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3 guys from the Mile High City of Denver talk about all things boardgames!

3 guys from the Mile High City of Denver talk about all things boardgames!
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Denver, CO


3 guys from the Mile High City of Denver talk about all things boardgames!








MHGG - Put to the Question 3

MHGG - Put to the Question 03 This week the hosts subject themselves to another round of questioning by you, our loyal and gracious fans! 00:02:54 Twitter Questions 00:06:52 BGG Questions 00:08:01 Paulo Qs 00:08:51 Mike Jones Qs pt1 00:28:20 Jake Qs 00:31:47 Alexandre Qs 00:44:10 Brad Qs 00:47:12 BS Paul Qs 00:49:10 Matt Qs 00:52:53 Ofer Qs 00:57:57 Wally Qs 01:01:16 Macomgaine Qs 01:05:46 Mike Jones Qs pt2 01:21:41 Andrew Qs 01:29:26 Ant Q 1:30:35 Contact and Episode Wrap...


MHDD Ep 01

The first episode of MHDD picks up with our adventurers on the run following a daring raid on a slave plantation. Nat and Kenaz have managed to convince a few of the liberated slaves as well as some of the members of the Tiefling Freedom Front to follow them to a town hidden in the outskirts of the Farrowood. Mr. Tiki and Darcassan have agreed to follow to check out the conditions in this small town and Allet, feeling it was a good idea to stick together, has decided to stick with this...


Episode 115 - The Porcupine Protocol

In this extra long episode, our hosts give you a jam packed newly played games section. Jeff felt the highs and lows of Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Zach felt the power of Kingmaker, and Adrian stacked some blocks in Team Up. A new segment is introduced to lookback at some older reviewed games. In News Lord of Vegas moves to Zman games and Fog of Love gets some more inclusive content. In kickstarters, Omega Protocol gets a second edition and Dreams of Tomorrow and Heroes of...


MHGG Review - Brass: Lancashire & Birmingham

MHGG Review - Brass: Lancashire & Birmingham 00:01:54 Brass: Lancashire 00:02:42 Rules Overview00:03:43 Initial Thoughts00:07:08 Components00:18:50 Rules and Rules Explanation00:35:46 Gameplay 00:52:55 Brass: Birmingham 00:53:15 Rules Overview00:53:56 Initial Thoughts00:55:30 Components00:57:47 Rules and Rules Explanation01:04:38 Gameplay 01:18:49 Final Thoughts and Comparisons 01:44:54 Cost and Availability 01:47:05 Listener Feedback 01:48:44 Contact Info Slack...


Episode 114 - Kiss Eyes

In this week’s banter, Adrian laments the Bronco’s current quality of play and Jeff and Zach talk about some video games they have been obsessed with. In recently played games, Adrian gives Speakeasy Blues a second chance, Zach is waiting for his chance in the Noch Mall App, and Jeff gets accosted by a thing in Lamentations, and then follows up with the Bloody Minute. In News Honshu gets a followup with Hokkaido, Trajan gets a reprint, and Evil Dead 2 may have a spark of life left. In...


MHGG Discuss - Player Interaction

MHGG Discuss - Player Interaction 00:00:27 Intro 00:05:03 What we consider Player Interaction 00:12:08 Types of Player Interaction 00:16:17 In-depth discussion and rambling 01:30:47 Listener Feedback 01:46:47 Episode Wrap-Up Additional...


Episode 113 - Such a Kayfabe

Adrian details his packed weekend with delicious food and Jeff gets disappointed a bit at Beck before moving onto some recently played games. Zach rolled the dice in Shut the Box, Jeff got his hands dirty in Brass Lancashire and Adrian kept his hands to himself in a solo play of Brass Birmingham. In News, The Mind Designers has a new idea for a roll and write Tetris game, Food Chain gets an expansion and Hasbro makes some parody board games. In Kickstarters, Climbers goes big and hanamikoji...


MHGG Review - Now Boarding

MHGG Review - Now Boarding 00:01:17 Now Boarding 00:01:37 Rules Overview00:02:40 Free Copy Disclosure00:03:42 Initial Thoughts00:05:25 Components00:12:55 Rules and Rules Explanation00:22:19 Gameplay00:49:50 Final Thoughts 00:59:29 Cost and Availability 01:02:16 Contact Info Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 112 - The RPBGU

With Jeff still recovering from GABF, our hosts start off with some banter before getting into some recently played games. Jeff stacked balls in Pylos, Zach cursed out some AI in the Stockpile App, and Adrian got a bunch of hooch in Speakeasy Blues. In News, Tabletopia for android and the Onitama App are released and GMT goes Fantasy. In Kickstarters, Lockup, Homebrewers, Set a Watch, Artemis Project, and a duo of game tables are discussed. A youtube comment finishes out the...


MHGG Review - Everdell

MHGG Review - Everdell 00:02:05 Everdell 00:02:24 Rules Overview00:03:03 Initial Thoughts00:05:40 Components00:15:02 Rules and Rules Explanation00:19:50 Gameplay00:52:27 Final Thoughts 01:07:19 Cost and Availability 01:07:51 Listener Feedback 01:09:23 Contact Info Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 111 - Doofi

Our hosts are back to talk about some played games, news, and kickstarter! Jeff went deeper into Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Zach finally got to try a jackbox, and adrian Directed airflow in Now Boarding. In News, a new Pandemic is announced and some crazy people made a 33 players GoT game. ION Kickstarter, Horizon Zero Dawn is making all the money, and Tiny epic Mechs brings Action Programming into the TE family. A Couple emails and some BGG feedback close out the show. 00:00:33...


MHGG List - Top 10 Unique Worker Placement

MHGG List - Top 10 Uses of Worker Placement 00:01:07 Top 10 Worker Placement 00:01:48 Background and Definitions00:07:15 Honorable Mentions00:15:18 Number 10s00:18:39 Number 9s00:23:10 Number 8s00:27:51 Number 7s00:32:54 Number 6s00:40:34 Number 5s00:45:38 Number 4s00:51:39 Number 3s00:57:05 Number 2s01:06:01 NUMBER 1 POPULAR 01:16:27 MHGG Overall Top 6 01:18:01 Listener Feedback 01:33:27 Contact and Closing Info Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 110 - Fifty-Two Times Better

Our hosts start off catching up on the week before getting into some recently played games. Zach attempted to harvest some cards in Illimat, Jeff got a taste of RPGs in Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and Adrian lost twice in Brass Lancashire. After the Bloody minute, they move onto News and Kickstarters. In News, Weta Workshop made some crazy minis terrain, Quarriors get a Qultimate Quedition, and Between two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is announced. In Kickstarters, Guildmaster and...


MHGG Review - Root

MHGG Review - Root 00:01:53 Root 00:02:11 Rules Overview00:03:03 Initial Thoughts00:11:03 Components00:27:16 Rules and Rules Explanation00:40:46 Gameplay01:21:23 Final Thoughts 01:32:00 Cost and Availability 01:34:39 Contact Info Slack Channel Patreon Guild


MHGG Interviews - Uli - Colonialism 2nd

In this short, bonus episode, Adrian interviews Uli from Compass Games about their latest kickstarter: Colonialism


Episode 109 - A Double Dose

With a new guest on, our hosts introduce paul and get his boardgaming background before moving into recently played games. Paul regails some Secret Hitler stories, Jeff and Zach weight the cost of certain pieces in Bamboleo, and Adrian get some more DnD in. Paul then helps Jeff with a double Bloody Minute. In News, some Boardgame Apps get new info, Tomb Raider goes generational, and some expansions for Isle of Skye and Caverna Cave vs Cave. In Kickstarters, Cryptocurrency, Pax Pamir, and...


MHGG Review - Founders of Gloomhaven

MHGG Review - Founders of Gloomhaven 00:01:10 Founders of Gloomhaven 00:01:32 Rules Overview00:02:37 Initial Thoughts00:05:50 Components00:15:08 Rules and Rules Explanation00:27:51 Gameplay01:04:12 Final Thoughts 01:29:37 Cost and Availability 01:35:11 Listener Feedback 01:36:29 Contact Info Slack Channel Patreon Guild


Episode 108 - Only 90s Kids

Settling into the recording studio, our hosts chat about their last week before diving into recently played games. Adrian bailed many things out in QE, Jeff moved some tiles in Dragon Castle, and Zach tried to exit a castle in EXIT. In News, Farmers of the Moor gets a reprint, GoT Catan and Spirit Island get expansions, and Popular Mechanics releases a new board games list. In Kickstarters, Power Rangers gets a tabletop treatment. A couple emails, some fan feedback, and a new patron close...


MHGG Review - Roll Writes #1

MHGG Review - Roll & Writes #1 00:01:55 Ganz Schon Clever 00:02:44 Rules Overview 00:04:04 Initial Thoughts 00:08:28 Components 00:13:27 Rules Review 00:18:05 Gameplay 00:30:48 Final Thoughts 00:34:41 Roll to the Top 00:35:01 Rules Breakdown 00:35:43 Initial Thoughts 00:38:19 Components 00:42:48 Rules Review 00:48:19 Gameplay 00:52:49 Final Thoughts 00:57:37 Welcome To 00:58:07 Rules Runthrough 00:58:49 Initial Thoughts 01:01:12 Components 01:06:37 Rules Review 01:11:49...


Episode 107 - Hot and Bothered

With our hosts reunited, in a new studio no less, they and Guest Andrew talk about their past week before getting into recently played games. Jeff ruled with a calcium-laden hand in Aye Dark Overlord!, Andrew cannot escape the Pandemic Series, Zach gets terminology wrong in Everdell, and Adrian gets schooled by a 9 year old in Welcome To. In News, Tabletopia mobile gets online play, FFG announces another Unique™ game in Discover: Lands Unknown, and the Spiel 2018 Preview page goes up on BGG....