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We are a collective of gamers compelled by the Drowned God Cthalha to frag & gib for all eternity. // ( //


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We are a collective of gamers compelled by the Drowned God Cthalha to frag & gib for all eternity. // ( //








State Of The Keep Address Sep 2023

Some quick thoughts on what happened to In The Keep Podcast, Stellar Valkyrie and Call of Saregnar updates, Gamescom recap and Realms Deep 2023 outlook. // Music by Kyle Misco: // In The Keep: //


#133 Bauul (Elementalism)

Ben “Bauul” Mansell is the lead designer of Elementalism, a new mapset for Doom 2 featuring a “Who’s Who” cast of level designers and independent music composers. Originally spawning the ideas that later became 2019’s Cacoward winning Eviternity, Bauul carried on for 5 years to finally release this “spiritual ancestor”. We’re gonna spend a fair amount of time discussing “The Cube level” so buckle up. // Elementalism OST by Speedy: // Bauul: // Elementalism: // // In The Keep: //


State of The Keep Address May 2022

This episode is dedicated to Alon Machnes. Getting some thoughts out about the passage of time, gratitude, another trip around the world and the sun, Stellar Valkyrie & Call of Saregnar updates. // In The Keep: //


#13 Dario Casali: From Final Doom To Valve Corporation - Burning Bridges with Bridgeburner

Dario Casali is a level designer known for his contributions to Final Doom’s The Plutonia Experiment, the Half-Life series, Left 4 Dead, & Portal 2, to name only a few. Here he joins Bridgeburner to shed some light on what he’s learned in 25 years of designing levels for some of the greatest game franchises of all time. // Dario: // Bridgeburner: // Hellforge Studios: // In The Keep: //


#132 Tristan Clark (Elementalism)

Tristan Clark - The Artist Formerly Known As Eris Falling - is a professional music composer, currently working on In The Keep's Stellar Valkyrie. The recent release of Elementalism punctuates a decade of Tristan's contributions to the Doom modding community. We're discussing topics ranging from advanced bass guitar fingering techniques to a strange obsession with Yoshi's dad, Yobby. // Tristan: // Elementalism: // Wishlist Stellar Valkyrie: // In The Keep: //


#131 Nash Muhandes (GZDoom Developer)

Nash Muhandes is a 20 year veteran contributor to the GZDoom team. He’s now working on Darkadia, a survival horror game inspired by Resident Evil and Disdain, a retro shooter spawned from a challenge to create a Quake clone. // Nash: // Hellforge Studios: // In The Keep: //


#130 Douwe van den Berg & Ben Reichstein (Wim Hof Method)

Douwe van den Berg is a martial artist, breath & movement coach, and Wim Hof Method instructor. Ben Reichstein is not only the sound designer of Stellar Valkyrie and Call of Saregnar, but also an avid student and practitioner of Douwe’s and Wim Hof’s teachings. Only a few weeks removed from their epic journey into the mountains of Poland - armed with little more than shoes and shorts - , we’re discussing how health, meditation, breathing, martial arts, daily rituals, and yoga can be used to improve one’s personal and professional life in the stressful and sedentary world we live in. // Music by Jon of the Shred: // Douwe van den Berg: // Ben Reichstein: // In The Keep: //


#129 Chris Guerrero (Stellar Valkyrie)

Chris Guerrero is the voice of Falco Crimson, the main character of In The Keep’s upcoming first person shooter Stellar Valkyrie. A long time student of acting, Chris also serves as a writer and casting director. He is also the host of The Chris Guerrero Destination podcast. // Music by Tristan Clark: // Chris Guerrero: //


#128 Jared Bair (DaBesJared)

Jared Bair is a Twitch personality, marketing consultant, collaborator at E1M1 Magazine, and an avid enthusiast for classic and retro shooters. // Music by Mothership Loudspeakerz: // Jared: //


#127 Aleks with a K (Alkaline OST)

Aleks with a K is a seasoned musician originating from the Northeastern American hard rock scene before slowly transitioning into the world of game soundtracks through his contributions to the Quake community (Dwell, Alkaline). He now works with Michael Markie composing for 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks. // Aleks with a K: // Alkaline: // In The Keep: //


#126 Vince Steel (In The Keep/Dread XP)

Vince Steel is a multi-media content producing mercenary presently contracted by Dread. You'll either work with him now, or wish you had. Vince was part of the editing team for Realms Deep 2020 & 2021, went to produce trailers & podcasts for Dread XP/Central, and he’s making music too! Here we discuss whether or not Immorpher is evil… And other stuff too! // Music by Immorpher: // Vince Steel: // Dread XP: // In The Keep: //


#125 Foamy Returns! (Unleash Hell)

Foamy is the man behind No Light Games, currently working on the single player arena shooter Unleash Hell. We’re chatting about progress on Unleash Hell since Realms Deep, another top secret racing game, the differences between working alone and with a studio, and - as usual - a lot about rock ‘n roll. // Music by Jon of the Shred: // Foamy: // Unleash Hell: //


ITK Rewind: #89 MK Schmidt (Star Explorers)

One of our all time favorite guests... MK Schmidt, creator of Star Explorers, Paradox Vector, & Aberration Analyst. // //


ITK Rewind: #75 Andeh (SuddendeathTV)

Check out this classic episode ft. Adreas 'Andeh' Wahl of QuakeWorld's SuddendeathTV! // //


ITK Rewind: #35 Bruno Beaudoin (Nightmare Reaper)

If you haven't heard it already - or even if you have - please enjoy this replay of an epic conversation with the man behind Nightmare Reaper! // //


ITK Rewind: #07 LocKtar (QuakeWorld Pro)

Enjoy this very early episode of ITK ft. Quake legend Dennis 'LocKtar' Larrson. // //


#11 Tristan Clark on the Magic of MIDI - Burning Bridges with Bridgeburner

Tristan ‘Eris Falling’ Clark has been a mainstay in the Doom community for many years now, most notably for his contributions to an array of musical contributions to projects including Eviternity, Elementalism, & In The Keep’s Stellar Valkyrie. // Tristan Clark: / // Stellar Valkyrie: // Bridgeburner: // In The Keep: // Hellforge Studios: //


Call of Saregnar Devlog Nov 2021 w/ Tony Manfredonia

Ty & Tony sit down to discuss their mutual love of music, the thought processes behind it, coming from different backgrounds, & why breathing is important. // Call of Saregnar: // Tony: // In The Keep: //


#124 Sonic Psychology: Sound Design Panel

This panel is a discussion of the process and philosophy behind sound design in film, television, and - of course - video games. We’re joined by Magnus Risager & Jonas Memborg of Slipgate Ironsworks/3D Realms, as well as In The Keep’s own Ben Reichstein. If you’re curious about the amazing sounds in your favorite media, thinking of pursuing audio engineering as a career, or even if you’ve never considered that someone makes all the audio in all your favorite things… Don’t miss this great discussion with some of the best in the business! // Music by Immorpher: // Magnus Risager: // Jonas Memborg: // Ben Reichstein: // 3D Realms: // In The Keep: //


#123 Omar Samir & Christian Kendall (BUFF)

Omar Samir is the lead developer of BUFF, a surf/skate movement-based FPS game where you can ride on rocket enemies & blow up buildings. Christian Kendall is a programmer for 3D Realms, currently working on GRAVEN, while acting as a technical consultant on BUFF in his free time. This episode is a wild ride where we discuss everything from common issues in game development, of course the insanity of BUFF, Realms Deep 2021… & then we just start talking about weird movie ideas. Enjoy! // BUFF OST by Fredrik Rojas: // Omar: // BUFF: // //