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An *AD FREE* movie review podcast that traverses the stream of Hollywood sequels, reboots, and franchises by reviewing every installment in a series, start to finish.

An *AD FREE* movie review podcast that traverses the stream of Hollywood sequels, reboots, and franchises by reviewing every installment in a series, start to finish.


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An *AD FREE* movie review podcast that traverses the stream of Hollywood sequels, reboots, and franchises by reviewing every installment in a series, start to finish.




The Langoliers

Cancelled TV stars Bronson Pinchot (Perfect Strangers), David Morse (St. Elsewhere), and Patricia Wettig (thirtysomething) fight becoming a thing of the past after traveling through a rip in time in The Langoliers. Is this 1995 ABC miniseries a ticket back to prime time relevance? Or are the has-beens fated to a future forever flying coach and going unnoticed in the Bangor airport? And is 80s icon Pac-Man also angling for a comeback as he photobombs the finale? Feast on the next crazy...


Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor - Podcast Trailer

Deranged camper Angela Baker saw her story come to a swift and unexpected end in 1992, when producers ran out of money and Sleepaway Camp 4 was sent home unfinished and unloved. But something in those shelved film canisters refused to stay dead; two decades later archival kills were stitched onto the unseen footage so that the project could be revived as The Survivor. Does new star Allison teach fans a valuable lesson in recycling? Or should viewers be spared the pain of crude and...


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Chris Pine (Star Trek) may be the fourth actor to play Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, but he’s the first incarnation of the Tom Clancy character to challenge Jason Bourne’s spy movie supremacy in the 21st Century. Can the CIA analyst keep pace with the times as he hunts down a shady Russian businessman (Kenneth Branaugh) out to tank the U.S. economy? And how long can eye surgeon Keira Knightley be kept in the dark about her boyfriend’s covert activities? Find out as Now Playing unlocks the file...


Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland - Podcast Trailer

It’s 1989, and perpetual last girl Angela Baker (Pamela Springsteen) is heading off for New Horizons - the third Sleepaway Camp to become a Teenage Wasteland. Do any of this year’s attendees - drawn equally from underprivileged and moneyed backgrounds - have the life skills to survive a bloody weekend in the wild? And will Arnie, Stuart, and Brock give the filmmakers merit badges for their outrageous murders (which include everything from swapping recreational drugs with drain cleaner to...


Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers - Podcast Trailer

Camp Arawak may be shuttered, but Unhappy Camper Angela Baker (Pamela Springsteen) is ready to wash away all that blood and bad romance, and bring audiences to Sleepaway Camp 2! The 1988 sequel takes a stab at comedy as it not only targets a new batch of horny kids in the woods, but slays beloved movie icons Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and the Brat Pack too. All those homesick for the early days of Now Playing, and that first Friday The 13th series, should pack a bag for another Camp...


The Sum of All Fears

Ben Affleck goes from Chasing Amy and following J-Lo around the block, to pursuing neo-Nazis hoping to detonate a dirty bomb on American soil in The Sum of All Fears. Was this fourth Jack Ryan adventure too timely, with a plot that predicted many aspects of the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Does Tom Clancy’s Cold War politics still apply to this new War On Terror? And will CIA director Morgan Freeman open a file on why Harrison Ford has gone missing from the franchise? Jakob, Stuart, and Arnie are...


Sleepaway Camp - Podcast Trailer

Are you experiencing cabin fever after spending too much of 2020 in lockdown? Become a Now Playing Platinum Donor, and bunk the rest of summer at Sleepaway Camp with your longtime friends Brock, Stuart, and Arnie! The fun kicks off with a podcast review of the original cult classic murder mystery from 1983. Follow little orphan Angela as she returns to the lake where her family perished, and discovers new bloodshed as counselors and kiddies alike are stalked by a killer. Anyone that makes it...


Clear & Present Danger

Harrison Ford was in no Clear and Present Danger of being replaced by any other movie star in 1994, but CIA analyst Jack Ryan does solicit help from another popular Tom Clancy character for his third big screen adventure. Can world-weary mercenary Clark (Willem Dafoe) help the pencil pusher defeat a Columbian drug cartel, and reign in an overreaching U.S. President? And does this 1989 novel about Reagan's War On Drugs still hit the right targets today? Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart have emerged...


Color of Night - Patron Podcast Preview

Bruce Willis briefly left the action theatrics of John McClane behind to play doctor with femme fatale Jane March in the erotic thriller Color of Night. But will the macho star die hard for spending too much time dropping trou at the swimming pool while his patients drop dead at the hands of a seductive killer? And did this notorious blue movie leave the creators red-faced after it was declared the Worst Film of 1994? Stuart, Jakob, and Arnie are ready to provide the necessary counseling to...


Patriot Games

Paramount was eager to adapt more Tom Clancy novels after Red October brought home a boatload of cash. But is it as much fun to play Patriot Games with so many important pieces missing from the sequel? Gone are the Cold War politics, sleek submarine technology, and Alec Baldwin as our nerdy CIA analyst hero. Will Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart remain loyal to the past, or go with Harrison Ford as an older Jack Ryan defending his family and seaside home from crazy Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings) and...


The Hunt for Red October {Tom Clancy} {Jack Ryan}

Sean Connery has stolen a Soviet nuclear submarine, and now every Cold War naval vessel is on The Hunt For Red October. Tom Clancy's 1984 bestseller was designed to torpedo Rambo shoot 'em ups, and take the action genre into a new decade of thinking man 'techno-thrillers'. But did Alec Baldwin study enough about his co-star to turn his untested CIA analyst into the next James Bond? Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart are ready to track every move in Jack Ryan's 30 year movie career, starting with this...


The Breakfast Club - Now Playing Podcast's 1,000th Movie Review!

Join all seven podcasters as they sit down for the first time to give a collective review of The Breakfast Club. Does John Hughes' seminal teen drama of the 1980s still have something important to say about cliques and class division 35 years later? What were the hosts like in high school, and has recording one thousand shows together felt like punishment or a unique bonding experience? You won't need to return to your locker for that bag of grass in order to spend the day giggling as Now...


Candyman: Day of the Dead - Part of our Spring Donation Drive

Horror movie lovers call Candyman to the screen for a third time as East LA celebrates Day of the Dead. Can the urban legend boogeyman once known as 19th Century artist Daniel Robitaille convince new blonde Donna D'Errico (Baywatch) to promote his legacy of violence in an art gallery exhibition of his paintings? And would the LAPD dare crack down on gang activity in the rough neighborhood once the sweet-talking serial killer starts recruiting locals into his congregation? You're invited to...


Escape from L.A.

Nobody walks in LA… except Snake Plissken, after President Cliff Robertson tasks him to recover a top secret weapon from revolutionaries hiding out at the former Happiest Place On Earth. But SoCal’s new prison island proves to be a decidedly sunnier and funnier place than the Big Apple penitentiary of 15 years ago. Can Kurt Russell’s one-eyed badass fend off deranged plastic surgeon Bruce Campbell, surf tsunamis with Peter Fonda, and hang with outlaw Pam Grier? And is Escape From LA a sequel...


Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh - Part of our Spring Donation Drive

How many beads will New Orleans throw hook-handed slasher Candyman after he leaves Chicago to celebrate Mardi Gras in the Big Easy, and flash that infamous chest full of bees at the descendants of those who lynched him? Is this sequel really a Farewell To The Flesh, or a hearty hello to new director Bill Condon (Dreamgirls), and a new blonde scholar out to shatter the urban legend's bad boy reputation with grade schoolers? It's sweets for the sweet Now Playing donor who unwraps the Silver...


Escape from New York

How prophetic is John Carpenter's 1981 vision of future Manhattan - so crime-ridden it's become a maximum security prison? And how easily can Kurt Russell shake off his Disney kid image to star as Snake Plissken, the one-eyed convict coerced by Lee Van Cleef to rescue the Commander-In-Chief from crime lord Isaac Hayes? Start spreadin' the news, the podcast is ready to play. Be a part of it and Listen Now!


Candyman - A Podcast Preview

Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob invite Now Playing listeners to "be our victim" all June long, as they whisk Silver Level Donors back to Chicago's notorious Cabrini-Green housing project in search of the original Candyman. Tony Todd (Final Destination) stars as an urban legend serial killer who likes to put grad students like Virginia Madsen on the hook for all his grisly deeds. Is there any truth to the rumor that Clive Barker's honey-voiced slasher surpassed Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and...


The Dark Half

Novelist Timothy Hutton starts to go a little cuckoo when The Dark Half of his creative mind - the part responsible for writing all of his salacious bestsellers - takes physical form and strikes out at the family and friends that push the author to be more wholesome. Is this latest Stephen King story just a thinly veiled tell-all of the horror writer's struggles with alcohol and alter ego Richard Bachman? Or should we consider this more like a new chapter in director George Romero's Living...


The Tommyknockers

Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart continue to dig into Stephen King’s extensive filmography, this week reaching the much-maligned adaptation of Tommyknockers. Marg Helgenberger (CSI) and Jimmy Smitts (LA Law) cause a meltdown in their little Maine town when they excavate a UFO in their backyard. Were fans too quick to bury this ABC-TV miniseries? Why would anyone want E.T. to go home when the aliens make such ingenious modifications to lipstick, magic shows, and Coke machines? Answer that knockin’ at...


Born on the Fourth of July - Limited Time Release for Patrons (Expires March 31, 2021)

Note: This podcast is available to Now Playing Podcast Patrons of $25 or more. This podcast will only be available until September 1, 2020, so be sure to listen (and, if you want to listen after, to download) before that date! You can also get this podcast through the Now Playing Spring 2020 Donation Drive, or individually for a small donation. Tom Cruise finishes out the 1980s playing real life Marine-turned-war protestor Ron Kovic in the Oscar-winning drama Born On The Fourth Of July....