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#41 Sensing Vibes

Alternative Title: "Don't be a weirdo if you don't have clothes on" On this week's show: Kelly’s mom on locker room etiquette insider opinions on Kona do we need more hobbies? and the challenges of doing an Ironman at certain times of the month. Ashley and Sara's live interviews from Kona: https://www.facebook.com/Ironwomenpodcast/ Kelly's most recent newsletter: http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-56-aloha/ New York Times' piece about hobbies:...


#40 Serious Hula

Sara learns to Hula in Kona. The current vibe on the Big Island The ITU grand finale A new minimum salary for women’s cycling Plus, training and swim lane etiquette. Kelly’s most recent newsletter: http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-55-lets-talk-about-triathlon-etiquette/ **Support the podcast, use our sponsor codes** Get 20% off AssKickerInk activewear with the code ‘riding’ at www.asskickerink.com Get 20% off Krave Jerky with the code ‘riding’ at www.kravejerky.com


#39 Tracking Kona

This week: A stupid injury from our favorite voicemailer. Cycling injuries and concussions. Should life insurance and fitness trackers be connected? Lance Armstrong does SwimRun. Thorsten Radde's Kona predictions And a new woman is added to the field. Thorsten's website: www.trirating.com More accurate details on Lance Armstrong's ban: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/cycling/2016/09/07/lance-armstrong-cycling-ban-partially-lifted/89981404/


#38 Duck Tales

This week: Stupid injury stories Tales from my Box Why is everyone in Kona already? Crazy speed records and a voicemail from Kelly’s mom. Kelly’s most recent newsletter- http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-53-some-people-doing-cool-stuff/ **Support the podcast, use our sponsor codes** Get 20% off AssKickerInk activewear with the code ‘riding’ at www.asskickerink.com Get 20% off Krave Jerky with the code ‘riding’ at www.kravejerky.com


#37 Breakups are hard

This week: "Tales from my Box" The women’s race at Ironman Wisconsin Do we need an elite amateur category in Ironman? The Kona slot allocation system Jan is out + a listener question about breaking up with your coach Email your "stupid injury" stories to sara@livefeisty.com Tell Kelly how much you like the newsletter - kellydomara@gmail.com Kelly’s most recent newsletter http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-52-triathlon-categories-serena-and-surfings-prize-purses/ **Support the podcast, use...


#36 "We're doing this"

Alternative show title: "ill prepared and dangerous baffoons" Kelly and Sara talk: 70.3 world championships changes in Kona slot allocation what to do with all the tourists burning Nikes and Colin Kaepernick and what’s the peak performance age for athletes?? Photo: Talbot Cox Kelly's most recent newsletter - http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-51-clash-of-the-titans/ Outspoken Summit- www.outspokensummit.com Julie Moss video 1982 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ef5AvYKOo8 Nike ad w...


#35 Snafu ?!?

This week: Kelly loses a bet The 70.3 World Championship in South Africa Wild card spots for the Ironman World Championship Do you have to be mentally ill to do Ironman? Advice from a listener on how to qualify for Kona And a voicemail from Kelly's mom Kelly's most recent newsletter - http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-50-who-should-get-a-wild-card/


#34 Rope Climb

This week: Sara's favorite segment, "Tales from my Box" Then, the joy and heartache of the Kona qualification game How to cherry pick a race (or not) What are your fave races? and KELLY'S BIG IDEA. [Note: this episode contains some mildly explicit content. This is your warning] Email your stories to Sara - sara@livefeisty.com Kelly's most recent newsletter - http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-49-winners-losers/


#33 Poison Oak

- The SwimRun debrief episode - Do Kelly and Sara have poison oak? Why SwimRun is appealing (especially to women) And what Kelly and Sara learned during their adventure. Could there be a better system to help choose races? Plus, a few thoughts on social media, permits and the future of the outdoor space.


#31 Climate Related Race Contingencies

On Episode 31: Why Sara was in the woods with Taco Bell (and without sleep) How to spectate without knocking people down Climate change is real y'all And a swim/run training update Kelly's latest newsletter: http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-46-squadgoals/ **Support the podcast, use our sponsor codes** Get 20% off AssKickerInk activewear with the code ‘riding’ at www.asskickerink.com Get 20% off Krave Jerky with the code ‘riding’ atwww.kravejerky.com


#30 Cooking Perogies

And we're back! Have you missed us?! On Episode 30: Ironman celebrates it's 40th year What the heck is swim/run? What have we been doing for 4 weeks? Kelly's latest newsletter: http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-45-the-ironman-stories-we-tell/ **Support the podcast, use our sponsor codes** Get 20% off AssKickerInk activewear with the code ‘riding’ at www.asskickerink.com Get 20% off Krave Jerky with the code ‘riding’ atwww.kravejerky.com


[REBROADCAST] "The Top 4" - I'm Just a Bill

Our #1 show from the first 6 month: Kelly & Sara take on the most controversial topic in triathlon this week, Kelly brings us our weekly Olympic update and we ask a big question, "Why are Olympic sports prone to sexual abuses by coaches and health care professionals and how can triathlon avoid this?" **PLUS, NEW SPONSOR ANNOUNCEMENT** Get 20% off AssKickerInk activewear and support the podcast by using the code 'riding' at www.asskickerink.com *The POLL that we mentioned on the show-...


[REBROADCAST] "The Top 4" - Texas, we have a problem

On this week's throwback show: Kelly and Sara talk about Ironman Texas, the line dancing, the overcrowding, the drafting. A voicemail from a listener and of course, Kelly’s mom. The pros and cons of women’s triathlon joining the NCAA, And the 5th place woman at the Boston Marathon who may not get paid. Plus, stay tuned after the credits for a little ‘would you rather’! Video of one of the crashes at Ironman Texas: https://forum.slowtwitch.com/forum/?post=6619534#p6619534


[REBROADCAST] "The Top 4" - bitchy on a case-by-case basis

While Kelly and Sara are on break, we are counting down the Top 4 most popular episodes. In 3rd place is #4 - bitchy on a case-by-case basis. This rebroadcast was originally released on the day that Ironman announced the new qualification system for pros. Lots on that, plus training squads and making triathlon fun again.


[REBROADCAST] "The Top 4" - A Rolling Start

While Kelly and Sara are on a break from podcasting, we decided to revisit the top 4 most popular episodes so far. In this New Year's episode, revisit resolutions and laugh at how accurate (or inaccurate) our predictions for 2018 have been so far. Plus, do you remember which triathlete Kelly's mom thinks is dreamy?


#29 Cracking

This week we talk about: Our upcoming (short) podcast break How you know when you're cracking A swim/run update How do you keep up with ALL THE RACES Is triathlon a little too niche A new voicemail + a new poll of the week Read Kelly's newsletter at http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-40-the-signs-youre-ironman-ready/ *Support the podcast, use our sponsor codes**Get 20% off AssKickerInk activewear with the code ‘riding’ atwww.asskickerink.comGet 20% off Krave Jerky with the code ‘riding’...


#28 Comfy Pants

On Episode 28: Our podcast has a new team member! Why are triathletes willing to pay more for coaching? Puberty - a "problem" for female runners? "Athleisure" - trend or cultural change? And a our favorite voicemailer is back! Kelly’s most recent newsletter - http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-39-clothes-injuries-and-the-highest-paid-athletes/ **Support the podcast, use our sponsor codes** Get 20% off AssKickerInk activewear with the code ‘riding’ at www.asskickerink.com Get 20% off Krave...


#27 Birthday

On episode #27: Does triathlon have too many "Championship" races? Do easy courses really make the sport more appealing? Pros who work for free, The results from our poll on the use of the word “box” Also, birthdays - do we care?


#26 The Murph

This week: Sara takes on a challenge Birth rates are declining in the US, Kelly and Sara might know why. Is everyone doping? A voicemail from a listener, and maybe a new segment for the show?! And our thoughts on Ironman's buying spree. Kelly’s most recent newsletter - http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-37-is-everybody-else-doping/


#25 Burl Poaching

This week: How to avoid Lyme disease Putting the 'race' back into racing Pros retiring - the struggle is real A voicemail from Kelly’s Mom- Yay! ...and is social media changing our perspective on extreme sports? After the credits- Sara and Kelly list the things that stand between them and the best in the world. Kelly’s most recent newsletter: http://livefeisty.com/newsletter-ep-36-retirements-and-who-gets-to-be-a-pro-triathlete/