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3 guys from the Mile High City of Denver talk about all things boardgames!

3 guys from the Mile High City of Denver talk about all things boardgames!
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Denver, CO


3 guys from the Mile High City of Denver talk about all things boardgames!








MHGG Burn Through - Midgard Giveaway

Not wanting to make the same mistake twice by waiting forever to read these entries, the guys decide to blast through all the awesome contest entries they received and even hand out one consolation prize! 00:01:09 - Why another email episode? 00:05:14 - First Email! Eric's winning entry 00:43:32 - Consolation Prize! 00:51:57 - Highlights from Twitter and BGG Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 103 - That's Just Math

With our hosts reunited, Zach starts us off with his experience driving across the country, and then they dip into recently played games. Zach made some educated guesses in Herbalism, Jeff found his lost card in 7 Wonders Duel Pantheon, and Adrian abstracted whale hunting in New Bedford. Jeff gives the final recap of his Orcs in The Bloody Minute. In News, Celesia and Mansions of Madness get expansions, the Game actually gets some art, and Cool Runnings uses actual ice cubes to play with....


MHGG Burn Through - BG Disaster Emails

With a new giveaway almost over, our hosts felt the panic and decided to bumrush through the rest of the emails from the last giveaway. With Ant replacing Zach once again, they read through a variety of Boardgame disasters. Slack Channel Patreon Guild


MHGG Ep 102 - Hurt Me More

With Zach driving from Portland to Georgia, Ant makes his second consecutive appearance on the show! After discussing flags, soccer, and an eclectic game store the hosts discuss recently played games. Jeff searched for a cure in Herbalism, Adrian narrowly lost some airport Hanabi, and Ant experienced tragedy in This War of Mine. After a very short Bloody Minute they all move on to News and Kickstarters where Spielworxx partners with BGG and Terraforming Mars gets yet another expansion...


MHGG Review - Star Wars: Imperial Assault

00:00:46 Star Wars: Imperial Assault 00:01:10 Rules Overview00:02:13 Initial Thoughts00:06:46 Components00:18:30 Rules and Rules Explanation00:27:15 Gameplay00:56:34 App Gameplay01:13:29 Final Thoughts01:37:37 Cost and Availability 01:38:49Listener Feedback 01:46:39 Contact Info 01:47:18 Champions of Midgard Giveaway Slack Channel Patreon Guild


MHGG Ep 101 - Hemorrhaging Doesnt Matter

With our hosts once again joined by Ant, they get into some recently played games. Ant expanded the Mind, shot hard in Pirate Billiards, and gave Russia energy in Power Grid. Adrian and Zach found nothing on the Island of El Dorado then built neighborhoods in Welcome To before Adrian connected resources in The Great Zimbabwe. And Jeff drank a bunch of Malort and played a mixed bag of board and videos games during his trip to Chicago. After Ant takes over the Bloody Minute they all move on...


MHGG Aniversary: The Terrible Twos

MHGG Turn Two.... The hosts discuss the show turning two years old. What were some of our favorite moments from the last year? What changes lie ahead? We also thank all of our Patrons, play a game of Win, Lose, Banana, and announce a giveaway!!!! Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 100 - Pincer Formation

With our hosts reassembled, they get into some recently played games. Jeff goes back to the basics with Mystic Vale and 7 Wonders Duel, Adrian got into some Deep Water at Origins, and Zach learned to play games the right way for once. Zach then gives his experience at The Barrel Bowl ‘18 in the Bloody minute, and then they move on to News and Kickstarters. Scythe digital goes available and Origins announces it’s winners for 2017. In Kickstarters, Kung Fu Panda, Tang Garden, The Getaway...


MHGG Ruin - Time Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons

The Mile High Game Guys are once again joined by Megan to discuss, pick apart, and ruin the 3rd Scenario of TIME Stories, A Prophecy of Dragons. Spoilers will be rampant. Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 99 - A Taste of Freedom

Free from the shackles of Adrian’s watch as he goes to Origins, Zach and Jeff invite Wes to fill out the show. In recently played games, Jeff finally does good in Black Orchestra, Wes finds a legitimate version of competitive Hanabi in Code 777, Zach watches a wheel move in Hamsterrolle, and everyone gets a chance to talk about Legacy of Dragonholt. Jeff finishes his regular season in the Bloody minute and then gets into something topical. In News, Say hello to Heroes of Terrinoth, goodbye...


MHGG Review - Pioneer Days

MHGG Review - Pioneer Days So Pioneer Days is basically Oregon Trail: The Game but actually a game? This dice drafting game takes place over 4 weeks. During the first 5 days, you are gathering wood, medicine, gold, cattle, and hiring townsfolk to help you. At the end of each week you complete goals for the town, using the resources you gathered to get favors, aka victory points. Hopefully the inevitable calamities don't set you back too much since whoever scores the most points...


Episode 98 - Endorsed by Congress

Endorsed by Congress Our hosts, annoyed with computer problems, start off talking about the Solo and Upgrade movies before getting into some recently played games. With Jeff preoccupied with moving, Zach tried to quench his thirst in Forbidden Desert and Adrian didn’t come in last in Agricola. Jeff is back with another Bloody minute before moving onto News and Kickstarters. In News, Hanamikoji and The Mind get re release dates, Ares game is bringing back City of Chaos and Space Goat...


MHGG Lookback - Terraforming Mars

MHGG Lookback - Terraforming Mars Almost 2 years after they first reviewed it, the Mile High Game Guys take a look back at Terraforming Mars to see if it still lives up to all the hype, then they discuss options for upgrading components, followed by a look at all of the games current expansions. 00:00:52 Our 1st Lookback - Terraforming Mars! 00:45:00 Current Expansions Hellas and ElysiumTFM: Venus Next 01:10:12 TFM: Prelude 01:13:37 Listener Feedback 01:20:50 Episode Wrap-up Slack...


Episode 97 - Crossing a Stream in Flip-Flops

MHGG Ep97 - Crossing a stream in flip-flops As if last weekend wasn't enough excitement, this weekend Zach took off for Moab and Adrian went to HeavyCon to play even more games! After recapping the weekend, Jeff talks about finally tackling Mountains of Madness with the correct rules, Zach moves pieces in Ubongo 3D, and Adrian played a bunch of heavy games at the aptly named HeavyCon. In News, Clank! In! Space! gets a new expansion, Age of Sigmar retaliates against Jeff's disdain from...


MHGG Recap Geekway 2018

Our hosts recap each day of Geekway to the West, including interesting tidbits and impressions of all the games they played. 00:00:27 - Intro to Geekway to the West00:02:27 - What was Jeff Expecting?00:04:12 - Thursday (Beer Trade, Time's Up, Creatures and Cupcakes, Decrypto, Shogunate, Coconuts)00:21:32 - Friday (Southern, The Estates, Rising 5 Runes of Asteros, Aeon's End, Hanabi Deluxe, Fog of Love, Drop it!, Deadpool 2(No Spoilers!), Black Orchestra)00:59:25 - Saturday (Vinhos, This...


Episode 96 - Like a Lightsaber Through a Skyscraper

Drained after getting back from Geekway to the West, our Hosts soldier on through a run down of some recently played games. Zach whacked some canvas in Pirate Billiards and Jeff saved some cattle in Pioneer Days. In News, Agricola ACBAS Big box is announced, Ticket to Ride goes Tiny in TtR: New York, and Jeff rails against Age of Sigmar. In Kickstarter, another computer game goes Board game in Crusader Kings, and On Tour has you roll and right across the US. Some emails, BGG feedback, and...


MHGG - Put to the Question 02

MHGG - Put to the Question 02 This week the hosts subject themselves to another round of questioning by you, our loyal and gracious fans! 00:02:18 Twitter Questions 00:06:19 BGG Questions 1:26:24 Slack Qs 1:34:50 Contact and Episode Wrap up Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 95 - Foam Rations

With a special Intro from Jake from Draft Mechanic, our hosts start off the week talking about some new audio equipment, before digging into some recently played games. Zach switched sides in Star Wars Imperial Assault, Jeff might regret getting Mystic Vale Conclave, and Adrian finally won something in Tales of the Northlands: Noggin the Nog. Jeff plays a short game in The Bloody Minute and then moves on to recent News. Zman gets love letter, CMON announces Narcos and Death May Die, and...


MHGG Discuss - What Makes a Bad Game

MHGG Discuss - What Makes a Game Bad 00:00:35 Intro 00:54:42 Listener Feedback 01:15:35 Episode Wrap-Up Additional Links: Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 94 - Veggies Planting Veggies

Zach and Jeff start off the episode with a camping trip before moving onto recent played games. Jeff went shopping in Magic Maze, Zach pushed cards together in Unlock, and Adrian gets a finds a new Acronym for DnD. Jeff then recaps his last Blood Bowl match and moves on News and Kickstarters. Pandasaurus Games goes full touch for Nyctophobia, My Little Scythe goes legit, and XWing goes second. In Kickstarters, Empyreal attracts both Adrian and Zach and Adrian gushes over Tales of the...