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Deconstructing life lessons, fitness, mindset and interesting people - with Chris Williamson.

Deconstructing life lessons, fitness, mindset and interesting people - with Chris Williamson.
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Deconstructing life lessons, fitness, mindset and interesting people - with Chris Williamson.








#047 - Dr Rick Hanson - How To Develop A Resilient Mind

Dr Rick Hanson is a psychologist and New York Times Best Selling Author. We are often told that the world is a vicious place, with this in mind, how do you grow an unshakeable core of calm, strength and happiness to help weather the inevitable storms? This is the topic of Rick's new book Resilient. I loved this discussion, finding someone who bridges practical application of psychological techniques & research with an understanding of the esoteric view of the mind is very rare, a sequel...


#046 - Alex Hutchinson - Endure; Finding The Limits Of Human Performance

Alex Hutchinson is a journalist, athlete and author of "Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance". What makes some of us quit while others can continue? Just how much of human performance is dictated by the mind and how much by the body? These are fundamental questions which all of us have contemplated, today we find the answers. Alex takes us through the fascinating research that went into his book. I was blown away by the insights as he breaks down the...


#045 - Ed Latimore - A Physicist And A Boxer Walk Into A Bar

Ed Latimore is a writer, Physicist and Professional Heavyweight Boxer. Out of Ed's eclectic mix of interests comes a unique perspective as we discuss his background, the world of professional boxing, his journey through sobriety, alcohol in society and how to be successful on Twitter. Extra Stuff: Ed's Website - Follow Ed On Twitter - - Get in touch. Join the discussion with me and other like minded listeners in the episode...


#044 - Christmas Special - Hacks, Fails & New Year Plans

Join us for a special Christmas Episode as we roll around in festive cheer, reflecting upon 2018 and reviewing our best hacks & fails from the last 12 months before setting some goals for the coming year. Discover why a chestnut didn't kill Jonny, what our individual approaches to new year's resolutions are, and why Yusef decided to take his pants off halfway through this recording (for real). Extra Stuff: 6 Minute Diary - - Get in touch. Join the discussion...


#043 - Relationships 103 - Cheating, How To Get Over Someone & How To End A Relationship

Relationships 101 & 102 both landed in the Top 50 Chart Worldwide on Apple Podcasts, here we go again. Jonny & Yusef join me as we delve into the murky depths at the end of a relationship. We explain our views on why we have cheated in the past, our strategies for getting over a partner and the best approaches we've found for delivering breakups. Discover what research says men & women fear most in relationships, why cheating is just parabolic discounting at it's finest and why saying "I'm...


#042 - Dr Mario Livio - What Makes Us Curious?

Dr. Mario Livio is an internationally known astrophysicist, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a best-selling author, and a popular speaker. In his new book “Why? What Makes Us Curious”, Dr Livio delves into the subtleties and nuances of what constitutes our human capacity for curiosity and uses examples from Leonardo Da Vinci, Richard Feynman & many more to demonstrate the manifestation of curiosity throughout history. Expect to learn the different types...


#041 - William Von Hippel - The Social Leap; How We Evolved From Tree Swinging to Human Being

William Von Hippel is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Queensland and Author of The Social Leap. Today is nothing short of fascinating as we learn the story of how our ancestors went from being chimps in trees to bipedal apes out on the plains and why we took that dangerous step in our development. We discover why our brains more than trebled in size and how that benefited us, what tools and tactics enabled these early humans to survive in a perilous new environment and what...


#039 - Life Hacks 106

Jonny & Yusef join me again for another Life Hacks episode as we detail our favourite apps, websites, resources and tools for a productive and efficient life. What’s our best product for beginning a journalling habit? How can you dispense with every USB plug in your bedroom? What’s the most efficient way to pack for a holiday? And how much would we have to be paid to put someone else’s poo in our bums? Below you will find links to everything we reference, including as many referral &...


#038 - Robin Hanson - The Hidden Motives in Everyday Life

Robin Hanson is associate professor of economics at George Mason University, author, and research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University. Our decisions may feel like our own choice, but how much do our primitive brains play a part in determining the hidden motives of our everyday actions? Quite a lot according to Professor Hanson. This is a fantastic introduction to evolutionary psychology as we uncover the hidden motives behind gossip, laughter, charity,...


#037 - The Lean Machines, Sonny Webster & Zack George - Battle Cancer Q&A

I recently sat down with Sonny Webster, Zack George and Leon & John from The Lean Machines for a special edition super podcast before the Battle Cancer Fitness Competition in London. Lots of listeners had submitted questions in advance via Instagram and I posed as many as I could to the boys before Sonny have to rush off to some swanky event with the Queen. Expect to learn why the boys believe Competitive Bodybuilding to be an unhealthy lifestyle, what sport they would all be focussed on...


#036 - Relationships 102 - How To Find & Maintain A Happy Relationship

Relationships 101 landed in the Top 50 Chart Worldwide on Apple Podcasts, and now it's time for the sequel. Jonny & Yusef join me today as we use our successes & tragedies in dating to establish some principles & strategies to optimise relationships, maximise happiness and avoid heartbreak (where possible). Expect to learn why "seeing" someone is a no man's land of emotional turmoil, why we all believe that the truth is a super power and why the first 6 weeks of a relationship are the most...


#035 - Life Fails 101

Welcome to the dark side of Life Hacks. Jonny & Yusef join me today as we begin to document all of the times we've tried to optimise our lives and fallen flat on our faces. Enjoy as we face-palm our way through a full hour of embarrassing stories. - Get in touch. Join the discussion with me and other like minded listeners in the episode comments on the MW YouTube Channel or message me... Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:...


#034 - How To Survive University

Jonny & Yusef join me again as we relive our best & worst moments at university. Discover how you can complete a degree without going bankrupt, getting a police record or having a mental breakdown. If you've never been to university, then you might enjoy hearing that it's not quite the doss around of Netflix and chronic masturbation that you hear in the news. And if you HAVE been to university, then reminisce fondly or cringe your way through your memories. Expect to learn why you should...


#033 - Carl Cederstrom - What Happens When You Dedicate A Year To Optimising Your Life & The Happiness Fantasy

Carl Cederstrom is an Associate Professor at Stockholm Business School, an author of several books and a writer for The Guardian, The New York Times and Harvard Business Review. Carl dedicated a full year of his life to immersing himself in the Human Optimisation Movement. This is the equivalent of going completely dick & balls on a 12 months of back to back Life Hacks episodes and Carl's experience is both hilarious and insightful. We also discuss his new book The Happiness Fantasy which...


#032 - Jeff Warren - Why Should I Explore My Own Consciousness?

Jeff Warren is a Meditation Teacher and Writer, he is the co-author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, and author of The Head Trip. Today we learn why introspective work should be taken as seriously as personal hygiene, how you can double the span of your life experience, what benefits occur when consistently practising meditation, and just why exploring our own consciousness is so difficult, yet rewarding. There are more connections in a single square centimetre of human brain tissue...


#031 - Life Hacks 105

Jonny & Yusef from join me for another episode detailing our favourite apps, websites, resources and tools for a productive and efficient life. Expect to learn; How can you run a business working an hour a day? What is the most efficient sleeping posture? Is Philips Hue any good? Why does a Muslim upbringing give you an obsessional level of toilet hygiene? Why should you eat a kilo of broccoli every day? And an awful lot more. Below you will find links to everything we...


#030 - Adam Frank - Are We Alone In The Universe?

Professor Adam Frank is an Astrophysicist at the University of Rochester, Author and a Founder of the NPR blog 13.7: Cosmos and Culture. Get ready to blast your brain off into interstellar space as this badboy is my absolute favourite episode so far. Discover the likelihood of other alien civilisations in the universe, how we could colonise the galaxy in 700,000 years, where the future descendants of the human race are heading, the implications of global warming and an awful lot more. If...


#029 - The Human Garage - A New Approach To Optimising Human Movement

Garry Lineham is a movement specialist and the Co-Founder of The Human Garage in Los Angeles. The Human Garage is home to some of Hollywood's biggest movie stars, NFL & NBA players, doctors and much more. It's about as progressive of a human movement facility as you'll find on the planet, their approach is starkly non-typical and seriously pushes boundaries in physiotherapy. Garry takes us through his entire journey and explains why The Human Garage has become one of LA's most talked about...


#028 - Sabine Hossenfelder - How Politics And Beauty Leads Physics Astray

Sabine Hossenfelder is a blogger and Theoretical Physicist who researches quantum gravity, she is also a Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies. We often think of Physicists as being the smartest minds on the planet, bastions of cognitive perfection who are immune to the dogma & ideological biases of common humans. Today we learn that may not be the case. Expect to discover just how physicists' obsessions with "beautiful theories" may be holding the human race back from...


#027 - Dr Greg Potter - The Definitive Guide To Sleep

Dr Greg Potter is a PhD graduate at the University of Leeds & Content Director at HumanOS. His research focus is on sleep and chronobiology; looking at circadian rhythms, light-dark cycles and the potential for meals to entrain peripheral circadian clocks. The unsung hero of health is hiding under our pillow every night and today we learn just how important a good night's sleep is to our short & long term fitness, our mood, cognitive output, physical performance, injury risk, weight and...