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Each week in Horror Queers, Joe Lipsett and Trace Thurman tackle a horror film with LGBTQ+ themes, a high camp quotient or both. For these lifelong queer horror fans, there’s as much value in serious discussions about representation as there is in reading a ridiculously silly/fun horror film with a YAS KWEEN mentality. Just know that at no point will we be getting Babashook.

Each week in Horror Queers, Joe Lipsett and Trace Thurman tackle a horror film with LGBTQ+ themes, a high camp quotient or both. For these lifelong queer horror fans, there’s as much value in serious discussions about representation as there is in reading a ridiculously silly/fun horror film with a YAS KWEEN mentality. Just know that at no point will we be getting Babashook.
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Each week in Horror Queers, Joe Lipsett and Trace Thurman tackle a horror film with LGBTQ+ themes, a high camp quotient or both. For these lifelong queer horror fans, there’s as much value in serious discussions about representation as there is in reading a ridiculously silly/fun horror film with a YAS KWEEN mentality. Just know that at no point will we be getting Babashook.




The Brood (1979)

Joe drags Trace back to Canada-land to re-visit David Cronenberg's oeuvre with The Brood, an incredibly light-hearted movie about a woman who births deformed killer dwarves through an external womb. This week, Joe goes through a lot. Not only does he imagine what his life would be like if David Cronenberg and David Lynch were his two daddies, but he also managed to stick his finger in an electrical socket before the recording began, thereby making his audio sound all staticky. Trace gets...


Calvaire (2004)

The boys are staying international this week, flying over to France to discuss Calvaire (The Ordeal), Fabrice Du Welz's contribution to the New French Extremity movement of the 2000s. Could they have discussed High Tension? Sure, but what fun would it be to make you watch a movie you've already seen? Topics at hand are the film's bestiality set piece, a rather intense (and rare) scene of male-on-male rape, modern-day crucifixions, kooky impromptu polka dances and the political origins of...


BONUS EPISODE - Mailbag Read!

Welcome to our first ever mailbag read! Over the last four months, we have asked our lovely listeners multiple questions as they pertain to the films we discuss. We finally took the time to sort through all of the replies and pick our favorites! From fan mail, to sequel ideas to bullying stories, we've got it all! Did your reply make the cut? Listen and find out! Questions? Comments? Snark? Connect with the boys on Twitter using the hashtag #HorrorQueers > Trace: @tracedthurman > Joe:...


Fatal Frame (2014) feat. Jenny Nulf

The Horror Queers are playing their way into the world of video game adaptations with the 2014 film Fatal Frame. "What? They made a movie out of Fatal Frame????", you ask? They most certainly did! Unfortunately, it never saw a North American release. Lucky for us (and you), it's streaming for free on YouTube! Sure, it is more of an adaptation of the video game franchise's themes than its plot, but the Camera Obscura does make a cameo! Is this the best video game movie ever made? Depending on...


Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Patreon Clip)

The first full length Patron exclusive episode of May has arrived and it takes the form of a clad in 70s plaid Zac Efron! That's right, we're talking about the Ted Bundy Netflix property...or rather the three competing narratives that this film tries (and therefore fails) to tell! There's a little singing, a little dressing down of John Malkovich and the Hollywood Foreign Press and questions about why Efron might actually be a murderer. This episode is for patrons only! To download the...


The Wicker Man (2006) feat. Cap Blackard

Not the bees! Not the bees! That's right, the Horror Queers are discussing Neil LaBute's camptastic trashterpiece The Wicker Man, and they are joined by Consequence of Sound's Cap Blackard! Join the threesome as they discuss Nicolas Cage's "performance," the constant punching of women and the prospect of a remake entitled The Wicker Butt. Plus, Cap graces the boys with her knowledge of Robin Hardy's original film and its long-delayed sequel, The Wicker Tree. It's not all fun and games,...


Cemetery Man (1994)

Joe and Trace head abroad to Italy to walk Rupert Everett through his existential crisis in Michele Soavi's bizarro 1994 (or is it 1996?) zombie horror comedy. While both boys struggle with the bad dubbing, Joe is more appreciative of the film's mix of dry wit, philosophy and art history references than Trace, who reluctantly becomes more appreciative of the comedy as the episode progresses. Along the way, they discuss queer trailblazer Rupert Everett's fall from leading man status, the...


The Curse of La Llorona (Patreon Clip)

In the second Patreon exclusive episode of April, the boys discuss the sixth instalment of The Conjuring franchise...or is it a random stand-alone since Warner Brothers has seemingly walked back on that designation? There's also discussion of the shoddy plotting, the film's treatment of POC and why Linda Cardellini is great, despite being the white lead in a bland appropriated story that deserved (and would have been better served with) a Mexican actress. Come for the dressing down of the...


Psycho 2 (1983) feat. Michael Varrati

After 23 years of driving, the boys pick up Dead For Filth's multi-hyphenate Michael Varrati en route to a charming motel run by Anthony Perkins' Norman Bates. The trio discuss the film's categorization as a long in-development sequel, a slasher released during the height of the 80s craze and a cash grab. Along the way they suggest that Meg Tilly's tough, but thankless "tofu" role as Mary is a mirror image of Norman and propose that Psycho 2 succeeds where Halloween (2018) fails by truly...


Oculus (2014)

Who would have ever thought a movie about a killer mirror could actually be A) good and B) scary? That's right, the boys are discussing Mike Flanagan's 2014 film Oculus! Join Joe and Trace as they gush (pun intended) over Flanagan's oeuvre and discuss the role a sibling (or siblings) can play in the coming-out process. Plus, the boys decide which killer mirror movie is better: Oculus or Alexandre Aja's Mirrors? Hint: it's not the one with Kiefer Sutherland. We've even got some homework for...


Pet Sematary (Patreon Clip)

In the first Patreon exclusive episode of April, the boys discuss whether a personal connection to the material is necessary to grasp the horror, Joe proposes that the material is "grief for dummies" and Trace goes to bat for Amy Seimetz's performance as Rachel. Other topics on the table: can this new film stand on its own feet, or is it doomed to suffer comparisons to previous iterations? How much of a deal breaker is that grim ending? And who is screenwriter Jeff Buhler fucking to grab...


Stage Fright (2014)

The boys have got pipes and they're FIERCE! That's right, this week they're headed to Center Stage: Camp for the Performing Arts to audition for the revival of "The Haunting of the Opera"! We're discussing Jerome Sable's slasher musical comedy Stage Fright! But mostly, we just want to know what went wrong with this film. It's neither funny nor scary, and it doesn't even have any good songs! How do you have musical numbers, gory kills, (attempted) satire, Meat Loaf and Minnie Driver and...


Us (Patreon Clip)

In the final March Patreon episode, Joe and Trace discuss Jordan Peele's sophomore effort Us. Is it a better film than Get Out? Does it matter? Join them as they debate the effectiveness of the comedy in the film, admire Lupita Nyong'o's powerhouse performance and try to decipher just what the rules of The Tethered are (and why the movie doesn't seem to care about sticking to them). Oh, and they compare Peele to M. Night Shyamalan....for some reason? This episode is for patrons only! To...


Daughters Of Darkness (1971) feat. Ale Gonzalez

Joe and Trace catch a train to France to spend time in a deserted hotel and drink milky blue liquor, picking up special guest Ale Gonzalez en route. The threesome can't help but gush over Delphine Seyrig's iconic performance as the Countess while gently mocking Blond Cher...er...Valerie (so bland!) and emasculated sissy Stefan. Ale shares her encyclopedic knowledge about lesbian vampire films, Joe attempts to clarify the end of the film and Trace triumphs in his recognition of Stefan's...


Ravenous (1999)

Who's hungry...for a little man on man action? Joe and Trace trek to Northern California to stay at a delightful gay resort in the mountains where the soup is hearty and the men have a certain glow about them. That's right, it's the 20th anniversary of Antonia Bird's Ravenous! The boys dig into yet another problematic production history (what's up with you, 1999-2000?), probe the positive/negative connotations of a queer reading of the film's take on cannibalism and ship the sultry bear...


Cherry Falls (2000) feat. Brennan Klein

It's a regular Hymen Holocaust this week as Joe and Trace detour into Cherry Falls, a place where no virgin is safe and problematic cross-dressing serial killers reside. They pick up special guest Brennan Klein (co-host of Scream 101 podcast and producer of Blumhouse's Attack of the Queerwolf!), who chimes in with his thoughts on all things related to Michael Biehn's "Biehn-pole." The guys discuss the overt sexual tension between Brittany Murphy and Biehn (they're father and daughter!),...


The Last House on the Left (Patreon Clip)

We return with a brand new Patreon-exclusive episode on Dennis Iliadis' remake of Wes Craven's seminal horror film The Last House on the Left, which is celebrating it's 10-year anniversary. We know, we know. We said we were only going to cover recent theatrically-released films for Patreon episodes, but March is a desert wasteland for new horror films, and Joe simply refused to watch Greta again after not loving it at TIFF. So here we are! The Last House on the Left. Join us as we both...


The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)

Since the boys got a late start to Women in Horror Month, they've decided to continue it into the first week of March! Next up is Katt Shea's under-appreciated and ahead-of-its-time film The Rage: Carrie 2. Join Joe and Trace as they take a deep dive into the troubled production of this much-maligned sequel. Topics on the table include but are not limited to: the truly despicable teenage characters, an enormous stuffed dog, Amy Irving's completely ineffectual guidance counselor, and Mena...


Always Shine (2016)

Join Joe and Trace on their weekend getaway to Big Sur as they try not to murder each other out of fame jealousy! That's right, we're watching Sophia Takal's Always Shine! This chilling look into a very troubled female friendship between two competing actresses (portrayed by Caitlin FitzGerald and Mackenzie Davis) force the boys to ask some difficult questions: Why are outspoken women automatically deemed "bitchy" and/or "difficult" by our society? What makes a "good woman?" And finally,...


Lyle (2014) feat. Stacie Ponder

Just in time for the back half of Women in Horror Month, the guys are joined by the one and only Stacie Ponder (of Final Girl and Gaylords of Darkness Podcast fame) for a threeway discussion of Stewart Thorndike’s Lyle, aka “lesbian Rosemary’s Baby”. Stacie educates the guys on the film’s connection to lesbian web series F to 7th, Trace gets increasingly defensive about Sleepless in Seattle and Joe rails on Michael Che’s “performance” in the film. The group debates the best way to SPOILER...