed as your dog could send you to the ER (it's a long shot, but still) and the worst/best snack of all time! See for privacy information.


A Little Squirt Never Hurt

Scientists actually sat down and tried to figure out the origins and makeup of one of nature's most mysterious substances, we learn how NOT to blow your chance at a threesome, the foods that are killing you in the bedroom and apparently chess is way more serious than we thought! See for privacy information.


Smugglers Blues

We learn how our ladies can get revved up for us more often, learn how much our parts go for on the black market, find which celebrity got so carried away in the bedroom she had to go to the ER and hear about a disturbing smuggling ring... See for privacy information.


The 5 Cs

We learn a sure sign you're likely to cheat on your spouse (or they're about to cheat on you) little lies you'll never tell a loved one but will tell a stranger and a woman is making some new jewelry that we can't believe even one person asks for... See for privacy information.