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In Milk + Whiskey, cousins, Sarah and Jill, give their unfiltered (and uncensored) take on life and the struggles of “adulting.”

In Milk + Whiskey, cousins, Sarah and Jill, give their unfiltered (and uncensored) take on life and the struggles of “adulting.”
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In Milk + Whiskey, cousins, Sarah and Jill, give their unfiltered (and uncensored) take on life and the struggles of “adulting.”






S2EP6 | HOW I'M FAILING AS AN ADULT VOL. II // Diva Cups, $15 Scrunchies & Listener Submissions + 2 Truths and a Lie

Are you guys ready? Sarah and Jill and coming at you with Volume 2 of their favorite episode, How I'm Failing as an Adult! They laugh about everything from Diva Cup disasters, stupid $15 scrunchie purchases, failure to pack a proper sandwich for lunch, needing blue light glasses from Pixel Eyewear because they're on the screen too much, and more. The girls also read off some listener adulting fails submissions including failing at making your own doctors appointments and drinking enough...


S2EP5 | FACING FEAR // That Ain't Real + Self-Care First with @lotalks

Jill's best friend, Lauren of @lotalks at Fear is Fake Podcast, joins the girls on today's episode. They discuss the concept of fear, and question why we let it paralyze us from accomplishing what we want to accomplish. Lauren recounts her inspiring journey of being the girl who was so scared to work out, she'd lift weight in her room, to competing on stage, and winning first in her bikini division. The girls also discuss and analyze their biggest fears that they got over such as being a...


S2EP4 | DON'T MOM-SHAME ME // Mom-Shaming Experiences + Mom-Themed Would You Rather?

They already covered makeup-shaming, but now Jill and Sarah are moving on to mom-shaming! Jill recounts her experiences with being mom-shamed, even from her own family, and they girls discuss the importance of women supporting women. Sarah also throws Jill some mom-themed Would You Rather questions as a fun way to close out the mom-themed episodes saga! VISIT US AT MILKANDWHISKEYPOD.COM FOR BLOGS, MORE EPISODES, AND EXTRAS! CHECK OUT STRAPLETS – | Instagram: @straplets |...


S2EP3 | FIRST YEAR AS A MOM // Jill's Journey + Testing Sarah's Motherhood IQ

Jill survived a full year as a mom! She recounts her biggest joys and lessons that she's experienced over the past year, and gives her take on what motherhood means to her. Jill also puts Sarah's motherhood knowledge to the test. Will Sarah surprise everyone or will she spectacularly fail? Press play to find out! VISIT US AT MILKANDWHISKEYPOD.COM FOR BLOGS, MORE EPISODES, AND EXTRAS! CHECK OUT SOUTHERN SEQUINS – | | Instagram:...


S2EP2 | BEING A MOM-PRENUER // Defining Success, Failure + What a Superwoman Is

What is a superwoman? Jill and Sarah sat with Sara Funk this week, co-founder of the coffee shop, Mud & Char in Chicago, and lifestyle and mommy blogger at @mrs.sarafunk on Instagram. The ladies discuss what it’s really like to be a mom-prenuer, and dive into topics such failures, hard work, and trying to balance it all. Sara’s amazing story is one that you will not want to miss!! She shares her amazing insight on business, motherhood, and life in this motivating and uplifting...


S2EP1 | CAREER STRUGGLES // Getting Laid Off & Picking Yourself Back Up + What We Wanted to Be When We Grew Up

Sarah & Jill are back for Season 2, and they’re kicking it off with a very motivational episode focusing on their biggest career setbacks and how to overcome them. The girls discuss their experiences with getting laid off and fired, and how they coped. Sarah even recounts the story of her getting fired from Hooters, of all places! The girls also reminisce over what they had wanted to be when they grew up, and share how they both went from dreaming of being a flight attendant and a dancer,...



Sarah and Jill are coming back February 25th! Mark your calendars and get ready for a spectacular Season 2 with your favorite mom and newlywed! Season 2 is guaranteed to be filled with laughs, good conversations, awesome new guests, and...SPONSORS Y'ALLLL!! Make sure you're all caught up on Season 1, and get ready for an awesome ride. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM (support our dreams!) — Sarah: @_bottledambition | Jill: @caseofthemomdayz | @milkandwhiskeypod | Twitter: @milkwhiskeypod |...


S1EP15 | New Years 2018 // Crazy NYE Stories & Looking Back on the Year + Resolutions for Season 2

Welcome to the last episode of Season 1! The girls are taking a short hiatus, but will be back before you know it! In this episode, Sarah and Jill reflect on the whirlwind that 2018 has been, from becoming a new wife and new mom to creating a podcast together, the girls have a lot of accomplishments to look back on. They also discuss their craziest NYE stories. Sarah and Jill also set up resolutions for each other and give a sneak peek into what to expect for Season 2, coming in February....


A QUICK SIP WITH MILK + WHISKEY | Listener #HolidayPodSquad Tradition Submission // Die Hard Debate Wages On ft. Trevor

A Quick Sip with Milk + Whiskey is a short behind-the-scenes or extra bonus content "micro-episode" from past shows! Merry Christmas! Trevor, Sarah's husband, subs in for Jill for a bonus Christmas episode. They read off holiday traditions from the Milk + Whiskey audience and debate the legitimacy of Die Hard being classified as a Christmas movie. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM (support our dreams!) - Sarah: @_bottledambition | Jill: @caseofthemomdayz | @milkandwhiskeypod | Twitter:...


S1EP14 | OUR HOLIDAY TRADITIONS // Christmas in Paris & Drunken Office Parties + Holiday Pop Culture Quiz ft. @thefrench_np

Jill is taking a much-deserved break, so Charlotte of @thefrench_np from Episode 7 is back as a guest co-host this week! She and Sarah discuss new and old Christmas traditions of their ever-growing families, while Charlotte shares her experiences with Paris during the holidays, and Sarah recounts her wild office holiday party. Sarah quizzes Charlotte on some holiday pop culture references, including finish the lyric questions and fun facts about your favorite holiday movies! Make sure to...


S1EP13 | SARAH’S GETTING OLD // Last Year of My 20s + Before 30 Bucket List

It's Sarah's last year of her 20s!! She discusses her feels on being so close to 30 with Jill and reminisces about the joys of being 20, while looking forward to what her 30s have to offer. Sarah also shares some items from her "Before 30" Bucket List of all the experiences and accomplishments she hopes to achieve in this last year of her 20s. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM (support our dreams!) — Sarah: @_bottledambition | Jill: @caseofthemomdayz | @milkandwhiskeypod | Twitter: @milkwhiskeypod |...


S1EP12 | DATING IN 2018 // Apps & Dating a Lady + Would You Rather: Dating Edition ft. Esther Kook

It’s a crazy dating world in today’s day and age, and though Sarah & Jill definitely don’t have the experience to speak to today’s dating landscape, they’ve brought in a guest with tons of great stories. Esther Kook joins the girls not only to discuss dating in the world of apps and ghosting, but also what it’s like to be a lesbian in the dating world. The girls also ask Esther a series of highly entertaining dating-themed Would You Rather Questions. Sarah and Jill are giving away some...


S1EP11 | HOLIDAY SEASON CHITCHAT // Listener Giveaway + Gift Giving

Sarah and Jill are giving away some holiday cheer!! Head to or email to submit your holiday traditions for the #HolidayPodSquad giveaway to the girls for a chance to win a Starbucks gift card. This week Sarah and Jill discuss holiday gift giving - the stresses and joys, plus the traditions that they celebrate such as White Elephants, Secret Santas, and more. They also debate the pros and cons of creating a wishlist for the holidays...


S1EP10 | HOW I'M FAILING AS AN ADULT VOL. 1 // Celebrating 10 Episodes + Jill Can't Crack Crab Leg

Milk + Whiskey made it to 10 episodes!! Sarah and Jill are honoring this milestone by kicking it back to what brings the Milk + Whiskey Fam together - not having it all quite together. In a callback to Episode 2’s (How I Know I’m Old Vol. 1) format, the girls list off all the ways that they are failing at adulthood! Adulthood is hard, so Sarah and Jill discuss everything from buying extra underwear so they can do less laundry loads to still asking their dad’s to crack their crab legs at age...


A QUICK SIP WITH MILK + WHISKEY | Thanksgiving Bonus // Black Friday Shopping?

A Quick Sip with Milk + Whiskey is a short behind-the-scenes or extra bonus content "micro-episode" from past shows! Now that Thanksgiving is about to pass, are you ready for crazy shopping? Sarah and Jill discuss their experiences with Black Friday, and debate whether or not the craze is worth the deals. Happy Thanksgiving from Milk + Whiskey! FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM (support our dreams!) - Sarah: @_bottledambition | Jill: @caseofthemomdayz | @milkandwhiskeypod | Twitter: @milkwhiskeypod...


S1EP9 | THANKSGIVING FIRSTS // Traditions & New Family Dynamics + What We’re Thankful For

The girls are gearing up for big Thanksgivings this year - for Sarah, her first as a married couple, and for Jill, Clyde’s very first Thanksgiving! They discuss the intricacies of balancing family holiday celebrations with their significant others and give a peek into what a Filipino Thanksgiving looks like. Sarah and Jill also each share their top 5 things that they are thankful for for 2018. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM (support our dreams!) — Sarah: @_bottledambition | Jill: @caseofthemomdayz...


S1EP8 | HIGH SCHOOL THROWBACK // Our 10-Year Reunions + Advice to My Younger Self

This year marks 10 years since Sarah and Jill graduated from high school! They reminisce about their experiences and discuss their expectations for their 10-year reunions (spoiler alert: Jill failed her reunion). Both girls also give their best advice that they wish they could give to their younger selves. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM (support our dreams!) — Sarah: @_bottledambition | Jill: @caseofthemomdayz | @milkandwhiskeypod | Twitter: @milkwhiskeypod | #milkandwhiskeypod SEND US...


S1EP7 | PREGNANCY FOR THE MOMS-TO-BE // Baby & Mommy Pop Culture Quiz + French Bedroom Talk ft. @thefrench_np

She’s a triple threat - French vixen, accomplished Nurse Practitioner, and, perhaps most importantly, a mom-to-be! Sarah and Jill sat down the Charlotte, the brilliant mind behind the very educational and informative health Instagram, @thefrench_np, to talk about pregnancy! The group discusses the surprises and intricacies of pregnancy, while Sarah plots in the background to set up Jill’s son and Charlotte’s future daughter. Jill test Charlotte’s baby and celebrity mom pop culture knowledge...


A QUICK SIP WITH MILK + WHISKEY | Halloween Bonus // Paranormal Acitivity?

A Quick Sip with Milk + Whiskey is a short behind-the-scenes or extra bonus content "micro-episode" from past shows! This week on this Quick Sip, Sarah's & Jill's significant others, Trevor & Cole, join the podcast for a special Halloween episode. "Off-air" they discussed Netflix's Haunting of Hill House, Halloween in California, and experiencing paranormal activity. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM (support our dreams!) - Sarah: @_bottledambition | Jill: @caseofthemomdayz | @milkandwhiskeypod |...


S1EP6 | HALLOWEEN WITH OUR SO’S // Couples Costumes Debate + Bean Boozled ft. @SanFranciscoFoodGuy & ...Trevor

The boys are joining Sarah and Jill for this week’s Halloween edition of Milk + Whiskey. Get to know Cole of @sanfranciscofoodguy, Jill’s boyfriend and baby-daddy, and Sarah’s husband, Trevor (...he’s just Trevor). The group discusses past Halloween costumes and debate where to draw the line on couples costumes. The pairs also play Bean Boozled - fingers crossed for the good flavors! And they also each share their favorite 2-sentence scary story. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM (support our...