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It's Jason Lee and Kluck, uncensored. Not safe for work or pretty much anywhere else.

It's Jason Lee and Kluck, uncensored. Not safe for work or pretty much anywhere else.


South Bend, IN


It's Jason Lee and Kluck, uncensored. Not safe for work or pretty much anywhere else.






Play On, Role Playa

We learn the ins and outs of role playing, why we DON'T bring it up and how we possibly could. We hear about a horrifying celebrity injury and meet the World's Most Savage Mom. See for privacy information.



Totally secure in your relationship? Buckle up, you're about to hit some bumpy terrain! What were the weirdest things pulled out of us in 2021, we get a legendary John Madden quote and learn about a Texas man who is REALLY into chicken. See for privacy information.


Thirty Five Plus

Here it is, the 2021 finale of Here's Your Freakin' Podcast! Thank YOU for all the listens, downloads and shares for this year! We'll be back with a new episode January 5th! See for privacy information.


Risky Bidness

We learn some of the riskiest places people are getting it on, find out where to see ground breaking sex in movies (we learn about a must-see Cameron Diaz role!) meet a WWII enthusiast who needs to tone it down and meet Italy's worst gynecologist, mamma mia! See for privacy information.


Episode 269 Bro!!!

We run down a list of bedroom must-haves, learn what "hot-wifing" is, find out just how porno has lied to us all these years and meet a Russian cannibal! See for privacy information.


Farty Party

Well, we have bad news if you're a smaller man but we do find out if there is help out there! We also learn about a horrendous fetish we wish we could unhear about and meet a man who got too revved up at a Walmart! See for privacy information.


Too Much Movie Night

Listened to last week's podcast, followed the advice and having problems? We'll find out how to undo last week's porno suggestion. We dig into things we didn't know people thought were fetishes and meet a guy who won't be flying the friendly skies for 40-60 months. See for privacy information.


Movie Night

We learn the top 5 things men are fantasizing about, hear two words we cannot unhear, meet a horrid woman on OnlyFans and tips and tricks to spice up your next "movie" night See for privacy information.



We find out the (additional) down side of having less downstairs, find support for you if you do have less, learn the difference between porn and reality and find the worst named smoke shop in Kentucky! See for privacy information.


Do What To The Patriarchy Now?

Scientists have finally answered the age old question about the size of your nose, meet a woman who really gets our attention, a couple enjoy a very specific kink, men reveal why they're really subscribing to OnlyFans and we meet a pair of OF stars.... See for privacy information.


Swap Meat

We learn the ins and the outs of the swapping game, how much "self care" is too much and we meet a man who ruins the inside of an ambulance! See for privacy information.



Perfect month for a story about a woman sleeping with a ghost! We also learn how to be gentleman with the nudes, last longer in the sack and meet a woman who gets waxed in a very inopportune time! See for privacy information.



We learn new and better ways to clean up our landscaping (if that's your thing) find out how many dudes went exploring during the pandemic, learn how to get a great deal on a Jeep and doctors have found a new horrifying COVID side effect! See for privacy information.


You Load 16 (thousand) Tons

We learn ways your woman can do a little more to get you in the mood, how many of us are enjoying going in through the outdoor and meet a woman who well, has seen it all. See for privacy information.


Come Baby Baby Baby Bay Come Come

We learn about an old guy that is about to get banned from frozen foods, a boy finds out the hardest way possible he is not USB compatible and all the ways sex ed failed us back in the day! See for privacy information.


The Other C Word

We learn what we can do to turn a woman on, run down the top 10 fetishes (it turns out we're not that weird!) and talk, probably too much, about the other C word. See for privacy information.


Stand By Me

We learn a dozen news way to increase the fun you have alone, learn things women do that annoy us fellas and we meet a dude who packs a lot in God's pockets! See for privacy information.


Dormir Nu

We meet TWO different guys who do not treat "it" with care, learn how to treat out online sex workers during these uncertain times and a doctor is out to ruin yet something else we all enjoy! See for privacy information.


Waxing Off

Well, it turns out there is a ton going through a fella's mind during bedroom activities. We find out the grossest stuff women have found at guy's houses, learn the ins and outs of one particular fetish, learn about an odd kink and meet a clown you should NEVER hire for birthday parties. See for privacy information.


6 Bean Salad

We learn about how to make "it" last longer, how we should NOT try to make "it" bigger and we meet a Michigan man who is praying his actual name never gets released to the public! See for privacy information.