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A weekly podcast by a guy (former Big Brother housemate, Luke Marsden) and a girl (former journalist, Lucy Hilton) from the northern town of Wigan in England. They discuss a different topic each week from tea to Tinder, phobias to Eurovision. They’re also joined by a special guest or two along the way!

A weekly podcast by a guy (former Big Brother housemate, Luke Marsden) and a girl (former journalist, Lucy Hilton) from the northern town of Wigan in England. They discuss a different topic each week from tea to Tinder, phobias to Eurovision. They’re also joined by a special guest or two along the way!
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A weekly podcast by a guy (former Big Brother housemate, Luke Marsden) and a girl (former journalist, Lucy Hilton) from the northern town of Wigan in England. They discuss a different topic each week from tea to Tinder, phobias to Eurovision. They’re also joined by a special guest or two along the way!




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77: The one where we are over 30

Turning 30- Is it the new 20? In this episode Luke and Lucy discuss turning 30\. Lucy is in complete denial and Luke lists why he thinks he may be having a midlife crisis. Lucy reveals her theory on why she’s the happiest she has ever been, Luke explains why the twenties are the most difficult time of life. Lucy lists what annoys her about the new generation of twenty-year olds while Luke ponders if society is getting more antisocial. Luke recalls a conversation that resulted in a...


76: The one where we are always the bridesmaid and never the bride

Hen and Stag parties- have you ever been tied to a lamppost? In this episode Luke and Lucy explore the expensive and wild world of hen and stag parties. Luke wants to know if couples do in fact cheat on each other on their last night of freedom. Lucy list her countless hen parties and why she is never a bride. Luke explains why he has never been to a stag party and what his ideal stag do would be like. Lucy reveals the true cost that hen parties are having on her. Plus Lucy’s future...


75: The one where we get muggy with Georgia from Love Island

Love Island- what’s your type on paper? In this episode Luke and Lucy thrust themselves into the reality TV phenomenon that is Love Island. Luke recalls his time watching the original series many years ago and Lucy reveals her most disgusting true fact to date. Lucy explains why she auditioned for the show and how far she got. Love Island 2017 contestant Georgia Harrison is on the phone to offer some real insight into what it’s like living inside the famous villa and being surrounded by...


74: The one where we are not invited to the Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding- has one been invited? In this episode Luke and Lucy grumble over not being invited to Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding but they are joined in the studio by youth activist and charity CEO, Saeed Atcha who has been chosen to attend. Luke and Lucy ask how does a lad from Bolton get a ticket to the biggest event of the year? Saeed explains at the age of 16 how he set up an MBE awarded magazine. Luke asked Saeed what he did the day he found out and why he ended up nervous in...


73: The one where we frolic about fashion

Fashion- are you on trend? In this episode Luke and Lucy discuss if they’re keeping up with the latest fashion. Lucy explains why she wants a stranger to buy her knickers. Lucy insists on why ‘cute and lacey’ is a must for a night out. Luke explains why he’s happy to not wear branded underwear. Lucy reminisces about her love for a tracksuit. Luke rages on why he will never buy into a celebrity fashion range. Lucy reveals all about her fashion faux pas. Luke shows regret over his dubious past...


72: The one where we have done two years of Luke and Lucy FM

2 Years- madness or milestone? In this special anniversary episode Luke and Lucy celebrate two years of the podcast. Lucy reflects on her life choices over the past two years and Luke makes some predictions for her next few years. What has been the best moments of the podcasts second year? Luke and Lucy take a trip down memory lane and relive some of their favourite episodes. Why didn’t Lucy use her chance to marry a millionaire? What is the correct etiquette to cheek kissing? How many...


71: The one where we say goodbye to 2017

2017- time for a Brexit? In this episode Luke and Lucy take a look back over the events of 2017 from hurricanes to fidget spinners. Luke dissects President Trump’s first year in office while Lucy is more focused on his film cameo. Luke and Lucy both confirm their end of year relationship statuses. Luke reflects on a personally productive year whilst Lucy looks back at some errors in judgment. Luke and Lucy look through the top 10 most google things in 2017 and Lucy gets annoyed over a...


70: The one where we rock around the 2017 Christmas Tree

Xmas- are you in the festive spirit? In this episode Luke and Lucy discuss whether or not Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Lucy questions what makes a film Christmassy whilst Luke picks apart the plot of ‘Love Actually’. Lucy is baffled over Luke’s choice to spend Christmas in a hot climate and Luke isn’t impressed with Lucy’s Xmas day plans. Luke shares why he’s enraged over the price of advent calendars and Lucy invents an idea for a cheaper one. Plus Luke and Lucy taste...


69: The one where we are in awe of The Archers with David Archer

The Archers- have you ever visited Ambridge village? In this episode Luke and Lucy get a highbrow lesson in agricultural audio drama from Timothy Bentinck who plays Archers family head honcho David Archer. Timothy tells Luke and Lucy what motivated him to write his autobiography and why every generation is growing up listening to The Archers. Luke questions Timothy on his greatest career achievement according to the internet. Lucy wonders why she’s heard Timothy’s voice on the London...


68: The one where we are picky about public transport

Public transport- committed commuter or avid avoider? In this episode Luke and Lucy share their worst experiences on public transport. Lucy reveals her most horrifying train journey ever which leads to this episode being the most explicit episode of the podcast to date. Luke is disappointed Lucy didn’t get the answers to the questions he would’ve asked and he also shares how he had a sexual education on a last train home. Plus Luke explains why a teddy bear on a plane made him nervous and...


67: The one where we experience things for the first time

First time- is the first time always the best? In this episode Luke and Lucy recall their first-time experiences of things. Lucy shares some sad news and attempts to remember her first heartbreak, Luke reflects on why his singing ability got him dumped. Lucy remembers sending her first ever text message and Luke explains why kids these days won’t appreciate technology. Luke digs deep into his memories and reminisces about reaching puberty and Lucy questions if a Luke Marsden sex tape could...


66: The one where we are driven about driving

Driving- provisional or full license? In this episode Luke and Lucy delve deep into the world of driving. Lucy reflects on her ten years of driving experience and shares her very near death experiences. Luke attempts to figure out how Lucy passed her driving test on the first time. Luke shares what he’s learned about the advantages to motorists who are age 30 plus. Lucy learns why Luke finally decided to start learning to drive. Luke makes the case for an automatic car over a manual one....


65: The one where we are interested in interesting people

Interesting people- do you take an interest? In this episode Luke and Lucy discuss how interesting they are as people and share some memories of interesting people they’ve met. Luke explains to Lucy why he was interesting enough to appear on Big Brother. Lucy realises why she wouldn’t make an ideal sober dinner guest. Luke reveals who the most interesting person he’s met is and Lucy remembers her brief encounter with Simon Cowell. Plus, author Rosie Vidovix is on the phone to share her...


64: The one where we read each other’s minds

Mindreading- possible or impossible? In this episode Luke and Lucy welcome mind-control artist, ‘The Mentalist’ Mason King back to the studio. Lucy reveals what her and Mason have been doing and Luke wants to learn if it really is possible to read minds. Lucy shows off her new mind reading powers to Luke. Mason explains why he doesn’t believe in psychic powers. Lucy attempts to read Mason’s mind and then tries to guess the name of a celebrity that Luke is thinking of. Plus Luke and Lucy are...


63: The one where we are fanatical about fitness

Fitness- keep fit or keep eating? In this episode Luke and Lucy discuss just how fit they actually are and share their lack-of exercise routines. Lucy explains why she re-joined the gym and why she isn’t paying for her personal training sessions. Luke learns what planking is and explains why he’s attempted to join the gym three times. Luke reveals all about his time at fat camp and why he fired his agent. Plus, Lucy’s brother Anthony is on the phone to chat to Luke and Lucy about getting the...


62: The one where we realise home is where the heart is

Moving out- the best or worst life event? In this episode Luke and Lucy talk through the process of flying the nest. Lucy talks about how she’s been helping her boyfriend move into his new home and the mistake he made on moving day. Luke lists some shocking stats around moving house and the effect it has on a person’s stress levels. Luke and Lucy contemplate emigrating. Lucy talks about the pros of living at Uni and Luke talks about the cons of commuting. Luke shares why he hated living in...


61: The one where we are eggcited about Easter

Easter- eggs or bonnets? In this episode Luke and Lucy express their thoughts on all things Easter. Luke wants to know whether anyone cares about the religious element of it? Lucy explains what she thinks the true meaning of Easter is. Luke and Lucy sample some Easter eggs in the studio. Luke lists some facts about the reason behind eggs at Easter time. Lucy is shocked at how much the world’s most expensive Easter eggs costs. Lucy reveals why she’s already eaten her eggs. Luke shares what he...


60: The one where we get giddy about gigs

Gigs- concert aficionado or avoider? In this episode Luke and Lucy discuss their experience of going to gigs. Lucy reveals why she’s hungover from a Craig David concert. Luke questions Lucy on her first ever concert experience and Lucy explains why she’ll never go to another Justin Bieber gig. Luke tells about his first ever concert experience that he had with his uncle. Luke lists the top 20 ticket prices from last year. A hungover Lucy is shocked about how much artists are actually...


59: The one where we have hypnophobia

Hypnosis- mind bending or mind rubbish? In this episode Luke and Lucy learn all about the powers of hypnosis. Lucy wants to know if it will help cure her obsessive showering behavior, Luke lists some of the positive benefits of being hypnotised. Lucy tells about the time she witnessed her dad being hypnotised and why she thought something terrible had happened. Luke shares a tale of when he watched a hypnosis show in Benidorm. Plus, YouTube star and hypnotherapist, Chris Hughes is on the...


58: The one where we chomp on chocolate

Chocolate- dark or milk? In this episode Luke and Lucy satisfy their sweet tooth’s by exploring the world of chocolate. Lucy is disturbed by Luke’s knowledge of chocolate underwear; Luke explains how he used an Easter egg to make his girlfriend happy. Luke shares facts about chocolate, Lucy learns why white chocolate isn’t real chocolate and why chocolate can actually be lethal. Lucy shares what choc related disaster she had when she was a child. Plus, UK chocolate expert, Jennifer Earle is...