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#022 My Duchess is black #RoyalWedding Special

Tobi (@jollofandmalt) and Jules (@blackacrylic) discuss their highlights from Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's #RoyalWedding Music "Ti mo feran ju" by Ebenezer Obey Enitan "If" by Davido "Today I will lift up my voice" by Agatha Moses


#021 African Vogue, for what??

This week Jules (@blackacrylic) and Tobi (@jollofandmalt) enjoy some Romanian vodka and discuss Tobi's recent travels to Nigeria and Romania (02:00), the recent wahala between Cardi B and Azealia Banks (09:55), the pending Royal Wedding of Oluwaharry and Oluwameghan (21:40) and Donald Glover's, “This Is America” (29:30). Tobi also shares a recent interview with Nigerian fashion designer Ian Audifferen of @tzarstudios (40:30). Ian recently showcased his unisex collection at Arise Fashion Week...


#020 Hashtag Poor Kwesi ft. Buhle Ndlovu

This week Jules (@blackacrylic) and Nomsa (@nomiefk) are joined by Oxford MBA candidate and financial literacy advocate Buhle Ndlovu (@beeinrsa). They discuss Bill Cosby finally being convicted of sexual assault (03:15), Freedom Day (04:30) and Zara ripping off a MaXhosa design by South African designer Laduma Ngxokolo (05:30). Kanye West in the sunken place (10:00) and the stigma of black conservative politics. Including Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng’s views on why he doesn’t need to...


#019 Economic freedom in our lifetime!

This week Tobi (@jollofandmalt) shares his new skincare regiment (0:50) and a story about the need to protect your intellectual property (5:00). Jules (@blackacrylic) shouts out Julius Malema’s tribute to Winnie Mandela (Rest in Peace mama) and the #JuliusMalemaChallenge that followed (9:40). Nomsa (@nomiefk) visits the Maqdala 1868 exhibition at the Victoria & Albert (17:00) and is unimpressed by the museum offering to return the artefacts to Ethiopia on long-term loan. They debate the...


#018 Surveillance capitalism & living your best (fake) life

This week Jules (@blackacrylic), Nomsa (@nomiefk) and Tobi (@jollofandmalt) are back after the Easter break! Nomsa returns from Nairobi and shares her experience staying in Kenya’s oldest colonial hotel (3:50), Tobi spots Daniel Kaluuya at a London restaurant (11:00), and Jules visits the Vasa Museum in Stockholm (12:45). The team also discuss Naomi Campbell in Lagos living her best life at Lagos Fashion Week (20:40), the need to invest in the arts and give young creatives on the continent a...


#017 Representation won’t save you ft. Patrisse Khan-Cullors

This week Jules (@blackacrylic) and Tobi (@jollfandmalt) are joined by co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter Patrisse Khan-Cullors. Patrisse discusses her journey into activism, self-care in adversity, the importance of #BlackLivesMatter being a female led movement that challenges patriarchy and homophobia and her new book, “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir”.


#016 Rebuking gender norms in Jesus name

This week Jules (@blackacrylic) and Nomsa (@nomiefk) celebrate Women’s month and Nomsa’s birthday (0:15). They discuss the President of South Africa’s recent announcement to transfer land from the country’s white minority to the black majority without compensation (5:25), more #BlackPanther (16:35), T’Challa vs. Killmonger, feminism in the film and the need to support and invest in our communities the way we have supported #BlackPanther. The team also discuss Anthony Joshua’s misogynistic...


#015 Lupita made me straight! #WakandaForever

This week Jules (@blackacrylic), Nomsa (@nomiefk) and Tobi (@jollofandmalt) discuss the resignation of Jacob Zuma (4:00), Tobi's trip to Liverpool (6:30) and the amazing, revolutionary, life-changing, perfect and beautiful #BLACKPANTHER (9:30) #WakandaForever. The team also discuss same-sex parenting as a response to the homophobic backlash against British diver Tom Daley announcing he and his husband are expecting a baby via surrogate (19:50), the lack of LGBTQ representation in...


#014 Turning old p*ssy into new p*ssy

This week Jules (@blackacrylic), Tobi (@jollofandmalt) and Nomsa @nomiefk) discuss World Cancer Day (2:00), Black Panther red carpet hype (4:17), @DavidMcQueen and @MadelineMcQueen’s new relationships podcast (8.30), Rihanna’s West African education initiative (9.25) and Somali girls not repping Africa at the Maleek Berry concert (10.57). The team also discuss Leslie Jones and the fear of dying alone (14:10), the politics of desire (17:34) colourism, dating and personal preference (28:58)...


#013 Shithole countries, light-skinned privilege and #MeToo gone wrong ft. David McQueen

This week Jules (@blackacrylic), Nomsa (@nomiefk) and Tobi (@jollofandmalt) are joined by professional speaker, communications coach and diversity champion @DavidMcQueen. They discuss Eli Finkel’s book “The All-or-Nothing Marriage” (03:00), whether or not Africa is a shithole (8:14) and colourism and light-skinned privilege (23:15). David gives insight into his colourful career journey, listening to clues that can lead you to your purpose and how millennials can stand out from the crowd by...


#012 Auntie Leona is (not) going to pay your bills! ft. Leona Nichole Black

This week Jules (@blackacrylic) and Tobi (@jollofandmalt) are joined by tarot reader, intuitive counsellor, PhD, writer and cultural theorist @leonanicholeblack. They kick off the first episode of 2018 discussing #Oprah’s formidable golden globe acceptance speech (3:30), #HM’s controversial monkey hoodie (6:45), colourism and @amaralanegraln on #LHHMiami (14:44), white people saying the N word (23:00) and Lewis Hamilton shaming his nephew for wearing a dress over the Christmas holidays...


#011 Holiday tips, lessons from 2017 and how to slay in 2018

This week Jules (@blackacrylic), Nomsa (@nomiefk) and Tobi (@jollofandmalt) shout out new listeners and everyone supporting @kipepeopod (01:55), Tobi gets taxed 52% and is shook (03:40), Jules’ boo moves to London (07:18), Alexandra Burke is slaying #StrictlyComeDancing (08:23) and Nomsa is changing lives in Uganda (14:30). The team also discuss Christmas plans and extortionate flights to Nigeria (19:30), smart saving v dumb saving (23:30), gifts for your boo, shooting your shot this...


#010 Marrying down, demanding parents & African women in tech ft. Eunice Baguma Ball

Levels have changed this week as Kipepeo Podcast celebrate their 10th episode and the engagement of Prince Harry and Megan Markle (2:00). Jules (@blackacrylic), Nomsa (@nomiefk) & Tobi (@jollofandmalt) can't wait for Megan's mother to attend the #RoyalWedding (hopefully wearing dreadlocks) and for Harry & Megan to have royal babies with ginger afros. They also discuss Africa: Are Ugandan's genetically lazy?? (9.20), shout out to Rwanda for taking in refugees from Libya (18:00), who is paying...


#009 Sex lives of African millennials

This week, Jules(@blackacrylic), Nomsa(@nomiefk)& Tobi (@jollofandmalt)celebrate Nomsa’s promotion and share some ideas on how you can get promoted too! (02:00). They also discuss how Tobi’s article on being mixed Romanian & Nigerian is changing lives:, internalizing stereotypes(19:30), Biskit of #BkChatLDN being a snitch and a scammer(23:00, Bobrisky’s arrest and Nigerian’s playing with your life when they...


#008 Young, black, gay & bougie ft. Mikael Owunna

This week Jules (@blackacrylic) and Tobi (@jollofandmalt) discuss growing up African & LGBTQ and the politics of desire (29:50 - 48:00) with Mikael Owunna (@mikaelowunna), photographer of #LimitlessAfricans. They also discuss anti-blackness amongst people of colour (3:00 - 6:35), the sexual harassment allegations against Kevin Spacey (8.27 - 11.30) and catch up on Mikael's experience travelling around Europe (11.31 - 20:27). As well as the tension amongst African-American and African...


#007 Emotional injuries & self care tips! ft. Munya Hoto

This week Jules, Tobi and a bottle of prossecco (instead of Nomsa) are joined by Munya Hoto (@its_hot_o) as they take a deep dive into the millennial mental health epidemic and the unravelling picture of widespread sexual abuse the Harvey Weinstein media storm is painting. They explore the power dynamics of rape culture, commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of Thomas Sankara, the revolutionary leader of Burkina Faso, and Jules shares the details of her Christmas holiday fitness...


#006 Break your chains girl! Sex work, patriarchy & women's health

This week Jules, Nomsa & Tobi discuss Nomsa being mistaken for Beyonce while travelling, the Vegas shooting and living in the age of radicalism and neo-nazis. They also discuss Theresa May crumbling before our eyes (P45 pranks and all), the legacy of Hugh Hefner, Tiwa Savage's shocking comments and creating balance in relationships because men can cook and clean too! They finish off with an in-depth discussion on endometriosis and nutrition (warning it gets a bit TMI and they say the word...


#005 Being called a coconut for speaking good English ft. Hashi Mohamed

This week Jules and Nomsa are joined by Barrister and BBC Broadcaster Hashi Mohamed, who shares his journey, from coming to the UK as an unaccompanied child refugee, to joining one of Britain's elite professions. They also discuss stereotypes, the resistance to black excellence, being called a coconut for speaking good English, how meaningful friendships can help you soar, getting a sugar daddy at university and so much more! Tweet us @kipepeopod, @blackacrylic (Jules), @nomiefk (Nomsa),...


#004 Jesus is dope, but Joel Osteen is a waste man

This week Jules, Nomsa & Tobi discuss boycotting L’Oreal. The Kenyan elections and how African politicians have 0 chill. The role of the Church in charity and social justice. Our disappointment in Joel Osteen and the prosperity gospel. As well as Eniola Aluko speaking out against bullying and racism on the England squad. We also revive gap-yah (because it’s too good to be forgotten) and share tips on how you can step up your online dating game. Tweet us @kipepeopod, @blackacrylic (Jules),...


#003 The gender pay gap & race ft. Hannah Peaker from the Women's Equality Party

This week Jules & Nomsa meet Hannah Peaker, Chief of Staff of the Women's Equality Party (WEP)and discuss the gender pay gap & race, leaning in, championing gender parity at work and how the WEP are championing equality in the UK. Tweet us @kipepeopod, @blackacrylic (Jules), @nomiefk (Nomsa) This podcast is brought to you by