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Welcome to the podcast of comic book animation. Every week join Matt Spectro as he teams up with a special guest to watch and review animation based on a comic book. Everything from the Golden Age to the Modern Age!! No controversy just fun!!!

Welcome to the podcast of comic book animation. Every week join Matt Spectro as he teams up with a special guest to watch and review animation based on a comic book. Everything from the Golden Age to the Modern Age!! No controversy just fun!!!


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Welcome to the podcast of comic book animation. Every week join Matt Spectro as he teams up with a special guest to watch and review animation based on a comic book. Everything from the Golden Age to the Modern Age!! No controversy just fun!!!






The Podcast Of The Seven Seas-Aquaman(1968)

This week on a brand new episode my pal Mike Webb returns as we travel thru the Multiverse to 1968 for the king of Atlantis Aquaman!!! The first time Arthur Curry appears in animation form for the Filmation show the Adventures of Aquaman!! 3 stories in one "The Menace of Black Manta","Between Two Armies and "The Rampaging Reptile Men" Join us as we talk such subjects as "The 70s damage to Aquaman rep, is Jason Momoa too cool for school, sexism in 60s cartoons, animal sidekicks and The...


Golden Podcast-Wrinkles(2014)

This week is a very unique episode as we're joined by Bubba Wheat from Fights,Tights and Movie Nights!!! We go back to 2014 for the little known animated film Wrinkles. Based on the spanish graphic novel by Paco Roca Arrugas. No superheroes this week as we watch a very personal story of alzheimers. Join as we talk such subjects as animation for a select audience, the english dub of Martin Sheen, first story from the viewpoint of the dementia and a James Bond reference! So enjoy this look of...


It’s Not A Bunny Podcast-The Tick(1994)

This week I'm joined by the cohost of the We Have Issues Podcast, Anthony LaFauci! We go back to 1994 for The Tick pilot episode "The Tick vs The Idea Men"!! We don't often journey outside the Marvel/DC bubble so always a treat when we do. Was the Tick lost in the shuffle of all the 90s comic animation and underappreciated? Could he have been a bigger merchandise powerhouse?? We'll find out! Join us as we discuss such topics as the origins of The Tick, why Arthur wears his superhero costume...


Star Spangled Podcast - Captain America (1966)

This week frequent guest Mike Crockett returns as we go back to the swinging 60s for the Captain America episode "The Bitter Taste Of Defeat"! This was the first attempt at Marvel animation which as we observe is about as bare bones as it gets. We discuss several topics including the great sound effects, brown not being a good color for super villains, a barrage of witty dialogue and Cap's creator preparing to punch a Nazi! All this and more as we take a look at the Sentinel of


Strongest Podcast There Is - Hulk (1997)

This week my old pal Scotty Slade returns to the Multiverse for the 1997 Incredible Hulk & She-Hulk episode "Down Memory Lane"! Sit down and watch what the network called a more lighthearted approach to the characters. We discuss our favorite Hulk stories of all time, Abomination being the Brooklyn Brawler of the Hulk universe, the voice over choices for She-Hulk, how creepy Gargoyle is and a Night Court reference! All this and more as we discus the lean, green, gamma infused


Podcastiversary - Sailor Moon Crystal (2014)

It's here at long last, the Matt Spectro Thru The Multiverse One Year Anniversary Spectacular!!! I'm joined by the guest from our most popular episode ever, my niece Delaney!! We go back to 2014 from the Sailor Moon Crystal episode "Sailor Mars". It's a trip to her childhood as we see if the nostalgia holds up! Join us as we chat about such topics as my usual horrible butchering of Japanese names, how many times in 1 episode can they mention how beautiful someone is, talking cats, weird...


Podcast Patrol-Brave and the Bold 2010

This week is the last episode before our year anniversary!! As a part of our countdown we bring back the guest from our 2nd most popular episode...DC fanatic Dave Walker!!!! We travel back in time to 2010 for the Brave and the Bold episode "The Last Patrol!! The Dark Knight teams up with the Worlds Strangest Superhero team the Doom Patrol!!! Join us as we talk such topics as the many different relaunches of the Doom Patrol, were the X-Men a rip off of the Doom Patrol, the absurdity of the...


Podcast of Justice - SuperFriends(1979)

Our countdown to the Multiverse 1 year anniversary continues! This week we bring back our 3rd most popular guest Jamie Jamitkowski as we go back to 1979 for the Superfriends episode, "The Superfriends Meet Frankenstein“! We have fun going back to our childhood looking at the longest running super hero cartoon possibly of all time! We discuss such topics as was the Superfriends as good as we remember, everything named after something including the Justice League junk pile, annoying sidekicks...


Let the Punishment Fit the Podcast-Spiderman(1995)

On our new episode we continue our countdown to our 1 year anniversary episode!! Our 4th most popular guest Alex and Monique from the Homewrecker Podcast return as we travel back to 1995 for Spider-Man the animated series episode "Enter the Punisher"! Join us as we witness the first time Punisher appears in animation form!! We discuss such subject as early influences of Frank Castle, lengths they had to go to to make him kid friendly, Stan Lee taking credit for the name and controversy over...


All Star Podcast - Superman(2011)

This week we kick off our build up to the Multiverse one year anniversary! We're bringing back our 5 most popular guest stars, starting with #5 my nephew James! Last time we discussed Batman/Scooby Doo team up and now he returns for All Star Superman - some argue the greatest Superman story ever told! Join us as we talk such topics as the greatness of Grant Morrison, the changes from comic to film, Lois Lane's refusal to accept Clark Kent is Superman, the most beautiful woman in America and...


A Podcast Beyond Science Fiction - Heavy Metal(1981)

This week in the Multiverse my brother Marcus joins me again as we talk probably our most unique entry to date, the cult classic film Heavy Metal! The innovative science fiction magazine, in a daring move, was adapted into a rare R-rated animated film. We discuss such subjects as the wide range of storytelling and animation styles utilized, the legendary cast of SCTV, the odd choice of Devo on a heavy metal soundtrack, and the thin line between adult oriented and aiming at teenage boys! All...


Podcast of Darkness - Dracula(1983)

This week, friend of the show Erick joins me as we go back to the early 80's for the obscure anime Tomb Of Dracula, named Sovereign Of The Damned and based on the classic Wolfman/Colan run!! Your humble host never knew this existed! We talk the popular 70's run of Marvel horror, the comic code authority, great pick up lines and this generally bizarre take on Dracula! All this and more as we discuss the King Of cartoon form!


Sell Your Soul For a Podcast-Spawn(1997)

This week we are breaking out of the Marvel/DC bubble!! The host of the youtube show Raging Rainbow Dr Mid-Niter joins us as we go back to 1997 for Spawn episode "Burning Visions" As the 90s exploded with superhero animation HBO took it to a new level with the very adult oriented Todd Mcfarlanes Spawn the animated series!! This one definitely wasnt for children as this really pushed the boundaries of superhero animation!!! Join Dr Mid-Niter and Matt as they talk the 90s Image boom, the...


The Podcast Of Galactus - Silver Surfer(1998)

This week the Multiverse goes COSMIC! Pro wrestler Adam Booker joins me on this episode as we go back to 1998 for the Silver Surfer cartoon episode "The Origin Of The Silver Surfer Part 1"! Believe it or not, everyone's favorite cosmic surfer had a short-lived animated series with a mix of traditional animation and primitive CGI. Join is as we discuss such topics as how Norrin Radd was snuck into the comics, The Watcher never keeping his oath, disappointing live action Galactus and the Anne...


More Powerful Than A Podcast - Superman(1988)

This week on an exciting new episode, in his first solo appearance, I'm joined by my pal Mike! We travel back to the 80s for the Superman cartoon "Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress Of Time," the first post-Crisis Superman cartoon as he teams with the Amazon princess! We discuss such topics as the comic writers who worked on the show, a bizarre superpowered birthday party, Superman as a playa, and an imp who loves airline peanuts! All this and more as we have a good time watching...


I Have The Podcast!! - He-Man(1990)

On my latest episode Ring Of Honor Wrestling star and MOTU superfan "The Kingpin" Brian Milonas returns for the second part in our He-Man series!! We travel to 1990 for the first reboot The New Adventures Of He-Man episode "A New Beginning". Brian tries to put a positive spin on this highly maligned cartoon! We discuss such topics as Prince Adam's horrible toga poncho, our theories on the fall of the original toy line, our confusion on if this is Eternia or not, a slew of terrible new...


Symbiotic Podcast-Spiderman(2017)

Its another exciting trip thru the Multiverse as the co-host of my first podcast Truth,Justice and the New England ProWrestling Way Julian Star joins us!!! He sits down to talk the villain Venom as we watch the 2017 Spider-Man episode "Venom" First we dive into the history and origins of the popular anit-hero including the dispute over creator credit and the idea originally coming from a reader!!! Then we watch the cartoon and discuss such topics as animation style, our mutual dislike of...


Podcast Without Fear - Spider-Man(1996)

This week I'm joined by my pal Brian as we watch and talk Spider-Man The Animated Series episode "The Man Without Fear!" Daredevil doesn't have his own show so we found the next best thing - an episode that revolves around ol' Horn Head that serves as a backdoor pilot for his show!! Join us as we discuss such topics as the evolution of Daredevil over the years, numerous blind puns, DD's loose connection to Superman, and how many times Kingpin can get away with fitting the word "DARE" into a...


Podcast Assemble-Avengers(1999)

This week we kick off 2022 with an exciting episode as for the first time in Multiverse hisotry our guest is the owner of an actual comic shop!! Tim from Enterprize Comics Etc sits down with us to chat up the 1999 Avengers United We Stand episode "Avengers Assemble Part 1" Join us as we talk such topics are owning a comic shop and the heated debate are comics thriving or dying, the bizarre costume of the Avengers, Hank Pym as the leader,Falcons nephew not being Jim Wilson and Wondermans...


Worlds Greatest Comic Podcast-Fantastic Four(1968)

Its the Multiverse Year End Episode!! To celebrate we're having our biggest episode yet!! Im joined by not 1,not 2 but 3 special guests!!! The gang from my youth reunites as we travel back to 1968 for the original Fantastic Four cartoon episode "The Mysterious Molecule Man" Join Dave,Mike,Francis and myself as discuss such topics as the FF impact on the comic industry,Daves attempt to trace all comics back to the Challengers of the Unknown,Molecule Man action figures and Mikes love for Rick...