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It's a gender thing... or is it? World Peace, Religion, Sex, Money, Politics, Climate Change, Big Business, Big Ideas and Big Egos! Nothing is off limits.

It's a gender thing... or is it? World Peace, Religion, Sex, Money, Politics, Climate Change, Big Business, Big Ideas and Big Egos! Nothing is off limits.
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It's a gender thing... or is it? World Peace, Religion, Sex, Money, Politics, Climate Change, Big Business, Big Ideas and Big Egos! Nothing is off limits.




#33 The Financial Shift in America

What a rich asshole! You might even call it the Mitt Romney Disease. Now is that fair? Should the rich be free to live their lives without concern for those who are struggling from the financial shift? Politicians run all the time on the 'save the middle-class' crusade. Oh yes, the shrinking middle-class - not poor enough to sit on their ass and do nothing - and not rich enough to sit on their ass and complain. SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES Is the financial shift impacting...


#32 Talk From The Savage Generation

By third or fourth grade, phones will adorn their style. Texting and social media will have become their first language; handwriting and english will now be considered a foreign language. If you haven't heard of the Savage Generation - then lookup savage in the urban dictionary and be chilled. Texting and social media require an entirely different set of rules - and if you're not up on 'acronym soup' then your chances of communicating with the 'in-crowd' are slim. SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW...


#31 A New Form of Schoolyard Bullies – CyberBullies

From the School-Yard to the Cyber-World... bullies thrive on the unknown and the unwilling. The difference today is that the playground is bigger. Cyberbullies lurk behind social media and emails; they use the internet at freewill to wreak havoc on unsuspected participants. The rules of the game have changed and not for the good... SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES Why is cyberbullying on the increase? Can our children have a cyber bullying “free life” How can we protect our...


#30 Blaming God For Our Suffering

It is impossible to fully grasp the reasons why... it is mysterious... how to rationalize the death of a nine year old. When destruction and death wreak havoc - we struggle to find the words to make sense of the senseless. Why would God let bad things happen to good people? Why doesn’t God intervene from all the evil? Why would God remove a loved one from our lives? Why do we always blame God for our suffering? Co-hosts Iben Thranholm and Terry Beatley bring the firepower to this one. A...


#29 A Reason To Live

Schools have an important role in preventing youth suicide, and being aware of potential risk factors in students’ lives is vital to this responsibility. The trending Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, based on a young adult novel of the same name, is raising such concerns - states the National Association os School Psychologists. The series revolves around 17-year-old Hannah Baker, who takes her own life and leaves behind audio recordings for 13 people who she says in some way were part of...


#28 Pathway to Citizenship

Ask five different people what they perceive to be the biggest obstacle to fixing illegal-immigration - and you'll no doubt get five different answers back. This is by far one of the most misunderstood challenges facing America. But - how are other countries tackling their illegal-immigration problem? We know that Europe is struggling in a big way. The globalist open-border come-one-come-all program has changed the face of Europe - and not in a good way! Australia has just announced...


#27 The Agnostic Life of Albert Einstein & His Lessons

One of the most iconic figures in the last century, Albert Einstein left more than a thumb-print on the world - he left his imaginative spirit. Einstein was a curious man no doubt, but did he let his science get in the way of an eternal life? From what we can conclude - Einstein was agnostic. He may have even been an atheist - we don't really know but in a review of his life, his words, and his actions - he was most uncertain in his mind on who the Creator was. SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE...


#26 Ridiculous Government Regulations

The city of Philadelphia now requires all bloggers to purchase a $300 business privilege license. In Lake Elmo, Minnesota farmers can be fined $1,000 and put in jail for 90 days for selling pumpkins or Christmas trees that are grown outside city limits. A U.S. District Court judge slapped a $500 fine on Massachusetts fisherman Robert J. Eldridge for untangling a giant whale from his nets and setting it free. So what was his crime? Well, according to the court, Eldridge was supposed to call...


#25 Avoid the No.1 Regret of the Dying

Relax, sit down a few minutes, keep a pad and pen close by... and listen to the next hour - this is a talk that will not only add meaning to your life, but it will realign your priorities. Former palliative nurse and author of The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, Bronnie Ware, interacted and listened to patients that were dying so that she can help the living live a complete and fulfilling life. The central question to our incredible talk today is simple - WHAT IS THE #1 REGRET OF THE DYING?...


#24 Politics of the Rich & Famous

So what about your entertainers, your movie actors, your favorite sports players - telling you who to vote for or what policy to support? Madonna wants to blowup the White House. Cher says Trump is a "consummate liar" and went on to add, "I just wish he'd fall off the face of the earth." Actor Richard Gere compares Trump to Mussolini. Meryl Streep unloads on the prez between every bathroom break and every awards show - it's an extensive list... SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES...


#23 Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Had It Right

The internet has transformed the way we think - the way we act - the way we communicate with thy fellow human beings. This one technological dimension has changed the way WE BE - period. SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES But how did we exist before this transformational medium? How did we ever live without email and social media? Allow me to tell you - we played outside as kids more often. We spoke to one another. We met eye to eye. We respected boundaries. We planned. We...


#22 Women are like Crockpots & Men are like Microwaves

The biggest difference between men and women and sex – hint: it has to do with women being like ‘crockpots’ and men being like ‘microwaves.’ You need to understand the difference to have a healthy relationship. When a man just rolls over and goes to sleep - it makes her feel like she wants to pick up her money and leave! But why is it so important for a woman to snuggle after sex? Is it really true that women are less sexual than men? Why do men love to talk about their conquest?...


#21 Secret Societies That Control The World

Is it the concentration of wealth and power in today’s world that stems from corrupted policies and a lack of accountability and transparency – or is it secret clubs, underground networks, and madmen with devious plans to rule the world??? If there is a secret society ruling the world - who are they? Have you heard of any of these groups? Skulls and Bones, Illuminati, The Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg Group? Does the government know about the secret societies and do they support...


#20 Marriage Sucks & Then You Die.

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to marriage and divorce... for instance did you know that younger couples are staying together longer and yet folks that are 50 and older are divorcing at record numbers? Pew research says that at a time when divorce is becoming less common for younger adults, so-called “gray divorce” is on the rise: Among U.S. adults ages 50 and older, the divorce rate has roughly doubled since the 1990s. SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES Why is the...


#19 Strong Women & Things You Should Never Do

Some people spend a lifetime waiting for the perfect moment to take control of their lives. Even worse, there are those that constantly look for approval from a spouse or partner in lieu of following their own gut feeling. According to Nicole Yi from msn lifestyle there are 5 things a woman should never do for a man - or anyone for that matter. 1 - Never change your appearance. 2 - Never compromise your passions. 3 - Never wait for his approval. 4 - Never cancel already set plans. 5 -...


#18 When Peace Overrides Nuclear War

Is the world on the verge of WW3? Strategically one can easily come away with that assumption based on recent events. The subject of nuclear war has come up more than a time or two... for some, it's a head scratcher. The question is then posed to Cohosts Iben Thranholm form Denmark and Dene Menzel from Australia - Do you think human beings are dumb enough to use nuclear weapons at this point in history? Their answers will surprise you - perhaps. SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES...


#17 Menopause and Murder

Perhaps a more appropriate title for this one is 'LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES' or 'THE CHAPTERS OF MY LIFE'... but now that we have your attention... Women are perceived to be more irritable and less effective because of their hormones. Is this really true? Should women be given more leniency due to their hormones? (women have gotten off from murder because of their hormonal cycle) Is a woman’s freedom of expression restricted by society's expectations of how she is during her...


#16 Press One for English

God, life, liberty, chevy, apple pie, english, moon landing, drive-in theater, salute the flag and read the bible..... The land of the free, home of the brave and a country in transition. Is America losing its identity? SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES The PC police are on overtime - so much that there may not be enough buttons on the phone to accommodate all of the inclusiveness that America is! Should every citizen of this country be required to speak English? How many buttons...


#15 Robots Will Rule The World

Like a slow moving asteroid at 25 kilometers per second; the robot revolution may appear like the tortoise in that famous race - but we all know how that turned out! Artificial intelligence is all the craze now; far more than just pizza delivery by drone, driver-less cars and that cute little robotic toy you gave the kids last Christmas. How will humans adapt to this new society of automation on-demand? How do we go about replacing the millions of jobs that our metal-friends will gleefully...


#14 Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton; Are we being sold a BILL of Goods?

Turn on any news program and you’ll find the women wearing spaghetti-tops and short-skirts - yet the men appear in 3 piece suits. What is wrong with this picture? Have we become an over-sexed society? Are we now reaping the results of a culture that rewards sexual advances and minimizes violent outcomes? This is the quintessential talk on the powerful, the elite, the rich, and the sexually perverted. Is sexual harassment about power? O’Reilly, Cosby and Clinton have all been in the news...