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Meanwhile, In A Dubbo Hotel Room...

Today, Mamamia Out Loud is coming to you from a hotel room in Dubbo. We have learned a lot about each other while we've been on tour this week, like Jessie is the Queen of Katies, Mia is the Queen of a Powershop, Holly's voice has had enough of her and Lize can organise a picnic in a cyclone. But on today’s show: Bert and Ernie and whether puppets have urges; let's smash the sh*t out of strawberries and does this week’s footballer “Sexting” scandal deserve the headlines it’s getting? The...


A-Line Jeans And A Nice Top

Ladies, throw out those skinny jeans you’ve got in your cupboard. According to fashun people, skinny jeans are dead. It’s all about the A-Line jeans now. Get excited. Plus, are we being gaslighted by celebrities? Jessie’s twin sister Clare joins us to discuss a brilliant article And, the heartbreaking reason why more and more women are choosing not to get pap smears. The End Bits Hosts: Holly Wainwright, Jessie Stephens and Mia Freedman Producer: Elissa Ratliff Buy tickets for our live...


27 Minutes Of Awesome

The Bachelor used a woman’s sexuality as clickbait. Fair game, or too far? We speak to Moana Hope to find out what she thinks, and why she’s such a mad Bach fan. Plus, it’s time we talk about what Germaine Greer said to Jessie Stephens last week. And according to science, there’s a 27 minute morning routine that says it will change your life, but we call bullshit. The End Bits Hosts: Holly Wainwright, Jessie Stephens and Mia Freedman Producer: Elissa Ratliff Buy tickets for our live...


Scrambled Jade Eggs And Serena

Everyone is wondering what happened to Serena Williams over the weekend. The 36-year-old was in the grand final of the US open when she received a warning for allegedly taking instructions from her coach. What happened next has been described as a tantrum, an outburst, even a moment of hysteria. But was Serena right or wrong? Plus, Gwyneth Paltrow is in trouble for telling women to stick jade eggs in their hoo-ha, and wedding dresses now have pockets. What a time to be alive. The End...


Mean Girls Come In Threes

Has The Bachelor just glorified bullying or done the opposite and highlighted some shocking behaviour? Romy and Cat might have left the Mansion, but they're still all anyone can talk about. Jessie thinks she knows why. Plus, is it ever acceptable to add your boss on Facebook? And, are a whole generation of women being led to believe parenting and having a career is doable? The End Bits Hosts: Holly Wainwright, Jessie Stephens and Mia Freedman Producer: Elissa Ratliff Buy tickets for...


When Jessie Stephens Met Germaine Greer

This podcast will deal extensively with the subject of rape and won't be appropriate for all listeners. If this podcast does bring anything up for you then please call 1800 RESPECT. When people think of feminism, they think of Germaine Greer. Her manifesto The Female Eunuch was released in 1970 and is still shaping conversations 48 years later. But what happens when an icon - whose job it is to be provocative - exists in a culture of outrage? Most recently, the release of her Melbourne...


Dead Fish Before Breakfast

Holly had a rough morning. One of her kids fish died and things got ugly. But that aside, we’ve got a lot to talk about. Like how many outfits do you need for your own funeral? Aretha Franklin HAD FOUR. Plus, with the last grand slam tournament taking place for the year, we need to talk about female tennis players outfits. It seems a lot of people have opinions on what women wear on the court, but is it really that big of a deal? And what happens when dads and daughters disconnect? The...


We've Got A Special Announcement

Wack on your sparkles because Out Loud is going on the road for one last time this year. And tickets are limited. We will be in: Melbourne on Monday 17th September at the National Gallery of Victoria. Sydney on Tuesday 18th September at the Sydney Opera House. Brisbane on Wednesday 19th September at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Buy your tickets at


I Don't Want To See Your Gusset

It’s Equal Pay Day today. If you’re wondering what that actually means, Jessie is here to explain, so strap yourselves in! Plus, is it ever okay to tell a colleague that what they're wearing is inappropriate? And would you watch Schapelle Corby as The Bachelorette because we certainly would. The End Bits Hosts: Holly Wainwright, Jessie Stephens and Mia Freedman Producer: Elissa Ratliff Buy tickets for our live shows here. RECOMMENDATIONS Jessie: All The Boys I've Loved Before Holly:...


Crazy Brides And Bad Bosses

Have you ever wondered why some of your colleagues aren’t that good at their jobs? There’s a reason and it’s called the Peter Principle. Plus, to quote Annabel Crabb, this time last year Julie Bishop was the most powerful woman in Australian politics. Now she’s a backbencher who may duck out of politics first chance she gets. So how did we get here? And, we really need to talk about crazy brides... The End Bits Hosts: Holly Wainwright, Jessie Stephens and Mia Freedman Producer: Elissa...


Book Club: How To Be Perfect

Last year, it was about The Mummy Bloggers. This year it’s all about How To Be Perfect. Mamamia Out Loud host Holly Wainwright's first novel focused on the complicated lives of three blogging mum's desperate for their blog to win the coveted Blog-ahhs. In the sequel, How To Be Perfect, the focus shifts to the world of wellness. Mia and Jessie sit down to talk about Holly’s new book in this special bonus episode of Out Loud, and give you a sneak peek of what you'll find inside... Buy...


Only Three Prime Ministers To Go Until Christmas

Sometimes, when you don't ask for a new Prime Minister, you get one anyway. This week the Government spilled all over Australia and we are just beginning to clean up the mess. So, who is Scott Morrison? What exactly did Malcolm Turnbull do wrong? And does this mean that all the politicians will just go back to doing their jobs now? If you need a debrief, we're here for you.


Are We Having Fun Yet?

Just a warning, this is a politics-free podcast. Stay tuned for our bonus episode on all things #Libspill this afternoon. Phone calls are dead. But there are four (count 'em) conversations that you just can't have over text. Or, can you? When Netflix dropped the trailer for Insatiable, many, many people asked for it to be banned. 'No', we said. 'Let's wait and see', we said. Well, it's here, and is it as bad and offensive as it seemed? Our Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik says no, it's...


You Can't Cry Over Spilt Prime Ministers

After five Prime Minister’s in 8 years - are we really back here? We can't guarantee that we're 100 per cent sure who the Prime Minister is right now, but on Tuesday Peter Dutton challenged Malcolm Turnbull for the Prime Ministership. Suddenly it is 2012 all over again. What the heck is going on in Canberra? We get Sharri Markson, the National Political Editor of the Daily Telegraph to explain. Plus, Madonna is 60 - and there seems to be a real generational divide about who cares. Which...


Introducing Bach Chat

Do you get to work the day after The Bachelor is over and there's no one to talk to? Well come and join us on a Friday for our weekly Bachelor recap podcast, Bach Chat. Each week Rachel Corbett will be joined by her Mamamia friends to discuss the highs and lows of trying to find love on national television. If you like what you hear subscribe to The Recap


Sexy Babies Are Having A Moment

Forget about BDE, now the internet's obsessed with the ‘Sexy Baby.’ According to VICE, a sexy baby is someone who derives their power from being both sexy and babyish, but, crucially, is not a baby. Thank god for that. Plus, if you are confused about what's going on with Fraser Anning and Australian politics right now then we have an explainer for you. And half of all millennials don’t identify as feminists and Holly and Mia can’t work out why... The End Bits Hosts: Holly Wainwright,...


Break Out Of Your Turtle Shell

Jessie’s back from holidays and we're jumping in the deep end with a chat about the scary side of cosmetic surgery after a women went blind from forehead fillers. Eeek! Plus we find out what it means to be a social turtle and which one of the Outlouders qualifies for the title. And The Bachelor is back on our screens tonight, so Jessie explains why we're all going to fall in love with the Honeybadger. The End Bits Hosts: Holly Wainwright, Jessie Stephens and Mia Freedman Producer:...


Embrace She Dragon

Lock the doors and set your inner she dragon free because it's time to talk about Iliza Shlesinger’s Netflix special Elder Millennial. Osher's got his shirt off for the cover of Men's Health and is it good or bad news that men are now all about the 'before and after' shot? Plus, Serena Williams has pulled out of a tennis tournament and Holly thinks she should take some time off and lie down because babies are hard. And, of course, recommendations. The End Bits Hosts: Holly Wainwright,...


Free the FUPA

In the September issue of Vogue Beyonce has written a love letter to her Fupa. If you’re scratching your head and thinking ‘what the heck is a FUPA?’ You aren’t alone. But never fear, because Rach is here to explain. Plus, do you ever dream about your exes? What are they doing when you dream about them? Apparently, it’s all very significant, and we’re going to tell you why. And do tabloid magazines and the “fibs” they get away with have anything to do with the fake news epidemic? The End...


Gynecological History Available On Request

Jennifer Aniston has landed a big magazine cover and all anyone wants to ask her is, "Why still no babies?". How do we change the narrative around child-free women? And, if you’re going out to dinner tonight, who’s picking up the bill? It’s a question that can cause something called reciprocity anxiety. Do you suffer from it? Plus, we have a Group Therapy from an Outlouder who was expected to share a hotel room with her male boss. The End Bits Hosts: Holly Wainwright, Rachel Corbett and...