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Deconstructing life lessons, fitness, mindset and interesting people - with Chris Williamson.

Deconstructing life lessons, fitness, mindset and interesting people - with Chris Williamson.
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Deconstructing life lessons, fitness, mindset and interesting people - with Chris Williamson.








#010 - Kai Wei - Can More Technology Reduce Smartphone Addiction?

Kai Wei is the CEO of I continue our journey into the world of smartphone addiction by finding out about a new piece of technology whose goal is to be used as little as possible. It may seem like Kai is running against the grain by offering a product with the aim to be absent from our lives rather than a part of them, but it kind of makes sense. Expect to learn if the problem of too much technology can be fixed with more technology, why you shouldn't ever have your...


#009 - A Hacker In Your Pocket - How Your Smartphone Is Short Circuiting Your Brain

Jonny and Yusef from join me as we discuss the topic of phone addiction. The problem of excessive tech use is almost universally acknowledged by pretty much anyone with a smartphone, but very few of us are aware of the teams of software engineers, warehouses of supercomputers and decades of research goes into manipulating you to click that link, watch that video or download that app. An argument is often made that technology is neutral and that it is our decision of how...


#008 - Michael Cazayoux - From Childhood Addiction To Becoming The Fittest On Earth

Michael Cazayoux is the CEO of, 2-Times CrossFit Games Team Champion and coach behind some of the best athletes on the planet. Michael's story is so extreme it almost sounds like fiction. From taking his first drink of alcohol at 9 years old, to smoking heroine & injecting cocaine in his teens, through rehab, to relapse, to sobriety, and then to winning the CrossFit Games twice, and now having created one of the most well regarded coaching companies in the world....


#007 - Life Hacks 102

Jonny and Yusef from join me again for another Life Hacks episode where we detail a selection of our favourite apps, websites, resources and tools for a productive and efficient life. On this episode, discover how to track sleep quality with an alarm clock and conduct an experiment on your own night time routine, the easiest way to build a meditation habit that sticks, and why increasing the trackpad speed on your laptop will instantly increase your productivity by...


#006 - Jordan Wallace, Paul Warrior and Tim Briggs - Why Does Fitness Hurt So Much, Is CrossFit Good For Physiques and The Future Of The Fitness Industry

This week I'm sitting down with CrossFit coaches, athletes, programmers, nutritionists and all round good guys Jordan Wallace, Paul Warrior and Tim Briggs. I absolutely loved recording this, despite being behind one of the UK's top CrossFit Programming Companies, the guys do not take themselves too seriously and it really shows in one of the funniest episodes so far. Expect to learn the key differences between good and great athletes, how your body type can be used to play to your...


#005 - Dominic McGregor - Controlling The World's Social Media, Building a 400 Million Person Network and Overcoming Addiction

Dominic McGregor is the COO and Co-Founder of Social Chain, the UK's largest Social Media Agency. I visited him in his Manchester office to talk about how he started Social Chain and grew it to have a 400 million person online reach, his thoughts on the ethical impacts of social media on individuals and society as a whole, and how he dealt with alcohol dependancy whilst running Social Chain - to now be 20 months sober as he prepares to take on one distance-run every month in 2018. Follow...


#004 - Dan Bailey - Mindset After Not Making It To The CrossFit Games, Current Training Methodology and Why Josh Bridges Is So Dangerous

I sat down with 4 times CrossFit Games Athlete and all round legend Dan Bailey while he was in the UK for Reebok's Nano 8 Launch Event in London. I was incredibly impressed with how candid, humble and honest he was. He's an exemplary character to the CrossFit community and professional athletes worldwide. Find out how where his mindset is at after his toughest 2 years of not making it to The Games, why Josh Bridges is the most dangerous man in CrossFit and his approach for fighting an...


#003 - Dave Castro - CrossFit Open 18.0, Pressures of Programming and Fighting Mat Fraser

I caught up with Director of The CrossFit Games Dave Castro at the Launch of Reebok's new Nano 8, as he announced Open Workout 18.0. After getting completely destroyed in 3 minutes by the workout, and once I got my breath back, I got time to sit down with the man behind The CrossFit Games and ask some questions which I've had for years. Find out how he deals with the pressure of programming for half a million people, which Games Athletes he doesn't want to meet in The Hunger Games and...


#002 - Life Hacks 101

Today I am joined by Jonny & Yusef from as we go through our favourite tools, apps, websites & principles for a productive and efficient life. Find out how to improve your mobility at home, why you shouldn't have audiobooks quicker than 2x speed and how a shoe horn will change your life. Further Reading: Apple ROMwod Toby for Chrome David Allen’s Guided Mindsweep Optimize Evernote Withings Scale FitBit - Have any questions or comments?? Get in...


#001 - Stu Morton - Rowing The Atlantic Solo

Stu Morton is an ex-Marine and endurance athlete who is planning to row solo from Mainland Europe to Mainland South America, solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Find out how far 1.5 million oar strokes gets you, why gaining 30kgs is sometimes ok and why he's going to be mostly naked. - Have any questions or comments?? Get in touch... Twitter: @chriswillx Instagram: @chriswillx Email:


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