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A summary of Humboldt's last week of news when you want it.

A summary of Humboldt's last week of news when you want it.
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A summary of Humboldt's last week of news when you want it.






Opioid tapering, nixing pot convictions, hate-inciting teen, Grammy chances, Sea Witch hopeful, more

Arcata doctor Connie Basch has been battling the state medical board to keep her license, garnering a significant amount of community support while raising concerns about California’s opioid tapering mandates (interview starts at 10:41). Also: A teen’s family dragged him to the police station after finding out he recruited for a white supremicist hate group, by next summer Humboldt County’s District Attorney will consider over 1,000 pre-legalization cannabis convictions for dismissal, Reggae...


Billboard mag, possible XFLer, Warner Bros TV, ex-NASA big-wig out, much more

Faith No More talk Humboldt in Billboard magazine after reaching a milestone, Humboldt export Sara Bareilles is looking for the musically-savvy female lead of her upcoming Warner Bros TV show, a former Humboldt State athlete tried out for a redo of the wrestling-related XFL pro football league, our community college is graduating maximum security prisoners, a bear proves to be a destructive camp guest, a big dam development for the Eel River, a former NASA scientist launches into retirement...


CNBC props, ‘squatch beer, NFL starter?, no ROTR, satellite booboo, ‘Bay love, more

(132): CNBC covered a former local whose profitable music label just celebrated 20 years, a sasquatch-sized beer garden an taproom could be open in McKinleyville as early as August, an HSU export could have a career NFL season, the county’s satellite mapping system reportedly stressed out some non-cannabis farmers, Eureka is revising its panhandling ordinance, Reggae on the River 2019 is cancelled, first responders deserve props, an accused episcopalian threatener pleads not guilty, body...


Lionsgate, WaPo clouds, Beach Boys, Oysterfest arrest parody, Trillium Falls love, more

A locally-raised director is releasing his action film via Lionsgate soon, an Oysterfest arrest parody, weird clouds make WaPo, Old Navy sets an opening date, perspiration, big-name entertainers coming, local goes somewhat viral slamming Colorado weed, a hiccup for a proposed casino hotel in Trinidad, flags burn in Fortuna, Trillium Falls love, Eureka’s Waterfront Drive to improve, mobile showers for the homeless, and other topics currently being discussed in Humboldt County. Plus! Event...


MLB, Politico, Weedmaps, Nickelodeon, Fieri tat, Eel River love, more: Humboldt Last Week

Crabs still producing MLB players, Politico writes of local cannabis woes while Weedmaps details pros, late HSUers spinoff greenlit by Nickelodeon, Guy Fieri’s biggest fan, jury to decide fate of pet pig killer, pioneer school administrator honored in video, a cancer survivor is swimming a large length of the Eel River, progress for an embattled Arcata housing project, Rio Dell greenlights cannabis dispensaries, wind energy conversations continue, Eel River love, and other topics currently...


Monopoly-style, Walk of Fame, laser tag, billboard offends, teen tragedy, more

Monopoly-style game makers talk Humboldt version, a gust of criticism for a proposed turbine project, Humboldt joining the mile high club, we’ve exported our first Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient, the ‘valley’s family entertainment center opens, a gay-basher is nixed from ROTR, a Cherry Poppin’ Daddies billboard spawns a boycott call, a former local was killed by New York police, The New Yorker comes to Humboldt, police say a teen was killed during a weed deal, an accused pig killer was...


‘This Is Humboldt,’ demo for In-N-Out, Snapchat snafu, ghost town love: Humboldt Last Week

Word from the director of the upcoming full-length cannabis documentary ‘This Is Humboldt,’ a building demolition at the future In-N-Out site is coming, a Snapchat snafu, a trial delay for a notorious former Trinidad resident (and HBO subject), Fortuna is considering a change of tune on cannabis, Guy Fieri talks livable wages in the restaurant biz, tourism enticers spawn a query, the DA talks self-defense following anonymous grand juror claims about the Lawson case, a cold-one coalition...


🔊 ‘Swayed jury’ claim, pop-vid partier, hero tribute, Xbox, Lady Bird love: Humboldt Last Week

More anonymous grand juror claims in a tense homicide investigation, pop music video partying, a heroic woman’s sacrifice was honored, Humboldt cannabis’ major video game debut, honoring moms Sara Bareilles style, humanitarians will award HACHR’s leader, a (sorta) first for Reggae on the River, a politician’s upsides were celebrated after a controversy, hills and stairs appreciation, a statewide head honcho spun KHSU radio’s gutting, Lady Bird love, and other stories currently being...


🔊 AMC, prom surprise, SpongeBob decades, SNL script, Bareilles praise, Patrick’s Point love

A locally-raised musician did the theme song for an upcoming AMC series, a Humboldt prom story for the record books, a late HSUer’s Nickelodeon-saving creation debuted 20 years ago, a Humboldt-tied band gets press over a mock SNL script, Sara Bareilles praise from a talented and picky producer, a cannabis-outlaw graphic novel, love for Patrick’s Point, Willow Creek was recently featured on the Trvl Channel, and other stories currently being discussed throughout the county. Humboldt Last Week...


‘Killed them all,’ viral Arcata arrest trial coming, mobsters, a vocal tornado, Fern Canyon

An ex Trinidad resident is using flawed HBO editing in his murder denial, a summer trial related to a controversial Oysterfest arrest, a jaw-dropping story hints at Bulgarian mob ties, huge-audience praise for a former Humboldt vocalist, love for Fern Canyon, an In-N-Out update, secret ganja farmer language from back in the day, the expanded Arcata Community Forest, a reward for info about a missing Eurekan, cop chalk talk, big-paper tourism commentary, and other stories currently being...


Toolin’ in Flavortown, Bareilles top-10, KHSU offer, Lawson homicide two year mark, more

Guy Fieri continues his rockstar hangouts, Sara Bareilles does it again with the charts, airtime offered to KHSU talent, an event marked two years since the uncharged Lawson homicide, a wind energy report, pushback continues against sexually violent predator, a big Arcata housing project needs to be redrawn again, drafty drama, heady sweaties, National Geographic covered wildlife-killing pesticides used in illegal farms here, the entrance into Humboldt Bay for boaters is being made safer,...


'Murder Mountain' event downplayed, Rolling Stone, anon Lawson juror, KHSU gutted, brownies, tequila

“Murder Mountain” speaking engagement downplayed, Lawson grand juror speaks anonymously, KHS-eulogy, Bareilles talks Humboldt edible experience, Fieri tequila, teenage film phenom, and more. Humboldt Last Week also has the Humboldt attraction of the week, event picks of the week, lightheartedness, and crime updates. On 99.1 KISS FM Mondays,, and always on Humboldt Last Week Alternative Radio (HLW Alt Radio). Humboldt Last Week partners: Northtown Coffee - Summer Arts and Music...


Pig killer, Supervisor drama, SNL, possible foul play, and more

An Arcata pig killer makes news statewide, quite a news week for a County Supervisor and his now former opponent, Humboldt-grown star Sara Bareilles did SNL, a Eureka man’s family suspects foul play in his December disappearance, SpongeBob and his late Humboldt-tied creator got some great praise, a check-in with the Arcata Chamber of Commerce, surgery allows an ex-HSUer a better NFL chance, Fortuna approved one-for-one needle exchange, a despicable local history figure was mentioned on PBS,...


Bareilles vs. Netflix, federal weed fight, Lawson tension and misquote denial, more

Apple’s big Netflix-challenging week involved Humboldt-grown superstar Sara Bareilles, locals continue their fight with the feds over medical cannabis legality, clashes over a tense house-party homicide case, the ‘Journal’s news editor strongly denies a misquote allegation in that case, an ex-HSUer was praised by his NFL GM, The Bong Mile, measles cases get closer, a love triangle has been implied in an alleged cemetery murder, and other stories currently being discussed throughout the...


Attempted contract murder victim speaks, Fennell check-in, 'Beast politicizes Fieri, hospital sued

An attempted contract murder victim speaks to Humboldt Last Week anonymously, a check-in with Supervisor Fennell, a former local talks art on national TV, Guy Fieri’s show is politicized by a large publication, Senator McGuire is again trying to require presidential candidates release their tax returns for inclusion on the California ballot, a Snapchat-caught N-word spurs an apology, a Congressman Huffman bill could impact local commercial TV, California is growing too much ganja, St. Joe’s...


Murder-for-hire sentencing, SNL, CNN, amazing donations | Quick local stories

A man who tried to have a local woman murdered was sentenced, a major nationally-televised performance from a Humboldt export is coming, a local conservative appeared on CNN, a setback in a heated murder case cues protests, a big donation helps local healthcare, another donation skates towards healing, a Cher-Ae Heights hotel update, and other stories currently being discussed throughout the county. Humboldt Last Week also has some lightheartedness, crime updates, new music selections, and...


Humboldt Last Week Alternative Radio tentative schedule announced

The ice rink will be back at the end of the year after a successful go-around in Ferndale, the gripping and wholesome miracle story of lost-then-found sisters, cars don’t belong inside the old bakery in Loleta, the Eureka Theater is gettin’ up there, Sara Bareilles makes news at a train station, a flood prediction, another hiccup for the developers in a big Arcata housing project, a teen accused of murdering his ex-foster-dad appears in court, another dumpster blunder, possible good news for...


Missing girls FOUND, Councilmember on McKinley removal, film commissioner check-in, more

The community gets good news after two young girls were missing in Southern Humboldt, Arcata City Councilmember Paul Pitino weighs in on the removal of the McKinley statue, film commissioner Cassandra Hesseltine checks in, a former local continues to crush it in a new pro football league, a late former local was snubbed at the Oscars, a bay in dismay, jaw-dropping accusations against an opposing Principal after a high school basketball game, a former local hopes royalty will attend her show,...


Testing HLW Alt Radio, Ohio’s McKinley, bay astray, Lumberjack-axe petition; Last week’s top stories

Testing an alternative music station with quick local stories here and there (, HSU students describe their worst mind-altering highs, an alleged teenage choker was arrested after an attempted carjacking at the beach, Humboldt’s homeless count results, Arcata’s longtime McKinley statue is headed to Ohio, an alarming incident with shots fired out of Trinidad, depth-extending work needs to be done on Humboldt Bay so people can still bring us stuff, stealing cookies from...


Sports cards, SpongeBob spinoffs, Sheriff check-in, reeling tourists; Last week’s top stories

An HSU alum now has his own Topps-brand playing card, Sheriff Honsal weighs in on combating illegal drug operations after the Governor’s address, late HSU grad Stephen Hillenburg’s SpongeBob universe is likely to see spinoffs, potential tourists from LA and Denver are being enticed, Humboldt-grown superstar Sara Bareilles released a new song, a 630-pound cannabis confiscation with no arrest, a recently IDed body belonged to a man accused of stealing a lot of cannabis, a body was found at the...