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Ep. 42 Hush… Hush Sweet Charlotte

Do you like psychological Southern Gothic horror? More importantly do you like movies where Bette Davis wears old dresses and is stuck in a time long since past? Well, you’re in luck because this week the hosts talk about “Hush… Hush Sweet Charlotte.” Yay! James and Giselle dive into this spiritual sequel to “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane,” discuss the story behind the making of this movie, and realize that it may have also been the inspiration to “Death Becomes Her.” Also, make sure to go...


Ep. 41 Barbara, Please!

What kind of fans of the pantheon that is Hollywood and cinema would the hosts be if they didn’t eventually discuss the camp trash dumpster fire classic that is “Mommie Dearest.” Oh, that’s right! It’s time! This week James and Giselle discuss and break down this cult phenomenon along with some “behind the scenes” factoids, their own feelings as to why it has become a cult hit, and the unavoidable fact that despite the movie’s absurdity, it is ultimately based off an upsetting and true story.


Ep. 40 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane??

“But you ARE, BLANCHE!” That’s right, this week the hosts go delicious vintage and talk about the iconic “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.” James and Giselle discuss the intriguing backstory and feud between its two stars, how that real world relationship undeniably adds to the experience of the movie and affects its story, and how much times have (and haven’t) changed as far as ageism and sexism in Hollywood.


Ep. 39 Death Becomes Her

“NOW a warning?!” Not only is this the hosts’ favorite line from this week’s topic, the ever macabre and fabulous “Death Becomes Her,” but also a warning that James and Giselle spend the good majority of this episode quoting the hell out of this movie ;) This week the hosts discuss how well the movie has, ahem, aged, and argue why this movie’s themes are still relevant now. Check it out!


Ep. 38 I Know What You Did Last Summer!

It’s time for another throwback! This week the hosts discuss the 90s slasher classic “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” James and Giselle discuss how well the movie has held up, what made it stand out from other horror movies of the time, and how they would redo the movie now with all the same actors and with random musical numbers. Still playing teenagers, to be clear. They know, it’s brilliant.


Ep. 37 Wigs and Symbiotes

This week the hosts are talking about the best bro-mance/romantic comedy of 2018. Two people, both outcasts, who come together and through their crazy journey realize that they in fact belong together. You guessed it, this week the hosts are talking about “Venom.” (Okay this movie was totally fun and ridiculous but you cannot deny that epic-bromance). Check it out!


Ep. 36 #GothamCityProblems

This week the hosts talk about the one… the only… The Dark Knight! James and Giselle dive into this superhero classic and discuss what makes it stand out, their own experience seeing it when it premiered, how it changed and legitimized the genre, and generally just gush about how it’s such a good freaking movie (pssst, it’s because he’s Batman). ;)


Ep. 35 Child’s Play

It was only a matter of time before the hosts talked about everyone’s favorite homicidal ginger haired doll. Nope, not Annabelle, Chucky! Yes, this week James and Giselle dive into “Child’s Play” and talk about how Chucky stands out in the horror pantheon, how it’s aged, and ask why is it that single moms in horror movies are always dropping the ball. Seriously, why is that a thing.


Ep. 34 Spider-Vamp and Spider-Hipster

Full disclosure: The majority of this episode is James and Giselle endlessly gushing over “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” If you loved it too, check it out! The hosts discuss why this the best Spider-Man movie to date, they invent two new characters “Spider-Vamp” and “Spider-Hipster” (#SpiderBlessed), they talk about what they hope for the future of the series, and figure out which Spider-Verse they are! Take the quiz to find out who you are...


Ep. 33 Bandersnatch

It’s time to get back to the murky world of “Black Mirror,” this time the hosts dove into the “choose your own adventure” special “Bandersnatch.” James and Giselle played it individually, so they compare and contrast their adventures, discuss this format of storytelling, their intentions and hopes for the main character/player, and what they hope to see with future “choose your own adventure” stories.


Ep. 32 The Sabrina Solstice Spooktacular!

It is time to talk about the “A Midwinter’s Tale” chapter from Sabrina, or as the hosts like to call it, “The Sabrina Solstice Spooktacular!!!” James and Giselle discuss the Winter Solstice themed horror delight, how they liked it as a standalone, which things worked versus things that didn’t, and how the episode looks to bridge the gap and introduce shenanigans for Season 2.


Ep. 31 The Grudge

Two things that James and Giselle love: Horror and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Naturally it was only a matter of time before they talked about… “The Grudge!” Yes, this week the hosts talk about the 2004 American remake of J-horror classic “Ju-on”, their impressions of the movie then versus now, how the movie has aged, and what makes J-horror unique from other facets of the genre. Oh, and they both do their death rattle impersonation, so fair warning :O


Ep. 30 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Something witchy this way comes! That’s right, this week the hosts talk about the first season of Netflix show “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” In this episode they discuss what they felt were the strengths of this contemporary adaptation, its commentary on patriarchy and toxic masculinity, the different ways the show succeeds along with addressing some of its problematic elements, story structure, and what they hope for the second season. And very importantly they find out whether they are...


Ep. 29 Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!

No matter the time of year it’s always a good time for Elvira! That’s right, this week the hosts talk about “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.” James and Giselle discuss what it is about Elvira that makes her so iconic, along with talking about all things fun, ridiculous, and campy about the movie. Unpleasant dreams ;)


Ep. 28 Welcome BACK to Fright Night!

Welcome back to Fright Night… for real. That’s right, this week the hosts talk about the 2011 remake of ‘Fright Night’ written by Marti Noxon! Yeah! James and Giselle discuss the different ways the story has been modernized for contemporary audiences, how that changed various elements including characters and tone, how it has a dash of commentary, and they compare the different strengths between the 1985 original and the 2011 remake. Oh, and they are pretty sure that this movie is actually...


Ep. 27 Arts & Crafts with Michael Myers

Guess what? The hosts are talking about “Halloween” 2018! Yeah!! This week James and Giselle discuss and gush over the long awaited sequel. They talk about the evolution of Laurie Strode, how the movie pays tribute to the previous ones, Human-o-lanterns, alligator moats, and banana pudding. We swear it’s all relevant. And we are pretty sure Michael Myers needs his own Pinterest page.


Ep. 26 Welcome to Fright Night!

Who loves talking about 1980s vampire flicks? James and Giselle do! This week the hosts talk about 1985 campy classic “Fright Night.” They discuss everything from Jerry Dandrige as a vamp villain, Amy’s ever growing fabulous 80s hair, Peter Vincent’s theatrical make up, and how the movie is one big love letter to the 1960s vampire horror genre.


Ep. 25 Dianne Wiest is the Best

James and Giselle dive into the wonderful world of mullets, The Doors, shoulder pads, musical montages, and vampires. That’s right, this week they talk about “The Lost Boys”. The hosts discuss what makes this a stand out movie in the vampire genre, how it influenced “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and how Dianne Wiest was everyone’s 80s mom.


Ep. 24 Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

This week the hosts talk about not the first, but the SECOND “Nightmare on Elm Street” movie. That’s right, Freddy’s Revenge! James and Giselle discuss the movie’s unique quality as far as having a “final boy” as opposed to a “final girl” and how that flipped the script with the horror/slasher movie formula and unintentionally added new themes. Oh and they totally discuss the homoeroticism. Duh. I mean DUH.


Ep. 23 The Covenant

This week the hosts talk about the 2006 male witch flick “The Covenant.” That’s right, boy witches! YEAH. James and Giselle talk about all the facets the fun cult movie including the characters’ totally necessary love of swimming, male friendships, favorite characters, and how this was a glorified CW episode (yes, please). They also realize how the movie is really a tragic failed romance between Chase and Caleb. Check it out!