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Episode 15 :: Read-Along: The Handmaid's Tale

This episode is dedicated entirely to Margaret Atwood's landmark dystopian novel, The Handmaid's Tale. It's a horrifying story that gets closer to reality with each passing day - in which America has been overthrown by religious fundamentalists and anyone not male, white, and heterosexual is killed or subjugated. We experience this awful reality through the eyes of a woman trapped in sexual servitude; her existence reduced to being a walking womb to compensate for the future's low birth...


Episode 14 :: A Handmade Tail

As we brace ourselves for our forthcoming dissection of the disturbingly relevant Handmaid's Tale, we first divert into greener and more peculiar pastures by talking about the other things we've read. Join Cap, Denika, Brandon, and Jess as they unload on a wide expanse of literary explorations. Discover a genre specifically about faeries being dicks, explore the world of video game translation and The Legend of Zelda to a point of fascinating minutia, learn what's the opposite of Death Note,...


Episode 13 :: Into the Pop Culture Garbage Hole

From the pages of Nerdy Show – it’s Nerdy Show Book Club! In these literary episodes, we share the books we’re currently reading, do dramatic readings from the best and worst nerd literature, talk with notable geek authors, and discuss a book we’ve read along with the community. When you consume a ton of media, it's inevitable that you'll come face-to-face with some tentacle-waving garbage monster of obscure pop culture. The question is: is it bad bad or good bad? Will you find surprising...


Episode 12 :: Journey Into Mythic Fiction

From the pages of Nerdy Show – it’s Nerdy Show Book Club! In these literary episodes, we share the books we’re currently reading, do dramatic readings from the best and worst nerd literature, talk with notable geek authors, and discuss a book we’ve read along with the community. It's been an obscene amount of time since we cracked open Book Club, but neither hell, nor high water, nor the waning attention spans of modern man can hold us back from our quest for enthralling brain-pictures. Join...


Episode 11 :: Read 'Til You Puke!

From the pages of Nerdy Show - it's Nerdy Show Book Club! In these literary episodes, we share the books we’re currently reading, do dramatic readings from the best and worst nerd literature, talk with notable geek authors, and discuss a book we’ve read along with the community. It's been an eon since Nerdy Show Book Club last convened and we're backed up with awesome books to talk about! We're rekindling the Book Club flame - not just as a returning segment of Nerdy Show, but as its own...


Episode 10 :: Go BZRK with Michael Grant

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you read some Animorphs. This shape-shifting sci-fi series was a seminal read for legions of nerdy teens; some of whom may have grown up to host podcasts. Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate (the writing duo better known to Animorphs fans as K.A. Applegate) are back! In this episode we review their latest joint book, Eve and Adam, and interview author Michael Grant who’s recent solo work includes the mega-hit young adult series, Gone and the...


Episode 9 :: Sick Puppies

Nerdy Show Book Club returns! We share the books we’re currently reading, discuss the book we read along with you guys, and do some of our famous dramatic readings. It’s a sexy party in the library, and you’re the guest of honor. This episode our Community Read-Along is a black comedy set in the Sunshine State, Carl Hiaasen’s Sick Puppy! Our home state is notorious for all the crazy that goes on here, and Hiaasen’s fictional Florida distills that crazy into a fine drinking liquor suitable...


Episode 8 :: De Niromancer

In this episode of Nerdy Show Book Club we take on a nerdy novel classic William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Thirty years ago this novel redefined science fiction, and to this day it continues to indelibly influence… just about everything. Including your day-to-day life! This is the kernel from which all of cyberpunk exploded and infected the world’s psyche with digital consciousness. It’s a must read. …And none of us had read it. So we’ve fixed that and hopefully you’ve joined us as we plunged...


Episode 7 :: Ready Player One

Grab your oscillation overthruster and shove some garbage in your Mr. Fusion, ’cause we’re blasting off into 1980s obscurity! This month’s community read-along is Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One a book tailor-made for any geek nurtured in the neon womb of 80s excess and schooled on some of the greatest nerd-centric pop culture ever made. But is a book written by a nerd for nerds a good thing? Can carefully catered niche references go too far? And how does its sci-fi story stack up against...


Episode 6 :: Children From the Stars

Nerdy Show Book Club returns! Join Cap, Brandon, Colin, and newcomer Germaine as we discuss what books we’ve read, and the community read-long book: Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow – a book that runs parallel to his classic, Ender’s Game. It’s the story of a genius street urchin who gets sent to Battleschool to defend humanity. And since we’re already up there, we pay a visit with another child from space, he’s a real star you might say. Tune in for the dramatic reading weirdness you love,...


Episode 5 :: More Stories About Sex in the Future with Casper Kelly

Nerdy Show Book Club is back and this time with a very special guest! This time around our book of the month was More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer by Casper Kelly, a brilliant collection of short stories. Casper is a writer for some of Adult Swim’s finest (Too Many Cooks, Aqua Teen, Squidbillies, Harvey Birdman, and more) and we had the pleasure of having him with us for the entire episode. Join Cap, Hex, Colin, Brandon, and special space friend, Casper, as we spiral into madness,...


Episode 4 :: Nothing is Free in Riverworld

Nerdy Show Book Club returns with a vengeance! We’re hairless, naked, hopped up on dreamgum, and lookin’ to go all Lord of the Flies on ya. This month we read Philip Jose Farmer’s legendary existential historical fiction sci-fi, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, the fist book in the Riverworld series. It’s like if Allan Quatermain took bath salts and played Myst! Join Cap, Hex, Brandon, and Colin on uncanny journey into this and other nerdy literary adventures – including an excerpt from a...


Episode 3 :: Sometimes You Just Gotta Hit the Road

Put on your imagination helmets, Nerdy Show Book Club is blasting off again! In this episode we debut our amazing new Book Club theme and crack open some sweet reads, new and old. Join Cap, Hex, Colin, Brandon, Luke, and Jon for discussion on the latest books we’ve read, from sci-fi- to fantasy, to everything in between. In this episode we have our first discussion on a book we read along with the community, Old Man’s War by John Scalzi. Now that you’ve read the book too, head over to the...


Episode 2 :: The Dark One’s Taint

Book Club is now a regular segment on Nerdy Show! In each episode we’ll share what books we’re currently reading, and even have a monthly read-along with listeners. This first episode is double-length ’cause there’s a literary project very relevant to your nerdy interests that needs discussing. Singularity & Co. is a new company dedicated to digitally publishing obscure science fiction novels that would never otherwise see publication in any form. Their Kickstarter has been endorsed by i09...


Episode 1 :: Nerdy Show Book Club

You know what we don’t talk about enough on Nerdy Show? Books. And that’s a damn shame. We’re not talking about comic books, we’re talking about honest to got letters-on-a-page books. They’re the original nerd medium! Turns out, most of us here at Nerdy Show are avid book junkies. So it’s about time we started up a book club – in podcast form of course! This episode comes to you courtesy of Nerdy Show listener Jobarda, who might be a visionary for opening the book (as it were) on Nerdy...