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We are a collective of gamers compelled by the Drowned God Cthalha to frag & gib for all eternity. // ( //

We are a collective of gamers compelled by the Drowned God Cthalha to frag & gib for all eternity. // ( //


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We are a collective of gamers compelled by the Drowned God Cthalha to frag & gib for all eternity. // ( //








ITK Rewind: #07 LocKtar (QuakeWorld Pro)

Enjoy this very early episode of ITK ft. Quake legend Dennis 'LocKtar' Larrson. // // Support this podcast


#11 Tristan Clark on the Magic of MIDI - Burning Bridges with Bridgeburner

Tristan ‘Eris Falling’ Clark has been a mainstay in the Doom community for many years now, most notably for his contributions to an array of musical contributions to projects including Eviternity, Elementalism, & In The Keep’s Stellar Valkyrie. // Tristan Clark: ( ) ( / ( // Stellar Valkyrie:...


Call of Saregnar Devlog Nov 2021 w/ Tony Manfredonia

Ty & Tony sit down to discuss their mutual love of music, the thought processes behind it, coming from different backgrounds, & why breathing is important. // Call of Saregnar: ( // Tony: ( // In The Keep: ( // Support this...


#124 Sonic Psychology: Sound Design Panel

This panel is a discussion of the process and philosophy behind sound design in film, television, and - of course - video games. We’re joined by Magnus Risager & Jonas Memborg of Slipgate Ironsworks/3D Realms, as well as In The Keep’s own Ben Reichstein. If you’re curious about the amazing sounds in your favorite media, thinking of pursuing audio engineering as a career, or even if you’ve never considered that someone makes all the audio in all your favorite things… Don’t miss this great...


#123 Omar Samir & Christian Kendall (BUFF)

Omar Samir is the lead developer of BUFF, a surf/skate movement-based FPS game where you can ride on rocket enemies & blow up buildings. Christian Kendall is a programmer for 3D Realms, currently working on GRAVEN, while acting as a technical consultant on BUFF in his free time. This episode is a wild ride where we discuss everything from common issues in game development, of course the insanity of BUFF, Realms Deep 2021… & then we just start talking about weird movie ideas. Enjoy! // BUFF...


#122 Chris Heist (Comedian)

Chris Heist is a standup comedian, philosopher, & minimalist. He’s performed across the United States, published 11 comedy albums, made appearances on Kill Tony, &been banned from a frightening amount of comedy clubs. We’re discussing the education system, the importance of free speech, sociological experiments & how they shed light on our modern media, parallels between the comedy & gaming business, & what art can do to change the world. // Chris Heist:...


Call of Saregnar Devlog Oct 2021 w/ Ben Reichstein

Ty & Ben sit down to discuss the sound design of Call of Saregnar, Stellar Valkyrie, & Skywind. // Call of Saregnar: ( // Ben: ( // In The Keep: ( // Support this podcast


#121 Richard Martin (The Bazaar Cast) Simulcast

Richard “The Fear Merchant” Martin is the host of The Bazaar Cast, a critic of horror, & video game enthusiast. He’s interviewed your favorite developer, your favorite director, & your favorite guy on the street. Tune in for a special episode where Richard interviews Ty & Ty interviews Richard & things get all mixed together between In The Keep & The Bazaar Cast… // Richard Martin: ( // The Bazaar Cast:...


#120 Dennis Griesheimer (GRAVEN)

Dennis Griesheimer is a 2D/3D artist currently working on GRAVEN at 3D Realms. We’re discussing his views on staying mentally & physically fit as a game developer, work-life balance, working with a team, & what it takes to make it as an artist in the gaming industry. // Dennis: ( // GRAVEN: ( // In The Keep:


#10 Matt Tropiano on 25 Years of Doom Modding - Burning Bridges with Bridgeburner

Bridge is joined by co-host Ty “TheMotherload” Brannan of In The Keep for this special simulcast interview with Doom veteran Matt “MTrop” Tropiano. Aside from being the project lead on The Adventures of Square, Matt has worked on many notable items such as DOOMBRINGER, TAME, & Back To Saturn X. // Matt Tropiano: ( // Bridgeburner: ( // In The Keep:...


State Of The Keep Address Oct 2021

What’s new with In The Keep Games? What demos from Realms Deep & Steam NextFest has Motherload played? Which ones are any good? How many games can HYPERSTRANGE make? How did AlekPixi learn to swim? Find out here! // Games Discussed: Stellar Valkyrie, Call of Saregnar, Cultic, Beyond Mankind, BIOTA, Diluvian Ultra, Dread Delusion, Aberration Analyst, The Westport Independent, Fi Da Puti Samurai, Arthurian Legends, Fallen Aces, Postal: Brain Damaged, Frozenheim, Blood West, Skullstone,...


#119 Mothership Loudspeakerz, HAARP & zalseon (Dead Gaem)

Mothership Loudspeakerz, zalseon & HAARP are the development team behind Dead Gaem, an adventure FPS where you are trapping inside an old Arena FPS where the servers have been turned off. We’re discussing the ideas behind the story, everyone’s history with AFPS games & the challenges of making them fun in a single player context. // Music by Mothership Loudspeakerz ( // Dead Gaem:...


#118 Robert Raulus & Mikko Tamper Return! (White Hell)

Robert “projab" Raulus & Mikko “miggo89” Tamper are back to discuss all their progress on the epic retro FPS White Hell! We’re also talking through their future plans for new game projects, why the Witcher 2 is the Michael Anothony of games, & plenty more. // White Hell: ( // In The Keep: ( // Support this podcast


#117 Awesreek Returns! (Viscerafest)

Awesreek is the man behind the epic sci-fi fantasy FPS game Viscerafest. After nearly a year we’re checking in with Awesreek to hear about all the updates with his game, what working with 1C Entertainment has been like, why saving is every programmer’s nightmare, and what to expect from Viscerafest Part 2! // Viscerafest: ( // OST by Markie Music:...


#116 kairos (Quake Defrag Mapper)

kairos is a mapmaker specializing in the Quake 3 mod Defrag. He’s also a world record holding player. We’re talking about the origins of speedrunning & trick jumping, why Stryper is his favorite band, recovering from addiction, & why small children shouldn’t watch sumo wrestling on television. // In The Keep: ( // Join the Quake 3 Defrag Community: ( // Support this podcast


Realms Deep 2021 | #112 Jason Smith (CULTIC)

Jason Smith is the developer of CULTIC, a Blood influenced retro FPS being published by 3D Realms. We’re discussing the game’s influences, Jason’s love of firearms, the guns featured in the game, working at 3D Realms, & what to expect from CULTIC upon release. // Jason: ( // 3D Realms: ( // In The Keep: ( // Support this podcast


Realms Deep 2021 | #113 Foamy (Unleash Hell)

Foamy is the developer of Unleash Hell, a single player Arena FPS currently in production with Bridgeburner’s Hellforge Studios. We’re discussing the game’s unique design, the influence of Devil Daggers & Crossbow Bloodnight, Foamy’s background as a musician & producer, & the future of Hellforge Studios. // Foamy: ( // Unleash Hell: ( // Hellforge Studios:...


Realms Deep 2021 | #111 Jon of the Shred (Happy’s Humble Burger Farm)

Jon of the Shred is the musician & sound designer for Scythe Dev Team who are currently creating the epic fast food sim/horror game Happy’s Humble Burger Farm. Here we discuss the game’s themes, how it reflects a corporate dystopia, Jon’s philosophies on music, exploring different genre’s & how all of Scythe’s games are part of an interconnected universe. // Jon of the Shred: ( // Happy’s:


Realms Deep 2021 | #115 Indie Game Musician’s Panel

We’re joined by an all-star cast of indie game music composers including James Paddock (Adventures of Square, Sigil), Immorpher (Vomitoreum, Smej 2), Primeval (Doombringer, The Age of Hell), Metal Neon (Scoot Hard DX, Project Absentia), Foamy (Unleash Hell), & Tony Manfredonia (Call of Saregnar) to discuss the processes, creation, business & art of video game music. // James Paddock: ( // Immorpher:...


Realms Deep 2021 | #114 Mike Ewer, Steven Rock & Grant Armstrong (Relentless Frontier)

Mike, Steven & Grant are the men behind Relentless Frontier, a hoard fighting retro first person shooter created in the GZ Doom engine in collaboration with Hellforge Studios. We’re discussing our favorite games & films, Relentless Frontier’s influences, how much we love Resident Evil 4 & what working with Bridgeburner is like. // Mike: ( // Steven: ( // Grant:...