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Trainspotting 1 & 2 with Bonnie Cahoon

Welcome to Episode 55 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Trainspotting 1 & 2 with Bonnie Cahoon Imagine the greatest feeling you’ve ever had times a thousand you wouldn’t even come close to this episode! Today the Nerds take a huge dose of Trainspotting and T2 Trainspotting. We are joined but our own Josh’s lovely wife, Bonnie Cahoon! Based on the book, this Scottish film set the hearts of many a blaze and even 20 years later still do. So do yourself a favor, choose listen and enjoy our nerdgasm....


One Year Anniversary - Part III - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Welcome to Episode 54 of Nerd On! The Podcast – The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Well well what do we have here? Someone that has made it through the gauntlet of all 3 episodes of our Mega Nerd On-iversary event! Thank you! For the wonderful year, this last part we take on The Return of The King! There and back again (not really) from Frodo’s closure, to Aragorn’s prophecy, and Èowyn’s victory. Needless to say we had full on nerdgasms discussing this one, opening the lore of...


One Year Anniversary - Part II - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Welcome to Episode 53 of Nerd On! The Podcast – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers One Anniversary. Two Towers. Three Episodes. Welcome back to our second part of our Three Part event! This time we continue our journey to Mordor with the second installment of LOTR: TWO TOWERS! We dive into differences of each Gandalf, Arwen vs Èowyn, and how a sequel fares in an epic trilogy. Who’s is the most badass in The Battle of Helms Deep, is Gollum’s redemption justified, why is Aragorn so cool,...


One Year Anniversary - Part I - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Welcome to Episode 52 of Nerd On! The Podcast – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring An episode is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it means to… ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EPISODE!!! In this part one of three special we dive deep into the world of Middle Earth with Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. From the book to the director, the characters, the craft, everything we cover as much as we can as a thank you to you for such an amazing year! How will...


Wes Anderson with Dana Powers

Welcome to Episode 51 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Wes Anderson with Dana Powers Put on your Khakis and Furry Coats because it gets cold in the Dysfunctional Families of Wes Anderson! This week The Nerds center frame a brand new topic of discussion with our guest Dana Powers! LA-based voice actress and beloved of our own host Corey, we discuss the ins, outs, swish pans, track shots, and telephoto zooms of this visionary director. From Bottle Rocket to his latest film Isle of Dogs, how deep does...


Cowboy Bebop

Welcome to Episode 50 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Cowboy Bebop It’s finally happened! The Nerds take on Anime on the podcast, and what better topic than Cowboy Bebop! Right in time for its 20th Anniversary, we travel to Mars, Jupiter, and even Ganymede. From the characters, the subtext, its laurels, and references we pony up the 30 Million Wulongs to discuss all of its aspects (allegedly). So welcome aboard the Bebop and find out how we fare in this foray into the world of Anime with this...


The Dark Knight Returns (Animated) with The Capeless Crusaders

Welcome to Episode 49 of Nerd On! The Podcast – The Dark Knight Returns (Animated) Holy time has flown by Batman! We are almost at a year since we started this Podcast and it wouldn’t be a full year without a Mega Collaboration Crossover with The Capeless Crusaders! The Nerds take on The Dark Knight Returns Pt 1 & 2 The Animated Films. Adapted from Frank Miller’s run of Batman that changed and influenced the character up to this very day. Continuing from their Twitch live show and topic what...


Final Fantasy VII

Welcome to Episode 48 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword Equipped, Materia arranged, and Chocobo mounted, it’s time for Final Fantasy VII! This week, The Nerds party up to take on all the of Weapons and Forms of Sephiroth in this throwback video game Titan! From the lore, to characters, and how it affected the franchise and other games we regale upon what has made it a household name and legend amongst the Final Fantasy Series. But can something be so good? Find out on...


Ninten(dos): Nintendo Pt. 2

Welcome to Episode 47 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Ninten(dos): Nintendo Pt. 2 No need to blow on the cartridge anymore but you probably won’t find these consoles anywhere when it comes to the holidays. The Nerds continue their journey through the Nintendo timeline of consoles and games, or at least try to. From GameCube to Switch and Ds to New 3DS XL, how many Pokémon games were there? Join us in on Nostalgia Avenue on this episode of Nerd On! Be sure to subscribe and follow the show for all...


Dirty Laundry

Welcome to Episode 46 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Dirty Laundry Do you know the difference between justice and punishment? Well get into the war wagon because The Nerds are stepping into the Bootleg Universe and talking about DIRTY LAUNDRY. The short film that premiered at 2012’s Comic Con and took the fandom of Comic Book lovers alike. Analyzing the Marvel Universe that led to the YouTube sensation, and the following iterations to the Netflix series. A first time topic diving into the world...


Music "R" Us

Welcome to Episode 45 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Music “R” Us Label your mixtapes, plug in your Walkman, and turn the windows down, it’s Music R Us! The Nerds try to tackle the huge genre of what they love about music and what it means to them. From their first albums, favorite songs, to family origins. No grumps just good vibes and a slice of the world we share in the audiophile world. You’ll even find out what guilty pleasure songs make them want to turn the volume low but they bare it all...



Welcome to Episode 44 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Nickelodeon Are you afraid of the Dark? Well if your childhood was anything like ours, you’ll have your blue caps on and are loaded into the Reptar Wagon because we are going Nickelodeon! The Nerds take another trip down nostalgia avenue discussing and reminiscing their favorite shows, characters, and games of Nickelodeon. Pack your Krabby Patties and learn the words of the Doom Song, we’re getting slimed in this episode of Nerd On! Be sure to...


Marvel Studios' Ant Man & The Wasp

Welcome to Episode 43 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Marvel Studios’ Ant Man & The Wasp Hope you have your string cheese and juice box ready, we’re going quantum! Step into your quantum pod, because we go big into the Quantum Realm with Ant Man and the Wasp! The third Marvel film of 2018, the Nerds make some quantum discussion, by analyzing the quantum storytelling and quantum effects it had on us. In this Spoiler Rich episode we connect the comic book source material and how the MCU is affected...


Movies Based On Books with Life's A Binge

Welcome to Episode 42 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Movies Based On Books with Life’s A Binge Turn a page and roll the cameras! This episode the Nerds travel through the many volumes of Books adapted into Films. From cult classics to academy winning for best-adapted screenplays the Nerds are joined by Podern Family Members, Life’s a Binge! Together the group discusses the cultural relevance, phenomena, and otherwise enjoyment of this aspect of the art world. How many puns can they make? How many...


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Welcome to Episode 41 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Well, we’re back, in the Park again. This week the Nerds continue the Summer Movie Madness with Universal’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Sneak your way into this sequel as we dissect this film like InGen is out of business (spoilers). We discuss all of our favorite parts and actually introduce a new part of the show called “Guess that Grump!” Enjoy this spoiler-filled look at what this sequel does for the...


Incredibles 2

Welcome to Episode 40 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Incredibles 2 Grab your super suit, secure the perimeter, and watch Jack-Jack! Fourteen years in the making The Nerds assemble to save the day with Brad Bird’s The Incredibles 2. With our first Pixar film, we touch on the short film Bao and Dash in our favorite parts of this superhero family flick. How many powers does Jack Jack have? What were this sequels weakest parts? Who was the grump of the show? Find out in this episode of Nerd On! Be...


The Jurassic Park Trilogy with Siera Casey

Welcome to Episode 39 of Nerd On! The Podcast – The Jurassic Park Trilogy Spare no expense while you listen to this episode because “we uh uh find a way”. That’s right today’s episode we journey with a fellow Nerd Siera Casey in the World of Jurassic Park. Together, we open the bird cages and gush out about how clever all the girls are. The original trilogy, of course, gave us laughs but we discuss and analyze why a certain one was our favorite. Mr. DNA takes a back seat in this nostalgia...


DC Comics Flashpoint

Welcome to Episode 38 of Nerd On! The Podcast – DC Comics’ Flashpoint Hop the cosmic treadmill, change the timeline indefinitely, you know the words, “Run Barry, RUN!” This week, the Nerds are breaking the speed force with FLASHPOINT. The titular event that changed the DC Comicbook timeline forever. Launching the New 52, we explore the effects of this event, share our favorite parts, and even analyze some setbacks of this kind of book to newcomers. For our second comic book episode, who...


Solo: A Star Wars Story

Welcome to Episode 37 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Solo: A Star Wars Story “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is our topic for this fun-filled episode. Does our gang bring a sad sack of Yoda filled baggage into this movie? Spoiler warning: We discuss everything this movie tackles and dish on what we felt hit the mark or missed by a mile! So hop in as we explore a world alongside Lando, Qi’ra, Beckett, L3, Chewie, and the scruffy looking nerf herder himself; Han Solo. Episode available now! Be sure to...


Marvel Studios - Deadpool 2

Welcome to Episode 36 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 2 Fire up the chimichangas and strap on… err… in! Whatever suits you tender little hearts. This week we discuss “Deadpool 2”! We dissect this juggernaut of a 4th wall breaking comedy that’s filled with so much fun, blood, and raunchy humor it’ll never make its way to Cable TV . This film starts a Domino effect of Colossus proportions, that may effect the Marvel universe as a whole, by bringing the X-Force to the big...