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The thrice-weekly podcast that's smart, often silly and sometimes surprising. Absolutely everything is up for discussion: from pop culture to politics, body image to motherhood, feminism to fashion. Join Mamamia's Holly Wainwright, Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens as they cover what everyone's talking about this week.

The thrice-weekly podcast that's smart, often silly and sometimes surprising. Absolutely everything is up for discussion: from pop culture to politics, body image to motherhood, feminism to fashion. Join Mamamia's Holly Wainwright, Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens as they cover what everyone's talking about this week.




The thrice-weekly podcast that's smart, often silly and sometimes surprising. Absolutely everything is up for discussion: from pop culture to politics, body image to motherhood, feminism to fashion. Join Mamamia's Holly Wainwright, Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens as they cover what everyone's talking about this week.








Thrusting, Slapping, Crying: A Very Different Olympic Roundup

All we want to talk about is the Olympics. This week, work has really been getting in the way of our Olympic schedule. Swimming conflicting with meetings… it’s very stressful… If you've been in the same boat, Jessie has picked out all the moments you might have missed, and the things that have got everyone talking this week. Plus, Holly needs to talk about tinned fish. Specifically, why sardines and anchovies are suddenly “Hot Girl Food”. And our best and worst of the week, which range from...


Why Simone Biles Quit

One of the most famous athletes in the world has made headlines everywhere, after pulling out of the women’s team gymnastics final in Tokyo. So why did Simone Biles quit? Plus, the distraction we needed this week came in the form of a ridiculously lavish royal-adjacent wedding. So who is Kitty Spencer? And…compliments. How to give one, how to take one, why they’re actually very, very good for your health. The End Bits Recommendations: Mia wants you to watch the Olympics CREDITS Hosts: Jessie...


BONUS: Our Sealed Section Is Back

Mamamia's sex podcast Sealed Section is back, and this time, it's all about you! Host and sexologist Chantelle Otten has spent her entire career helping people find their pleasure and have great sex, which is why she's answering your questions on Sealed Section. Nothing is off-limits, from cheating to kinks, to spicing things up in the bedroom and post-partum sex; Chantelle is here to answer real questions, from real women. You can follow it here:...


Saturday Just Broke Us

Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters marched in major Australian cities over the weekend. It’s estimated at least 3500 people marched through Sydney, amidst the Delta outbreak there, in what’s being described as a ‘super spreader event.’ So how are we feeling, was this the final straw? And what do those who rallied at these protests really believe, and why? Plus, an Olympic team’s uniform choice has changed the conversation about “revealing” sportswear. And… 41 percent of people say they’re...


A Very Public Scolding

Yesterday, you would have been hard-pressed to miss a pretty shocking 'mansplaining' moment from a press conference happening over in Japan. It came after the news that Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympics. During what should be a time of celebration, why do we feel sorry for Annastacia Palaszczuk today? Plus, resilience has become a bit of a buzzword. But sometimes, it’s the smallest things that can help us through the shitty times, and today, we’re talking about what that means to us… and...


BONUS: If You’re Struggling Right Now, This Is For You

Hey Outlouders. Dropping this No Filter episode into your feed in case you need it this week. It's all about resilience, something many of us are struggling with right now. If you are, sending love. --- Hugh van Cuylenberg’s job is to teach resilience. He was a primary school teacher volunteering in Northern India when he had a life-changing realisation. Despite the underprivileged community, the children were from, they were remarkably positive. But back in Australia? Well, people found it...


We Have Some Demands For Prince Harry

Something is happening on Instagram. A growing number of influencers are outing themselves as anti-vaxx. What should you do? Unfollow? Report them? And are social media platforms doing enough? Plus, Prince Harry is writing an explosive memoir and we must discuss. And, with 14 million of us stuck at home - why does sex matter when it comes to who you’re locking down with? The End Bits Recommendations: Mia wants you to watch The White Lotus on Binge You can listen to This Glorious Mess, No...


We’re Thirsty For Hamish Blake

Holly, Jessie and Mia suspect Aussie women are starved for good-dad content after Hamish Blake set our collective hearts on fire with his funny/wholesome cake-making videos over the weekend. Plus, Holly is riled-up at celebrities clogging up hotel quarantine (especially badly-behaved ones like Katie Hopkins), but Jessie has got fury fatigue. And, could you be Demisexual? The latest sexual identity we'd never heard of. The End Bits Recommendations: Holly thinks you should listen to Pieces of...


The Fear Of Other People’s Opinions

Most of the country is locked down, everyone is yelling and it’s all a bit stressful, so today Holly, Jessie and Mia discuss Ash Barty’s champion strategy to let go of FOOPO: Fear Of Other People’s Opinions. Plus, is three years old too young to start hustling? Apparently not for Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi who is about to drop her own brand. And, Mia finds the highlight of her week in a VERY unexpected place. The End Bits Recommendations: Jessie wants you to watch Line Of Duty on Netflix...


‘Not That Cute’: A Brutal Job Rejection

The billionaires are pissing Jessie off. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe await a vaccine, climate change threatens us all and the pandemic has worsened income inequality all over the world. But still, somehow, a bunch of billionaires are off to space. Plus, what does it mean to put FIT on your list of requirements on a dating profile? And, a young woman received an email that wasn't meant for her. How did three little words bring down an entire business? The End Bits...


The Ad That Has Australia Gasping

Everyone is talking about the covid vaccine TV ads. These are our first look at the long-awaited campaign by the government to encourage more Australians to get vaccinated and they dropped yesterday. Two very different ads, but they've been universally panned. Why have they caused such backlash? Plus, we need to talk about Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and… not Samantha. We have a lot of feelings about the first look at the Sex And The City reboot. And, an unpopular opinion about overthinkers....


Bonus: The Story Of The Great Emu In The Sky

Hi Outlouders! We're dropping into your feed to bring you a really special episode of That's Incredible. It's hosted by Andrew Daddo, and is a podcast for parents and kids about the unexpectedly awesome things that are all around us. Australia has been occupied for over 65,000 years. First Nations Australians have an amazing relationship with the land, and use storytelling to teach us about culture and history. In this episode we speak to two incredible guests, author of the Bush Mob series...


The Rise Of The ‘Pick-Me’ Girl

It's been a week, so we're talking about some of the news headlines that brought us joy over the past few days. Surprisingly, many of them involve sport. We need to talk about the phenomenon best known as the PICK ME GIRL. Lucy and Em spoke about it recently on the Undone podcast. It's all over YouTube and Tik Tok, and like most terms that include the word ‘girl’, it’s a term of derision. Jessie explains why you do not want to be a pick-me girl. Plus, Mia and Jessie have received an...


The Queue Jumping Dilemma

An elite private school in Sydney has sparked controversy after NSW Health arranged for Pfizer jabs for 160 Year 12 students. People are furious, but the story points to a wider conversation happening in group chats all over the country which sounds a bit like; Is there a queue? And if I CAN get my jab… even though it’s not technically my turn… SHOULD I? Plus, It’s 2021, we’re all wringing our hands about Britney Spears and yet one of the biggest celebrities in the world is pleading with the...


Why Everyone Is Breaking The Rules

Jessie needs to rant. It's about the social media eruption of anger towards too many people out and about amidst a lockdown. While we bunker down, unable to see relatives overseas, missing out on weddings and births and all the rest, COVID has found its way, once again, into aged care homes. So, is shaming people for going on a beach walk really the hill we want to die on? Plus, an Olympian has been banned from the Games for using a non-performance enhancing drug. Is that fair enough, or an...


How Success Bombing Ruins Friendships

It's the most shocking story we've seen this week. Bill Cosby is a free man. What's happened and what does his release from prison mean for the survivors of sexual assault? Plus, do you have a friend who is constantly bombarding you with stories of their own success? It's called Success Bombing. Are you guilty of it? And, our best and worst of a week overflowing with worsts… including THAT scene in Sex/Life, lockdown blues and a baby lamb. The End Bits Recommendations: Mia wants you to...


Melbourne, We Need To Apologise

Australia looks very different from what it did only a week ago. 12 million Aussies, including two of us, are currently in some sort of lockdown. With a Victorian lockdown veteran joining us as guest host, Jessie has something she wants to say to Susan Carland. Plus, are you a people-pleaser? How can you use that to your advantage? And, Ellidy Pullin lost her partner in a freak accident almost 12 months ago. This week, she announced she’s pregnant with his baby. The End Bits Recommendations:...


The Celebrity House That Divided Us

Model/Actor Cara Delevingne has taken the world on a tour of her lavish home. From a ball-pit to a costume room to a vagina tunnel, what is it about this house that's got Mia obsessed and Jessie repulsed? Plus, what does Olympian Torah Bright regret about posting a particular photo on Instagram, and what does it say about our relationship with breastfeeding? And, you may have seen it in the news… there is a reckoning taking place in the Australian music industry. Why is Amy Shark in the...


Kids' Birthday Parties Are The New Weddings

In case you missed it, one of the biggest stories in the world right now is about Britney Spears finally speaking out about her conservatorship. We're taking you through the highlights and lowlights. Plus, are children’s birthday parties getting a bit... out of hand? Or have we just found yet another way to shame parents? And what does it have to do with the Kardashians? And our best and worsts of the week, which includes Holly following the rules and messing up her life in the process. The...


One School's "Build A B*tch" List

A worksheet handed to year 10 students at a Sydney Anglican school has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. What does it tell us about attitudes in some Australian schools? Plus, a conversation about “earned” beauty and “inherited” beauty. What has Khloe Kardashian started? And, society is finally talking about menopause more openly and frequently, but some people wish that we would shut the F up. Why? The End Bits Recommendations: MIa wants you to listen to this episode of The Delivery...