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IndieGold Podcast EP.39 : Pod-A-Nova

I hope one day your genius lives with you until 84 years old and you can talk sh*t on your peers . Table of Content: Beat of the episode kuranes-Burn One ( Political Correctness In Hip Hop Quincy Jones Interview in Vulture Mr.B's Pick of the Episode: Naja Young- Feelings Creepin' Inside ( B and C talk about their upcoming solo podcasts Mr.B's Uber Stories Fat Caesar's Pick of the Week: Blaze Carter- No Love ( PS4 Pro's Super...


IndieGold Podcast EP.38: The Fix

Because that's Mr.B's favorite Scarface album, and these young dudes are addicts. Table of Content: Beat of the Episode: The Deli- Fire (feat. Rob Araujo): XXL freshman 2018 Opioids in Hip Hop China Bans hip hop Mr.B's Pick of The Episode: HYPERBOLIC- Mayday: #metoo movement Monique Drops the Bag Fat Caesar's Pick of The Episode: Yung Draeze- 305 On It: Vince McMahon revives the XFL PodcastHip HopPoliticsVideo Games


IndieGold Podcast EP.37: Technicolor & Surround Sound

We are finally back for 10 episodes and 3 soundtracks Table of Content: Beat of the Episode- Good Food- Quiet Noise: Where the hell have we been? Clout vs Respect Eminem's Revival is a massive disappointment Our most anticipated albums of 2k18 Mr.B's Music Pick of The Episode: brainorchestra- God Given: Donald Trump and his sh*thole presidency Jeff Sessions doesn't like black people and the dutchie and he's old Caesar's Music Pick of The Episode:...


EP 36: State of Indiemergency

Donate to our Patreon: Episode Soundtrack: Rare Form- 17 for 17: Well we're back..... go and listen no long description we've been gone for a while press play and donate to our patreon or something, we got families that support our endeavors we want to take them to Outback but today's show will explain our long absence, as well as the fuckery going on in hip hop, video games, and wrestling .


EP 35: Walk This Way

Took us long a long break to slap box the easter bunny and sh*t the schedules are brolik too so we had to situate that and now we here flaws and all (yeah Google Hangouts was on some hoe sh*t)and Mr.B might really need a new mic but make sure you to the Patreon (, but we hope you enjoy the new episode .....we did a skit lol. Murder Burger by White Castle (Intro/Skit) Instrumental: STLNDRMS-Rhodes DOWNLOAD "Veggie Tacos" at -o1Free Open...


EP 34: My Adidas

Well we couldn't think of any sneakers that we predominately wear so we kept the title the same for history and cultural purposes because we know you'd appreciate that. This episode's subjects are: -Kendrick Lamar drops "Humble" (Album, Song, Backlash) - XXL Freshman 2017 Music Break: - Trumponia -Pepsi+Kendall Jenner= End of Police Bruality!? A long winded ass drop to shamelessly plug everything we got -Caesar's rant on...


EP.33: It's Tricky (ft. Yung Kaz)

Support the IndieGold Podcast on Patreon: We are here with another episode and due to some health concerns of one of the hosts the duo brought the homie from Oak Park,CA on the show just in case, and on this episode we announce our Patreon, we review Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special "The Age of Spin," we talk about the speculation in Kendrick Lamar's new record "The Heart Part IV" (and we talk about those people with that overrated this and...


EP 31: 1 Year Anniversary

Last year December it was the start of a podcast, that had host that knew how to give their 2 cents wisely, ignorantly, and funnily. Mr.B and Fat Caesar have featured rappers, singers, personalities, entrepreneurs, and many more on this show. Time flies when you're having fun so lets give you a low down on this episode we talk Lupe, The Hottest MCs, we give you our top albums of 2015, we talk Soulja vs the world and Funk Master Flex vs Father Time and Heart Medication in a Handicap Tag...


EP 30: Skew It On The Bar-B featuring Yung Kaz (Season Finale)

The season has come to a close we interviewed the most dopest underground artists, entrepreneurs, and personalities that you need to know . This episode we introduce you to the big homie outta Oak Park, California Yung Kaz, we talk about -Kanye West Losing his cotton picking mind and Yung Kaz being in attendance in that concert - ATCQ's "We Got it From Here....Thank You For Your Service" -We roast Mayor Beverly Whaling (P.S. We roasted the wrong person we roasted the visibly ugly one but...


EP 28: ENÍ

We're 2 more episodes away from the Season Finale and we still don't have a guest for the show or people aren't returning our emails but it's all good tho. We have a special interview with up and coming superstar ENÍ. Mr.B unveils his new podcast. We talk about punching old ladies at shoprite that wear Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" We give you our first impression on the Red Dead Redemption 2 teaser, and the revealing of the Nintendo Switch. Mr.B also gives a review on Solange's...


EP 25: The Return of Cliff Po

We are back and we brought back a friend to the show, the super Harlem n*gga, the professional sh*t talker, the homie that be in all your favorite porn star DM's,a fellow podcaster we got Cliff Po on the show this week. This episode is down right "Harlem" so you know its going to be beyond ugly disrespectful. We gonna talk about Po's current health situation , these amateur porn stars and instagram models. The Next Big Showcase, The Henny And Red Bull Podcast, Paid In Full (and we try our...


EP 23: The Main Ingredient

We gave yall time to breathe after we dropped that illustrious Heavy Bag episode and since then Mr.B went on vacation came back a new man and all that. We talk about Crates Vol 2 and we want MC's to do the #CratesChalllenge. We talk briefly about Chris Brown. We discuss this new generation of rappers disrespecting history. Donald Trum goes to a black church. Mr.B apologizes for leaving vital points out during episode 21 during the Nate Parker/Birth of a Nation discussion. We also talk...


EP 22: Heavy Bag

We are here with a dope episode that we didn't wanna talk about the current happenings about J Cole sitting during the national anthem (.... Oh that's Colin Kaepernick our bad), Elmo getting a life time biopic about his time on Deathrow records (.... Oh damn that Michel'le?) iight look we'll cover that next time because I'm sure we'll still he talking about it but we got a special guest. It's been a long time coming but the Bayonne legend, battle rap media expert, former rapper, former...


EP 20: 100 Goons/w Fresh War Paint

We're here if you don't remember we did an illustrious episode with Redd Ryan and Anthony Piper last season, since then things done changed. Ryan not only is an artist, now he is a co-host of one of the hottest shows on Rejectz Worldwide Radio, The Break A Leg Show along with Kosan (who also was a guest on the podcast), Mari M, and battle rapper Robyn Bankz. On this episode Redd and his business parter/brother Marlon Sullivan join with hosts speaking about Bow Wow's need to tell the world...


EP 18: Hella Personal DNC Festival

We back once again and this time we give you some commentary about the less racist Democratic National Convention but before we get in that ass of course we gonna talk about Joe Budden and those OVO Goofs (because Mr.B refuses to call them Goons). Juelz Santana is making a comeback should we care? Yeah we really don't know what to make of that. Mr.B details his wasted day spent at Central Park in NYC underneath a gift shop catching mad Pokemon because Mass Appeal's Live at the BBQ was...


EP 16: No Idols

We are back like we never went on hiatus so we got some content for you, yeah we gonna talk about all the cool stuff we did on hiatus. Mr. B Felt the need to talk about unratchet Gucci Mane and how he is not a clone, but he will tell you the only way he is. Since the XXL Freshman season is still underway we weigh in on the class. We talk about the craze that is Pokémon Go. Street Fighter 5 drops the story mode and since these listens aint on Tax Season, The Read, or Combat Jack level we...


EP 15: Gold Rain (Season Finale)

Its time that Season 1 has come to a close, it has been real we did our thing for some newbies and now its time to take a break retool and learn from what we've accomplished, knowing we got a long way to go. But that don't mean we gonna leave yall for 2 months without paying respect to Prince, Disrespecting Lil Kim and her surgeons, Birdman's name on a quest for respek, XXL's circulating freshman cover disrespecting all that came before it, we talk about that and much more. Produced by:...


EP 14: Untitled, but Mixed

It’s the episode before the finale and all that good stuff and Mr.B and Caesar are going out with a bang before the bang and all those things in good nature. Episode 14 features topics from NWA’s induction into the Hall of Fame and Gene Simmons being a hater (yeah we can use that term in his case that dude is a low key racist, Caesar will tell you why ). We talk about how you should trust these rappers that flex their bread on the gram (Bow Wow we talking about you). We talk about these...


EP 13: New Methods

We are here and we talk about the War for your Ears, Apple , Tidal, and Spotify fighting for your 9.99 a month and all that. Caesar goes up against the Based Nation. We talk Afrika Bambaataa's child sex abuse allegations. Wrestlemania, our take on the future of the WWE and much more. Thank you for tuning in. Executive Produced by: Charles "Mr.B"Bowers and Fat Caesar Edited by: Mr.B Gold Bars: Birocratic- Easy Living (instrumental) Haze Brown- Rah Rah Shit (Circa 1989) Seis The 6th Element-...


EP 11: Kash Stackson

On the 11th episode of the IndieGold podcast Mr. B and Fat Caesar weigh in on the Joey Badass vs Troy Ave beef, Jamal 'Mally' Gaines, Mr. B reviews House of Cards Season 4, Nancy Reagan's passing and much more. Mr. B also conducts an interview with the host of the upcoming Break A Leg Showcase event 'House Party', hip hop artist Kash Stackson. This was supposed to be another artist centric episode of the Podcast, but Caesar was very sick and Mr.B was unprepared which led to this episode...