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Deconstructing life lessons, fitness, mindset and interesting people - with Chris Williamson.

Deconstructing life lessons, fitness, mindset and interesting people - with Chris Williamson.
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Deconstructing life lessons, fitness, mindset and interesting people - with Chris Williamson.








#081 - Dr Stuart McGill - Why Do Our Backs Hurt?

Dr Stuart McGill is a professor emeritus at the University of Waterloo and a world expert in back pain. Dr McGill has worked with some of the best athletes in the world across pretty much every sport you can imagine as a spinal specialist, so if anyone can give us some advice about how to cope with back pain, it's him. On today's episode expect to learn why backs are so problematic, how much of back pain is due to lifestyle choices or training methodology, how much of an impact desk work...


#080 - Stephen Wolfram - The At Home CEO

Stephen Wolfram is the founder and CEO of the software company Wolfram Research. What happens when you track every email, every keystroke, every mouse movement and every project for 30 years? Today we find out the productivity strategies, personal infrastructure and tracking analytics from the man behind Wolfram Language and Wolfram Alpha - the answer engine which powers Siri & Alexa. Extra Stuff: Wolfram Alpha - Follow Stephen on Twitter -...


#079 - Laura Vanderkam - Why Does Time Pass More Quickly As You Get Older?

Laura Vanderkam is a writer, author, speaker and an expert on time management. We are all familiar with the phenomenon that is time, it passes at the same rate for all of us, so why do certain people seem to have so much of it while some of us are left stressed and seemingly without a spare second? Let's remember that you have the same number of hours in your day as Elon Musk, or Beyonce. Today expect to learn why time goes so much more quickly the older you get, why you don't want more...


#078 - Robert Greene - The Laws Of Human Nature

Robert Greene is a New York Times best selling author. You can be a genius in your field and know all the things you need to know, but if you're bad with people you will totally neutralise your brilliance and can face many difficulties and pains in life... Today we're talking about Robert's new book The Laws Of Human Nature, as we delve deep into understanding people’s drives and motivations, even when they are unconscious of them themselves. Robert names this most recent publication "the...


#077 - Dominic McGregor - Sobriety And The Future Of Social Media Marketing

Dominic McGregor is the COO and Co Founder of Social Chain. Today I'm sitting down with Dom to catch up after we first spoke on Modern Wisdom 12 months ago. We reflect on his continuing journey through sobriety, why he believes that Social Chain may know their users better than they even know themselves and where the future of online advertising is heading. Thank you to Social Chain for letting me use their fantastic studio and Video Guy Ollie for recording everything. I can't wait to go...


#076 - David Pearce - Transhumanism; How Biotechnology Can Eradicate Suffering

David Pearce is a co-founder of Humanity+ and a prominent figure within the transhumanism movement. Where is the future of the human race heading? Will our descendants be at the mercy of random genetic chance for suffering diseases? How about editing the genetic baseline for happiness? Or levels of empathy? Can we use computers to emulate a human brain? What are the ethical implications of Crispr? Expert to hear David's answers these questions and more as we delve into the fascinating...


#075 - Life Hacks 108

Jonny & Yusef join me again for another Life Hacks episode as we detail our favourite apps, websites, resources and tools for a productive and efficient life. Expect to learn... Why whitening your teeth is an instant attractiveness upgrade. How to automate tracking your weight every day. How to cope with bacterial vaginosis on a bus. Why people who say PREEmark are psychopaths. And much more. This episode is brought to you by The 6 Minute Diary, give us a review on iTunes to be in with a...


#074 - Tiago Forte - The Definitive Guide To Digital Productivity

Tiago Forte is a blogger, company owner and productivity coach. We all use digital tools, and some of us spend most of our lives at their mercy. Today we are going to learn the most effective process for having a productive digital life. Tiago has created nothing short of a curriculum for maximising your digital productivity and on this episode he takes us through his entire process including all his favourite recommendations for apps and tactics. This is straight gold, do not sleep on...


#073 - Theo Watt & Eve Young - The Problem With Millennials

Theo Watt and Eve Young are the hosts of the Socials Minds Podcast and Copywriters at Social Chain. We talk about millennials and Gen Z like homogenous groups, but technology and innovation have made it problematic to index generations by 15 year gaps. A person who is 12 will have little in common with someone who is 27, as will a person who is 25 have little in common with someone who is 34. And yet, despite online platforms allowing you to target by age, world view and even household...


#072 - David Perell - The Power Of Writing

David Perell is a podcaster, blogger and writing coach. Why is the ability to write effectively the biggest opportunity which individuals can capitalise on? How can an improved grasp of language actually improve the quality of your thoughts? And why should you focus on content which is longer than 24 hours old? Expect to find out all this and much more, huge thanks to David for coming on and dropping some fantastic insights, Round #2 will be coming soon. Extra Stuff: Follow David on...


#071 - Catch Up 103 - The End Of The World, CrossFit and Pirates of the Caribbean

Jonny & Yusef from join me again as we continue our Catch Up series. No agenda, no specific topics for us to cover, just us talking about what we've been watching, reading & experiencing in our lives. This week we're talking about my trips to America, the new Pirates Of The Caribbean film, how we think the world will end, Jonny starting CrossFit, Netflix's Our Planet and lots more. Extra Stuff: Naval on The After On Podcast with Rob Reid:...


#070 - Tim Briggs - How To Eat For Performance

Tim Briggs is a nutritionist, CrossFit coach and the owner of Most people with a gym membership have an idea of how to eat to facilitate weight change, but eating to maximise performance output is a another beast entirely. Today, expect to learn how to use diet to boost your strength, endurance or recovery, Tim's favourite protocols for eating around training & competitions, why the FODMAP diet is probably right for almost all of us and whether he's ever fully going...


#069 - George MacGIll - Mental Models 101 - How To Make Better Decisions

I'm joined by long time friend of the show and all round interesting individual George MacGill to break down how we can make better decisions in all areas of our lives by using Mental Models. If you imagine that your mind is an operating system, Mental Models are the apps you install into it which improve your ability to effectively make decisions. Today we are upgrading our minds by thinking about thinking, as we delve into some of mine & George's favourite mental models along with a mass...


#068 - Rachel Kleinfeld - Fixing The Most Violent Countries On Earth

Rachel Kleinfeld is a senior fellow of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the founding CEO of the Truman National Security Project. How can the world's deadliest countries fall apart? From electoral violence to organised crime, it's not difficult to tear a society to pieces. And then how can these decimated countries be put back together again? Rachel proposes a fascinating framework for governments to follow, framed by historical examples from the mob in Sicily vs Naples,...


#067 - Inside Tracker - The Largest Database Of Healthy People In The World

Inside Tracker are a company from Boston MA who provide bloodwork analysis to athletes and the general public. The world is increasingly moving toward a focus on inner health, micro gains and a higher resolution view of our body's internal state. Inside Tracker are at the forefront of this analytical movement. After sitting down with Professor David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School I went straight to meet with Inside Tracker HQ Execs Jonathan Levitt & Carrie Kolb to talk through the...


#066 - Professor David Sinclair - Can Humans Live For 1000 Years?

David Sinclair is a Professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and co-Director of the Paul Glenn Centre for the Biological Mechanisms of Ageing. Today we hear from a scientist at the cutting edge of longevity research as Professor Sinclair gives us a fascinating insight into the world of anti-ageing. Expect to learn how and why we age, why stabilising the epigenetic landscape may enable a human to live for 1000 years, exactly what tactics Professor Sinclair is using...


#065 - Chris Hutchins - The Basics Of Money Management

Chris Hutchins is the CEO of, former Entrepreneur In Residence at Google Ventures and a serial money-optimiser. Effective money management is something which everyone should know but no one is taught. Chris has spent a large portion of his career trying to educate people to be skillful with their finances and today we get to learn many of his favourite tips. Extra Stuff Follow Chris On Twitter - Chris's Website -...


#064 - James Clear - How To Build Habits That Last

James Clear is an author, entrepreneur and speaker focused on habits, decision-making and continuous improvement. James' new book Atomic Habits has been my most recommended of 2019 (and probably 2020 too). I honestly can't describe how impactful, actionable and brilliant it is and I'm beyond excited to share some key learnings from it in today's episode with you. Our successes or failures in life are lagging measures of the actions we take on a daily basis. The often unseen force driving...


#063 - Robin Dreeke - How To Read Behaviour Like An FBI Agent

Robin Dreeke is the ex Head of the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Program and an author. Robin worked as a counterintelligence agent for the FBI recruiting spies, assets and gathering intelligence for 21 years. From being in the New York Field Office in Manhattan on the day of 9/11 to creating the FBI's elite Counterintelligence Behavioural Analysis program, he's had a fascinating career. Expect to learn the verbal and non-verbal cues which you can use to help earn trust and make your...


#062 - Catch Up 102 - Rome, Greggs & Flat Earth

Jonny & Yusef from join me again as we continue our Catch Up series. No agenda, no specific topics for us to cover, just us talking about what we've been watching, reading & experiencing in our lives. This week we're talking about my holiday to Rome, Yusef's disaster in Greggs, Jonny nearly being abducted, Flat Earth and lots more. Extra Stuff: Check out everything I recommend from books to products and help support the podcast at no extra...