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Two very normal dudes talking about very nerdy stuff...and whatever else we feel like.

Two very normal dudes talking about very nerdy stuff...and whatever else we feel like.


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Two very normal dudes talking about very nerdy stuff...and whatever else we feel like.






Stormlight 5 Delayed Sadly and Cosmere coming to Hollywood?!

We bring you tragic news today as we discuss Brandon Sanderson's latest announcement and our thoughts on Cosmere T.V. Support the show


Weekly Anime Review: Overlord and Summer Schedule

We are back with our anime review for the week. Kicking off the summer line up we are looking at Overlord only (because one host is taking forever to catch up on things). Support the show


Multiverse of Madness Review

Today we talk one of the worst marvel movies of all time Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. With weird transitions, nerfing of certain characters, and a horrific music battle there is a lot to talk about with this terrible movie. Support the show


Happy 4th of July: Best Summer Activities and Winter is The Worst

HAPPY 4th of July, today in celebration of the apex of summer fun days we discuss the best summer activities… and shit on winter Support the show


CGI in Anime Just Needs to Stop

Today we talk one of the most atrocious developments in anime, CGI. It looks bad, feels bad, and is overall bad for the industry and genre as a whole. Support the show


Weekly Anime Review: Spy X Family and Rising of The Shield Hero 2

It’s another weekly anime review and our current run has come to an end. Both Spy x Family and Shield Hero are done for the moment and ONE of those shows left us wanting more. Support the show


Obi-Wan Kenobi Review With a Special Guest

Today we discuss the newest of the Star Wars spin-offs Kenobi. We talk the ins and outs of the show, the sweet fights, and the sour scenes. With the added bonus of a guest host, another bates brother:Max Support the show


Best and Worst Superpower

What power would you have if you could have a super power? Today our host discuss what the best super powers to have is and what are the worst to have Support the show


Ranking The Spren in Stormlight Archive

Last week we ranked our favorite Stormlight characters with the rule that spren and their companions couldn’t be ranked separately. Today we are just ranking the bonded spren of the world of Stormlight Support the show


Why On All of God's Green Earth is Record of Ragnarok getting a second season???

How on earth did this show get picked up by Netflix again?!?!? Today we talk about one of the worst anime to ever exist and a bit about the current state of Netflix Support the show


Weekly Anime Review: Spy X Family and Rising of The Shield Hero 2

We are rocking another anime review this week and as always we are talking Spy x Family and the rising of the shield hero 2. Both great episodes this week with some amazing set ups for the next episodes Support the show


Top 5 Best Stormlight Archive Characters

It’s been a hot min since we did a Stormlight episode, so we are bringing you our top 5 favorite characters in the series. We run by why you should like these characters the most and our hosts go at it over some disagreements. Support the show


Will One Piece Ending Be The Biggest Moment in Anime History?

Today our hosts talk about why you should watch one piece. As the manga enters its final stages now is the time to get yourself caught up so you don’t miss one of the greatest anime events in our lifetime. Support the show


DCEU: Black Adam Trailer, Dr. Fate, The Flash and Bye Bye Ezra Miller

DC has unleashed the black Adam trailer and it looks amazing. With a cast that looks absolutely perfect, action that makes your skin tingle, and Dwayne Johnson this move looks fire. Oh yeah and Dr. Fate has Davis cheering for half the episode. Support the show


Weekly Anime Review: Spy X Family and Rising of The Shield Hero 2

We are back with another anime review of Spy x Family and the Rising of the Sheild Hero 2. We got some spectacular content from a game of dodgeball in Spy x Family annnnnd shield hero was good too. Support the show


She-Hulk Trailer Review

Support the show


Rage Quitting and Backseat Gaming

Today we discuss the horrors of rage quitting and backseat gaming. Two very common and irritating traits of gamers, and our hosts have no shame in using several personal examples. Support the show


The Correct Way To Do Time Travel According To Davis

Today we have a quick rant from Davis on the proper way to time travel. With the all the paradoxes and wonky rules that have appeared in some variations of time travel it is time to set the record straight on the right way to handle it. Support the show


Weekly Anime Review: Spy X Family and Rising of The Shield Hero 2

Support the show


Underrated Anime - Kenichi: The Mightiest Deisciple

One of the most underrated anime of all time is on our list today. Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple is a spectacular anime that needs to have more episodes in our mind. With amazing characters, great fight scenes, and Miu this anime has it all and we will convince you to love it just as much as we do. Support the show