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Candid commentary on current issues in the urban world with Guerrilla Hebrew.

Candid commentary on current issues in the urban world with Guerrilla Hebrew.


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Candid commentary on current issues in the urban world with Guerrilla Hebrew.




ISSA GRLA 🦍 #025 | Knowledge Born Interivew

In the second installment of the URBN Legends interview series GRLA Hebrew Interviews Host of Do Tha Knowledge Radio Knowledge Born AKA Rap Ahyab as he explains his journey from Orthodox Islam to Nuabian to New Black Panther Party to 1 West alongside Nas & Killa Priest. Enjoy APTTMH!


ISSA GRLA 🦍 #024 | Tasha Killed Terry, The Harriet Controversy + More

On this installment of ISSA GRLA, Guerrilla Hebrew breaks down the latest episode of power and a key detailed revealed that most viewers missed which is the truth about who in fact killed Terry Silver. He also touches on the various controversy surrounding the new movie about Harriet Tubman from the ADOS issue of a British actor of Nigerian descent playing an African American hero to the demonization of the black man and the propping up of Massa as messiah. All that & more! APTTMH!


GRLA 3:16 #005 πŸ¦βš‚βš€βš…

In this episode of GRLA 3:16 Guerrilla Hebrew reviews 10/7 WWE RAW, 10/11 Friday Night SmackDown as well as AEW's 10/9 Dynamite. He critiques WWEs mishandling of hours of programming as well as AEWs Record system + more. APTTMH!


GRLA 3:16 #004 - RAW & SD Season Premiere, AEW Dynamite & HIAC 2019 Reviews πŸ¦βš‚βš€βš…

In this episode of GRLA 3:16 Guerrilla Hebrew reviews 9/30 WWE RAW Season Premiere show on USA, the new Friday Night SmackDown Live on FOX as well as AEW's weekly debut on TNT Dynamite & Hell In A Cell 2019. APTTMH!


ISSA GRLA 🦍 #023 | What Is Snitching? Power Best Show Ever? + Hustlers & MA Review

On this episode of ISSA GRLA, Guerrilla Hebrew delves deep into the definition of snitching using Tekashi 6ix9ine, Tay 600 & T.I. as prime examples. He also talks about what he believes Power is the best show ever YES EVEN BETTER THAN THE WIRE... He also reviews 2 feature films "Hustlers" starring J Lo, Keke Palmer & Bardi as well as black horror film MA. APTTMH!


ISSA GRLA 🦍 #022 | 6ix9ine Testimony Discussion + More

This edition of ISSA GRLA was streamed live on youtube and featured special guest Killa Koloshnikov aka Officer Tazadaq of Sicarii Dallas. The Trey Way case was the main point of discussion but several other topics in rap and boxing was discussed. APTTMH!


ISSA GRLA 🦍 #021 | Addressing Tahar, Nasi Yashuvel + More

This episode of ISSA GRLA was Live streamed via the Sicarii Public Enemies Youtube channel early September 16th Morning various topics are discussed.


ISSA GRLA 🦍 #020 | Live From CT

On this episode Guerrilla Hebrew is recording from Connecticut, talks about camp in Times Square, his new baby as well as hit shows Power & Ballers.

ISSA GRLA 🦍 #019 | Mr. Dog Interview

On this episode of ISSA GRLA, Guerrilla Hebrew kicks off his URBN Legends Interview series with his big homie & Northwest rap legend Mr. Dog on the heels of his Aw8kening Album release. Purchase the Aw8kening now iTunes - Amazon - Spotify -...


Issa Gorilla 🦍 #018 | Top 10 Future Songs of All Time

On this episode Guerrilla Hebrew & Hasad debate on Future's top 10 songs of all time! APTTMH!


Issa Gorilla 🦍 #017 | Future Save Me Review/Reaction

Guerrilla Hebrew & Hasad review & critique Future's latest release "Save Me"


Issa Gorilla 🦍 #016 | Rolling Loud Shootings & Arrests + Ayesha Curry Reaction

In this episode Guerrilla Hebrew discusses the NBA Young Boy shooting & Kodak Black arrest at the Rolling Loud concert in Miami this passed weekend. As well as explores how both incidents expose the hypocrisy of American gun laws. In addition he gives his own unique outlook on the recent earth shattering comments made by Ayesha Curry in regards to getting attention from other men.


Gorilla 3:16 #003 - Understanding Racism in Wrestling, Lucha Underground Over?, IMPACT Code Red & 1999 vs 2019 πŸ¦βš‚βš€βš…

In this installment Guerrilla Hebrew responds to DI aka Disco Inferno aka Glen Gilberti formerly of WCW & Impact Wrestling fame and currently a voice on the Keeping it 100 with Konan podcast qualifying EXACTLY what racism in professional wrestling is. In addition he also gives a few brief moment to what looks to be the impending doom of Lucha Underground, Reviews Impact Plus Special event "Code Red" done in association with House of Glory and in closing goes over a week of 1999 WWF/E, WCW &...


Issa Gorilla 🦍 #015 | A Year in Dallas Recap, ATL Move + More

In this Episode Guerrilla Hebrew is joined by Hasad and they recap the year they spent in Dallas as well as compare and contrast Dallas to their new home of Atlanta + a lot more!


Gorilla 3:16 #002 - Survivor Series & Starrcade πŸ¦βš‚βš€βš…

On this episode Guerrilla Hebrew is joined by Yazar Ahdarath to discuss the current state of WWE Storylines leading into Survivor Series & Starrcade.


Gorilla 3:16 #001 - Hell In A Cell Reaction + Live RAW in Dallas Reaction πŸ¦βš‚βš€βš…

In this the inagural installment of the Gorilla 3:16 podcast Guerrilla Hebrew reacts to Hell In A Cell, as well as RAW the following night which he was in attendance for in Dallas, Texas.


Issa Gorilla 🦍 #014 | Power Finale, Cardi VS Nicki, Serena Dethroned, Eminem Controversy + More

On this installment Guerrilla Hebrew gives his reaction to the last two episodes of the 5th season of power and a brief analysis on the shows future, A look further into the Cardi and Nicki beef while drawing paralells in Nicki's decline to Serena's. All that + MUCH MORE!


Issa Gorilla 🦍 #013 | Top 5 Kev Mac Videos Interviews of All Time

In this episode Guerrilla Hebrew gives his top 5 list of Kev Mac's Gang History interviews. Kev Mac of AllHoodPublicatioins had been chronicling gang history for decades and within the last year has taken YouTube by storm with bringing some of the biggest names in the LA gang scenes origins to light.


Issa Gorilla 🦍 #012 | Nicki Minaj Downward Spiral, Claws, Power & Bringing Guns to School

Guerrilla Hebrew brings the podcast back from a long hiatus with a bang!


Issa Gorilla 🦍 #011 | Response To Drake's "Duppy Freestyle"

This is being uploaded a few weeks late due to some hardware issues but this was the initial reaction Guerrilla Hebrew & Hasad had to their fellow Biege ragers diss record aimed at GOOD Music's Pusha T & Kanye West. ALL THIS WAS BEFORE THE STORY OF ADIDON & J PRINCE STEPPING IN.