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Mike Dubberly, television news anchor for WBRC FOX6 News in Birmingham, Alabama interviews local and famous celebrities and athletes to get their personal and life stories.

Mike Dubberly, television news anchor for WBRC FOX6 News in Birmingham, Alabama interviews local and famous celebrities and athletes to get their personal and life stories.


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Mike Dubberly, television news anchor for WBRC FOX6 News in Birmingham, Alabama interviews local and famous celebrities and athletes to get their personal and life stories.




Mike Behind the Mic: Ralph Stokes

In this week's Mike Behind the Mic podcast, Mike Dubberly has a conversation with former Alabama running back, Ralph Stokes. Ralph played for Coach Paul Bear Bryant in the early 1970's after being one of the first to integrate into Montgomery Lee High School. He was not the first to integrate the Alabama football program, but was one of the first group of black players who followed Wilbur Jackson and John Mitchell. Ralph talks about what he learned from that experience and what he learned...


Mike Behind the Mic: Neil Greenberg

If you're into #FantasyFootball or maybe got talked into joining a league for your first time, we're On Your Side with a little Fantasy Football Draft 101. In this latest Mike Behind the Mic podcast, Mike Dubberly talks with longtime NFL reporter and Fantasy Football Insider Neil Greenberg from the Washington Post. With these tips, hopefully you'll dominate your draft and or least appear to be an All-Pro.


Mike Behind the Mic: Mickey Bell

In this week's Mike Behind the Mic podcast, we talk to stand-up comedian, host, writer, and public speaker, Mickey Bell, who as of the release of this podcast on Tuesday August 24th, will be performing at Comedy Club Stardome in Hoover, Alabama. It's part of his One Pound At A Time comedy tour and it's being recorded for an upcoming live comedy TV special. Mickey's comedic career was born out of, by his own admission, some self-inflicted hard times. The former pastor doesn't hide from his...


Mike Behind the Mic: Danny Wuerffel

Before there was Tim Tebow, there was Danny Wuerffel. In the mid-90's, playing for Coach Steve Spurrier, it was Wuerffel who led the Florida Gators to their first college football National Championship in school history, while also leading the nation in TD passes two straight seasons. And oh by the way, he also won a Heisman Trophy. Similar to Tim Tebow, Wuerffel is a also devout Christian, but perhaps that's where the similarities end. Wuerffel was more low-key and his time in the limelight...


Mike Behind the Mic: Kristoffer Carter

Are there things you want to accomplish in life, but something is holding you back? In this week's episode of Mike Behind the Mic, we get some insight into how to overcome those roadblocks from one of the most sought after coaches to the executives, Kristoffer Carter. The author, speaker and consultant has worked with executives with top companies like AT&T, Amazon and Edward Jones and has a book due out this fall titled, Permission to Glow: A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership. But instead...


Mike Behind the Mic: Shark Week facts and fiction

Do you remember seeing the movie Jaws for the first time? For those old enough to remember, it was terrifying. It was not uncommon to hear people say they were traumatized to the point they were afraid, not only to go swim at the beach, but had irrational fears of swimming in lakes, even pools for fear a shark might bite them out of nowhere. In fact, before the sequel to Jaws was released to theaters, the movie's promotional campaign was designed to build suspense off those fears with the...


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Ice Cube

In this episode, we get a chance to talk with rapper, producer, actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, O'Shea Jackson. You probably know him better as Ice Cube. The founder of the Big3 Basketball League was busy getting ready for Season 4, which will be played primarily in Las Vegas, but also New Orleans and some sites to be determined. Sidenote to my local listeners, it won't be coming to Birmingham this season. Though his time was limited, Ice Cube not only discussed restarting the league...


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Kelly Lang

I think you are really going to enjoy this episode of Mike Behind the Mic, and hopefully be inspired as we talk to nationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Kelly Lang about her current standout single “I’m Not Going Anywhere.” It continues to encourage people in the U.S. and across the globe with its positive message. This song was actually written and recorded nearly two decades ago, but has resurfaced in commercials from Ascension Hospital’s national campaign. The commercial has touched...


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Trent Richardson

In this episode, I talk with former All-American running back and NFL 1st round pick out of Alabama, Trent Richardson. Trent had a meteoric rise to prominence in SEC football, finishing 3rd in the Heisman voting in 2011 and winning the Doak Walker Award as the nation's best college running back. But for a variety of reasons, his NFL career never took off after he was drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns. He is now part of the Mexican Football League, wearing several several...


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Crazy Cajun John Morgan

In this episode of Mike Behind the Mic, we spend a little time with comedian John Morgan, better known as the Crazy Cajun. If you've ever seen his act, you know why he's earned that moniker. John has a no-holds barred style, with the high energy of a southern Pentecostal preacher and with the subtlety of a train wreck. Normally, once John Morgan gets going, there is no stopping him and there is no person exempt from his hilarious observations of people. But in this conversation, he turns...


Mike Behind the Mic: Mike reflects on April 27, 2011

In this episode of Mike Behind the Mic, Mike Dubberly remembers April 27, 2011, when a massive tornado outbreak caused more than 250 deaths in Alabama, over 2,000 injuries, countless homes destroyed, and even some towns leveled. But amid the tragedy, there were stories of heroism, courage, resiliency and a spirit of unified compassion among volunteers offering help in cleanup and recovery. Mike reflects on that day with two stories from the top-rated morning show in Birmingham, Good Day...


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Alex Jones from 'Kickin' It'

In this week's episode of Mike Behind the Mic, it's only fitting I chat with the young man who helped win this podcast a recent Alabama Broadcaster's Association Award for Best Podcast because, oh by the way, he also happens to be a former cast member of the 2011-2015 hit show on Disney called, 'Kickin' It.' Alex Jones, who played Eddie on the Disney show, is now a producer here at WBRC FOX6 News. The Birmingham native joins me to offer some insight into the acting world and how he's been...


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Shannon Bream

Mike talks with a cable network news anchor who was once told she would never make it in this business. But while Fox News Anchor and top legal correspondent Shannon Bream addresses that memory, she’s mainly joining the podcast to talk about her new book, the Women of the Bible Speak, and also discusses some of the personal battles she faced that she shared in her first book, Finding the Bright Side.


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Taylor Hicks

In this episode of the Mike Behind the Mike Podcast, Mikes catches up with former American Idol Winner, Taylor Hicks, who has new music out from the movie released in January, Stars Fell on Alabama.


Mike Behind the Mic: Will the same pre-pandemic jobs be there after COVID-19?

Obviously, despite the economy slowly regaining strength, many people are still out of work. When the economy does come back, will those who were laid off be able to come back to the same jobs they had before the pandemic caused shutdowns and restrictions? Heather Long, an economics correspondent for the Washington Post, looked into that by talking with leading economic analysts. What she found was a rather dire future in certain industries. Despite the “Debbie Downer” outlook, it’s...


Mike Behind the Mic: The Dating Battle

There is a new battle raging. Some of you might say, it's nothing new. But if you spend any amount of time on social media apps like Instragram, YouTube and especially Tik-Tok, you might see if differently. It's gotten nasty. Many of you have experienced it. I'm talking about the dating battle. Singles lamenting, not only the challenging process, but pointing fingers at the other side and blaming them for the reason they can't find an enduring, happy relationship. While that weeping and...


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Cornelius Bennett

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Mike talks with former All-Pro linebacker and Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalist, Cornelius Bennett - known to many by his nickname Biscuit. Cornelius was a RB/TE in high school, got moved to linebacker at Alabama, by head coach Ray Perkins and the rest they say is history. Bennett was the 2nd pick in the 1987 draft by the Colts, but was quickly dealt to Buffalo, where he played in four Super Bowls before moving on to Atlanta, where he played in a fifth...


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Barrett Jones

This week, former consensus All-American Lineman and Outland Trophy and Remington Award winning lineman Barrett Jones chats with Mike Dubberly to analyze the College Football Playoff National Championship game between Alabama and Ohio State.


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Joey Mulinaro

In this week’s Mike Behind the Mic podcast, Mike chats with impressionist Joey Mulinaro of Bartstool Sports. Joey, a diehard Steelers fan, has gone viral with his videos, mostly with impressions of Alabama head coach Nick Saban. How does a guy living in Indiana get started doing impressions of SEC coaches? Joey explains that and also goes into character to give a glimpse of what Nick Saban would be like in running a bakery, for example. Enjoy.


Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with COVID-19 vaccine trial participant

Recently, you’ve heard our reports on the encouraging results from the COVID19 vaccine trials by pharmaceutical company Moderna. Moderna is seeking FDA approval after their data shows their vaccine is nearly 95% effective in the human phase of their trials. Almost 90 sites across the country had volunteers participating in the vaccine trials. In this edition of Mike Behind the Mic, Mike Dubberly speaks with one of the vaccine trial participants, Marc Ryan, to go in-depth on what the...