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Welcome to the Monkey Nut Punch podcast, three un-informed individuals talk about TV, Films and Games. Grabba cuppa tea and join us.


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Welcome to the Monkey Nut Punch podcast, three un-informed individuals talk about TV, Films and Games. Grabba cuppa tea and join us.




Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 288 - Screen Shifts & Superhero Sagas: Navigating the New Tides of Entertainment

In this riveting episode "Screen Shifts & Superhero Sagas," we navigate through the tumultuous waters of the entertainment industry, spotlighting the seismic changes and thrilling developments that are reshaping our viewing experiences. From David S. Goyer's strategic step back in "Foundation" to the star-studded cast reveal of Marvel's "Fantastic Four" reboot, we dissect the decisions behind the scenes and their impact on the future of storytelling. We also dive deep into the strategic cancellation of "Superman & Lois" by The CW, a move by Warner Bros. Discovery to pave the way for "Superman: Legacy." This decision sparks a broader discussion on how cinematic ambitions are influencing television franchises and what this consolidation means for superhero narratives and their fans. Join us as we explore Cillian Murphy's reunion with the original "28 Days Later" team for the anticipated sequel "28 Years Later," and reflect on the inspiring appearance of Michael J. Fox at the British Academy Film Awards. His enduring spirit and the power of cinema to unite and inspire are at the heart of our conversation. The controversy surrounding the 2024 People's Choice Awards, with Rachel Zegler's unexpected win, ignites a debate on the integrity of public-voted awards and the role of social media in shaping public opinion. Plus, don't miss our "Watch We’ve Been Watching" segment, where we share our thoughts on Netflix's "Avatar: The Last Airbender," "Iron Claw," and why "Stargate Atlantis" is worth a rewatch. And in "Nice Things," we spotlight the little joys and hidden gems that are keeping us entertained. Tune in to "Screen Shifts & Superhero Sagas" for an insightful look into the shifts and sagas that are defining the entertainment landscape.


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 287 Reacher's Riveting Finale, The Holdovers Deep, & More!

Welcome to another electrifying episode of the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast, available at! This week, we're diving headfirst into a thrilling array of topics that are sure to ignite your passion for all things entertainment. 🔥 Season Finale Extravaganza: Jack Reacher Season 2 We kick off with a detailed discussion on the season finale of Amazon Prime's "Jack Reacher" Season 2. Based on Lee Child's bestselling novels, this season has taken us on a rollercoaster of action, suspense, and drama. We dissect the finale's high points, its impact on the series, and speculate on what's next for our favorite wandering hero. 🎬 Spotlight on 'The Holdovers' Next up, we delve into the world of cinema with an in-depth review of the film "The Holdovers." This poignant and thought-provoking movie has captured our hearts and minds. We'll explore the themes, performances, and the unique storytelling approach that sets this film apart. 🌌 Doctor Who News Flash Whovians, gather around! We've got some fresh and exciting updates from the universe of "Doctor Who." From casting news to plot teasers, we're discussing it all. Whether you're a fan of the classic series or the modern iterations, there's something here for every TARDIS enthusiast. 🎤 And More! But that's not all! We've got a treasure trove of topics, including the latest in gaming, tech, and pop culture. Our podcast is a one-stop shop for all your geeky needs. So, grab your headphones, settle in, and get ready for a ride through the realms of entertainment with your favourite hosts at Monkey Nut Punch. Remember, you can always join the conversation by visiting our website at Let's punch it!


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 286: Reacher, Slow Horses, Monarch, and Latest Star Wars & Marvel

Welcome to the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast, where we dive deep into the world of entertainment and geek culture! In this episode, we're unpacking a thrilling lineup of shows and the latest buzz in the Star Wars and Marvel universes. First up, we're talking about Amazon's "Reacher," the action-packed series that brings Lee Child's iconic character Jack Reacher to life. We'll discuss the show's gripping storyline, standout performances, and how it compares to the books and previous adaptations. Next, we shift gears to Apple TV's "Slow Horses." This spy thriller, with its intricate plot and compelling characters, has us on the edge of our seats. We'll break down the series' highlights, discuss its unique take on the spy genre, and speculate on what's next. Then, we're diving into "Monarch" on Apple TV. This show's blend of drama and music has struck a chord with audiences. We'll explore the show's themes, its portrayal of the music industry, and the performances that make it a must-watch. Lastly, we're rounding up the latest news from the Star Wars and Marvel universes. From upcoming movies and series to behind-the-scenes gossip, we've got all the updates you need to stay in the loop. Join us on the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast at for an entertaining and insightful journey through the world of TV, movies, and beyond. You the man, now let's dive into this exciting world of entertainment!


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 285: Reacher’s Punch, Slow Horses’ Intrigue, and Godzilla’s Roar

Welcome to the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast, where pop culture, entertainment, and a bit of cheeky banter collide! Hosted on, this podcast is your go-to destination for unfiltered and lively discussions on some of the most exciting and trending topics in the entertainment world. In our latest episode, we're diving deep into the gritty world of Amazon's "Reacher," a show that has taken the streaming world by storm with its intense action and compelling storytelling. We'll dissect the characters, plot twists, and what makes this series stand out in the crowded field of action dramas. But that's not all! We're also taking a sharp turn into the intriguing world of espionage with Apple TV's "Slow Horses." This series, with its unique blend of suspense and dark humor, has captured our attention, and we're eager to share our thoughts on its complex characters and twisted plot lines. And for the grand finale, we're roaring into the monstrous realm of Godzilla. We'll explore the latest in the Godzilla franchise, discussing how these films continue to captivate audiences with their colossal battles and deep-rooted themes that go beyond mere monster mayhem. So, whether you're a fan of hard-hitting action, spy thrillers, or giant monster showdowns, the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast has something for everyone. Join us on this wild ride at, and let's get punching! Remember, you're the man, and now, let's dive into the world of entertainment with the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast


Gaming Face Punch: The Merry Mayhem Edition

🎄🎮 Welcome to a special holiday episode of Gaming Face Punch! In this Christmas extravaganza, we're spiking the eggnog and diving headfirst into the nostalgic realm of gaming. 🍻 Join us as we get merry and a bit tipsy, reminiscing about the forgotten gems of First-Person Shooters (FPS) - those games that defined our trigger-happy days but somehow slipped through the cracks of mainstream memory. 🕹️💥 But wait, there's more! We're also taking a whimsical wander down the pixelated paths of Point-and-Click Adventures. Remember those quirky puzzles, bizarre characters, and the absurd humor that had us clicking away for hours? We're bringing it all back! 🧩🖱️ And because it's the festive season and we're feeling bold, we're tackling a controversial yet undeniably present aspect of gaming history - Boobs in Video Games. From the pixelated to the hyper-realistic, we discuss how gaming's portrayal of the female form has evolved, sparked debates, and sometimes left us just plain baffled. 🤔🎮 So, grab your favorite holiday drink, put on your gaming hats, and join us for a jolly good time filled with laughter, nostalgia, and maybe a few facepalms. This is Gaming Face Punch: The Merry Mayhem Edition - where gaming nostalgia meets holiday spirits! 🥂🕹️🎅 Disclaimer: This episode contains adult themes and language. Listener discretion is advised.


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 284: TV Showdown - Slow Horses S3, Reacher S2, and Monarch

This week on the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast, available at, we're diving into a TV series extravaganza, discussing three thrilling shows that are making waves on Apple TV and Amazon Prime. First up, we're talking about "Slow Horses" Season 3 on Apple TV. This gripping spy drama has kept us on the edge of our seats, and we can't wait to share our thoughts on the latest season's twists and turns. Next, we shift gears to Amazon Prime's "Reacher" Season 2. The action-packed series based on Lee Child's novels has returned, and we're breaking down everything from its intense fight scenes to the complex character development. Finally, we delve into Apple TV's "Monarch." This new entrant has stirred up quite the buzz, and we're here to dissect its storyline, characters, and potential to become the next big hit. Join us as we compare, critique, and celebrate these three series. We'll discuss what makes each show stand out, their impact on the current TV landscape, and what we hope to see in future seasons. Don't miss this exciting episode of the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast. Tune in, subscribe, and join the conversation at for this and more on the latest in TV and entertainment! 🎧


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 283: Diving into Slow Horses, Doctor Who’s 60th Letdown and Monarch

Welcome back to the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast! In this episode, we're unpacking a mixed bag of television treats and letdowns. First up, we delve into the brilliant world of espionage with "Slow Horses" Season 3, Episode 3. We'll dissect the intricate plot twists, character developments, and the masterful storytelling that keeps us on the edge of our seats. Then, we switch gears to the much-anticipated "Doctor Who" 60th Anniversary Special. Expect an honest, no-holds-barred discussion on why this milestone event didn't quite hit the mark for us. We'll explore where it stumbled, and share our thoughts on what could have made it a fitting tribute to the iconic series. Lastly, we take a deep dive into Apple TV's "Monarch." This show has been creating a buzz, and we're here to break down what makes it stand out, or fall flat, in the competitive world of streaming television. As always, we bring our unique blend of humor, insight, and candid opinions to the table. So, whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, join us for a lively discussion that's as entertaining as it is informative. Let's get the conversation started on the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast! 🎙️🐒🥊📺


Gaming Roundup: Big Moves, Nostalgic Returns, and Anticipated Releases

Dive into the latest and most exciting developments in the gaming world with our comprehensive podcast episode. We kick off with the intense legal battle surrounding Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a deal that could reshape the gaming industry. Next, we shift gears to Sega's nostalgic announcement, reviving classics like Jet Set Radio and Streets of Rage. We then delve into the buzz around Grand Theft Auto 6's 2025 launch, with a special focus on its delayed PC release. The episode also explores the anticipation for Amazon Prime Video's Fallout series, highlighting fan reactions to the inclusion of Dogmeat. Additionally, we discuss Sony's controversial decision to remove hundreds of TV shows from PlayStation libraries, sparking a debate on digital ownership. Finally, we wrap up with a look at the exciting 2023 games release schedule for PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. Join us for an episode packed with insights, speculations, and everything gaming enthusiasts need to know!


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 282 - TV Tropes on Repeat: Dissecting the Latest Disappointments

In this episode, we're taking a critical eye to some of the latest offerings on television, where it seems originality is harder to find than a needle in a haystack. We start with what should have been a milestone: the 60th episode of Doctor Who's second season. Instead of a celebration, we'll discuss how it fell flat, lacking the charm and ingenuity the series was once known for. Then, we shift to Apple TV's "Slow Horses" Season 3. The disappointment continues as we dissect the newly released trailer for the Fallout TV show, which appears to miss the mark on what made the game series a cult classic. And finally, we'll delve into "The Boys," a series that once pushed boundaries but now seems to be running in circles, struggling to maintain its shock value. Tune in for a no-holds-barred analysis of these shows, where we ask: where has all the good TV gone?


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 281 - A Critical Look at Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary

Join us on the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast at for a no-holds-barred discussion on Doctor Who's 60th Anniversary. In this episode, we're taking a hard look at the journey of Doctor Who over six decades. We'll discuss where the show has shined and where it's fallen short, especially in recent years. From the changing faces of the Doctor to the evolving storylines, we'll explore what's worked and what hasn't, asking if the show has lost its original magic. We'll also debate the future of Doctor Who: what needs to change and what should stay the same? Tune in for a straightforward, critical take on Doctor Who's 60 years in the TARDIS. Listen, subscribe, and join the conversation at


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 280 - Doctor Who, Monarch and More

Hold on to your earbuds as the Monkey Nut Punch crew swings into another raucous episode! This week, I'll add the description later!


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 279 - Pandemonic Antics and Primal Showdowns

Hold on to your earbuds as the Monkey Nut Punch crew swings into another raucous episode! This week, we're diving headfirst into the hysterical and oftentimes satirical realm of South Park and its Panderverse. We dissect the genius behind its Gen V finale and how it holds a mirror to our pandemic-riddled reality. But that's not all - we're also sinking our teeth into the exhilarating new trailer for Kingdom: Planet of the Apes. With a planet at war and alliances hanging by a thread, how does this fresh take stack up against its predecessors? Tune in to hear our raw, unfiltered takes, peppered with the usual banter and a hearty dose of laughter. Visit our website at for more nutty goodness!


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 278- Dive into Spider-Man 2 PS5 and Buzzworthy News

Dive headfirst into the whimsical world of the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast as we unravel the threads of excitement surrounding the much-anticipated Spider-Man 2 on PS5! This episode is a thrilling blend of gaming adventure and trending entertainment news, as your quirky hosts dissect the groundbreaking features, breathtaking graphics, and narrative intricacies of Spider-Man 2. But that's not where the excitement ends! We also scour through the latest headlines in the entertainment sphere, serving you a hearty dose of laughter, awe, and insight. From the web-slinging streets of New York City in the virtual realm to the buzzing news that's shaping the real world of entertainment, this episode is a rollercoaster ride of fun and fandom. So swing by, and join us in this electrifying journey as we punch through the mundane and swing into the extraordinary! Visit us at to catch up on all the Monkey Nut Punch antics and stay updated with every leap and bound in the gaming and entertainment galaxy!


Gaming Face Punch - Xbox’s Next Moves and Navigating the Gaming Landscape

In this riveting episode, we delve into a variety of hot topics in the gaming community, kicking off with Xbox's acquisition of Activision Blizzard and what it means for classic franchises. Join us as we discuss Phil Spencer's vision on reviving cherished titles, and the fresh approach towards Call of Duty exclusivity aiming for a community-centric gaming experience. The episode continues with a dive into the UK's console wars stirred by Starfield's impact on Xbox sales versus the enduring reign of PS5. As we approach Halloween, we'll touch on the eerie world of Silent Hill: Ascension and its innovative interactive narrative set to spook the audiences. Lastly, we tackle a pressing issue— the rise of toxic behavior in gaming, as highlighted in a recent report from Unity, and ponder on actionable solutions to foster a more inclusive gaming environment. It's a rollercoaster of gaming insights you wouldn't want to miss!


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 277 - Star Trek, Doctor Who and Loki

Dive into the vast expanses of the universe with "Galactic Glimpses," your one-stop destination to explore the intertwining realms of Doctor Who, Disney's Loki, and the Star Trek universe. Each episode promises a thrilling venture as we unravel the latest happenings, intriguing theories, and review timeless classics. In this week’s episode, we’ll dissect the freshest updates from the Doctor Who realm, delve into the mystical mayhem of Loki on Disney Plus, and warp-speed to the Star Trek universe to discuss the latest news and provide an in-depth review of Star Trek: Nemesis. Whether you’re a Time Lord, a God of Mischief, or a Starfleet commander, there’s something for every sci-fi aficionado. Tune in and let your imagination soar through the endless skies of possibilities.


Gaming Face Punch: Level Ups and Face Punches: Gaming’s Whirlwind Journey

Dive into the gaming universe with Monkey Nut Punch Podcast as we traverse through riveting updates, controversial exits, and nostalgic revivals in the bustling world of pixels and joysticks. From Sony's sleek PlayStation 5 reveal to Unity's turbulent leadership shuffle, we've got the joystick to guide you through gaming's latest saga. Catch the drift on Hideki Kamiya's stylish exit from PlatinumGames, and zoom through Microsoft's mega buyout of Activision Blizzard. We're just getting started! Brace yourself as we explore the LAPD's Pokémon Go misadventure, the grand return of 'Saboteur!' on ZX Spectrum NEXT, and Atari's heartwarming blast from the past with 'Save Mary'. Hang tight as we delve into the spellbinding remaster of 'Star Wars™: Dark Forces' and much more. Whether you're a retro gamer, a console warrior, or a casual player, we've got a level for you. Ready to hit play? Tune in and level up your gaming IQ with us!


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 276 - Galactic Chronicles: Trekking Ahsoka’s Legacy

Set sail on a cosmic voyage with the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast, where every week, your hosts Keith, Gareth, and a league of un-informed yet enthusiastic aficionados traverse the boundless realms of your favorite sci-fi universes! From the enigmatic alleys of "Star Wars: Ahsoka" to the star-studded skies of "Star Trek: Insurrection", our podcast dissects, debates, and delves deep into the storytelling intricacies that make these franchises a celestial treat for fans. In each episode, expect a blend of serious analysis, hilarious banter, and heartfelt appreciation for the galactic tales that shape our love for science fiction. Whether it's discussing Ahsoka Tano's enduring legacy in a galaxy far, far away or dissecting the nuanced narratives of Starfleet's daring adventures, the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast is your weekly ticket to a fun-filled sci-fi escapade. Join us as we boldly go where no podcast has gone before, and may the Force be with you on this thrilling odyssey through the stars and beyond!


Gaming Face Punch: Nintendo’s Hints, Sony’s Secrets, and Paint’s Surprise

Join us on this episode of Gaming Face Punch as we delve into the latest gaming news and controversies. We'll discuss Nintendo's hints at the Switch 2 and their M&A strategies, Sony's mysterious erasure of the Star Wars remake, and the alleged ransomware attack on Sony. We'll also explore the debate around Spider-Man 2's gameplay length, the soaring demand for PlayStation Portal in Japan, Atari's nostalgic return with Berzerk Recharged, and the unexpected rise of Microsoft Paint as a photo editing tool. Dive in with us for a comprehensive look at the gaming world's hottest topics!


Monkey Nut Punch Podcast Episode 275 - Ahsoka’s Legacy, Generation V, and Trekking First Contact

Dive into the latest episode of the Monkey Nut Punch Podcast as we traverse the vast expanse of the galaxy! We delve deep into the enigmatic world of Star Wars, discussing the legendary Ahsoka Tano and her enduring impact on the universe. Switching gears, we analyze the nuances of "The Boys Generation V" and what it means for the future of superhero narratives. Lastly, join us on a retrospective journey with "Star Trek: First Contact," exploring its significance in the Star Trek saga. Whether you're a Jedi, a superhero enthusiast, or a Trekkie, there's something for everyone in this episode. Tune in and let's embark on this interstellar adventure together!


Gaming Face Punch - Xbox’s 2024 Lineup, Elder Scrolls Exclusivity, and Fallout’s San Francisco Tease

Join us on "Xbox's 2024 Lineup, Elder Scrolls Exclusivity, and Fallout's San Francisco Tease" as we journey through the latest gaming news and speculations, sourced from the industry's top publications. In this episode, we dive into the most awaited titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2024, as highlighted by Pure Xbox. From the dino-filled world of Ark 2 to the magical dungeons of Hinterberg, the lineup promises excitement. We also uncover a potential easter egg in "Starfield" that has fans drawing parallels with "No Man's Sky" and delve into the surprising news that the next Elder Scrolls installment might bypass the PlayStation platform. The hints from "Fallout: New Vegas" and "Fallout 4" suggest a post-apocalyptic San Francisco setting for the next game, adding to the anticipation. Lastly, we explore the nostalgic Doom-like arcade shooter added in the 2.0 update of "Cyberpunk 2077" and its deeper connection to the game's lore. Tune in for these stories and more as we decode the future of gaming and celebrate its rich past. Don't forget to subscribe for weekly insights and discussions on the gaming world's hottest topics!