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Founders Larry Pollack and Mike Essrig talk about MANOPAUSE - everything men are facing in their 50s, 60s and 70s. From sex, marriage, divorce, travel, charity, kids, grandkids, taking care of parents, health, diet, exercise and much more! Don't forget about the ever growing bucket list! Tune in weekly to hear discussions with key influencers about subjects to matter to the Manopause Man.


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Founders Larry Pollack and Mike Essrig talk about MANOPAUSE - everything men are facing in their 50s, 60s and 70s. From sex, marriage, divorce, travel, charity, kids, grandkids, taking care of parents, health, diet, exercise and much more! Don't forget about the ever growing bucket list! Tune in weekly to hear discussions with key influencers about subjects to matter to the Manopause Man.






Jon Lindstrom - Actor, Director and Author

Our Manopod guest Jon Lindstrom has been an actor and director in Hollywood for almost 40 years on shows like Homeland, True Detective, Bosch, NCIS: Los Angeles, and General Hospital. And now he has written his first novel, a spectacular thriller called "Hollywood Hustle", filled with jarring twists and turns and memorable characters. He says follow your dreams at any age! Check it out and get inspired!


OmniCoach AI… The Future of Life & Business Coaching | Mark Fournier | Manopause

Can AI help you take control of your life and career? Can it help you create greater happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind? Can it help you make better choices in all areas of your life and business? What else can it do? And can it do this NOW? Join us in this exciting video podcast as we dive into the unprecedented new world of AI-Powered Life & Business Coaching! Discover how game-changing visionary Mark Fournier, is revolutionizing the coaching industry by harnessing the vast power of artificial intelligence. In this thought-provoking discussion, we explore how Mark uses AI to help you achieve your greatest potential, answer the most important questions of your life, and guide you towards greater success. Mark Fournier's relentless dedication to ‘raising human consciousness’ is evident in every aspect of his new coaching app, OmniCoach, as he has designed it to populate the world with more empowered, enlightened, and self-actualized beings… for FREE! Discover answers to the universal question ‘Is Artificial Intelligence safe?’. And see how Mark has found a way to protect its users from receiving bad or dangerous guidance from AI and its notoriously unpredictable responses. “Mark Fournier’s solution to AI’s unpredictable nature is ingenious; he has figured out how to use AI in ways that virtually guarantee a positive and accurate reply to every imaginable coaching question!” ~Amher Quadri (AI app programming specialist) Discover how Mark has created a way of combining the best of AI and human intelligence in an app that brings out the best in humans while offering a unique and personalized coaching experience every time. “Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age.” Elon Musk Don't miss this opportunity to embrace the future of coaching with Mark Fournier and his remarkable OmniCoach app. Download the app here - #OmniCoach #AI #Coaching #MarkFournier #LifeCoaching #BusinessCoaching Know more about Mark at their official website -


Pete & Bill Bush - Authors of The Runway Decade

The idea of retirement can be scary, especially when it comes to financial security. Larry and Mike talk with Bill and Pete Bush, certified retirement planners, whose book "The Runway Decade" helps people over 50 prepare for a sustainable and successful retirement. Find out why it's never too late to start saving and accumulating wealth, and how simple it can be with the right knowledge and discipline. If you're not financially ready for retirement, listen up!


Clark Datchler

The song "Shattered Dreams" by Johnny Hates Jazz was one of the biggest hits of the 80s and is still heard around the world. Larry and Mike talk with Clark Datchler, lead singer and songwriter for Johnny Hates Jazz, who has recorded "Shattered Dreams For Ukraine," an updated version of the hit song, and is using it to raise money and awareness for, a charity that helps Ukrainian refugees. Not only does Clark play a verse live for us from his home, but he explains the origin of the band's name, how he dealt with fame at such a young age (23!) and how he remains passionate about music and helping change the world.


Fritz Coleman

Larry and Mike talk with an LA icon! Fritz Coleman was the premier weatherman in LA at KNBC for 40 years while also doing award-winning charity work and stand-up comedy! He’s now got his own podcast and is busier than ever on the comedy circuit! Fritz shares his advice for staying busy, curious, and passionate after retirement!


Brandon Steiner - Author, Motivational Speaker & Founder Of CollectibleXchange

Imagine making millions of dollars selling dirt! Brandon Steiner did exactly that, but it wasn't just any dirt--it was from old Yankee Stadium and countless other sports venues around the country. Brandon Steiner started life "dirt poor" and became an author, motivational speaker, and one of the biggest names in sports memorabilia. He has worked with the biggest athletes in every sport, including Derek Jeter, Mickey Mantle, Lawrence Taylor and more. He works with most major league teams, and after selling Steiner Sports to Fanatics, he started another business called CollectibleXchange, offering authentic sports memorabilia and more. Mike and Larry explore Brandon's "rags to riches" story and how insatiable curiosity keeps him active, passionate, and relevant.


Freda Payne - Singer and Actress

The hit song "Band of Gold" by singer Freda Payne was released 52 years ago and is still heard on every music platform around the world! Larry and Mike caught up with Freda Payne, who remains busy, active, beautiful, and relevant at 81 years young. She discusses how her career started as a teenager and how she grew up in the business surrounded by music legends like Berry Gordy and Duke Ellington. Ms. Payne has some great stories to tell about courage, perseverance, discrimination, and dedication during her journey through musical history.


T-Rex Ranch Creators - Aaron Michaels and LB

Ever heard of T-Rex Ranch? Your young kids and grandkids have! With 3.8 BILLION views on Youtube worldwide and almost 4 million subscribers, T-Rex Ranch is a Youtube video phenomenon created by Aaron Michaels ("Park Ranger Aaron") and his son LB (Park Ranger LB") as a fun activity and a way to spend time together as a family. Larry and Mike talk to them about the origins of the show, their phenomenal success, and how they even collaborated with Universal Studios during the release of Jurassic World on a video with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. And now they've started a new endeavor, Funquesters, for older kids but with the same charm and fun as the original videos. This is a great podcast for parents, grandparents, and kids who love T-Rex Ranch!


John Davidson - Actor, Singer, Broadway Star & TV Host

If you're over 50, you know John Davidson. Actor, singer, broadway star, and TV host, John was working everywhere in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. He guest hosted "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" more than 80 times! He was the host of "The Hollywood Squares" and "That's Incredible," had his own talk show, and headlined in Las Vegas. He was a guest star in innumerable TV shows including "The Love Boat," "Love American Style," and "The Streets of San Francisco," and he had his own show with Sally Field called "The Girl With Something Extra!" He also starred in several Disney movies and had roles in "Edward Scissorhands" and "Airport '79." Larry and Mike caught up with John Davidson, now a youthful 81, to talk about his career, his continued passion for entertaining, and his intimate new venue, Club Sandwich, near his home in New Hampshire. And stay tuned--he sings us out with a classic tune from "The Fantastiks."


Shana James - Relationship Coach, Author & Host Of "Man Alive" Podcast

What could be better than a female relationship coach for men? Not much! Larry and Mike discuss marriage, divorce, intimacy and much more with Shana James, MA, relationship coach for men, author of "Honest Sex," and host of the "Man Alive" podcast. Getting help doesn't have to be scary, intimidating, or threatening, and Shana can help save or supercharge your relationship! Listen and learn!


Mindy Sterling & Cathy Ladman - Two Hilarious And Wildly Talented Woman

Women are funny, and Larry and Mike talk with two of the funniest: actress Mindy Sterling (The Goldbergs, Family Guy, and Austin Powers' "Frau Farbissena") and Cathy Ladman, actress (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Roseanne) and standup comedian extraordinaire! Find out why and how they chose comedy, how they found their groove, and how they stay relevant in these changing times!


Paulina 2.0 | Part 3 | David Meeks



Oniya - Wellbeing Horse Ranch In The Heart Of Montana



Liz Brunner -

If you think you don’t have enough time to do the things you want to do, listen to Mike and Larry’s interview with award-winning news anchor, journalist, author, entrepreneur, and CEO Liz Brunner. From humble beginnings, Liz always had dreams of doing great things and with perseverance and belief in herself she did! An inspirational podcast that will motivate you to follow your dreams!


Mark Fournier - The Giving Game

We are back with author and Emmy-Award winning filmmaker, Mark Fournier! In a world of uncertainty, giving is what makes the world feel less overwhelming. When your basic needs are met, it becomes about what we can do for others that matters and adds real value to life. Mike and Larry sit down and talk to Mark about the science of doing good and how beneficial it really is to all parties. So, get inspired and get ready to play the giving game.


Eriq Le Salle - Actor, Director, Producer & Writer

Eriq La Salle is a modern-day Renaissance man. As an actor he created iconic characters like Dr. Peter Benton in "ER" and Darryl Jenks in "Coming to America." He has directed episodes of "Chicago Med," "CSI, NY," and "Law and Order, SVU," and has produced multiple TV shows and movies. Now, as if that wasn't enough, he is releasing the first in a series of his crime thriller novels, this one called "Laws Of Depravity," that is the inaugural book of the month of th Book Club. A man of many talents, Eriq La Salle is our guest in this special podcast! ​


Mitzi Perdue - Anti-human Trafficking Advocate

Human trafficking is a growing scourge around the world, with an estimated 25 million victims this year alone. It's a particular problem now in Eastern Europe because of the war in Ukraine. Mitzi Perdue, philanthropist, businesswoman and anti-human trafficking advocate has been raising money and awareness to help fight human trafficking around the world. She was recently invited to Ukraine to help bring attention to the crisis there. Check out her story and find out how you can help!


Chris Gargano - On Leaving The Sports World To Become A Leadership Coach

It's not easy to leave a successful and secure career in your 50's to start a new business of your own. But Chris Gargano has done just that! For years he was the Content Creator and Executive Producer for the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, and up to now, the New York Jets. And he has some great stories to tell about Joe Namath, Jerry Rice, and other elite athletes! But he felt he needed to do more, so he went back to school, got a Master's Degree, and started, helping businesses and Executives improve their leadership and team-building skills. Check out his story!


Kelly Tough - Artist and Former Playboy Playmate

Winston Churchill said, "If you're going through hell, keep going!" That's what former Playboy Playmate Kelly Tough did. From the depths of an abusive childhood to the highest heights of being the October 1981 Playmate of the month, only to fall again into drugs and homelessness, Kelly kept going. She was tough like her name and with the help of a guardian angel, she found her inner artist and her new life. Kelly Tough's journey of perseverance and survival is inspirational and a must-see interview.


Mitzi Perdue - Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Author of "Relentless"

Meet Mitzi Perdue, heiress, businesswoman, philanthropist, human rights advocate, and author! She has written several books including "Tough Man, Tender Chicken" about her late husband Frank Perdue, founder of Perdue Farms, and her recent release "Relentless" about Mark Victor Hanson, co-writer of "Chicken Soup For The Soul." She puts her fortune to work by following Frank's motto: "If you want to be happy, think what you can do for somebody else." She's good people!