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”A Wretch Like Me” by Nancy Major

Nancy Major is an award-winning nonprofit and business executive with more than thirty years of professional experience. She’s also a professional speaker and certified Christian trauma coach. Her primary area of focus is helping women overcome sexual shame and trauma. Recently she added, ‘bestselling author’ to her bio, with her newly released memoir entitled, “A Wretch Like Me: A Modern-Day Mary Magdalene Saved by Grace. “It offers a glimpse into her lived experience as a former prostitute, “outed” by a client bent on revenge. Her courageous story tackles themes of childhood sexual abuse, shame, public humiliation, redemption, and the immeasurable gift of grace. Nancy often jokingly refers to her colorful life as one that might lead others to think she was either in the witness protection program or running from the law. She has been known by many last names and has moved so many times that the US post office has “unfriended” her! Today, Nancy is a wife of eleven years, a mother, stepmom, mother-in-law, and grandmother to six beloved and cherished cutie-pies. She and her husband, Jesse, live in southeastern Wisconsin with their two silly pooches, Lulu Bell and Jilly Bean. Learn more about Nancy Major at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: A WRETCH LIKE ME: A MODERN DAY MARY MAGDALENE SAVED BY GRACE I couldn’t imagine in a million years that I would ever have the courage to face telling the world about this one ugly, vile secret I figured I’d die with. The truth of who and what I had been, how it happened, and the grace that saved me on the day my life imploded. An anonymous packet was sent to business leaders throughout my community and surrounding thirteen-county area. As a business owner, I had made it a point to become well-known. When the president of one of the local chambers of commerce called me and I saw the packet for the first time, I literally couldn’t breathe. I was shell-shocked and utterly shattered. I wanted to die. No words could explain away or erase what had been written. I couldn’t see any possible way to live with the guilt and shame of being “outed” as a prostitute. If you’ve ever been tormented in a silent prison of shame over something you’ve done, haunted by a secret from your past, thought you were too broken, too bad, or too disgusting to be forgiven—you’re not alone. You haven’t been forgotten or abandoned. You’re loved more than you could ever imagine, and above all, you’re NEVER too far gone for grace. . How would I know? Because grace saved a wretch like me. CONNECT WITH NANCY MAJOR AT


”We Need to Talk” by Suzanne Seifert Groves

Suzanne Seifert Groves parlayed her B.A. in English from The University of Texas at Austin into a storied 35-year career in organizational communications, public relations, and marketing. She has served in leadership roles with several large organizations spanning multiple industries including higher education, healthcare, technology and travel and tourism. Her personal affinity for storytelling enabled her to help the executives and organizations she supported make valuable connections with their audiences. With just enough ADD to be dangerous, Groves is known for taking disparate ideas and weaving them into new creative or strategic concepts that have yet to be tried. Over the course of her career, she and the teams she has led have accrued more than 360 regional, national and international awards for communications, marketing and creative excellence from several prestigious programs including NYX MarCom, MarCom, Muse, Hermes, The Conference Board, PR Daily Content Marketing and more. In 2020, Groves was named a "Top Woman in Communications," one of only nine women to be recognized in the Visionary category, by Ragan Communications/PR Daily in the inaugural year of the award. In 2014, she was named one of 24 "Great Women of Texas" by the Fort Worth Business Press. In addition to her professional career, she has served on numerous advisory boards including the Arlington Public Library, Leadership Arlington, Susan G. Komen of Greater Fort Worth, Alzheimer’s Association of North Central Texas, and as a member of the Downtown Fort Worth Initiatives Inc. Festival and Events Committee. In 2013, she earned her M.A. in History from The University of Texas at Arlington while working full time, and was named a University Scholar (a distinction only given to the top 1% of undergraduate and graduate students). Why history? Groves will tell you the discipline is a true study in leadership, which continued to inform her career as a communications strategist. An admitted research junkie, Groves spends her time working on family genealogy for herself and for friends (when she’s not writing or editing). With their two children grown, successful, and likely not boomeranging home, she and her husband travel as frequently as possible, though it means leaving behind their two feisty German Shepherd Dogs and their very bossy cat. Of all her excursions, Groves will tell you one of her favorite memories is being dubbed “The Emu Whisperer” while on her honeymoon in Sonoma. Learn more about Suzanne Seifert Groves and her work at: TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: WE NEED TO TALK “We need to talk.” Nobody wants to hear it, and no one should ever say it. So stop! It’s the worst way to begin a serious conversation, especially when you need something from the other person/s – their cooperation, their agreement or commitment, or a change in behavior. Suzanne Seifert Groves has a 35-year career in organizational communication and here, in straightforward steps, she provides the ‘difficult conversation’ framework you’ve needed your entire career, and for every personal relationship as well. How many times have you acquiesced, alienated, or just plain pissed off your staff, your clients, your partner, your kids, or your neighbors because you didn’t frame things correctly? We’ve all done it more frequently than we’d like to admit. Along with the practice exercises, you’re going to want to make this methodology second nature because it will change how you think and speak about issues important to you. When “taken as directed,” the four-step process will transform every important relationship in your life (with no harmful side effects).


”Still, The Sky” by Tom Pearson

Tom Pearson is an artist and poet who works in dance, theater, film, visual art, and multi-media. He is known for his original works for theater, including the long-running, off-Broadway immersive hits THEN SHE FELL and THE GRAND PARADISE and as a founder and co-artistic director of the New York City-based Third Rail Projects and Global Performance Studio. Heis the author of two books, THE SANDPIPER'S SPELL and STILL, THE SKY. Learn more about Tom and his work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION STILL, THE SKY - Synopsis Still, the Sky is a speculative mythology rendered through poetry and art that combines the tales of Icarus and the Minotaur and creates for them a shared coming-of-age through a correspondence of written fragments, artifacts, ecofacts, and ephemera. Fragmented memories, relics, and confessions combine in a labyrinth of fever dreams and meditations which contemplate innocence and experience, war and peace, exile and homecoming, flight and failure, love and loss. Photo credits: Headshot: Tom Pearson Courtesy of the Artist Mic Shot: Tom Pearson Photo by Joshua Dutton-Reaver Papers in the air: Tom Pearson Photo by Laura Bianchi courtesy of the Bogliasco Foundation


The Mindful Author by Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane

Since 2007 Roxanne McCarty-O'Kane’s unique and multi-award winning method of storytelling has changed the lives of thousands of budding authors, allowing them to bring their messages to life in nonfiction books with structure, connection to the reader and potential profit. A prolific ghostwriter, author, workshop facilitator, writing mentor and journalist, Roxanne’s presentations are charged with powerful content and tangible tools that remove the mystery from storytelling and ignite a thought-provoking and emotion-evoking theatre within the mind of aspiring authors. Her book, The Mindful Author, has become a powerful resource for aspiring authors around the world to craft their manuscripts with clarity and a true sense of purpose and passion. This knowledge, and so much more, is brought to life through Roxanne’s intimate Ignite & Write workshops and mentorship programs, offering first-time authors the opportunity to navigate their journey to authorship with ease and confidence. As an MC, presenter and speaker, Roxanne’s down to earth, relatable, humorous style engages her audience, inspires their minds and moves them to begin to think laterally about their own stories and how their lived experiences and knowledge journeys can have a greater impact on the world around them. Learn more about Roxanne McCarty-O'Kane at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION THE MINDFUL AUTHOR The Mindful Author is the first book in the Ignite & Write trilogy designed to step you through from your first word to complete book using the Phoenix Phenomenon process. Within these pages, you'll find your inspiration and become empowered by the strength of your story as Roxanne leads you to transform your fears, roadblocks, and self-doubt into confidence and completion. It's time to embrace the mindset of an author. It's time to IGNITE your passion and WRITE your book. The world is waiting for your message. CONNECT WITH ROXANNE MCCARTY-O’KANE! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: GOODREADS:


The Final Steps by Mark M. Bello

As an attorney and civil justice advocate, author Mark M. Bello draws upon over 40 years of courtroom experience in his Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series. A Michigan native, Mark received his B.A. in English Literature from Oakland University and his law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. After working extremely high-profile legal cases, Mark wanted to give the public a front-row glimpse of what victims face when standing up for justice. Combining his legal experience and passion for justice with a creative writing style, Mark not only brings high-quality legal services to his clients but captivating novels to his readers. When Mark’s not writing legal and political novels, he writes and posts about fairness and justice in the civil justice system on his website, Legal Examiner and NotFakeNews. In his spare time, Mark enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. Mark and his wife, Tobye, have four children and 9 grandchildren. Learn more about Mark and his work: TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: The Final Steps Summary: Who murdered a popular law professor on a northern Michigan college campus? Judge Rosaline Maxwell is living the good life. Retired from the circuit court bench, she now lives in the home of her dreams, lakefront in scenic Harbor Springs, Michigan. She’s written a fascinating new book and is invited to speak at a local college. But her idyllic existence is rudely interrupted by a call from her best friend, Tyler Guthrie, the college president. A popular law professor has taken his final steps—he is found dead at the bottom of a popular outdoor staircase. The police suspect foul play. There are no witnesses, but key pieces of evidence make Tyler the number one suspect. After his arrest, Rosaline doubts her friend’s innocence but still jumps into the fray, abandoning the law, antagonizing local police, becoming an amateur sleuth with one goal and one goal only: To prove, conclusively, that Tyler Guthrie is innocent of this brutal crime. Along the way, Rosaline receives anonymous death threats, warning her to stay away from the investigation, but the former judge will not be deterred from her quest for the truth. There is no shortage of interesting and quirky suspects as attorney/award-winning author Mark M. Bello keeps you guessing ‘whodunnit’ until the very end. CONNECT WITH MARK BELLO! Website: Facebook: @markmbellobooks Twitter: @markmbello Instagram: @markmbellobooks PODCASTS MENTIONED IN THIS INTERVIEW: Links: Inside Scoop Podcast – You Have the Right to Remain Silent Justice Counts Podcast – Pushing Back Against Book Bans


Like Sapphire Blue by Marisa Billions

Marisa Billions is a high school English teacher in Southern California. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Criminology. She is the author of the fiction novels, This Too Shall Pass, Like Sapphire Blue, and Into the Blue Again and is supposed to be working on her upcoming fourth novel. She lives in Southern California with her wife, Stephanie and son Alexander and two Dogs, Max and Bonnie. Learn more about Marisa and her work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: LIKE SAPPHIRE BLUE Synopsis: “Your eyes are amazing. I’ve never seen a blue like that.” Emma Landry is tough, independent, beautiful, and smart. Being an outcast unable to identify with her classmates, she was willing to do whatever it takes to climb her way out of poverty. “What color would you say they are?” Like Sapphire Blue Having never known a mother’s love, her father “Bear”, raised her on the wrong side of the tracks in a wealthy town. When success beckons, the woman she’s been in love with is, finally, within her grasp. Life is now worth living and loving. That is, until a dark family secret is revealed. A secret tied into the very fabric of who she is, and what she spent a lifetime working to overcome. Faced with a foundation shattering treachery, Emma finds herself at the crossroads. Can she overcome a destiny stronger than death, destitution, and murder, to prove she is more than just her father’s daughter? Or will this new knowledge lead her to destroy the world she’s spent a lifetime building? CONNECT WITH MARISA BILLIONS! Website: TikTok: Instagram: Facebook:


Disrobed by Syl Tang

Syl Tang has been a futurist for 25+ years with an eye towards world events such as natural disasters, geo-political clashes, and economic cycles. In addition to her book Disrobed, she has written hundreds of articles on the confluence of world events and soft goods for print outlets such as the Financial Times, predicting and documenting occurrences such as the Trump election, the Apple watch and other smart wearables, lab-made diamonds, and the effects of global warming on the South Seas. As CEO and founder of HipGuide Inc, her work has helped more than 50 companies and governments. In addition to helping them navigate the future, she is behind the launches of some of the most well-known beauty, beverage, automotive and urban development efforts, including revitalizing Detroit and product category changers such as frozen alcohol and mineral makeup. In 1999 she created the first mobile lifestyle texting product in the market and predicted mobile couponing as it exists today. Her company HipGuide is a case study taught in universities around the world, from Dubai to Nova Scotia to Purdue, through a textbook series with McGraw-Hill. Her book Disrobed can be found at over 1000+ libraries including Harvard, Oxford, Yale, and the New York Public Library, as well as at all major bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstone's, and Blackwell's. Learn more about Syl Tang and her work at: TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: DISROBED: How Clothing Predicts Economic Cycles, Saves Lives, and Determines the Future AMAZON SUMMARY: We may not often think of our clothes as having a function beyond covering our naked bodies and keeping us a little safer from the elements. But to discount the enormous influence of clothing on anything from economic cycles to the future of water scarcity is to ignore the greater meaning of the garments we put on our backs. Disrobed vividly considers the role that clothing plays in everything from natural disasters to climate change to terrorism to geopolitics to agribusiness. Chapter by chapter, Tang takes the reader on an unusual journey, telling stories and asking questions that most consumers have never considered about their clothing. Why do banker’s wives sell off their clothes and how does that presage a recession? How is clothing linked to ethanol and starvation on the African continent? Could RFID in clothing save the lives of millions of people in earthquakes around the world? READ OUR REVIEW OF DISROBED!


A Whisper in the Shadows - by Scott MacFadyen

Scott Macfadyen is a Canadian author who loves to spend his time with his wife Tabitha and his dog Carly traveling or off grid where he can work on his writing. Scott spent over 20 years as a chef in restaurants, Pubs and resorts but had always had an interest in writing stories ever since elementary school. In his younger years he was known to write many stories and shared them with his school mates. Scott had a true passion for the escapism of story telling and over the years he had come up with the idea of his first published novella, A Whisper In the Shadows. Scott continues to write and looks forward to bringing you new stories and adventures in the future. TOPICS OF CONVERSATION A WHISPER IN THE SHADOWS "Layla is a devoted mother and wife, but when someone from her past is gunned down and left for dead, she returns to her previous life that her family knows nothing about. Now Layla must keep her secret safe from her family, and find the people who shot the man who rescued her from living on the streets and who turned her into a professional hitwoman. Layla races against time while navigating twists and turns before her dark past catches up to her and her family becomes a target." CONNECT WITH SCOTT MACFADYEN! Website: Tiktok: Facebook: Instagram:


”Slade” A Conversation with Author Robb Grindstaff

In addition to a career as a newspaper editor, publisher, and manager, Robb Grindstaff has written fiction most of his life. The newspaper biz has taken him and his family from Phoenix, Arizona, to small towns in North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin, from seven years in Washington, D.C., to five years in Asia. Born and raised a small-town kid, he’s as comfortable in Tokyo or Tuna, Texas. The variety of places he’s lived and visited serve as settings for the characters who invade his head. His novels are probably best classified as contemporary southern lit, and he’s had more than twenty short stories published in a wide array of genres. His articles on the craft of fiction writing have appeared in various writer magazines and websites, and one of his seminars was presented at the Sydney (Australia) Writers Festival. He also has taught writing courses for the Romance Writers of America, Romance Writers of Australia, and the Novel-in-Progress writers retreat. Robb retired from the newspaper business in the summer of 2020 to write and edit fiction full time. He and his wife relocated to the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Robb also edits fiction and non-fiction books for authors from around the world. It helps that he’s fluent in five languages: US English, UK English, Canadian English, and Australian English, plus his native language, Texan. Robb Grindstaff’s books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and many other online retailers. They are also available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook. TOPICS OF CONVERSATION SLADE Synopsis: A car crash thirty years earlier left Slade Bennington severely disabled but with a new outlook on life. His book about overcoming trauma becomes a bestseller and a box office hit movie. Slade strikes up an unusual friendship with Schuyler, the six-foot-tall teenage actress who portrays his sister in the movie. She encourages him to continue writing, and his pithy musings about life spur a nationwide following of devotees who study his books like Holy Scriptures. Slade becomes a counselor to the celebrity in-crowd—the Shaman to the Stars. While thousands adore Slade, others call him a Svengali or Rasputin-like character who controls and manipulates his clients. One disillusioned fan spends years plotting revenge. CONNECT WITH ROBB GRINDSTAFF! Robb’s website (Discover Robb’s books and learn about his editing services) Robb’s Amazon page A Writer’s Block (Robb’s Substack with tips and discussions on writing and editing) Robb’s books on Evolved Publishing Robb on Facebook Robb on Twitter occasionally Email: robb(at)robbgrindstaff(dot)com.


The Dark School Series - A Conversation with Matti Silver

Matti Silver has been storytelling for most of his life. He loves working, reading, writing books and creating worlds for himself and others to immerse themselves within. A lover of film, comic books, fantasy and anime, he takes it upon himself to combine all the best ideas and present them to the world, like a master curator of fine taste and limitless free time. Besides his endless energy and eclectic taste in everything, Matti loves nothing more than reading everything except speed limit signs and expiry dates on his government documents. To learn more about Matti Silver and his work visit his website at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION


A Warm Touch - A Conversation with Connor Shane

Connor Shane is an “almost” 20-year-old author currently making his way through community college. He hopes to become an ecologist one day in order to help better understand and protect the wildlife of our planet. Connor loves a story that carries a message and believes art is one of the most beautifl ways to teach lessons, allowing us to live our best days. He prefers deep discussions about life as opposed to throwing opinions about the weather into the wind. He’s also a serious gamer. Connor goes by the pen name Curon. A Warm Touch is his debut novel. TOPICS OF CONVERSATION A WARM TOUCH After hundreds of years since humanity’s extinction, with a whole new world of technology and animal-like intelligent life living in a reconstructed society, the pain of friendship persists. It doesn’t seem to matter how strong Similic and Drift want their relationships to be, since without passionate effort held together through the thickest of conflicts, they are never meant to be. The question that always haunts them is one that seems so awfully simple, yet that’s exactly why it rips them to shreds. How do we maintain and improve our closest friendships? At that rate, how do we keep track of our relationships with ourselves, with all the surging thoughts that make us who we are? The answers may or may not lie in an obvious light, but the only way to truly fail is to choose to give up. What seems like such a wonderful party get-together between once close friends ends up becoming the very reason they may never see each other again. It would be simple enough if it were left at that, however Similic and his best friend Drift are determined to keep their connection to their friends and themselves intact. If they are able to do so, and if they are able to figure out this mysterious person who somehow knows too much about them, is a question they might not be able to answer well. But will they ever say that this uncertainty will stop them from trying? So far, the answer seems to be never! CONNECT WITH CONNOR SHANE! Amazon Author's Page: Instagram at curon2014 Twitter at konablaze73


Coming Full Circle - A Conversation with Budd Titlow

For the past 50 years, professional ecologist and conservationist Budd Titlow has used his pen and camera to capture the awe and wonders of our natural world. His goal has always been to inspire others to both appreciate and enjoy what he sees. Now he has one main question: Can we save humankind’s place — within nature’s beauty — before it’s too late? Budd’s two latest books are dedicated to answering this perplexing dilemma. PROTECTING THE PLANET: Environmental Champions from Conservation to Climate Change, a non-fiction book, examines whether we still have the environmental heroes among us — harking back to such past heroes as Audubon, Hemenway, Muir, Douglas, Leopold, Brower, Carson, and Meadows — needed to accomplish this goal. Next, using fact-filled and entertaining story-telling, his latest book — COMING FULL CIRCLE: A Sweeping Saga of Conservation Stewardship Across America — provides the answers we all seek and need. Having published five books, more than 500 photo-essays, and 5,000 photographs, Budd Titlow lives with his music educator wife, Debby, in San Diego, California. You can learn more about Budd on his website ~ Mariah Tinger is an author and educator teaching sustainability at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. Additionally, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in climate communication at Otago University and applying her knowledge as a co-host on the podcast, The Climate Minute. When she is not chasing chickens or her children in her Massachusetts home, she is dreaming of new ways to tell the climate story. You can learn more about Mariah on her website TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: COMING FULL CIRCLE Amazon Synopsis: Is there a winning re-write of United States history that everyone will feel good about? Following a multi-generational family across America and back again, this book sets the record straight. The skillful, entertaining story-telling shines a light on the origins of our current conservation crises—climate change and biodiversity loss—while convincing readers that we have immediate solutions right at our fingertips. Only one question remains: Will we use these solutions in time? Buy a copy of "Coming Full Circle" and find out what happens! (from Budd Titlow and Mariah Tinger, the authors of "Protecting the Planet") CONNECT WITH BUDD TITLOW! Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn:


Soulful Return: A Conversation with Author Fidelis Mkparu

FIdelis O. Mkparu is a Nigerian immigrant to the US, and in this novel, he sets out to speak to his experiences and those of his fellow immigrants. He is a professor of Medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical University and a senior attending cardiologist at Aultman Hospital and Mercy Medical Center in Canton, Ohio. Previously, he was a Spaulding fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard Medical School. His preceding novels include Love’s Affliction and Tears Before Exaltation (Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards Winner, Literary & Contemporary Fiction 2018). To learn more about Fidelis Mkparu and his work visit his website at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: SOULFUL RETURN Amazon synopsis: "The hounding voice inside me would not let go." Thus begins the emotional journey of Afamefuna Onochie Nwaku a Harvard-trained medical doctor with a career most can only dream of, a loving wife, and supportive family. Then, after he receives a telephone call from his sister who lives in Nigeria that her life is being threatened. Left with no other fair choice, Afam leaves behind his family, throwing his marriage into turmoil and risking the life he has built in Boston. Instead of the Nigeria that he loves, that he needs, he finds a land and people he barely recognizes waiting for him. Afam decides to stay but realizes that his future in Nigeria is as murky as the River-Niger after a torrential tropical rainfall. As Afam sets out on a journey to reconnect with the family and heritage that he left behind, he must face new enemies in an increasingly corrupt Nigeria where many people see him as an American intruder. And through it all, he must fight to keep his family together—and alive. CONNECT WITH FIDELIS MKPARU: Website: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:


”Unfair Discrimination” An Interview with Mark Shaiken

Mark Shaiken lives with his wife Loren and their dog Emily in Denver, CO. He schooled at Haverford College and Washburn University, and practiced commercial bankruptcy law for several decades before moving on in 2019 to write, volunteer and play music. Mark has written three legal thrillers to date: Fresh Start, Automatic Stay and Unfair Discrimination. Before getting into fiction, he wrote And . . Just Like That - essays on a life before, during, and after the law. Mark is currently working on his next book in his legal mystery series, titled Cram Down. You can learn more about mark and his work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION UNFAIR DISCRIMINATION Amazon Blurb: A committee of creditors hires 3J, one of whom is the leader of a White Nationalist organization on the government’s domestic terrorist list. When the member realizes he will not get paid back everything he is owed, he blames 3J, a black attorney, and opposing counsel, a Jewish attorney. How far will the hater go to get paid back and what steps will he take to do so in the name of White Nationalism? CONNECT WITH MARK SHAIKEN! Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Check out the trailer for Unfair Discrimination


The American Outsider: A Conversation with the Author: Homa Pourasgari

MEET THE AUTHOR Born in Tehran, Iran, Homa Pourasgari spent hours in her father’s home office, writing, reading and letting her imagination carry her to unseen worlds. She moved to Los Angeles, California at a young age. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in business, she went to Paris for a year to study literature at the Sorbonne. Before becoming a fulltime writer, she ran her own boutique, worked at a bank and a CPA firm, was a personal trainer and even taught spinning and cardio kickboxing. When she is not writing, she is stumbling, miming and pointing to find her way in a foreign country. Her latest novel, The American Outsider, is based on her travels in Japan. Learn more about Homa Pourasgari and her work at and TOPICS OF CONVERSATION THE AMERICAN OUTSIDER Summary from the webite:​​​ “She had gone to Taiji to help save the dolphins; in the end, it was the dolphins who had saved her.”​ Tessa Walker is a veterinarian with a strong, emotional connection to animals. As a teen, she witnessed the brutal slaughter of dolphins, and as an adult, she decides to do something about it. She leaves her home in Los Angeles and travels to Japan to speak out for them, but little does she know that she is embarking on an adventure that will change her life forever. From the urban metropolis of Tokyo to the historic Kyoto to the culinary city of Osaka, and the seaside town of Taiji, Tessa is determined to help Japanese activists stand up for her beloved mammals.​ Along the way, the friendships and bonds that she builds with people in Japan, and the unconditional love of a stranger named Toshiro, open her eyes to a complicated society of conventions and traditions. Yet, her limited knowledge of the language and customs doesn’t deter her from taking on a dangerous mission that could land her in jail. CONNECT WITH HOMA POURASGARI Website: Twitter: Facebook: Read our review of The American Outsider


The Astrology of 2023: Traversing the Bridge - An Interview with Gahl Sasson

Gahl Sasson is an established author and has been teaching workshops on Storytelling, Kabbalah, Astrology, and Mysticism around the globe for over 20 years. His first book, A Wish Can Change Your Life, has been translated into over eight languages and is endorsed by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. His second work, Cosmic Navigator, is the essential reference guide to understanding your astrological makeup. Since 2018 Gahl has been publishing a yearly bestselling book on the astrology of the upcoming year. He is a contributor to the Huffington Post, and, and has been named "Los Angeles' Best Astrologer" by W Magazine. He is a guest lecturer at USC, Tel Aviv University, and teaches at Esalen, Omega Institute, University of Judaism, and the Open Center in NYC. He has appeared on CNN, ABC News, KTLA-TV Los Angeles to name a few. His academic paper, Symbolic Meaning of Names in the Bible was published by the Journal of Storytelling, Self, & Society. He currently resides in Los Angeles but gives seminars and workshops regularly in over 13 countries. His website is and has a podcast – the Cosmic Navigator Astrology Show. TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: THE ASTROLOGY OF 2023: TRAVERSING THE BRIDGE Prepare for and plan the next 12 months with this essential astrological guide written by The Cosmic Navigator, Gahl E. Sasson. The 2023 Manual combines Kabbalah, Astrology, Tarot, history, and Mythology. The first part of the book provides a list of important dates for each month. The second part details the major astrological trends of the year 2023, while the third section lays out a month to month forecast for each zodiac sign. What days are good for finance? Which dates are auspicious for love and relationships? When should you pay attention to your health or start a diet? When will Mercury retrograde? When are the eclipses and what do they mean for each sign? How to manifest your New Year's resolution? Why is the numerology of 2023 lucky 7? What does it mean that Pluto moves into Aquarius for the first time since the French Revolution? Get your guide to the stars to help you navigate the Astrology of 2023. CONNECT WITH GAHL SASSON! Website: Instagram: Links to Webinars, Live Events and Free Goodies:


A Collection of Tiny Stories - An Interview with CK Sobey

CK Sobey (known as Kas to her friends) continues to live a life of curiosity. She considers herself to be a seeker, an explorer. Her many ventures in life attest to this. In her earlier years, she studied singing and theater. Kas is a trained mediator and worked in the San Diego dispute resolution department. She also worked in the corporate world for almost thirty years. As a once active spiritual practitioner, she later became a certified hypnotherapist, bringing a deeper understanding of the inner, subconscious mind to others. She has facilitated groups in a variety of subjects and a practice called SoulCollage® for years. When CK is not writing or in her studio creating something that has caught her attention, we can find her in her kitchen cooking and savoring a dish with a blend of aromas wafting about or somewhere on one of her trails, waving. A Collection of Tiny Stories, Diminutive Tales from the Tip of My Imagination is her third published book. To learn more about Kas and her other works, visit TOPICS OF CONVERSATION A COLLECTION OF TINY STORIES, DIMINUITIVE TALES FROM THE TIP OF MY IMAGINATION This collection of Tiny Stories is an assortment of tiny, brief stories that were born out of moments of whimsy, mystery, and longing. I believe in the indefatigable powers of imagination. I do my best to widen my imaginative lens of what I can create in any genre, recipe, or seeking a solution to a problem. The list goes on and on. It is what gets me out of bed in the morning. What will the day bring? Not every day is an explosive revelation, with my muses rambling around, whispering to me of some plan. I do my best to find peace and calm, even in moments. When I find these moments, they are the sweetness between the flow of found ideas. The quiet space is what I need to receive. I honor this time to allow the ideas to take shape, to grow. I love pictures as well. They have their own story to tell. As prompts I become turned on to a story, musing or something new coming all together. I hope you enjoy my visual stories as well. They were created for these stories. CONNECT WITH CK (Kas) SOBEY! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Amazon Author Page: Goodreads:


Christmas Sunrise - An Interview with Calvin James

Calvin James was promoted to DAD in 2017. After the birth of his son he tried to thing of ways to educate him about life and the ever-changing world. Out of this desire his company, CALVIN JAMES CREATES was born. The mission statement of CALVIN JAMES CREATES is to share children’s stories, novels, and music that promote the values of truth, kindness, friendship, love, and hope. His first book, The Colored Water Fountain was released in December 2021. The second book in his children’s book series, Christmas Sunrise will be released in December 2022. To learn more about Calvin James and his work visit TOPICS OF CONVERSATION CHRISTMAS SUNRISE As the holidays approach, a grandmother recalls her youth and all that she loves about the holidays. Hoping that it will snow for a White Christmas, the excitement she feels on Christmas Eve, and her favorite part, having her family and loved ones with her on Christmas Day. CONNECT WITH DR. CALVIN JAMES! Facebook at Twitter @CalJamesCreates YouTube Channel: Calvin James Creates Instagram:


Ice Dance - An Interview with Author Vik Azeem

Vik Azeem grew up in the Northern Virginia area and currently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He's been writing stories since the age of twelve and has a deep love for stories and movies in general. Ice Dance is his 4th novel. He's previously published the books Soul Half Empty, Algebra and Demons, and Quixotic. When he's not writing, he's working on his movie review podcast, The Movie Fellas, which is also available on all podcast platforms. For more information about Vik and his work visit his website at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: ICE DANCE Hassan is a Pakistani-American conflicted between pursuing his creative passions and fitting in with his culture. He's also unemployed and days away from being evicted. Then he meets Yasmine, a mysterious bar-hopper with a keen interest in psychology. As enigmatic as she is, Hassan is enthralled with her. He soon learns Yasmine has a dark secret that will put both their lives at risk. As the night of New Year’s Eve unravels, he's introduced to a world of magic, portals, wise-cracking trolls, and dangerous enemies beyond his wildest fears. The only question is, will he survive to see the new year? Ice Dance is a comedic urban fantasy inspired by swashbuckling adventures of the past. CONNECT WITH VIK AZEEM! Website: Twitter: @vikazeem Instagram: thevikazeem


Perpetual Gloom: An Interview with Shelah Johnson and JR Santana

Shelah Johnson is the recipient of 9 awards from The Society for Technical Communication and is also a published photographer and has produced and directed more than 40 lifestyle broadcast segments focused on eco and small space living. She directed, produced, and is the co-creator of the documentary series, Where Small Business Grows (Amazon Prime). Shelah lives a life of voluntary simplicity, where she makes a mid-century modern Airstream her home on an island in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys kayaking and traveling across the country and around the world. J R Santana is an award-winning Screenwriter and Producer. With over three decades of experience working in Hollywood and Europe, JR has been involved in productions ranging from $1m - $25m, all with an A-list cast. As a Screenwriter, he has won the Kodak Award for Outstanding Cinematic Achievement, the Turner Classic Movies Prize, Best Film at the Interfilm Berlin Film Festival as well as being nominated for two consecutive BAFTA Awards. He also holds a Master’s degree from Cambridge University. When not working, JR spends his free time riding his vintage British motorcycle, competing in International Long Range Match Rifle competitions and penning his debut novel. For more information about Shelah Johnson, JR Santana and their work visit TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: PERPETUAL GLOOM Based on true events, Perpetual Gloom is the first installation of The Boloney Trail trilogy. The story begins in the eye of the Great Depression, which left thousands dead or destitute, one family, the Hornbecks, finds a way to survive the storm by serving both the Devil and the Lord in a nomadic life along a perilous trail leading them out of their beloved South and into the dank logging camps of the Pacific Northwest. CONNECT WITH SHELAH JOHNSON AND JR SANTANA WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: