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Ep 39 - Amanda Lange, Microsoft

Amanda Lange and were peers at Microsoft before we took different roles last year. She now works as Technical Evangelist on the academic team, where she partners with the premier institutions across the United States and Canada to host hackathons, design curriculum, and enable students to enter the workforce and immediately make an impact. Before this however, Amanda was involved in academia as a professor, but also as a game developer. She worked at Schell Games in Pittsburgh, where she...


Ep 36 - Kenny Roy, Acronyx

Since 2007, Arc onyx provided animation and visual effects service to the TV and film industries. Recently, Arc onyx made the transition to indie game development to pursue projects with philanthropic goals. When we started planning the game to create this year, we came across many wonderful organizations (like that use games to help kids cope with the trauma and hardship that stems from having life-threatening illnesses. We are entirely focused on bringing...


Episode 35 - Shawn Woods, Alpha Dog Games

Shawn Woods is a gaming veteran of 18 years. His background spans everything from interactive CD-ROMS and TV commercials in the late 90’s to creating Orcs and UI for Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, and Homeworld 2, art direction at Microsoft, and finally co-founding Alpha Dog Games focusing on mobile games. Alpha Dog Games was founded in 2012 in Halifax, Canada. Their original game, Wraithborne, was created by 3 full time people and 3 contractors in 6 months. It was featured by Touch...


Ep 33 - Andrew Peterson, N3S on the Hololens

Andrew Peterson is a software engineer who has spent much of his timing building the N3S, a NES emulator which works on Microsoft's Hololens. Best of all, the current games on display are not only holographic images presented in world space, but , but are also 3D objects in the form of voxels. **Although the project hasn't had an official release, you can still compile the source and get a feel for it yourself, if you have a hololens. A voxel editor is currently in the works as well. Links...


Samantha Kalman, Timbre Interactive (Rebroadcast)

On the first episode of the Indie Dev Podcast, I interview Samantha Kalaman of Timbre Interactive. Follow along as she illustrates how she got her start by working with Unity in Denmark, before returning to her hometown of Seattle to take a job at Amazon. All the while she kept her dream project alive, and has finally brought Sentris to Kickstarter. Kickstarter – Sentris Timbre Interactive @samanthazero


Episode 31 - Pek Pongpaet and Daniel Pesina, Mortal Kombat

This week is a bit different. I've got my co-worker in DC, Shahed Chowdhuri on the show, along with Pek Pongpaet (pong-pat) and Daniel Pesina. Shahed and Pek grew up together, and Pek met Daniel while studying at his Wushu. Daniel played Johnny Cage and ninjas Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Smoke, and Noob Saibot in several Mortal Kombat games, and Pek has worked on 6 MK games spanning 10 years. Master Pesina is perhaps most famous for his work as Johnny Cage and the ninjas in the first...

Ep 30 - Anthony Swinnich, Neon Deity Games

@DaveVoyles Developed by Neon Deity Games, Shutshimi: Seriously Swole is a randomized shoot'em up about a muscle-bound fish with memory problems defending the seven seas. But there's a catch (there's always a catch): you've been cursed with an incredibly short attention span. Combat waves and upgrade cycles only last 10 seconds a piece. Listen to the podcast Download the .mp3 Subscribe via iTunes Topics Discussed [T1:30] Armless Octopus [T4:10] Getting started in games with a game jam...


Episode 28 - Nick Robalik, PixelMetal

Nick Robalik is an independent Game Designer & Developer who started the NYC-based game studio PixelMetal in 2012. His goal is to make fun, entertaining games for people of all backgrounds and ages. His professional career spans over 15 years of Art & Creative Direction in the advertising and marketing industries, including work for Audi, Coca-Cola, Google, M&M’s and Samsung. Nick also spent time as a professor at both Drexel and Temple Universities in the fields of interactive design and...


Ep 26 - Howard Dortch, Shawnee State University

Howard is an industry veteran who now works in academia at Shawnee State University's game development program in Ohio. Before working in education, Howard had roles at AMD, as well as Sony, specifically at Verant in San Diego, where he worked on Everquest. As someone who has spent a large amount of time playing this game during my middle and high-school years, I'm a huge fan. We discuss his time building lasers for the Department of Defense, writing assembly code to optimize Everquest, as...


Episode 25 - Ethan Lee, FNA

Ethan Lee is a software engineer based out of Georgia, who has a history of working on what previously XNA, but is now his own open source fork of the project. Along the way, he has ported a countless number of titles for independent developers across a broad spectrum of platforms including PC, Mac, and Linux. This is the longest and by far the most technical episode that we've had yet. Don't let that intimdate you though, as there is a lot to learn here. It's inspiring to see a young...


Episode 24 - Kevin Giguère, Dragon Slumber

Kevin Giguère is a programmer in his thirties from Quebec, Canada, and the man behind Dragon Slumber, an isometric RPG created with XNA. Previously, Kevin worked on a JRPG, Arelite Core, which went through Steam Greenlight. Originally started as a dream project to create his own game from scratch, Kevin has done everything himself.


Ep 23 - Sean Colombo, Blueline Games

Sean Colombo has been making games for 15 years. After quitting college to run web-startup "LyricWiki", he sold the site to Wikia in 2009. A couple years later he founded BlueLine Games to focus on making digital versions of award-winning board games. BlueLine's flagship games "Hive" and "Khet 2.0" are currently the top two rated board games* among the 80 that are on Steam. Currently, BlueLine is working on the Steam version of a famous Euro-game and updating all four of it's Steam titles...


Episode 22 - David Catuhe, Babyon JS

David Catuhe is a Principal Program Manager on Microsoft's TED team in Redmond. He is also one of the master minds behind the open source WebGL framework, BabylonJS. WebGL has grown leaps and bounds in recent years, and Babylon continues to iterate with it. As mobile browsers continue to add support for WebGL, we will see more developers go from writing native applications to hybrid web-apps. Join us as we talk about the current state of WebGL, in addition to his thoughts on asm.js and of c


Ep 21 Michael Gnade, Indie Game Stand

This week I'm joined Mike Gnade, from Indie Game Stand, a site to discover a new indie game every few days. Developers can upload their wares while consumers can purchase the latest and greatest indie games at an affordable price.Unlike many competitions, this platforms offer a monthly subscription service which gets consumers 20% off the price of the title, and includes 7 games each month.


Ep 21 Michael Gnade, Indie Game Stand

This week I'm joined Mike Gnade, from Indie Game Stand, a site to discover a new indie game every few days. Developers can upload their wares while consumers can purchase the latest and greatest indie games at an affordable price.Unlike many competitions, this platforms offer a monthly subscription service which gets consumers 20% off the price of the title, and includes 7 games each month.


Ep 20 Daniel Parente

Tonight I am joined by Daniel Parente, CEO and Game Director of Hydra Interactive Entertainment, a young indie development studio based out of Madrid, Spain. He's previously worked on a number of titles, including Alien Spidy, History Legends of War: Patton, and Aliens in the Attic. The current title that his team is working on is Upside-Down Dimensions, an action adventure game of love and war, in a colorful paper crafted world, inspired by Japanese folklore and Origami. We talk about how...


Ep 19 Michael Hicks pt 2

In this follow up to episode 15, Michael gives a brief postmortem about releasing his first Playstation 4 title. We discuss the process for getting approved through the ESRB as well as Europe's PEGI system, in addition to how to prevent burnout and fatigue from working on one project for too long. Sony's fatastic services for independent developers are highlighted as well, and I inquire about Michael's decision to stick with MonoGame for his current and future titles. All music is courtesy...


Episode 18 - Livid Interactive

Joining me today are Game Designer / Leader Developer Jacob Pennock, and Executive Producer Mike Schaiman, and Art Director Melissa Pennock of Livid Interactive. We talk diversifying a studio, making money in the middleware marketplace, how to stay afloat as an indie, and how they use Intel's RealSense technology and Unity to create their gesture based first person combat game, Head of the Order. In 2010, the husband/wife team of Jacob and Melissa Pennock founded a small studio in North...


Episode 17 - Illyriad Games

Illyriad-Games Listen to the podcast. Illyriad (ih-lih-re-ad) Games is an independent studio based across three continents. Realizing that WebGL isn't just a pipe dream, they've built their latest game on it. Their lcurrent title, Age of Ascent, is built on a custom WebGL engine, and is using Azure as a backend, with the ability to scale to 50k+ concurrent users. Joining me tonight are CTO, Ben Adams, and CEO, James Niesewand. We discuss what it's like to manage a small team of developers...

Ep 16 Wimbus Studios

Founded in 2011, and based out of Wilmington DE, Wimbus Studios is the culmination of a few friends wanting to get together and make video games! Fueled by the passion to make awesome games that they would love to play themselves, Wimbus Studios is dedicated to making games that don’t suck! Their first title, The Island of Eternal Struggle, is a turn based RPG adventure. Joining me today is Steve Sefchick, and Mike Williams. Becky Mount is also part of the team, but not able to make it on...