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NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY at 12PM eastern. Shocka, Skriptz, Nate and Jay talk culture, poke fun at the clowns of the world and sometimes get a little serious.

NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY at 12PM eastern. Shocka, Skriptz, Nate and Jay talk culture, poke fun at the clowns of the world and sometimes get a little serious.
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NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY at 12PM eastern. Shocka, Skriptz, Nate and Jay talk culture, poke fun at the clowns of the world and sometimes get a little serious.






No Hard Feelings Season 2 Finale

Season 2 Final featuring Shocka, Jay, nate and special guest Ty. The Mueller Investigation is complete and the left winged media is really upset about the results. The aftermath of the Christchurch shooting is ushering in a dystopian reality. And as season 8, the final season of Game of Thrones, approaches will it also be the final season of No Hard Feelings? Season This weeks featured artist is Olive with her single "Carry on"


S2E24 "Regression to the Mean" Ft. DM Cool

Season 2 Episode 24 Featuring Jay, Shocka, Nate and special guest DM Cool. Things get real spicy on this weeks episode as we anticipate the release of Avengers: End Game and what comic book movies have done for Hollywood up until this point. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to JessIsHilarious. And Lebron seems to be getting all of the blame in the Lakers shortcoming but Nate and DM Cool go head to head with opposing opinions. This weeks featured artist is David Berry with his single...


S2E23 "Serge Iblocka"

Season 2 Episode 23 Feature Jay, Shocka & Nate. Serge Ibaka is not to be messed with, but has taunting and fighting gone too far or do we need more of that in sports? Is Shocka part of the Illuminati? R.Kelly is the gift that keeps on giving, but Nate thinks we should ask more questions. Is Kobe really a better player than Lebron? Tune episodes every Wednesday. This weeks featured artist is Mississauga, Ontario's own, Audric Rose with his single "If Not Now When" (produced by...


S2E22 "Trouble in Paradise"

Season 2 Episode 22 Featuring Jay, Nate & Shocka Have you ever believed something you thought everyone knew to be true to find out that was not the case out all, the Mandela Effect is a real phenomenon and we discuss why it is. Was Lebron and the Lakers ever going to really make the playoffs? Jordyn Woods is the new target of a Kardashian public shaming. Tune in.... This weeks featured artist is Charleston, South Carolina's own, @Treywayamistad with his single "Cold Hearted", tune in!!


S2E21 "Scumbag Stan"

Season 2 Episode 21 Featuring Jay, Nate and Shocka. Jussie Smollett may be under fire for allegedly lying about his attack, but we analyze it for what it is. RKelly posts bail on his charges, and we countdown the celebration until he's behind bars. Can you really count out Lebron James? Tune in every Wednesday for new episode and 4 more episodes until the Season Finale.


S2E20 "It Was Him All Along"

Season 2 Episode 20 featuring Nate, Jay, Shocka and Skriptz Skriptz is back in the building after his hiatus from the show. New info surfaces around actor Jussie Smollett, suggesting it may have been him all along! NBA All-Star weekend was aight and Colin Kaepernick finalizes a deal. R.Kelly may be going down, and for good this time. 10th year anniversary of Drake's groundbreaking mixtape "So Far Gone". This weeks featured artist is Mississauga, Ontario's own @AudricRose (aka Shocka from our...


S2E19 "No Chance of Parole"

Season 2 Episode 19 Featuring Jay , Nate & Shocka It's Valentines Weekend vs NBA Allstar Weekend, who's getting your attention? Do you know what the real definition of love is? And we do a Grammys wrap up with all the associated controversies. Tune in every Wednesday for new episodes. This weeks featured artist is Lawton, Oklahoma's own Jacobi Ryan with his single "All time high" tune in!


S2E18 "Trophies"

Season 2 Episode 18 with Jay, Nate and Shocka. Jay is back and has stories to tell from his trip to Cancun. Superbowl 53 has wrapped up with the Patriots winning their 6th title with Brady, we talk about the game and everything surrounding it. Liam Neeson had some harsh thoughts towards black people at one point in his but was able to clean up his thoughts, what did it mean? Tune in every Wednesday for new episodes!


S2E17 "Jay Live From Mexico" ft. Ty

Season 2 Episode 17 featuring Nate, Shocka and special guest host Ty(@tillyhyrch). Jay is reporting live from Mexico and has a few words he would like to share with us all. Shocka gets bamboozled and just wants to vent over why. Disturbing story surfaces around actor Jussie Smollett, new music preview from rapper The Game taking a few shots at his mans wife, Anthony Davis gets fined $50k for public trade demand, and much more. This weeks featured artist is Atlanta, Georgia's own Madame Shar...


S2E16 "What's In Your Kit?" Ft. Ty

Season 2 Episode 16 feature Jay, Nate, Shocka and special guest host Ty (@tillyhyrch). The R Kelly saga continues as he gets dropped by his record label Sony music, good move on their part or just saving face? The Superbowl match up has been set, Patriots vs Rams in Atlanta, who you got? Are you being gouged by your phone company, they are coming for a lot more. Tune in a subscribe. This weeks featured artist all the way from LA is rap duo @subzandesotre with their single "Bridges". Check...


S2E15 "Buddy Burger"

Season 2 Episode 15 Featuring Jay, Nate and Shocka. This week find out the results of the Fantasy League match between Shocka and Jay, loser had to walk up to A&W and order the Buddy Burger and eat it live on the podcast. We also went in depth on the US Government Shut Down and what to do in event of an economic collapse. We also touched on Kyler Murray, the York Regional police, Breathalyzers and much much more... tune in! The weeks featured artist is @BoomFuego with his single "Don't Talk"...


S2E14 "The Pied Piper"

Welcome to the first episode of 2019! Catch up with us as we discuss our holidays and gifts from Christmas. We cover surviving R.Kelly docuseries and find out just who's ready to cancel him forever. Should Kevin Hart reconsider hosting the Oscars after all? Cyntoia Brown has been granted clemency from her life sentence. This weeks featured artist is Kansas City's own King Gabriel (@kinggabriel913)with his single "Too late". Tune in!


S2E13 "The Climax"

Season 2 Episode 13 Featuring Nate, Jay, Shocka and Skriptz. This is the end of the year wrap up episode. We discussed our top albums, artists and movies. Was Offset going overboard with trying to get Cardi to take him back? What's you missed cue cringe story? When are we going to put a stop to people pulling up Twitter histories? Our featured Artist this week is again Bumpy 103 with his new track WIT IT.


S2E12 "The Pum Pum Whisperer"

S2E12 Featuring: Nate, Jay, Shocka and Skriptz This week we put the King of R&B discussion to rest because it's pretty obvious. Have you ever survived long enough in the club to buy a rose? How rich do you have to be to bring your hairline back? What's your go-to break up song? This weeks featured artist is Austin, Texas own Paul Akujor(@paulmusic101)with his single "You don't know" Tune in


S2E11 "#MenToo"

S2E11 Featuring Jay, Skriptz, Shocka and Nate. Men are in jeopardy in 2018, so to counteract it we try and get the #Mentoo movement started. We also discuss if you should be worried if your significant other is going on vacation with her friends. Also when she says "we need to take break" what does that really mean? Tune in..... This weeks featured artist is Columbus Ga/Atlanta's own Kris J (@imkrisj)with his single "Like Master P" produced by Natural disaster.


S2E10 "Prison iffy uh Soap Gettin Slippy uh"

S2E10 Feat Jay, Shocka and Nate. Was the exposing of Dwight Howard a classy act on the part of his alleged boyfriend? 6ix9ine may be behind bars but he dropped some bars, and is this is his best work? Want to figure out how to be a lonely Aunty is your 40s? Tune in.... This weeks featured artist is Charlotte, NC own, Big Greg with his single "Oh No" feat. LaTruth.


S2E9 "Wipe My Tongue"

Season 2 Episode 9 featuring: Nate, Jay, Shocka, and Skriptz. This weeks episode we send our prayers and condolences to the late, great Kim Porter and her family. Snoop Dogg gets a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and the man dem think about teaming up to buy their own someday. R.Kelly is back in the news asking fans to wipe his tongue, and Hiphop artist Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas go head to head. This weeks featured artist is Atlanta, GA own, Yung Damon with his single "No Favors", tune...


S2E8 "Netflix & Jill"

Season 2 Episode 8 featuring: Nate, Shocka, and Skriptz. This weeks episode we pay tribute to our childhood superhero, Stand Lee passing at age 95. How dare the Houston Rockets waive Carmelo Anthony after just 10 games! With Jill Scott's viral air sucking video breaking the internet we also touch on different fellatio experiences, plus more new music and more trash stories .....tune in!


S2E7 "How To Get ★★★★★ IRL"

Season 2 Episode 7 Featuring: Jay, Shocka, Skriptz and Nate. The clocks may have rolled back an hour but No Hard Feelings Podcast hasn't. It was a light week but we went digging in the memory banks for some stories that makes us who we are. We also discussed house parties, the Dipset Era, Ja Rule's reign in the music industry and much more.... tune in.


S2E6 "Upper Booty Meat"

Season 2 Episode 6 Featuring Jay, Nate, Skriptz and Shocka. This weeks episode is our 2018 Halloween special. We discussed scary movies and what we did for Halloween. We reminisced on our teenage year and the 2 hour showers we used to take and what happened. We go through a couple album reviews of Tory Lanes and Mih-Ty and much more...