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Welcome to The Inside Scoop Live podcast, where we bring you captivating conversations with independent authors. In each episode, we go beyond the pages of the books and delve into the minds of the authors themselves. Our engaging host sits down with these literary maestros, providing a platform for them to share their inspirations, writing processes, and the stories behind their captivating works. Whether you’re a devoted fan or new to their writing, The Inside Scoop Live podcast takes you on an intimate journey with authors from various genres and backgrounds.


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Welcome to The Inside Scoop Live podcast, where we bring you captivating conversations with independent authors. In each episode, we go beyond the pages of the books and delve into the minds of the authors themselves. Our engaging host sits down with these literary maestros, providing a platform for them to share their inspirations, writing processes, and the stories behind their captivating works. Whether you’re a devoted fan or new to their writing, The Inside Scoop Live podcast takes you on an intimate journey with authors from various genres and backgrounds.







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"680 Miles Away" by Tara J. Stone

Tara J. Stone started writing fiction when she was in first grade and discovered the thrill of screenwriting when she studied Communications Media at John Paul the Great Catholic University. Screenplays are her favorite way to tell stories, but novels are quickly gaining. She hopes her writing will contribute to a revival of Catholic fiction. After successfully self-publishing two screenplays as paperbacks and ebooks, she partnered with two of her former film professors to create Story Masters Film Academy, which offers online courses in screenwriting and directing. Tara resides in Colorado, and in 2016, she became a Consecrated Virgin Living in the World in the Diocese of Colorado Springs. In addition to making things up and writing them down, Tara enjoys praying, hiking (definitely not running), going to the symphony (especially movies at the symphony), discovering new craft brews, and spending time with family and friends. Learn more about Tara J. Stone and her work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION 680 Miles Away Summary: The follow-up to 6 Blocks Home is a powerful story about confronting old wounds, embracing new possibilities, and the triumph of unrelenting love. Evie is a musical prodigy who has a habit of running away when things get hard. Or messy. Or just plain awkward. Like the time she ran away from home when she discovered the devastating truth about her past. Now, at twenty-three, Evie is content with the quiet life she’s carved out for herself—working at a music store, teaching violin lessons, and joking around with her coworker and best friend, Finn—but her world is about to get hard and messy and awkward again. A chance encounter with a stranger sets Evie on a crash course with the very past she’s spent years running from. An old flame reappears. And most terrifying of all, she’s beginning to suspect Finn is more than just a friend. As events beyond her control force Evie to choose between running and risking it all, she will discover the heartache of betrayal, the strength of true friendship, and the unbreakable bonds of unconditional love. CONNECT WITH TARA J. STONE! Website: X: @tjswriter IG: @tjswriter


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"TALES OF ASTERRA" by Michael Frank Rizzo

Michael Rizzo is a fantasy fiction writer who works in finance during the day and often spends evenings writing and creating his fantasy world. He published his first book, Tales of Asterra, in early 2023, and he continues to build upon the established lore of this magical world in his spare time. He is currently working on his second book, To Sow a Fallow, which will be the second adventure set in Asterra, with many more soon to follow. When Michael is not writing, he enjoys playing guitar in his band and relaxing with his family, friends, and dogs. His inspirations for writing come from a variety of different sources: classic literature, mythology, old-world language studies, video games, fantasy literature, music, and other sources. Learn more about Michael Rizzo and his book at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: TALES OF ASTERRA - SYNOPSIS Welcome, adventurer, to the wondrously magical world of Asterra-where no two roads are the same and life blooms and beckons around every bend. Join Penniforth 'Penny' Rodgers as he regales you with tales of the events, people, currencies, and beliefs that have shaped this mystical land. From the pirate infested shoals of Del' San Cove, to the dark depths of the Ochre Halls and the fairy forests of Faeril, there is a story for everyone. All that is missing is for you to create your own adventure within Asterra. So, what are you waiting for? Penny has already marked the first destination on the map. CONNECT WITH MICHAEL RIZZO! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TALES OF ASTERRA INSTAGRAM: TALES OF ASTERRA


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"The Blue Iris" by Rachel Stone

RACHEL STONE writes stories of hope and redemption, often set against vibrant Canadian backdrops. Her debut novel, THE BLUE IRIS, was named a BookLife Editor's Pick and placed second in the 2024 Feathered Quill Book Awards. Her award-winning lyric essays have appeared in international literary magazines, journals, and blogs. Rachel holds degrees in psychology and industrial relations, and once worked seven summers at a flower market. She's an active member of the Women's Fiction Writers Association and the proud co-founder of a local volunteer initiative supporting new moms and newly-immigrated families in need. She lives near Toronto with her family and on weekends you'll find her along the shore of Georgian Bay, belting nineties pop rock off-key from her paddleboard. Learn more about Rachel Stone and her work at: TOPICS OF CONVERSATION THE BLUE IRIS Sometimes, uprooting the thorn-filled past is the only way we bloom... Tessa Lewis is set to embark on a Big-Time Career and marry Toronto's fastest-rising lawyer, who loves her to pieces. But when a visit to a flower market from her childhood sparks memories of the mother she lost too soon, Tessa puts her bright future on hold to work there, determined to come to terms with her past. At the Blue Iris Flower Market, everything is blossoming except the rag-tag crew, each hiding deep scars of their own. When Sam, the beloved but troubled man in charge, takes off and leaves the market reeling, Tessa and her unlikely new friends come face-to-face with their most uncomfortable truths, uprooting lives carefully cultivated-and just maybe, unearthing everything they've ever wanted. Told from multiple perspectives, The Blue Iris is an intricately woven exploration of love tested beyond its limits, chosen family, and the beauty that grows in letting go. CONNECT WITH RACHEL STONE! Linktree: Website: Instagram: Facebook: X: LinkedIn:


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"Welcome to Bellechester" by Margaret Blenkush

Margaret A. Blenkush writes from her childhood home in South Saint Paul, Minnesota where she enjoys the changing seasons. Always a writer at heart, it was the COVID pandemic that challenged her to seek publication of her first novel, The Doctor of Bellechester. Enthusiastic response as in "When's the next book coming out?" and receiving an honorable mention for Best Catholic Novel in the 2023 Catholic Media Awards encouraged Margaret to continue writing about the adventures of Dr. M.E. Senty. A proud graduate of the College of St. Benedict (B.A.) and St. John's University, Collegeville (M.A. in Theology - Systematics), she became an Oblate of Saint Benedict's Monastery in 2010. A life-long learner who loves books and libraries, Margaret earned a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 1991. In 2004, she contracted a rare auto-immune disease that forced an early retirement from her dream job as Director of the Instructional Services Center for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis from 1992-2004. When not writing, Margaret enjoys spending time with family, playing card and board games, gardening, volunteering and solving word and sudoku puzzles. She and her identical twin sister, Mary are enrolled in the University of Minnesota Twin Study where they participate in many and varied research projects. Currently, they are participating in a study on twins and aging. You can learn more about Margaret Blenkush and her work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION WELCOME TO BELLECHESTER Meet the lovable and quirky residents of this idyllic 1959 Shropshire County village as Dr. Mary Elizabeth Senty arrives to join Dr. Harold Merton's medical practice. Detective Inspector William Donnelly has recently transferred to Bellechester from London's Metropolitan Police Service to deal with the rash of jewel thefts in the area. When local socialite Lady Beatrice Brantwell is enlisted to throw a gala as a ruse to flush out the thieves, she pairs the newcomers in hopes of kindling a romance. Despite the police's best efforts, jewels, including Mary Elizabeth's precious agate pendant, are stolen in an intricately planned heist. Can William and his officers solve the case and return the jewels to their rightful owners? Does love stand a chance between the career- minded doctor and duty-bound chief inspector? Find out in this gentle, cozy sequel to The Doctor of Bellechester which is sure to keep readers turning the pages. CONNECT WITH MARGARET BLENKUSH: Facebook: Website:


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Tribal Honor by TG Brown

When T.G. Brown is not writing books, he is a martial arts practitioner and a competitive CrossFit athlete. He practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Boxing and Muay Thai. He competed in the sport of CrossFit, before blowing out his knee in the 2021. Like most Crossfitters, he would do the "CrossFit Open." A nationwide test of fitness that introduces some of the hardest workouts in the world. In 2019, T.G. placed in the top 1 percent of the world, which was not enough to make the famous CrossFit Games, but he was proud of it nonetheless. In 2021, before injuring his knee, T.G. competed in a CrossFit competition involving the fittest Law Enforcement Officers in the world. He was the 29th fittest Law Enforcement Officer in the world that year. T.G. Brown is also a certified Defensive Tactics Instructor for police officers in the state of Oregon. When he is not doing his own training, T.G. works with police officers or civilians who want to learn how to stay alive in verbal, physical, or deadly use-of-force conflicts. Learn more about TG Brown and his work at : TOPICS OF CONVERSATION TRIBAL HONOR Warren Lawson is an elite Tribal Police Officer on the Jericho Nation Reservation in Oregon. A relatively peaceful place, but that’s all about to change. Marvin Bingham is a man with morals that vastly differ from Warren Lawson's. One man loves to kill; the other does everything he can to avoid killing. As Marvin claims another victim, he attracts the attention of two twin Native American brothers who want revenge outside the law, two brothers who happen to be very good at killing. Caught in the middle of three killers, Warren races to keep the peace in his town, a task that grows increasingly difficult as his moral compass is tested unlike ever before. With each twist and turn in the case, Warren contemplates whether the law is worth upholding, or if he is just like the very people he puts behind bars. Buckle in, as a seemingly cut-and-dry case turns into something horrific and complex, leaving the Jericho reservation in the wake of a bloody battle. CONNECT WITH TG BROWN! Website: Facebook: TG Brown Instagram: tgbrownbooks


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Havana Hangover by Randy Richardson

An accomplished attorney and award-winning journalist, Randy Richardson is the founding member and president of the Chicago Writers Association. His latest novel, "Havana Hangover," earned recognition as a 2023 Finalist for the Kindle Book Awards and the Book Awards and received 5-Star Reviews from Reader Views and Readers' Favorites. With two more novels, "Cheeseland" and "Lost in the Ivy," plus a coauthored nonfiction work titled "Cubsessions," Randy's influence spans genres. His essays grace anthologies like "Chicken Soup for the Father and Son Soul," "Storytellers' True Stories About Love," and "Cubbie Blues," and literary journals such as Hypertext and Memory House. As The first male recipient of the National Federation of Press Women’s Communicator of Achievement Award, Randy is featured on NewCity’s "Lit 50: Who Really Books in Chicago" list for 2019 and 2022. Learn more about Randy Richardson and his work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION HAVANA HANGOVER Thirty-year-old Chicago corporate lawyer Tanner Ford leaves behind a painful past and lucrative job for a bucket-list trip to Cuba with Jackson Swift, his estranged best friend from law school. But when they arrive, the oddities start adding up. Jackson evades questions about his wife and kids. Their itinerary keeps changing, and their tour guide might work for a fake company. When Tanner awakes after a rum-soaked night beside Dannel, a local musician with something to hide, and a text from Jackson that reads “HELP ME,” his dream vacation turns into a fight for survival. He is held hostage in an abandoned cigar factory, interrogated by the police, and hunted down by a mysterious “ghost” in the Cuban government. Beset by anxiety and panic attacks, Tanner is hurled unwittingly into an international conspiracy leading right back to Jackson and a friendship that began in betrayal. CONNECT WITH RANDY RICHARDSON!


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Livy Little Honey Bee/Red Pandas Journey to Sikkim by Celia Straus

Celia Straus is an accomplished writer whose talents span television, film, and literature, earning her an Emmy nomination for the YouTube series "Kids Speak Out" in collaboration with the United Nations She also created and wrote the Emmy Award Winning Memorial Day Concert that was broadcast nationally on PBS. Her versatility in storytelling has been recognized with numerous additional awards, highlighting her ability to engage audiences across various platforms. Straus’s literary contributions include a poetry trilogy for middle school girls, insightful works on military themes and children’s picture books where she hopes to ignite a love for animal conservation and encourage them to learn about, appreciate and protect our natural world. Celia resides in Washington, D.C. but travels frequently to see her two daughters and gorgeous grandchildren, who are the apple of her eye. You can learn more about Celia Straus and her work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION LEARN MORE: A portion of proceeds from the sales of her children’s books are donated to organizations dedicated to conservation, education and research. LIVY LITTLE HONEY BEE Livy is a honey bee who spends her days gathering nectar and pollen from flowers with other worker bees. But Livy runs into trouble when her determination to express who she really is and what she values in life runs counter to the rest of the hive. Ultimately she is called before the Queen Bee to plead her case. RED PANDAS JOURNEY TO SIKKIM High in the Himalayan Mountains two young Red Pandas, Connor and Mishti, befriend a shy Pangolin. Oblivious of their precarious existence, they dance and play together until a wise Sarus Crane disrupts their fun. They must flee, he warns them, before civilization destroys their forest home. He promises to lead them to Sikkim, a nature sanctuary across the mountains. The three friends follow his feathers on their long journey to safety.


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"Secrets in the Islands" by Lauren de Leeuw

Lauren de Leeuw graduated with a degree in journalism; however, she was always far more interested in the adventure novel that was in her book bag as well as her next travel destination than she ever was with her current local news assignments. She has published many articles across a variety of platforms. Secrets in the Islands is her first book. Lauren lives on Vancouver Island with her husband and two wonderfully energetic children. Learn more about Lauren de Leeuw and her work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION SECRETS IN THE ISLANDS Having world famous archaeologists for parents isn't easy. Sure, the stories about their discoveries used to be exciting, but recently twelve-year-old Sami Johnson just feels like she's missing out.That is, until now.After being left behind one too many times, she finally gets to tag along with her parents to their next dig site. Keeping it local and seemingly simple for Sami's first glimpse into the family business, the Johnson's head to Haida Gwaii - a group of islands off the west coast of Canada where an old fishing weir and some ancient spearheads were recently discovered. But things start going downhill as soon as they arrive.After meeting a new friend, Sami realizes that the whole island is awash in secrets. Missing artifacts, late night stakeouts and stalkers in the forest were not what Sami was expecting on this trip and she begins to wonder if this was why her parents had left her at home for so many years. Can Sami find the grit, determination, and most importantly the confidence, to make it through and solve this mystery before it's too late? CONNECT WITH LAUREN DE LEEUW! Website: Facebook: Instagram:


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Ms. Alberta: Feline Barn Manager by Diana Tuorto

Diana Tuorto is a Buffalo, NY-based children’s author. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in English Writing and History, Diana is also an active animal rescue volunteer and serves as Vice President of a small non-profit horse rescue. She shares a small farm with her husband, horses, and cats. Diana started writing her first children’s novel at the age of 12. Most of her books are written from a horse’s point of view. Diana has a total of six books: three middle grade novels, two picture books and one easy reader, all featuring a horse or cat as a main character. Learn more about Diana Tuorto and her work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: MS. ALBERTA: FELINE BARN MANAGER MS. ALBERTA: FELINE BARN MANAGER is based on the true story of a feral barn cat who is torn between the outdoor world she knows and desire to live with her special human “Mama.” When Ms. Alberta finds the courage to take a step towards house cat life, something gets in her way: Mama’s dog. Can a barn cat and a barking dog set aside their differences and become friends? Diana Tuorto has been writing fiction and poetry since the age of ten. Ms. Alberta: Feline Barn Manager is her sixth children’s book and second picture book. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in English Writing and History, Ms. Tuorto is a Western New York-based Marketing/Communications director and active horse rescue volunteer. CONNECT WITH DIANA TUORTO! My website is You can find me on Facebook at and Instagram at


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"Bones in the Alley" by Viterose Van Huis

Viterose Elaine Van Huis is a recent widow, who lives between Barbados, her birth country, and the United States. She lives with a little dog named Charlie. She spends her time reading, writing, and gardening. This is her third book. Most recently she published Living Intentionally, in 2021 She published Incredible Mr. Charlie. Bones in the Alley: A journey to self-awareness that began on the island of Barbados was first published in Learn more about Viterose Van Huis and her work at: Viterosevanhuis.wixsite,com/elaine TOPICS OF CONVERSATION BONES IN THE ALLEY In this book, Viterose Van Huis shares her journey to self-awareness. She makes it clear that self-discovery is essential in the pursuit of happiness and meaning. The story portrays her strong, self-determined, unrelenting personality. The difficulties of her childhood in Barbados, the heroic years in America, her limited education and her uncertain circumstances, rather than hinder her, propelled her to a greater understanding. This is an inspiring account of one woman's spiritual growth. The book assures you that all the answers to life's challenges are within you.


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"My Journal" by Robert O'Toole

Robert L. O'Toole is an international figure skating coach with over 47 years of experience coaching athletes from the grassroots to the Olympic level. His positive and motivational approach to coaching is his trademark, along with his passion and love of sport. He has inspired thousands of athletes to achieve excellence in sport and beyond. My Journal is his debut entry into the literary world. Learn more about Robert O'Toole and his work at: TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: My Journal: Motivation, Inspiration, Love, Kindness Robert O’Toole Tellwell Talent (2023) ISBN: 978-1779411716 A daily journal with prompts for setting goals, self-reflection, and personal growth, emphasizing individual pacing and diverse expression methods.


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”Fiercely ME” by Stephanie Rowe

A JOURNEY OF LIFE, LOVE, AND LIMITLESS ADVENTURE with STEPHANIE ROWE Embark on a journey into the vibrant tapestry of my life, where each moment is an adventure waiting to unfold. I thrive on the richness of experiences, living life to its fullest. My passion for connection is a cornerstone of my existence. Together with my husband, Jason, we merge the joys of bringing people together and the artistry of cooking. Our culinary escapades span the globe, from the Caribbean to the Philippines and the Mediterranean, weaving nights filled with love, laughter, and profound connections with our nearest and dearest. Fresh from a six-month odyssey across Europe and South America (November 2023), my husband, Jason, and I have returned with a profound understanding of ourselves. Each country became a classroom, and we eagerly absorbed the diverse lessons embedded in their cultures. The journey was more than a physical exploration; it was a deep dive into self-discovery, a transformative experience that enriched our lives in ways we never imagined. The liberty to experience life fully and connect with our surroundings is a privilege we don't take lightly. Natural hot springs became our sanctuaries, leading us to serene and beautiful corners of the world. The Arts hold a special place in my heart, epitomized during the unforgettable Mad Cool Festival in Spain. Jason and I indulged in the music of our youth, fulfilling my lifelong dream of seeing Red Hot Chili Peppers live. Despite the inevitable body aches after the first day, we cheekily dove back into the revelry with youthful zeal, dancing to the pulsating beats of the iconic performances of Offspring, Robbie Williams, Sam Smith, Lizzo, The Prodigy and so many more for three glorious days. Passionate advocates for live music and local artists, we immersed ourselves in the melodies of each city we visited, tuning into local radio stations to decipher the vibrant pulse of the community. From the tender age of youth, poetry has been my chosen form of expression. Whether captivating audiences at events and spoken word nights, including Queensland Poetry, or delivering speeches infused with warmth and wisdom, my words resonate on both professional and personal fronts. The ability to intrigue and captivate is an art I've honed. Dedication has forged my success. As I create the extraordinary life and business of my dreams, my love for humanity takes center stage in everything. Join me on this transformative journey, where every word, every adventure, is a testament to the power of living authentically and with purpose. TOPICS OF CONVERSATION CONNECT WITH STEPHANIE ROWE Website: Email: Facebook: Mrs Rowe Author Insta: Mrs Rowe Author TikTok: Stephanie Rowe GET THE BOOK!


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Happiness and Survival by Bob Gebelein

Bob Gebelein, with an IQ of 140 and a Harvard education, has been a pioneering software developer and a visionary thinker. Since 1955, he has focused on addressing cultural and systemic failures, channeling his exceptional intellect towards redesigning civilization. Gebelein pursued psychotherapy, dream analysis, and introspection to solve both personal and societal issues. His journey towards psychological maturity is reflected in his self-published books and original music, underscoring his commitment to profound mental and cultural transformation. Gebelein's work embodies a deep exploration of the mind and a dedication to meaningful change. Topics of Conversation: HAPPINESS AND SURVIVAL The message of "Happiness and Survival" is simple: for the survival of our species and personal happiness, everybody needs to go to a psychotherapist. Bob Gebelein shares his journey through the lies of the past to a new civilization, where he can view the academic establishment with some perspective. His solution for human survival is being blocked by an academic establishment that is removing knowledge from our culture. First, Gebelein points out the errors in "spirituality," "physicalism," and the rejection of Freudian/Jungian depth psychology. He then summarizes his search for a new civilization and the answers he found. Dream analysis, with the self-steering process, is a natural, nonauthoritarian method of self-education. Gebelein then shows the series of rejections that he went through and the few successes he had in trying to communicate his discoveries, primarily "the mental senses," the concept of "psychological age," the discovery that the normal person in our culture is psychologically 10 years old, how "human nature" itself can be changed at the psychological age of puberty, and "the self-steering process" of dream analysis. He then goes on to describe how the academic establishment has actually removed knowledge from our culture through rejecting mesmerism, the spiritual, the study of the mind, and the legacy of Freud and Jung. Lastly, Gebelein defines what should rightfully be called "philosophy," summarizes his own philosophy, and attempts to inform the culture of the evil forces lurking in the spiritual realm.


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Looking Inwards for a Better Life by Dalton Dean Blankinship

Dalton "Dean" Blankinship is from Oklahoma and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Nutritional Sciences, along with a master's in Health & Human Performance: Health Promotions. He used mostly his life lessons and experience to write the book. To say that it was a labor of love is an understatement, and what author can't say that? It is a sign of the marathon that is writing. Learn more about Dean Blankinship and his work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION LOOKING INWARDS FOR A BETTER LIFE Have you ever felt like something just wasn't clicking in your life? Has the shalllowness of society left you thritsy for deeper the truths that lie beneath the surface? Do you wish that you could just be more honest with wanting a life of no distractions? This book will take you deeper into many different levels of our societal hireachies and how you can you keep yourself honest in a world that seemingly is just getting allergic to the truth. I don't have all the answers but I can give just a few bits of the iceberg to go deeper and beyond your own comprehension . CONNECT WITH DEAN BLANKINSHIP: Dean's Book Business on Pinterest


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You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It! by Ray Catania

Ray Catania is an acclaimed author, metaphysical teacher, theorist, and coach. He is the visionary behind Limitless Publications, Limitless Coaching, and Scientific Spirituality for the Modern Human. Catania has written two captivating books in his Awakening Series: “The Atheist and The Afterlife” and “You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It.” His profound insights and intuitive abilities have made him a sought-after practitioner in scientific-spiritualism and the practical applications of metaphysics. With a thriving private practice, he guides individuals on their transformative journeys. A survivor of a near-death experience (NDE), Ray Catania is also an ordained minister with master certifications in life coaching, Usui Reiki, and meditation. Currently pursuing his doctorate degree in Metaphysical-Parapsychology, he combines his extensive formal education with wisdom gained from studying under some of the most brilliant minds in the world, including intuitives, mediums, shamans, and energy healers. Learn more about Ray Catania and his work at: http://RayCatania.Com Topics of Conversation: You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It Many years after a near-death experience, a former atheist becomes a spiritual warrior determined to overcome past traumas and discover the true nature of reality. (Winner of 8 Literary Awards to date) You are Still Alive, Now Act Like It, offers an inspiring, non-fictional, account of one man’s unintended journey from atheism to spiritualism and the knowledge he uncovered along the way. Ray Catania’s remarkable 2nd installment of his Awakening Series challenges us to reconsider spirituality, from a scientific perspective, and shows how it can be woven together with practicality and enlightenment. CONNECT WITH RAY CATANIA! Main Website: http://RayCatania.Com All Socials & Author Profiles: Primary Socials are … INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE:


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Alter Called Witness by Hollis Frances

Hollis Frances has fifteen years experience in Technical Writing from his career as a Technical Support Engineer on medical equipment at a major manufacturer/service company. He retired after thirty years in 2020. That is when he decided to start a new career as an author of short stories based actual events although he does have a novel or two inside his heart that needs to come out in the future. and published his first short story, Willy’s Accident, in 2021. He is a military veteran who served first in the US Navy for four years from 1975-1979. Then, in 1983, enlisted into the US Marines and served until 1987. Hollis Frances has Degree in Electronic Communications Technology. He is married with two adult children and three grandchildren. You can learn more about Hollis Frances and his work at HollisFrances TOPICS OF CONVERSATION ALTER CALLED WITNESS The Hebrews tradition speaks of a annual cycle of events that reoccur in their "season". The author brings the reader along his journey involving the gathering and analysis of the data to determine if this tradition is fact or fiction. And, is there any information "written" in the stars, Mazzaroth, that confirm these events? In this first issue of the Alter Called Witness, the author delves into events such as; The Binding of Isaac, Expulsion of the Hebrews from Spain, Destruction of the second temple and the conception of Jesus! CONNECT WITH HOLLIS FRANCES: OTHER INTERESTING LINKS: The Torah Calendar- Astronomy software, Starry Night 8 -


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”Terror Bay” by Lisa Towles

Lisa Towles is an Amazon bestselling, award-winning crime novelist and a passionate speaker on the topics of fiction writing, creativity, and self care. She has ten crime thrillers in print and is the recipient of the Readers Choice, Readers Favorite, BookFest, Literary Titan, and Pencraft literary awards. Lisa is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers and is deeply committed to supporting other writers. She is Board President of a Bay Area nonprofit and speaks frequently to groups of business leaders and writers. Learn more at or follow Lisa on social media: Topics of Conversation TERROR BAY "A woman. A ghostly summons. In a coma, no one can hear you scream. Detective Kurt Farin, shot in the line of duty, is haunted by a woman he sees in a coma. Come, she says. I'll show you things. Like the missing piece of your soul. Kurt's unshakable quest to find her leads him to northern Canada, where he discovers a shipwreck and a shocking family secret that can't possibly be true. As he digs deeper, he realizes his fate is inextricably tied to the enigmatic woman...and a long-lost treasure that's been submerged for centuries.His shooter, his nemesis, knows what he found and is coming to finish the job he started. Alone and exposed, Kurt's the only one who can bring down this notorious killer and expose an international scandal. But is the cost of justice - to him and everyone he loves, too high? Terror Bay is filled with intrigue and action, with surprises at every turn. Fans of John Sandford and Christine Kling will love Lisa Towles' new psychological thriller. With a heart-pounding plot, complex characters, and a shocking twist, "Terror Bay" is a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers and crime fiction."


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”Contention” by Gary D. McGugan

Gary D. McGugan loves to tell stories and is the author of “Three Weeks Less a Day,” “The Multima Scheme,” “Unrelenting Peril,” “Pernicious Pursuit,” and award-winning novels “A Web of Deceit” and “A Slippery Shadow.” After a forty-year career at senior levels of multinational corporations, Gary’s writing uses artful suspense to entertain and inform. His launch of a new writing career—at an age most people retire—reveals an ongoing zest for new challenges and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Home is near Toronto, but Gary thinks of himself as a true citizen of the world. His passion for travel and his broad experience are evident in every chapter. Learn more about Gary D. McGugan and his work at Topics of Conversation CONTENTION Fidelia Morales is supreme mobster in the world of organized crime, with international interests in prostitution, illicit drugs, gambling, payday loans, and money laundering. She also rules her outfit with an iron fist. How will she react when her sometime lover and top financial genius wants out? Howard Knight has lived under Fidelia’s rigid control while he invested, scammed, or stole hundreds of millions in cyber currency for her and her criminal outfit, The Organization. But he craves freedom. Will she let him wade into a new corporate espionage venture from a Caribbean Island? Can the notorious crime boss manipulate her on-and-off lover’s ambitions and still realize a long-held dream of controlling one of the world’s largest publicly traded businesses? Contention pits the aspirations of one against the unimaginable power and reach of the other, setting Multima Corporation’s CEO—Suzanne Simpson—squarely in their criminal crosshairs. Will the high-powered executive recognize signals of impending danger soon enough to defend the massive company she inherited? CONNECT WITH GARY MCGUGAN! Website: Monthly Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


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Cruel Lessons by Randy Overbeck

Dr. Randy Overbeck, a retired educator with over four decades of experience, is an award-winning author known for crafting suspenseful, heroic, and mysterious tales set in school environments. His books have received numerous awards and national recognition. His Haunted Shores Mysteries series has achieved bestseller status on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Dr. Overbeck is also the host of the podcast "Great Stories about Great Storytellers," where he uncovers the unique backgrounds of famous authors, directors, and poets. He frequently speaks to audiences nationwide, offering multimedia presentations on various topics. You can learn more about Randy Overbeck and his work at Topics of Conversation CRUEL LESSONS On a school camping trip, fifth graders experiment with a dangerous new hallucinogen and die in a horrific accident, their deaths shattering the quiet town. Assistant Superintendent Ken Parks, hoping to redeem a fatal mistake from his past, grasps the opportunity to conduct the district investigation of how students are getting the drugs. Almost before he begins, the cops make a stunning arrest. But Parks battles on, convinced the real pusher is still out there, poisoning more kids until he receives an anonymous threat: if he continues, those close to him will pay. Is Parks willing to risk those he loves for a chance at redemption? CONNECT WITH RANDY OVERBECK! Website: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Tik Tok @authorrandyo Visit Randy Overbeck's Podcast: Great Stories about Great Storytellers


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Cram Down by Mark Shaiken

Mark Shaiken lives with his wife Loren and their dog Emily in Denver Colorado. He schooled at Haverford College and Washburn University, and practiced commercial bankruptcy law for almost 4 decades before moving on to writing, board service, and his photography and music. He is the author of 4 novels in his 3J Legal Thrillers series, including Fresh Start, Automatic Stay, Unfair Discrimination, and Cram Down, the book we are going to visit with Mark about today. He also has a non-fiction title available called: And Just Like That: Essays on a Life Before During and After the Law You can learn more about Mark Shaiken and his work at TOPICS OF CONVERSATION CRAM DOWN Kansas City attorney Josephina Jillian Jones, 3J to her friends, has dealt with people perpetrating online disinformation, white supremacists, and clients hiding assets, so when a couple who heads up a company that builds inner city housing for marginalized communities comes to her for legal help because their longtime banking partner has shut off their funding, the case appears at first blush to be tame by comparison. But when the bank president disappears and his greed-driven brother seems the likely culprit, things heat up. And when it appears the Kansas City mob is involved, the race is on to save both the company and the bank president. Lives are at stake and the clock is ticking. 3J has a reputation for being fierce and determined, but she’s going to need both help and a little luck to save the day this time. CONNECT WITH MARK SHAIKEN! Website: htttp:// LinkedIn: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: