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75: Gods of Egypt

In this You Did This to Us, we drowned in CGI because you made us watch Gods of Egypt. David, Brett, and Nicole tried to swim through a Nile full of tropes (the gods are just using humans in their own games, but one plucky human has a valuable lesson for them!), dodge the dodgy acting, tune out the musical score, and long for a longer time with the dog-headed character. (And a shorter time with everyone else.) Oh, yes, and we talked about how all the speaking roles were played by...


74: Let the Right One In

In this Around the World, Nicole chose Let the Right One In. She, David, and Brett are joined by guest Terri Lynne Hudson ("Symbiotic" and "Conspiracy Theorist" on the OTV network) in taking apart and analyzing this Swedish vampire drama. What roles do gender and sexuality play in this movie centered around pre-teen children? How is it that the kids, especially Oskar, seem to be invisible to the adults sometimes? Will no one ever help poor, innocent Oskar? Is Oskar all that innocent? Is this...


73: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

In this Future Classics, David nominated the most recent film we've tackled so far as a Future Classic, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Did Brett and Nicole agree? How does it stand in the pantheon of superhero movies? How well does it juggle six (count 'em, six) spider-beings, and who was everyone's favorite? Do the visuals carry off a comic-book feel while still being successful from a cinematic point of view? Is it successful as a quality representation for kids of color? And does...


72: Billy Elliot

In this Movie-Go-Round Netflix Roulette, we checked out the world's introduction to actor Jaime Bell: Billy Elliot. This movie, about a rebellious tween boy drawn to classical dance in a blue-collar mining town, joins last week's film in an exploration of what it means to be a "masculine" man. Nicole, Brett, and David dug into the political backstory, the unsung lives of the women in this town, the punk and glam-rock needle drops, and the struggle to escape or accept life in a working class...


71: School Daze

In this Movie-Go-Round New to Two, Brett brought our first Spike Lee joint and introduced David and Nicole to the quasi-musical School Daze. We discuss the up-front themes of masculinity, sexuality, colorism, and the thorny issue of where some funding of historically black colleges can come from. As an all-white crew, we did our best to tread with sensitivity while keeping our cinematic choices inclusive, and sincerely hope we did right by Mr. Lee and our listeners. Email the show at...


70: Step Brothers

In this Movie-Go-Round You Did This to Us, the audience chose our film for this week, 2008's Step Brothers. Two adult losers, enabled by their aging parents, are forced to become roommates when their parents get married. Will they ever get along? Will they ever get jobs? Will they ever release their song, Boats and Hoes? Sigh... the man-child trope is alive and well and apparently will last for decades. Nicole found this round particularly tortuous — is she a hopeless movie elitist? Did...


69: In the Loop

In this Around the World, Brett cheats the system again to bring this British/American movie as his pick. Nicole and David watched it anyway, and enjoyed Peter Capaldi and his blisteringly creative cursing, as well as the gruff but witty James Gandolfini and the bumbling British leader performance by Tom Hollander (not the Spider-Man guy). Did they also enjoy its "exuberant, boundless cynicism" and the disconnect between the people in power and those they maneuver for their own ends? Are...


68: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

In this Future Classics, Edgar Wright's love letter to video games and comics, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was Nicole's nominee. Although in a new relationship with high schooler Knives Chau, 22-year-old Scott Pilgrim falls in love with the mysterious delivery girl Ramona Flowers. To win the right to date her, however, Scott must defeat her seven evil exes, manga style, which is quite a challenge when two of your rivals are superheroes. Can Scott also defeat himself and own up to his flaws?...


67: I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore

In this Movie-Go-Round Netflix Roulette, the Netflix wheel threw us another original, the entertaining but annoyingly named I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore. Melanie Lynskey plays a worn-out 30-something nurse who teams up with her odd neighbor, Tony (an unexpected but delightfully against-type Elijah Wood) to recover her stolen possessions. When she traces the thieves, the two are sucked in over their heads. Did our crew enjoy this startlingly violent indie? Did Lynskey...


66: The Informant!

In this New to Two, David brought along The Informant! The premise sounds boring: There's corruption in the lysine industry, and the government takes years to investigate it. But this comedy plays with performances and expectations, and just when you think you know where it's going, you get a revelation that changes everything. This entry was new to Brett and Nicole; so what did everyone think? How was Matt Damon in the lead? What's with this soundtrack? Is this story too weird to be true?...


65: Sucker Punch

In this You Did This to Us, we brought in fellow podcaster and mellow raconteur Corey Scott to suffer along with us. We all watched Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder's "girl power" movie that exploits the women in the cast while telling the audience that exploiting women is bad. Most of the film is a fantasy within a fantasy -- does this make the movie more interesting? Does the Extended Edition make any more sense? Why is Babydoll wearing false eyelashes to bed? What is Jon Hamm doing here? Want...


64: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In this Movie-Go-Round Around the World, David picked an iconic film. Shot in Italy, by an Italian director, with an Italian crew and mostly Italian cast, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly legitimately qualifies as this cycle's Around the World pick. Clint Eastwood's most respected spaghetti Western features three antiheroes and an iconic (if sporadic) score. Did our panel enjoy it? Can greedy outlaws be engaging leads? What's with the sympathy for the Confederacy? Come listen and argue with us...


63: Crimson Peak

In this Movie-Go-Round Future Classics, Brett proposed Guillermo's gooey Crimson Peak! Del Toro brought this Gothic romance to the screen, but couldn't resist throwing in some good old-fashioned cholera ghosts and head bashing. Did David find the spectres scary? Did Nicole ever shut up about kissing techniques and the Hiddlebutt? Join us for this episode of Movie-Go-Round and find out! Want to easily find links to everything we talk about at the end of the program? Head on over to...


62: Zoom

In this Movie-Go-Round Netflix Roulette, Netflix brought this 2015 movie out of left field. _Zoom _features three interconnected stories, one of them animated, about self-image and artistic expression. In a possibly overthought twist, each story's protagonist is the creator of one of the others. Join us as we try to sort out all the threads, even as they unravel in our hands, to try and figure out what this movie is trying to say, and why anyone would think a sex doll would make a good drug...


61: The Trouble With Harry

In this Movie-Go-Round Netflix Roulette, Nicole kicked things off with her New to Two pick, the Hitchcock comedy The Trouble with Harry. But the humor was quite dark for its time, as Hitch tells the story of one dead man and the three people who are each sure that they’re the one who has murdered him. Brett and David watched the movie for the first time, and asked such questions as, Would bigger stars have detracted from the story? Was this movie ahead of its time? And why is everyone so...


60: Reign of Fire

In this Movie-Go-Round You Did This to Us, you all picked Reign of Fire! It was terrible. It was awesome. It was awesomely terrible. It was terribly awesome. Join us as we dig into this big pile of molten cheese and ask, How did the scenery survive with Matthew McConaughey chewing on it so hard? How did the male dragon fly with so many holes in his wings? How did this movie get made with so many holes in its plot? Why doesn’t Brett love this movie the way David and Nicole do? Come find...


59: Train to Busan

In this Movie-Go-Round Around the World, Nicole was very excited to choose this round’s pick. She couldn’t resist this one any longer: Train to Busan. This recent Korean spin on the zombie/”infected” genre brought a propulsive energy and all the feels to a horror category that most people (including Nicole) had thought was played out. Join us as Nicole, David, and Brett talk about this high-speed human and undead drama on rails! Next week's pick is a You Did This to Us vote! What did you...


58: Looper

In this Movie-Go-Round Future Classics, David brought us our latest nominee for a Future Classic: 2012's Looper. This noir sci-fi thriller plays with time travel and the concept of communicating with yourself, both across time and in person. We dig deep, discussing the problems of time travel and how movies solve them, the performances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis playing the same man at different ages, and the big question: What happens when you piss off a telekinetic six-year...


Bonus: Everything's on Fyre! (With Rumor Flies)

In this Movie-Go-Round bonus episode, Brett, David, and Nicole guested on a special version of the Rumor Flies podcast to discuss the Netflix and Hulu Fyre Festival documentaries. We thought this wonderful discussion with Greg Tilton - a previous guest on our show during Pay the Ghost - would be a fun bonus to the feed! Enjoy this analysis of the Fyre Fest and be sure to check out our friends at Rumor Flies. Did you dig this collaboration with Rumor Flies? Do you want more bonus content on...


57: Phantom of the Theatre

In this Movie-Go-Round Netflix Roulette, the wheel came up with the Hong Kong film Phantom of the Theatre. This variation of the Phantom of the Opera included dead acrobats and an inventive method of murder instead of singing. David, Brett, and Nicole watched this somewhat draggy tale about a director, an ingénue with a mysterious past, and an overly elaborate scheme for revenge. Come join us as we find the fun bits and pick apart the bad bits and gloss over the boring bits in between! Next...