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87 Second Generation Genetics

The one you have been waiting for. JD Short from Second Generation Genetics. We sit down again to talk all about psychoactives. We talk about sugar, caffeine, gluten, cannabis, exercise, and nicotine. I also get a chance to chat way more about breeding and growing. He shares his opinion on hermaphrodites, ethics of crossing, light stress, heat stress, using HPS over 600 watts, and even shares a few tricks of the trade that DJ passed down to him. The man, the myth, the legend. Grab your best...


86: The Dirt Show

After a long break we sit down and have a conversation. We talk some news and we break it down on TDS. Much more to come.


85: Good Earth Organics

This week we sit down with Lee Spivey from Good Earth Organics. Having already been on the show (see episode 44), G.E.O. is a Southern Oregon company that empowers growers and gardeners to consistently and cost effectively grow high quality plants that are healthy for people and the planet. We talk about some soil science including defining living soil, reamending, drainage, different mediums, feeding, using biologicals, autoflowers, and give a brief mention on the Canna brush. Good Earth...


84: High Times Oregon Cannabis Cup 2020

Screw Covid 19! We decided to stay inside this week and have fun being a cannabis cup judge for the 'Solvent Concentrates' category in the High Times Oregon Cannabis Cup 2020. The next hour we take you through our dab backpack and share all the goods with you. We share what entries we got and how damn good...or just how shitty they are. Grab your favorite rig and join us for this 9 half gram dab sesh as we try all the entries and throw down our opinion. The award show will be livestreamed on...


83: Synchangel

This week we sit down with Mathew Gates, also know as Synchangel on Instagram. He is an IPM or Integrated Pest Management Specialist. Many of our listeners follow him for his advice and information on pests that cause harm to plants, specifically cannabis. You can find him and his videos on YouTube here. We cover the 5 units of IPM, rice root aphids, hemp aphids, caterpillars, cannabis viruses and effects on humans, IPM resistance, using oils, chemicals, bacteria, and the story behind the...


82: Atlas Seed

This week we bring you Ryan Powers and Joe Ullman from Atlas Seed. Atlas Seed is a company breeding auto flower for full scale production. They do research and development on strains that perform better and have higher THC content. Auto flower has been a source of controversy for growers as it can be hard to grow, under perform, flower to fast/slow, have low THC content, and can suffer in total volume at the end. Atlas provides the knowledge and genetics that is proving everyone wrong. With...


81: Oregon Fires

This episode we take a moment and talk about Southern Oregon burning down. In a matter of days, 5 towns get heavy damage from an onslaught of local and regional fires. In fact most of the PNW was engulfed in flames. We lost our dispensary, studio, and several friends lost their homes. The damage was extensive and will take years to recover from. We wanted to chat about it so that people could hear first hand. Don't stress though because we fit in some grow talk as well. It's been one hell of...


80: Curious About Cannabis

This week we sit down with Jason Wilson, the man behind Natural Learning Enterprises, the Curious About Cannabis podcast, and has released the 2nd edition of Curious About Cannabis book. Appearing numerous times since the beginning, Jason returns to talk about the D.E.A. cracking down on Delta 8 relating to hemp and the current Farm Bill. We also talk about pine rosin in concentrates and extracts, eco-region specific herbal medicine, and synthesizing psychedelics including some of the...


79: Green Earth Medicinals

Do plants work for people or do people work for plants? On this weeks episode we chat with Doug Williams, the National Sales Director, from Green Earth Medicinals. We chat about synergy between herbs, quality and marketing of CBD, herbal medicine fraud, how to harvest certain herbs, industry standards, CO2 vs. Butane for extracting CBD, FDA and food product additives, ways to use CBD, wine grapes and cannabis terroir, experience in knowing your land, and the importance of natural...


78: Ananda Farms

This week we sit down with Ananda Farms. One of the cleanest and most respected farms in the So. O. We have had many requests and we are proud to release the interview. High Lady Sativa and I sit down to talk about what it takes to bring high quality sun grown flower, what it takes to work with one of the top quality hash makers, and really what it takes to be consistent. Building a reputation takes years and then following up with cannabis that represents Oregon's best grown is even harder....


77: Second Generation Genetics

After a short break we are back with JD Short from Second Generation Genetics. We sit down with the man again to talk about his new breeding projects (including the Trinity Lavender), the importance of males and their selection, testing and its affect on distribution, mold testing in Oregon, using breeders genetics for your own projects, racism in cannabis, some current opinions, and finally what the future is for Second Gen. We go over a lot and we get to know J.D. even better. Sit back...


76: The World’s Last Hope

The World's Last Hope joins us this week to talk about everything Korean Natural Farming, and Modern Natural Farming. You sent in questions, we had them answered, and this guy knows his shit. Much of what we throw away can be used as organic nutrients, IPM, and beneficials. What you don't have can be grown, and what you don't grow can be sourced from your local area much cheaper in bulk than making traditional purchases. Add those bennies to the fact that it can be done to scale and...


75: The Dirt Show

It's a crazy time in history right now, and this week we try to tackle it with some serious conversation and some serious laughter! We talk about the tragic death of George Floyd, where we stand on the issue, and how the War on Drugs has encouraged and supported police brutality and oppression on people of color for decades. The bullshit needs to stop. We also talk some crap and attempt some comic relief on the show this week with THC in semen, discussing our J.Epstein pheno, and sharing our...


74: Organarchist

The champion of Southern Oregon homesteading and cannabis breeding, Organarchist returns to tell us how to make his 2 base nutrients he uses for growing everything including cannabis. Add these 2 mixes to a good mulch, which he describes, and that's it; season long, inexpensive, and sustainable food for cannabis and all your garden needs. We also chat about phosphorous uptake, fermenting, and more about his breeding. Take your growing game to the next self sustaining level and check out this...


73: Indigo Gardens

The highly requested interview with Indigo Gardens is out! We sit down with Paden and Tyler to talk about the farm, the new tech they are running, growing in living soil, the challenges and quality of sunlight/light assisted greenhouses, and then we finish by getting to know the guys and how it all started. You know it wouldn't be The Dirt Show if we didn't throw in some funny ass stories as well, so sit back with some of your finest organic flower and join us for this "growing season"...


72: Funk Extracts

Ramsey, the man behind Funk Extracts, returns this week. Featured on episode 42, Ram comes back to talk about his big comeback after suffering a serious medical issue. Bringing together a strong and reliable team he has taken his extracts to the next level. Expressing amazing terps and highs, Funk Extracts has gone above and beyond their initial introduction in 2017 to bring serious quality to the Gems N' Juice line and their badder using the powerful and clean CRC tech. We also get to learn...


71: Tyron Player feat. Bremer

Representing Oregon's cannabis culture as the 'King of So. O.', Tyron Player sits down with us to talk about his new album called 'Head in the Clouds', releasing April 30th. His new album is a rebranding from his days as Josia. This time around, Tyron wants to bring a personal and more intimate feel with his music and life. The tracks produced by this artist is nothing short of unique and is full of depth and style. By his side is business partner and best friend Bremer. Bremer is an artist...


70: Concepts of a Psychedelic Trip – P. 2

This week we finish up with Part 2 of our journey. Exploring the upper levels of hallucinating states we cover what people call 'breaking through', experiencing autonomous entities and their characteristics, common geography and settings, alterations in perspective, the experience of time, and the possibility of unique and rare sensory effects. Although we do our best to describe a trip, be aware a psychedelic experience is subjective to the individual. Your experience is not confined or...


69: Concepts of a Psychedelic Trip – P. 1

This week we sit down and talk about the various effects and dosages of psychedelics and specifically, mushrooms. Inspired by an email from a listener, we first go over varying amounts and how they can effect you, how to prepare, and what to expect. Then, we talk about the specifics of an actual trip and the various levels that the subject will experience. Finally, we talk about the odd or extremely weird effects that both natural and synthetic entheogens can produce. In this episode we...


68: Jason Wilson/CAC

This week Jason Wilson from Curious About Cannabis returns to the show to talk about human psychology and physiology in relation to psychedelics. We dive deep down the hole and cover things like suppressed memories, breaking old habits, impact of religion, lucid dreaming, society suppressing inner world exploration, set and setting, debriefing, brainwashing yourself, drug education, and being a parent consuming and navigating psychoactives. This is a packed show full of need to know topics....