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TV & Film Reviewing TV pilots old and newish, on twitter Launching The Pilot @LaunchingTPilot Facebook Launching The Pilot Group

TV & Film Reviewing TV pilots old and newish, on twitter Launching The Pilot @LaunchingTPilot Facebook Launching The Pilot Group
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TV & Film Reviewing TV pilots old and newish, on twitter Launching The Pilot @LaunchingTPilot Facebook Launching The Pilot Group




Bionic Woman (2007)

Episode 142 is the re-imagining of the Bionic Woman Jamie is riding in with her fiancée is hit by a truck. But help arrives in the form of a top-secret government team, led by the shady Jonas Bledsoe, who saves Jamie's life by having her severely damaged legs, right arm, and right eye and ear replaced with million-dollar bionics which give Jamie superhuman abilities.


The Twilight Zone (1985)

Episode 141 is The Twilight Zone (1985) Bruce Willis Is have a bad day when is life is being take over by Bruce Willis. Shatterday: Peter Jay Novins calls his home, only to hear himself answer at the other end. This episode all so includes a lot of waffle


The Twilight Zone (1959)

It's our Halloween episode The Twilight Zone (1959) In this pilot episode of The Twilight Zone Where Is Everybody Mike Ferris finds himself alone in the small Oakwood town and without recollection about his name, where he is or who he is. Mike wanders through the town trying to find a living soul. The tension increases and Mike has a breakdown.


The Man From The 25th Century (1968)

Episode 139 is The Man From The 25th Century.(1968) On a blue alien planet, a man stands in an arena, watched by 5 alien beings. They are testing the man's mental and physical abilities. His identity is that of a man 27 years old, born in 1951 on planet Earth.


Magnum PI (1980)

Episode 138 is Magnum PI (1980) Magnum's old Navy buddy is dead and the Navy says he was a cocaine smuggler. Magnum sets out to prove his buddy was framed.


The Green Hornet (1966)

Episode 137 is The Green Hornet A newspaper publisher and his Asian valet/martial arts expert battle crime as the feared Green Hornet and Kato. When a person is killed with a gun that doesn't make a sound or flash, the Green Hornet tries to find it before it does any more harm.


Killjoys (2015)

Episode 136 Killjoys from 2015 In the Quad, a planetary system on the brink of a bloody interplanetary class war, a fun loving trio of bounty hunters attempt to remain impartial as they chase deadly warrants.....The Warrant is all


The Adventures Of Brisco County JR (1993)

Episode 135 is The Adventures Of Brisco County JR Western set in 1893 with a nod and a wink to the future Brisco County Jr. is hired by the attorney of a group of robber barons to track down and apprehend the infamous John Bly and his gang, a job that was previously entrusted to his late father Brisco County Sr


She-Ra Princess Of Power (1985)

Episode 134 is SHE-RA Princess Of Power (1985) Sorceress discovers a gateway to another world. She sends Prince Adam and Cringer in to investigate. They find the new world to be enslaved by Hordak and his second in command, Adora. So who could be The Princess Of Power.


He-Man and the masters of the universe (1983)

Episode 133 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe The toy series that launch a legend. The most powerful man in the universe, He-Man, goes against the evil forces of Skeletor to save the planet Eternia and to protect the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Skeletor takes control of the powerful Cosmic Comet to destroy Castle Grayskull. To stop him, Prince Adam, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Orko and Cringer seek the advise of the comet wizard, Zagraz.


M.A.N.T.I.S (1994)

Episode 132 is M.A.N.T.I.S Mechanically Augmented Neuro Transmitter Interception System. A brilliant, wheelchair-bound scientist invents a form of exo-skeleton that turns him into a superhero and gives him the ability to fight the crime wave that is engulfing his city as long as it's not raining or too damp.


The New Legends Of Monkey (2018)

Episode 131 is The New Legend Of Monkey (2018) and I'm join by the guys from TV IN SPACE to chat about this Netflix original show (using a new headset which did cut it) After uncovering a statue of the legendary Monkey King, a girl needs to release this ancient God from his stone prison. To do this, she must first find his golden crown, a crown that has fallen into the hands of Demons.


Ivanhoe (1958)

Episode 130 is Ivanhoe which starred the one and only Roger Moore. The adventures of Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe, a noble knight and champion of justice during the rule of the evil Prince John. We also talk some BOND, Blondie and of course Sheena Easton.


The Invisible Man (1975)

Episode 129 is The Invisible Man The pilot episode depicts Daniel Westin working for a company called the Klae Corporation, which is doing experiments in teleportation. He discovers the side effect of his work is the ability to turn objects invisible, and tries to find medical applications for his invention. He discovers that objects that are made invisible reappear after a few hours, and on living test animals the collars they wear re-appear before the living cells themselves. Obsessed...


Fantasy Island (1998)

Episode 128 is Fantasy Island (1998) In this revival of the popular 1970s television series, Mr. Roarke and his three assistants run a tropical paradise where guests come in to have their wildest dreams and fantasies come true.


Fantasy Island (1977)

Episode 127 is Fantasy Island the 1977 show. The three guest on the pilot episode are wealthy businesswoman Eunice Baines attends her own funeral; jaded hunter Paul Henley becomes the prey; and World War II veteran Arnold Greenwood relives his romance with a woman he met in England.


Early Edition (1996)

Episode 126 is Early Edition from 1996. His name is Gary Hobson. He gets tomorrow's newspaper today. He doesn't know how. He doesn't know why. All he knows is when the early edition hits his doorstep, he has twenty-four hours to set things right.


Nowhere Man (1995)

Episode 125 is Nowhere Man The 1995 Tv series. Bruce Greenwood stars as documentary photographer Thomas Veil who, in the course of one evening, seemingly has his whole existence erased, in the compelling one-hour drama Nowhere Man. It appears as if some mysterious and powerful entity has coerced Veil's family and friends into cooperating in a clandestine plan to annul every trace of him. Veil is all alone with no option but to begin a desperate, dangerous quest to find out how and why this...


She-Wolf Of London (1990)

Episode 124 is She-Wolf Of London Just like American Werewolf In London except it's not like that at all. Randi Wallace, an American graduate student, travels to England to study under Dr. Ian Matheson, a noted British professor specializing in mythology. Matheson urges Wallace to do her own, so Randi heads for the countryside, where she is brutally attacked on the moors under a full moon, by a large animal. Randi recovers from her wounds only to discover that she turns into a werewolf...


The War Of The Worlds (1988)

Episode 123 is WAR OF THE WORLDS The 1988 Tv series. A terrorist attack at a nuclear waste site awakens aliens who were in hibernation since their 1953 invasion. A group of scientists work with the military to stop the aliens.