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Is This Real Life? is a podcast that relates the quirkiest aspects of pop culture and reality TV to our own lives. Hosted by Mandy Slutsker.

Is This Real Life? is a podcast that relates the quirkiest aspects of pop culture and reality TV to our own lives. Hosted by Mandy Slutsker.
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Is This Real Life? is a podcast that relates the quirkiest aspects of pop culture and reality TV to our own lives. Hosted by Mandy Slutsker.




Episode 61 - 'A Potomac premiere' with Carrie Gillen

Carrie Gillen of the Sip & Shine Podcast joins Mandy following their meet up at Oz restaurant (owned by #RHOP's Ashley & Michael) to recap the Real Housewives of Potomac premiere! This dish on Candiace's toxic relationship with her mother, the never-ending wedding drama, and Karen & Gizelle's friendship. Plus all the craziness of the #PumpRules reunion and Jax's family situation, Lisa's shadiness, and why we love Denise so much on #RHOBH. Lots of laughs, opinions, and gossip!


Episode 60 - 'Basic bitches unite' with Beth Ann McDowell

Beth Ann McDowell joins Mandy to share her thoughts on all things #PumpRules, Stassi’s new book Next Level Basic, and of course, the drama with LVP. Plus, recaps on the big stories in #RHOA, #RHOBH, and #RHONY.


Episode 59 - 'Diva behavior' with Shira Weiss

Shira Weiss joins Mandy to discuss the Housewives diva behavior and how narcissists make great reality TV. They dive into the #RHOA reunion, praise the incredible editing on #PumpRules, discuss #RHOBH post puppygate, and of course the #RHONY Bershire’s for Halloween. Enjoy!


Episode 58 - '#PumpRules freaks & #RHOBH tabloid leaks' with Robert Block

Mandy’s neighbor Robert Block joins to recap #PumpRules, #RHOBH, and a little bit of #RHONY. He shares a hilarious story about his experience at Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta (where the Vanderpump crew is vacationing), his thoughts on Stassi’s freak outs, Brittany’s ulcer, and Lala’s attitude. And despite being exhausted by it, Mandy & Robert tackle #puppygate, why Dorit is to blame for this madness, and a few theories on who leaked the story to Radar Online. Plus, the LVP shout out on...


Episode 57 - 'Getting down with the #PumpRules OGs' with Beth Ann McDowell

The lady behind the @PumpRulesOGs twitter account and new podcaster Beth Ann McDowell joins Mandy to recap this week’s Vanderpump Rules. They discuss the opening of Tom Tom and whether Sandoval and Schwartz should be together, if Lala's freak out on Raquel and Billie Lee, Tom and Katie fighting dirty, Kristen’s pattern of behavior in relationships, and Beth Ann’s desire to be Katie’s spirit guide. Check out Beth Ann’s new podcast “Too poor for a PJ” here:...


Episode 56 - 'From Beverly Hills to NYC' with Real Housewife of the West Side Jess!

Jess from RH of the West Side podcast has the inside scoop on all things Beverly Hills! Mandy and Jess break down the continued saga of Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, the unusual dynamic of LVP and Kyle’s friendship, Sophia going to Mandy’s alma mater The George Washington University, and Jess’s side theory on LVP and PK’s friendship. They also get into #RHONY including the blondes vs. the brunettes, Luann’s mania before rehab, and discuss whether Bethenny will turn on Luann. Plus some takes on...


Episode 55 - 'Glam squads and set ups' with Kati Riddle

Kati Riddle is BACK y’all! From Lucy Lucy Apple Juice to glam squads to possible LVP set ups and everything in between, Mandy and Kati break down the latest #RHOBH. Plus a recap of the drama from this week’s #PumpRules including the return of crazy Kristen, whether Carter is a good fit for her, the joys of flying private, and Lala leaving “her man.” Plus a bit on #RHONJ and prepping for the return of our beloved #RHONY!


Episode 54 - 'Diving Deep Into #RHOBH' With Erin Martin

Erin Martin of the Pink Shade and Cult Talk podcasts joins Mandy to discuss the #RHOBH premiere! They dive deep into the Dorit Vanderpump dog controversy, Denise Richard's and the Charlie Sheen connection, Mauricio's real estate scandals, and looking at LVP through a cult leader lens. Mandy also shares her experience attending an Erika Jayne concert and running into Gisele and Karen from #RHOP! Plus Mandy and Erin do a bit on the latest #PumpRules and what Erin is calling the "emancipation...


Episode 53 - 'Breaking down all the Bravo gossip' with Lindsay Cronin

Writer for Reality Blurb, Lindsay Cronin aka 'girl with gossip' spills ALL the tea this week! Mandy and Lindsay discuss her meeting Luann, who's coming back as a 'friend of' on #RHONY and #RHOC, all the #SouthernCharm legal battles, and the #RHOBH feud and whether LVP has another potential spinoff in the works. Plus recaps of #PumpRules and #RHONJ!


Episode 52 - 'Exploring gender and sexual fluidity on #PumpRules' with Garrett Schaffel

Garrett Schaffel - who does the BEST James Kennedy impression ever - joins Mandy to discuss this week's Vanderpump Rules episode. They talk through the drama at Scheana’s housewarming party, Billie Lee’s portrayal on the show, and Tom outing Ariana’s sexuality. Plus full recaps of the CrAzY #RHONJ Cabo trip and #RHOA Tokyo getaway!


Episode 51 - #OOTDs and character assassinations

Mandy breaks down all the craziness from this week's Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Real Housewives of New Jersey. From Stassi getting her own national holiday, to Eva's Tokyo Bachelorette, to Teresa's fitness competition - this episode is filled with drama. Plus, some tea from the OC! RHOA ladies trip to Tokyo,


Episode 50 - 'Bravolebrity emotional intelligence' with Parker Schaffel

Newly acclaimed author Parker Schaffel joins Mandy to recap this week's #PumpRules including the aftermath of Stassi’s freakout on Beau, her mom's behavior, James’ attempt at repentance, and Parker's thoughts on book deals (well, Stassi's book deal, at least). Plus recaps of #RHONJ and #RHOA! Be sure to check out & read Parker's new book, "Get After It: Seven Inspirational Stories to Find Your Inner Strength When It Matters Most"


Episode 49 - 'Ice queens and mother figures' with Brandon Alvarado

Brandon Alvarado, co-host of the Domestic Partners podcast, joins Mandy to chat all thinks #PumpRules, #RHOA, and #RHONJ! They discuss the rebranding of Jax as a 'good guy', butt smoothie facials, Lisa's tendency to heal broken birds, James' mom, and another epic Stassi birthday melt down. Plus lots of controversial takes on arranged marriages, fitness competitions, and if it's time for Kandi to leave #RHOA.


Episode 48 - 'RHONJ deep dive: from bridezillas to the Bergen Record' with Shira Weiss

Shira Weiss, writer & neighbor to our favorite New Jersey housewives, shares her thoughts on the latest #RHONJ including the bridezilla that is Danielle Staub, the evolution of Teresa Giudice, and Jackie’s column about Jennifer’s children. Mandy and Shira also get into Vanderpump Rules drama, including Katie’s ultimatum, the firing of James Kennedy, and what the hell is going on in Raquel’s head. Check out Shira at!


Episode 47 - 'Recapping SUR Pride' with Craig MacNeil

Craig McNeil, host of the PumpRules Podcast, joins Mandy to breakdown this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules and share his experience with James Kennedy while at SUR for Pride this year. They discuss why they love a self-righteous Kristen Doute, Jax's new perspective on life, and some thoughts on the inner workings of James' psyche. Plus, Mandy recaps the #RHOC and #RHOD reunions. Also be sure to check out Craig on the award-winning podcast Whimsically Volatile...


Episode 46 - 'Two reunions and a Pump Rules premiere!' with Armin Mahramzadeh

Armin Mahramzadeh, founder of the @Buttered_Pop podcast, joins Mandy to recap the #PumpRules premiere. They ponder some of the biggest questions in Vanderpump universe: are we seeing peak Stassi? Is Jax really a changed man? And has Kristen Doute finally honed in on her powers? Plus recaps of the #RHOC and #RHOD reunions!


Episode 45 - 'Low blows in the OC' with Diana Espir

Diana Espir, host of the 'You Can’t Sit With Me' podcast joins Mandy to break down all the craziness that was the #RHOC reunion. Apparently in the OC, when they go low, you accuse them of doing blow! Mandy and Diana breakdown the epic fight between Kelly and Vicki, whether the Housewives re-watching their drama pulls them back in, Diana’s advice for Vicki when she gets called a pig, and speculations about what ended Gina's marriage. Plus recaps of #RHOD, #RHONJ and #RHOA.


Episode 44 - 'Giving thanks for the Housewives' with Dr. James Mercer

Dr. James Mercer joins Mandy to recap the RHOC finale. They discuss his friendship with Emily Simpson, Housewives Derangement Syndrome, everyone’s confrontations with Shannon, and what we’re looking forward to on the reunion. Plus, James dishes on his thoughts on his friends from #RHOD, why he’s #TeamDAndra, and whether D’Andra and LeeAnne’s friendship is reparable. Finally, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and #NationalAdoptionMonth, James shares how you can support foster care children...


Episode 43 - 'Tea leaves & armchair dignoses' with Robert Block

Mandy's neighbor Robert Block joins to dish on this week's episode of #RHOC! They discuss Vicki and Shannon’s surgeries, the excessive amount of pillows in Gina’s casita, if Emily's comments about Shannon's alleged depression will dominate the reunion, and if there's any truth to tea leaf readings. Plus, Mandy recaps the craziness that is #RHOA, #RHONJ, and #RHOD.


BONUS EPISODE!!! - A deep dive with #BelowDeckMed's Captain SANDY YAWN!!!

Captain Sandy Yawn of #BelowDeckMed joins Mandy for a special bonus episode to share the fun (and challenges!) of running a yacht while filming a reality show, how she handles difficult passengers and crew, her thoughts on this season of #BelowDeck in Tahiti, and her experience as a woman in a male dominated field. Captain Sandy also shares how she navigates difficult waters - including a run in with pirates on the Red Sea! It’s a great and inspiring listen.