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Welcome to MEGASheen! A weekly podcast devoted to geek and gay culture from the queer people of color perspective. Join Nick and Viktor as they dissect, dish, and discuss everything from video games to drag. Follow us now on Twitter @MEGASheenPod to be a part of the conversation.

Welcome to MEGASheen! A weekly podcast devoted to geek and gay culture from the queer people of color perspective. Join Nick and Viktor as they dissect, dish, and discuss everything from video games to drag. Follow us now on Twitter @MEGASheenPod to be a part of the conversation.
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Welcome to MEGASheen! A weekly podcast devoted to geek and gay culture from the queer people of color perspective. Join Nick and Viktor as they dissect, dish, and discuss everything from video games to drag. Follow us now on Twitter @MEGASheenPod to be a part of the conversation.




The Ororo Chapter of BΔK Fraternity Incorporated feat. Ty The Robot

Today, Ty The Robot joins us as we discuss Beychella, filmmaker Victoria Mahoney joining the Star Wars franchise, DCEU bringing more WOC in their ranks, Superman, Drag Race and more! This is a hot episode so get into it!


No More Hot Shaming

Today, we talk about the elder abuse allegations about Stan Lee, Hot Shaming and Drag Race. Then, we discuss story ideas for the next phase of Comic Book films. Get into this episode


Grindr Done F*ck Up

Today, we chat about Pedro Pascal being cast in Wonder Woman, Deadpool 2 trailer with Lewis Tan as Shatterstar, Grindr selling your bootyhole to 3rd party vendors and more. Then, we talk about Top Privilege. If it exists, who has it, and how race plays a huge role. Get into this episode. Rembrandt Duran’s original article: Zachary Shultz’s counter argument to “Top...


The Kids Are Alright

Hey y'all! We dive into the Dark Phoenix and New Mutants movie delays, Donald Glover and the Deadpool rumors, Drag Race and more! Then, we talk about this generation and how they're changing the game! Get into this episode!


The One Billion Black Man feat. Keane from @AllPodsMatter

We have a few static issues, so we apologize. Today, we are joined by Keane from @AllPodsMatter, to chat about the biz! We get into Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, "Dark Phoenix" X-Men costumes, Luke Cage Season 2 teaser, Black Panther hitting 1 billion/ a stand-alone trilogy centered around Dora Milaje warrior Okoye, DCEU struggles and Drag Race. Then, we scratch the surface of Black men being vulnerable and emotionally available.


We Are A Part Of The "Hero Nation" feat. Jermaine Dickerson

Today we are joined by Illustrator, creator, and founder of Hero Nation Jermaine Dickerson. We get into the Okoye vs Wonder Woman debate, RuPaul's problematic statements, Tom Cruise as Green Lantern, DCEU consistent struggle to move forward and Queer Eye Karamo Brown's views on Gay Pride parades. Then, Jermaine talks about his project Hero Nation Ypsilanti and the overall impact it has on his community and beyond. Get into this episode!


Geeky Podcast and the Deathly Remakes feat. ReBecca Theodore-Vachon

Today, we have Film/TV contributor ReBecca Theodore-Vachon in the Townhouse to discuss the 6 upcoming X-Men films, Drag Race Recap, Drag Race New Season Queens, Janelle Monáe’s videos, Joss Whedon leaving Batgirl and more. Then, we dive into the world of remakes and reboots. What's working and what needs to die. Get into this episode, y'all!


Live From M'Baku's Palace... Here's the Black Panther review!

Here is our review of Marvel's latest hit, Black Panther! We discuss the characters, sexuality and if Killmonger was Right! Get into it!


The Valentine's Day Roundtable Discussion: Gay Apps

Today, we are joined by @BaebyHuey from @YouAintNoMan (The M.A.N. Podcast) and @saychieeef (Editor-in-Chief of @efniksdotcom)to talk about the Gay apps and our personal experiences with them. We also discuss romance, sex and can you function without the apps in general. This is a powerful episode, so please... Get into it!


As Smooth As Captain America's Beard

Today, we get into the teasers for the Han Solo film and Infinity War, Captain America's sexy beard, Cloverfield Paradox, Jean Grey's return, Rose McGowan's messy ass and Drag race. Then, we discuss Revenge Porn and how it affects our community.


All in the Family feat. Fan Bros

This week, we are joined by Tatiana King Jones and DJ Ben Hameen from Fan Bros to talk about the geek hotness like Black Panther, Black Lightning, Soul Caliber, Storm and T'Challa, Ant-Man and the Wasp and more. Then, we talk about this interesting Black media renaissance. Is it a brief event, or is it here to stay? You don't want to miss this fun episode!


Diamond Princesses

Today we get into Black Lightning, the lack of Black press, ending the use of BBC Big Black Cock, the rumored DCEU movie slate, queer comics being canceled (America and Iceman) and the Oscar nominations. Then, we focus on the Stepford Cuckoos. The fabulous Emma Frost clones who are killing it on The Gifted. We discuss their origin(s) and their impact in the X-Universe.


Black Power to the People feat. DeRay Mckesson

WE ARE BACK! And today, we get into Dewanda Wise being cast in Captain Marvel, The Black Panther ads, Black Lightning premier, Black Widow solo film, the Gifted season finale, Star Wars and Andrew Christian leaking nudes. Then, our special guest, DeRay Mckesson talks about his podcast “Pod Save the People," joining the board of directors for the Rock the Vote initiative, and if he considers himself a Blerd. You don't want to miss this our first episode of the new year!


Bye, 2017

This is our final episode of the year! We get into actress Alexandra Shipp crying Racism over being a light-skinned Storm, the Mutants joining Marvel, the Gambit movie, the Wrinkle In Time TIME cover and more. Then, we share some random thoughts about 2017 and what we hope to see in 2018! Oh, Universal Fan Con is coming! Do us a solid use the coupon code “SHEENTHECON” for 10% off at … and we’ll see you in April 2018! #FanCon


The (Dis)Order Of The Phoenix feat. Nerds of Prey

Today, the ladies of Nerds of Prey join us to dish about “Dark Phoenix." Golden Globe nominations, PlayStation Experience Conference, Spider-Man “Miles Morales” animated film and more Then, we get into all things geeky in 2017. You don't want to miss this episode! To learn more about Nerds of Prey, check them out here @Phunky_Brewster @BlkGirlManifest @iamlaurenp & @jane_anon! ... Nerds of Prey‏ @nerdsofpreycast


"A Bearded Cap and #GayPornSoWhite" feat. Hugh Hunter

Today, we have a special guest with us. Multi-talented porn star Hugh Hunter joins us as we talk about the Infinity War Trailer, Bryan Singer, Benton Thwaits' suited up as Robin, the White House Holiday Boycott and the possibility of the X-Men we truly deserved. Then, Hugh gets into the GayVN Awards and the racist “Best Ethnic Scene,” drama. We talk about racism in the Gay Porn industry and if things will change in our lifetime. You don't want to miss this one! For more on Hugh Hunter,...


Marvel, The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House

Today, we gab about Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , Marvel's Vanity Fair covers, the Black Panther comic controversy and C.B. Cebulski in Yellowface. Then, we review the Justice League movie and I tell you... we dig in! So, get into this episode.


Odin is a Fuccboi!

Today, we chat about Rutina Wesley's engagement, Justice League opening weekend, more sexual misconduct drama, The Punisher and a shake-up at Marvel. Then, we get into our review of Thor: Ragnarok. So tune in and enjoy the tea!


What You Talkin' Bout, Pikachu? feat. Tanya (@cypheroftyr)

Tanya (@cypheroftyr), the founder and Director of 'I Need Diverse Games', joins us to talk about Jean Grey and X-Men Red, a talking Pikachu, Disney's streaming service, some Justice League movie shade, Injustice Fighter Pack 3, Notcis in Tekken and Brett Ratner outing Ellen Page. Then, we get into queers in gaming the overall climate in the video game universe. This is a fun episode, so get into it. For more info on Tanya, go here


Truly Outrageous and Beautifully Bendis Feat. Christy Marx

Big Episode this week! We chat about the possible Disney/Fox buy out, Brian Michael Bendis joining DC Comics, Twitter and their censoring of porn and bisexuals, Wonder Woman courting the Oscar, Hulk's booty, Overwatch and the sad news of the death of Giovanni Melton. Then, we talk to the amazing Christy Marx about all things Jem, plus her history in comics and video games. Y'all better get into this episode!


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