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This show is all about the world of first person shooters, their legacies, their lineage and the people who keep that world turning. // //

This show is all about the world of first person shooters, their legacies, their lineage and the people who keep that world turning. // //


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This show is all about the world of first person shooters, their legacies, their lineage and the people who keep that world turning. // //








#61 Awesreek (Viscerafest)

Awesreek has been working on his game Viscerafest for EIGHT F@#$%ING YEARS & he’s here to tell us about his amazing journey including the do's & don’ts of indie game development, what it’s like seeing his demo take off, working with the infamous & notorious Markie Music & how HP Lovecraft’s mythos ties into a the heartwarming tale of a bloodthirsty female mercenary who just wants to buy a ring & propose to her cute little alien boyfriend. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // Markie Music:...


TALKING DOOM w/ Flambeau, RedEyesGreenDragon & AF-Domains

The Flying Dutchman himself - The Illustrious Flambeau - is BACK joined by videographer extraordinaire RedEyesGreenDragon & The Dark Messenger of Zdaemon IRC AF-Domains! We’re going through RedEye’s growing YouTube career, recent events in ZDaemon & the U.S. Quake Community, our pitch for the Cacowards & Doom: Annihilation & Flambeau’s "legendary" streaming series Fork-lift Mechanic Simulator! // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // RedEyesGreenDragon:


#60 Vince Steel (Game Reviewer)

This week we’re joined by Vince Steel, a talented YouTuber specializing in reviews for indie & retro PC games that just so happen to align with the Will of Cthalha. His videos are expressive & informative with an overarching theme of positivity, while exploring a serialized dialogue between him and his therapist who believes that his “game addiction” may be leading to something… dark. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // igracsimon: // Vince Steel:...


#59 Théo “Totos” Touaty (Cyber Hook)

Théo “Totos” Touaty is a game developer currently working on the first-person 3D platformer Cyber Hook. The game has a gorgeous retrowave visual & musical aesthetic, fast paced parkour akin to Quake defrag with the added benefit of a grappling hook, double jumping & a time-slowing ability. Totos is also a professor of game development at Isart Digital in Paris, France. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // Cyber Hook OST by Thomas Tillard: // Cyber Hook:...


#58 Hakita Returns (ULTRAKILL)

Hakita is back to talk about ULTRAKILL’s newfound status with New Blood, his plot to subliminally plant good music into the ears of gamers & how awesome Gloomwood is gonna be. The new ULTRAKILL demo is available on Steam right now. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // Hakita: // Ultrakill: // New Blood: // The Keep: // Support the show (


#57 James “Quasar” Haley (Nightdive Studios)

James Haley (Quasar) cut his teeth in the Doom modding scene before becoming one of the main developers at Nightdive Studios. Here is a short conversational tour through his career from Strife to Turok to Doom 64, working with the Kex Engine and the future of retro games. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // SiN OST by Zak Belica: // Quasar: // The Keep: // Support the show...


#56 Conner Howard & Bruno Beaudoin (The Great Doom Eternal Debate)

This is a friendly debate between game designer Bruno Beaudoin (Nightmare Reaper) & podcast host Conner Howard (Lore Party) on the pros & cons of iD Software’s Doom Eternal. Tune in for this 100% DEFINITIVE point by point settling of all topics related to Doom Eternal’s quality… // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // Conner: // Bruno: // The Keep: // Support the show (


State Of The Keep Address June 2020

Imparting some thoughts & general excitement on recent & upcoming games from New Blood, 3D Realms, Nightdive & Running With Scissors. We’re also breaking down’s Bundle For Racial Justice & Equality which contains a surprising amount of Retro FPS gold. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // The Keep: // Support the show (


#55 Sgt_Mark_IV (Brutal Doom)

Sgt_Mark_IV is the developer behind the most popular Doom mod of all time. His success with Brutal Doom was a paradigm shift in the modding scene, launching a storied, groundbreaking and often controversial career. Here we discuss everything from his beginnings with Brutal Doom to his recent projects like VietDoom and his upcoming indie game debut Brutal Fate. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // IDKFA by Andrew Hulshult: // Sgt_Mark_IV:...


Apostles Gathering May 2020

On 16 May 2020, The Keep organized a Warfork duel event and giveaway which helped to raise $438 for the Florence Nightingale Foundation. We're joined by Apostles Donkey, Zeb, Spaced, GelmoSan and Haducant to talk about the challenges of putting on such an event, the past present and future of Warfork eSports and how much we all love each other. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // The Keep: // Support the show (


#54 Nate Berens (Redact Games)

Nate Berens is an independent game developer known for Sagebrush, a narrative driven walking sim about searching the remains of an evangelical suicide cult. He is currently working on a collaboration with Xalavier Nelson Jr. titled Cellular Harvest as well as the very promising Effigy which explores an open, interconnected world concept within the retro FPS genre. Here we discuss everything from the psychology of cults to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s views on mining lasers being used as...


#53 Ted Hentschke (Dread X Collection)

Ted Hentschke is a long-time writer for Dread Central and now editor-in-chief at DreadXP, providing tireless coverage for the world of horror in gaming. He is currently managing the Dread X Collection, a project featuring “10 Tales of Terror from 10 Twisted Minds made in only 7 Sleepless Nights” which will give a portion of proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. Ted is also the host of Real Professional Podcast. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // Music by Jon of the Shred:...


#52 Muleke_Trairao (Game Translator)

Muleke_Trairao (Jean Trindade Pereira) is a professional game translator. He is known for the localization of Arena FPS titles like Warsow, Warfork, Xonotic, Diabotical and Master Arena into Brazilian Portuguese and has also ventured into fan translation projects for games like Serious Sam. Here we discuss how he turned his passion for both gaming and linguistics into a career. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // Music: //Muleke:...


#51 Jehar (TastySpleen)

Alexander “Jehar” Popa is a broadcast engineer known for shoutcasting Quake, Doom and other arena FPS eSports. His craft has taken him around the world from Quakecon in Texas to QHLan in Denmark and everywhere in between. Here we discuss his origins at Quakecon, the impact of games like Diabotical & Valorant, utilizing the array of skills within our communities to push production value to new heights and plenty more. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // Jehar: // The...


#50 Matt Tropiano (The Adventures of Square & Doombringer)

Matthew Tropiano is a Cacoward winning Doom level designer, project manager for Big Brik Games, developer of TAME (Text Adventure Module Engine) and sound designer on Doombringer. His work is a testament to polymaths and autodidacts everywhere, having worked his way into a slew of incredible projects and mastering his craft of level design only to dive deeper into game development as a whole. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // Matt Tropiano: // Square:...


#49 James Paddock (MIDI Artist)

James Paddock’s name is synonymous with the Doom modding scene, most notably for his outstanding MIDI soundtracks. To name only a few… Saturn X, Eviternity and John Romero’s Sigil are excellent examples of what a kid who grows up obsessed with Doom can teach themselves to do with enough raw determination. He is also working on the The Adventures of Square with BigBrik games. Aside from all that, Jimmy may actually be the nicest person on Earth. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // James Paddock:...


#48 Dillon Rogers (Gloomwood)

Dillon Rogers is the developer of Gloomwood, an upcoming imsim/survival horror/retro FPS being published by New Blood Interactive. The game is inspired by hallmark titles like Deus Ex, Thief and Resident Evil so we’ll be doing a lot of digging into what will make Gloomwood stand out while still honoring its storied heritage. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // Music: // Gloomwood: // The Keep: // Support the show...


#47 Dave Oshry (New Blood Interactive)

Dave Oshry is the CEO of New Blood Interactive and Senior Director at Rocketwerkz. His career spans from being a prominent writer (PC Gamer, Kotaku, Gameranx) to producing some of the coolest games of the last several years (Rise of the Triad, Dusk, Amid Evil). Dave has also dabbled in film production, attaching his name to the cult classic Kung Fury. He’s now pushing New Blood to new heights with games such as FAITH: The Unholy Trinity, Maximum Action, Gloomwood and… ULTRAKILL. // Artwork...


#46 Stephen Kick (Nightdive Studios)

We’re joined this week by Stephen Kick, CEO at Nightdive Studios, the company behind refurbished titles like System Shock 2, Turok, Doom 64, SiN and Strife to name only a few. They’re also currently working on the ambitious remake of Sytem Shock, which we clear a lot of air on here. We’ll also be discussing some of Stephen’s personal interests such as the art of HR Giger and working with legendary author Harlan Ellison. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // Nightdive Studios:...


#45 Ch4mp (Rocket Jump Zone)

Ch4mp is the founder and proprietor of Rocket Jump Zone, an organization putting on weekly arena FPS tournaments. From Xonotic to Quake Champions and now Diabotical, RJZ is always at the cutting edge of AFPS competition. This episode also contains some of Motherload’s thoughts on how best to support your favorite independent content and its creators. // Artwork by Haducant/Spaced // igracsimon: // Rocket Jump Zone: // The Keep:...