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43: The Cabin in the Woods

For our second Movie-Ghoul-Round episode, David got to choose a Future Classic, and his pick was 2012’s The Cabin in the Woods. Simultaneously a critique of and love letter to modern horror-movie tropes, this Drew Goddard/Joss Whedon joint featured a young Thor and host of fantastic character actors. Join Brett, David, and Nicole as they rhapsodize about Bradley Whitford, pick their favorite villains, and debate how much free will can be involved when people are forced to override their...


42: Pay the Ghost

You could call this Netflix Roulette horror movie by its name, Pay the Ghost, but you might as well call it “Pay Nic Cage’s Bills.” This tale of a vengeful ghost features missing children, CG vultures only a few steps up from Birdemic, at least three exposition dumps, and a sleepwalking Cage. Join Brett, David, Nicole, and guest Greg Tilton of Rumor Files and Jack of Trades as we discuss this movie and speculate if it was written by an artificial intelligence, a horror film cliché generator,...


41: I'm Not There

To start our ninth go-round, Brett brought in a film that was New to Two (Nicole and David). His choice was an unconventional biopic by a filmmaker who began his career with a biopic of Karen Carpenter enacted with Barbie dolls. While Todd Haynes used actual humans in his portrait of Bob Dylan, he felt the need to use six of them in I'm Not There, to show the stark differences among the facets of the performer. How well was the music used in this movie? Did David and Nicole have a favorite...


40 - The Emoji Movie

You Did This to Us. Again. You were super nice last time and we got complacent. Our hubris cost us, big-time. The needle swung way back to the other side on the quality indicator and we ended up watching The Emoji Movie. Our guest, Bandrew Scott of the Bandrew Says podcast and YouTube channel Podcastage, was game AF and even played devil's advocate in favor of the movie, and in the end... well, you'll have to listen to find out! We debated this movie's lack of logic, the futility of the...


39: El Mariachi

Brett made the pick for "Around the World" this time, and chose Robert Rodriguez's debut film, El Mariachi. This $7,200 movie was shot for the Mexican home video market, but Columbia Pictures picked it up for distribution and turned it into an indie hit. Brett, David, and Nicole dug into this homemade potluck dish, wondering if its technical quality hurts its longevity, what has become of its writer/director's career, and if it has the greatest possible ending, especially for its storyline...


38: WALL-E

For Future Classics this round, Nicole chose the 2008 film, WALL-E. Pixar pulled off two major feats with this movie: making mountains of garbage look beautiful, and making audiences empathize with a mobile trash compactor within a few minutes of the opening music. We picked through topics such as the influence of past sci-fi characters like E.T. and R2-D2, homage paid to major classic movies, and the old chestnut of what it means to be human and the question of if humanity is even necessary...


37: Memoir of a Murderer

This round's "Netflix Roulette" yielded an unexpected hidden gem: Memoir of a Murderer. In this movie, Byung-Soo grapples with the confusion of encroaching Alzheimer's, memories of his past as a Dexter-style serial murderer, and the threat of a newly emerged serial killer who's after Byung-soo's daughter. David, Brett, and Nicole had a good time dissecting this puzzle, discussing the symbolism of a bamboo grove, the anatomy of the human skull, and the crime-drama tropes this story...


36: Ingrid Goes West

For this round’s New to Two pick, David chose a rather oddball film that came out just last year, Ingrid Goes West. Ingrid is ragingly insecure, tying her self-worth to how close she can get to people with “perfect” lives and how much of their approval she can earn. She does not take rejection well. While Nicole and Brett weren’t sure how much they liked the film, there was a lot of meat to dig into here, and we had some good, deep discussion about mental illness, the role of social media in...


35: What We Do in the Shadows

What happens when you put an ancient monster, a ruthless impaler, an 18th-century dandy, and a 19th-century bad boy together in the same apartment? People stop being polite, and start getting real. You also get our “You Did This to Us” pick for this round, What We Do in the Shadows. You guys were sooooo good to us this week! Nicole, David, and Brett had a ball talking about this supernatural takeoff on the house-sharing reality show genre. Come join us! Head on over to...


34: The Raid

David has been using his “Around the World” picks to introduce Brett to quality martial arts films and prepare him for this week’s choice. But really, is there any way to prepare for The Raid? This 2011 movie, made in Indonesia by a Welsh writer/director, took the action and martial arts genres and dialed them up to 11 and beyond. David, Brett, and Nicole had a very excitable time digging into this movie, and hope you guys will be just as excited to listen to our episode. Next week is You...


33: Skyfall

“Future Classics” week is back, and Brett’s proposed film this time was the big 50th anniversary film in the James Bond franchise, "Skyfall." Featuring themes of past sins, death, rebirth, and redemption, this was the emotionally heaviest of the Bond films. Join us as Brett, Nicole, and David dig in to topics such as the return to classic tropes, Javier Bardem’s entrance (with its flirtation and flair for drama), the gorgeous Oscar-nominated cinematography, fortunate casting and disastrous...


32: Lucky Them

This round’s “Netflix Roulette” reminds us that this theme provides more just-missed-it movies than big hits or entertaining dreck. An indie rock journalist (played by a slumming-it Toni Collette) is tasked with finding her ex, an elusive musician who released a massively influential album and then disappeared. Join Brett, David, and Nicole as they try to figure out which storyline is supposed to be most important, how Thomas Haden Church and Oliver Platt got talked into showing up, and why...


31: Jackie Brown

Our new rounds always begin with “New to Two,” and this week Nicole introduced Brett and David to Quentin Tarantino’s third feature film, "Jackie Brown." Featuring some of Tarantino’s signature elements (clever dialogue, loving shots of a woman’s feet, killer music choices) and deviating in equally significant ways (much less blood, a mature romantic element), "Jackie Brown" was only a modest success and one that a lot of fans have missed seeing. Join us as we dig into this low-profile...


30: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Aw, guys, why? Whyyyyyy? You Did This to Us. You made us watch "Paul Blart: Mall Cop." What did we do wrong? In this Happy Madison production (there’s the first clue this won’t go well), a schlubby single dad who takes his low-end security job too seriously gets caught up in a holiday season heist and has to find a way to save the day. Brett, David, and Nicole had to watch this alleged comedy and found themselves asking questions like, Does the predictable script make this endearing or...


29: RAW

Hoo, boy. This movie. For this week’s “Around the World,” Nicole chose the French-Belgian horror and coming-of-age film, "Raw" (“Grave” in the original French). David knew to brace himself, but poor Brett had no idea what he was in for. Young Justine arrives at veterinary college, where her sister Alexia is already a student. Alexia encourages Justine to awaken one of her appetites during a hazing ritual, and all the rest, unfortunately, follow suit. We tried not to bite off more than we...


28: The Grand Budapest Hotel

For Future Classics this week, David asked Nicole and Brett to watch "The Grand Budapest Hotel." This elaborately constructed, nested diorama of a film is populated with some of the best character actors working today, a couple of up-and-comers, and a few just past their leading-role prime. Lobby boy Zero Moustafa, a foreigner to the fictional country of Zubrowka, becomes the apprentice and friend of Gustave H., the fastidious, refined, yet startlingly profane concierge of the Grand...


27: The Gift

We spun the virtual wheel for “Netflix Roulette” and wound up with a movie we had trouble approaching: 2015’s "The Gift." What at first seems like a “creepy guy starts getting too close to the nice couple” thriller begins to take unexpected turns as the wife starts digging into the creepy guy’s past. The tone of the film is odd, and gets darker and more unsettling as it goes along. Join David, Brett, and Nicole as they ponder things like, Is this the most horrifying movie we’ve watched? How...


26: Gran Torino

In this round’s New to Two, Brett introduced David and Nicole to Clint Eastwood’s last good (possibly great) movie, "Gran Torino," a variation on the “crusty old guy teaches young punk lessons about life and manhood while learning a few things himself” story. We took an admiring look at the film’s craftsmanship, and a harder look at its portrayal of the Hmong culture. Does this movie include the “white savior” trope? What if the protagonist is the one who makes the situation bad in the first...


25: Jupiter Ascending

We finish this round, as always, with You Did This to Us, in which our audience chooses (translated: punishes us with) a film for us to watch and discuss. This week, winning handily in the poll, was the Wachowskis’ “Jupiter Ascending.” This sci-fi soap opera, which bombed in the US and juuuust made its budget back overseas, has eye-boggling visuals, a brain-boggling script, and the odd stomach-boggling performance. What did our crew make of it? (Spoilers: One of them loves this movie. Guess...


24: A Hard Day's Night

We're back! So sorry for the delay the last two weeks. We'll stick around regularly here on out. Enjoy a marathon of three make-up / "sorry we're so late" episodes, beginning with this show! We so appreciate all of our listeners' support; we hope you enjoy this marathon before a return to Monday afternoon releases. We went Around the World again for this episode, stopping just the other side of “the pond” for the fictionalized day in the life of the Beatles, “A Hard Day’s Night.” Join...