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Part 2: Katie Horneshaw's Sister Killed A Man

On the last episode of No Filter, you heard from Mary Pershall whose daughter Anna, murdered the man she was living with during a descent into mental illness and drug addiction. One of the aspects of Anna’s story that gripped the nation was that at the time she committed the crime she was 18 weeks pregnant. So what happened to Anna’s baby? Her sister Katie stepped in and took on the role of parent and this is Katie's story... CREDITS: Host: Mia Freedman With thanks to special guest...


Part 1: Mary Pershall's Daughter Killed A Man

What do you do when you receive a phone call saying that your daughter has murdered someone? Mary Pershall spent 28 years trying to shield her youngest daughter Anna from her demons. First, it was anorexia, then other mental health issues and later drug use including marijuana and ice. But one act of rage in 2015 changed the course of Anna and her mother's life forever. So how do you deal with the fact your daughter is a murderer? Click here to subscribe to No Filter. CREDITS: Host:...


Germaine Greer Won't Be Defined By Her Rape

This podcast will deal extensively with the subject of rape and won't be appropriate for all listeners. If this podcast does bring anything up for you then please call 1800 RESPECT. When people think of feminism, they think of Germaine Greer. Her manifesto The Female Eunuch was released in 1970 and is still shaping conversations 48 years later. But what happens when an icon - whose job it is to be provocative - exists in a culture of outrage? Most recently, the release of her Melbourne...


Moana Hope Insists She’s Not A Hero

Moana Hope is the breakthrough superstar of the AFL women’s competition, kicking goals first for Collingwood and now North Melbourne. But funnily enough, sport is probably the least interesting about Moana. She’s one of 14 kids and quit school at the age of 10 to take care of her dying father. At 26 she became the sole carer for her disabled sister Lavinia. She also runs her own company and wants to have a big family with her girlfriend Isabella Carlstrom. So how does she manage it all? In...


Kyl Myers Is Letting Her Child Choose Their Gender

"Aw, are you having a boy or a girl?" It's what every parent-to-be is asked as soon as the lines appear on the pee stick. But Kyl Myers and her partner Brent are two of a growing number of parents who refused to answer that question and made the choice to raise their child as "gender creative". Kyl and Brent have never publicly disclosed the biological sex of their child Zoomer, and they don’t use the pronouns 'he' or 'she'. They intend to let Zoomer decide on what gender to identify as, if...


Malcolm Turnbull Hasn't Lost Everything

Today Malcolm Turnbull was replaced as Prime Minister of Australia by former treasurer Scott Morrison after months of speculation political in-fighting. Since becoming PM he’s been seen as a bit of a disappointment. Too robotic, too soft and not the Malcolm we signed up for. Back in 2017, Mia sat down with Malcolm to talk politics, gay marriage and the most important relationship in his life. The one with his wife, Lucy Turnbull. As he stood behind the lectern addressing the nation, Lucy...


Osher Günsberg Is Not Who You Think He Is

Osher Gunsberg is not who you think he is. Yes, he is the guy who hosts The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and is the boss of the roses. And yes, he did used to host another massive reality show called Australian Idol back when he was called Andrew G. But throughout his life, Osher had things to hide. But now, he’s talking about them. He’s written a book called Back, After The Break, where he writes about his life, how he’s battled and overcome OCD, anxiety, body dysmorphia and even...


Rick Morton Was Born Into Rural Royalty. Suddenly, He Was Dirt Poor

Rick Morton was born the son of a cattle baron in far western Queensland. His backyard consisted of hundreds of thousands of acres. He went to school by school of the air. And his family home was 500kms from the nearest town. But in just 24 hours, Rick’s life went from being something of an idyllic outback childhood to poverty. So how do you go from rural royalty to dirt poor? What’s it like growing up gay and closeted in a small town? Rick has written a book about his life called 100...


Lucy Peach Is A Period Unicorn

Lucy Peach is a folk singer turned comedian turned period hacker. Yes, period hacker. Lucy has worked out the secret to using your period for power. And on this episode of No Filter, she gives practical advice about how to harness the different phases of your cycle. After you listen to this you'll never think of your period the same way again. Click here to subscribe to No Filter. CREDITS: Host: Mia Freedman With thanks to special guest Lucy Peach. Find out more about her live shows...


Kerry Tucker Loved Being In Prison

How do you prepare for prison? How do you tell your young daughters that you aren’t going to see them for a very long time?Kerry Tucker was jailed in 2004 for one of the biggest white-collar crimes committed by a female in Victoria at the time. She’d been stealing money from her employers. She owned up to it, went through the process and spent 4.5 years behind bars in a maximum security prison away from her two daughters. Surprisingly for Kerry, jail was the making of her and she’s written a...


Amy Molloy Was Widowed At 23

Amy Molloy has lived a big life. She’s survived anorexia, was widowed at 23, divorced her second husband in her late 20’s, forged a new career, married for the third time and has had two babies. And she’s only 33. Amy has written a book about her life so far, called The World Is A Nice Place, and she joins Mia to talk about why, after so much hardship, she's filled with hope…. Click here to subscribe to No Filter. CREDITS: Host: Mia Freedman With thanks to special guest Amy Molloy Buy...


Wren and Ayla's Story: When Your Wife Is Trans

Wren Holdom had been with her partner Ayla for almost a decade when a revelation in a Chinese restaurant turned their lives upside down. Learning that her spouse was transgender was just the beginning of a journey that included difficult conversations with family, being outed by the tabloid press at Prince William's wedding and ultimately strengthening their bond and cementing their commitment to one another. Click here to subscribe to No Filter. CREDITS: Host: Mia Freedman With thanks...


Caitlin Moran Is An Optimistic Feminist Hero

Caitlin Moran is a writer, columnist, novelist, dramatist and one of the most optimistic and funny writers on the planet. She’s published six books, writes two columns a week for the UK Times and is a mum to two teenage girls. And because she's not busy enough she's just written her second book in a trilogy, How To Be Famous. In this intimate interview, Caitlin and Mia catch up and discuss the issues of Me Too, feminism, fame and getting older. This one will feel like eavesdropping on a...


A message from Glennon Doyle...

DONATE TO TOGETHER RISING HERE Check out Glennon Doyle's No Filter interview with Mia


The Teacher's Pet

Lyn Dawson was 33 years old and the mother of two little girls when she went missing in January 1982. She was married to her high school sweetheart, rugby league star turned teacher, Chris Dawson. They lived on Sydney’s Northern beaches on the same street as Chris’ twin brother Paul and his wife. But then one day, Chris moved one of his students, 16-year-old Joanne Curtis, into their family home and things were never the same. Since Lyn’s disappearance in 1982, two coroners found, in 2001...


Tara Westover Was Actively Planning For The End Of The World

Tara Westover was 16 when she stepped into a classroom for the first time. She didn’t know how to talk to her peers, had never heard of the Holocaust and thought that she was sitting amongst heathens. Today Tara holds a PHD in intellectual history and political thought from Cambridge University. She’s attended Harvard as a fellow, and has just written her first book, a memoir called Educated. So how did she get here? Click here to subscribe to No Filter. CREDITS: Host: Mia...


Maz Compton Doesn't Drink Anymore

Maz Compton knew she had a problem with alcohol when she couldn’t stop saying yes to it. But she didn’t classify herself as an alcoholic. She was high-functioning, kicking huge career goals and her personal life was great. She wasn’t unwell or out of control. She didn’t seem to tick any of the boxes on the label marked "alcoholic"…..except one. She didn’t know how to manage the amount of alcohol she drank. What she decided to do next was radical and not everyone was impressed... Click...


The Reinventions Of Alannah Hill

Alannah Hill the brand is one of the most iconic fashion labels in Australia but what about Alannah Hill the woman? Mia first met Alannah 20 years ago when she was one of the biggest names in fashion. Since that time, Alannah has had a baby and raised him as a single mum. She’s also lost her own mother, her beloved business and for a while her identity. She shares her hardships and successes in her memoir, Butterfly On A Pin and she's sitting down with Mia to talk about it. Click here to...


A Message About Milan...

A couple of months ago you may have heard my interview with Marilee Mai, the mother of a little girl called Milan who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer last July and who I met when I spent some time in the hospital with one of my kids at the end of last year. Many of you have been asking for updates as to how Milan is going and it’s with a heavy heart that I wanted to let you know she passed away this week.... For Milan’s parents, Marilee and Min and for her little...


Elle Halliwell Faced Life And Death On The Same Weekend

In April 2016, Elle Halliwell was going about her life as fashion editor and showbiz reporter for The Sunday Telegraph. She was fit, she ate healthily and she only drank on weekends. Everything was fine...until she got a call that would change her life. Elle found out she had Leukemia and 48 hours later she found out she was pregnant. So what were those 48 hours like? What happens when cancer and motherhood collide? And how do you keep living a normal life when your world is turned upside...