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[Lunamar] Chapter 3, Finale, Part 1: “Which Witch Is The Witch We’re Looking For?”

The tides of fate close in on our heroes as Morden’s ancient prophecy comes into fruition. As Robin tries to escape from her family’s estate, and Sebastian and Uthoian trudge through the forest in the dead of Summer-Winter, they must reunite to pose any chance of preventing the Ice-pocalypse. What killed the Dinosaurs? Let’s find out. DM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Patrick Flood Jack Manning Jess Juan-Aquino


[Lunamar] Chapter 3, Part 5: The Many Jailbreaks of Robin Cunningham

With Robin locked away in jail, and the deadline for the snow-pocalypse approaching rapidly, the team is once again left chasing after possible leads to help them regroup. However, as our heroes search for a way to circumvent prophecy, sinister machinations work against them, and they’ve got a hell of a fight before them. Also Robin definitely has a deathwish. Like, Anakin Skywalker levels of hubris going on here. DM Kristen Ippolito Players Patrick Flood Jess Juan-Aquino Jack...


[Lunamar] Chapter 3, Part 4: “He Isn’t Pregnant, So It’s Okay to Cut His Fingers Off”

With our Heroes within the Hawksworth Manor, can they uncover what affliction faces Robin’s former ward? To be honest, yeah, probably. Whether they can treat that ailment is an entirely different question. The only other thing that is sure is that they will absolutely bungle something simple and make their lives a hundred times more difficult than necessary, but I have faith they’ll push through. GM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Jack Manning Jess Juan-Aquino Patrick Flood


[Lunamar] Chapter 3, Part 3: Robin, the Banshee

As our heroes try to unravel the mystery behind Morden’s untimely winter storms, Robin’s past, and the mysterious sickness, further dangers conspire against them. How much more awaits? Gargoyles? Ghosts? More harmonica music? The very thought terrifies… DM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Jack Manning Jess Juan-Aquino Patrick Flood


[Lunamar] | Robin | “Always the Star”

Robin is home again. She’s got a long history here, almost none of which is known with her companions. So what happened all those years ago? What forged our friendly bard? What is her connection to the mysterious criminal group in Morden? Why, for the love of all the Gods, does she have such an affinity for bluegrass? Together, let’s find out. _________________ This is the first of our single character episodes exploring the backstories of our cast. DM: Kristen Ippolito Player: Jess...


[Star Wars: Syndicates] Ep. 2: “You Tortured A Guy!”

After having cornered spice dealer Eddio Brice, our three Jedi encounter more and more strange things across the planet of Avastal. As they investigate the disappearance of Beau’s master and the renegade Jedi, Missk, dark things are uncovered, and some very dangerous foes are revealed. ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ GM: Patrick Flood Players: Kristen Ippolito Jack Manning Alec Cummings


[Lunamar] Chapter 3, Part 2: “The Prodigal Sister”

Our heroes finally make their way to the city of Morden, but something awaits there they are not prepared for. As nature turns against them and prophecy heads toward fruition, Robin must face an aspect of her past she had left behind long ago. Who is a friend? Who is a foe? Who will sleep in the giant heart shaped bed in the inn? Questions arise once more in this latest episode. Also, stick around after the end for a special new segment! DM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Patrick...


[Lunamar] Chapter 3, Part 1: “The Crowne”

After arriving back in the Capitol of Ordamar, the team is pleased to be above ground for some R&R. However, the world ending conspiracy stops for no one, and soon the Princess will call upon them with yet another quest. In the meantime, our heroes must come together and deal with perhaps the most terrible foe they’ve ever faced. An Evening at Toby’s Tavern. DM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Jess Juan-Aquino Jack Manning Patrick Flood


[Lunamar] Chapter 2, Finale: “In Which We Finally Use the Dragon”

With the ordeal of the dwarven caverns done with, our heroes have finally emerged into the city of the Battlehammer clan. It’s all mead and sausages from here on out, team. Definitely nothing lying ahead that could put us in any harm, so this will be a chill day. What do you mean “the title”? I guess you’ll just have to listen to see! GM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Jack Manning Jess Juan-Aquino Patrick Flood


[Lunamar] Chapter 2, Part 6: “Wow! That’s A Carpet!”

It seems like our heroes are almost through the dungeon, but a few dangers are still looming. With puzzles, battles, and parenting difficulties in their way, will our lovable band be able to push through the final run to the dwarven city? Oh, the parenting difficulties? Yeah, didn’t you know this is a parenting podcast now? We may just end up changing our name to “What to Expect When You’re Expecting Your Child to Turn Into a Giant Wyrm”. Maybe not, it doesn’t roll off the tongue too well....


[Star Wars: Syndicates] Ep. 1: “You Should Be Brooklyn More Often!”

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away… Join three Jedi as they struggle to survive on the harsh city-planet of Avastal. Danger lurks around every corner, be it salt dealers, traffickers, second hand death stick smoke, or not being able to name their characters. In order for them to succeed in their goal, they must find balance within themselves and work with brutal criminal syndicates that rule over the planet. Will they be able to maintain the Jedi Path among all this scum and...


[Lunamar] Chapter 2, Part 5: Dream Warriors

With last week’s tale ending in a dire warning from Viola, the team moves on again with renewed vigor. Will they make it to the end of this confounding dwarven labyrinth? Probably not in this episode, but there’s more to be dealt with now, as the magics holding together the ruins seems to be fluctuating dangerously, and there just might be something stalking our heroes through these long forgotten halls… DM: Kristen Ippolito Players Patrick Flood Jess Juan-Aquino Jack Manning


[Lunamar] Chapter 2, Part 4: “If I Find Any More Bruschetta”

Once again, we follow our heroes into the dwarven caverns, adamant in their desire to find the dwarves and complete their mission. But if they get to escape the giant ants as well, hey, two birds and whatnot. As our heroes progress deeper underground, the labyrinth continues to vex and befuddle, but with danger all around, are we any closer to the end? DM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Patrick Flood Jack Manning Jess Juan-Aquino With a special appearance from Regis Philbin and the...


[Lunamar] Chapter 2, Part 3: “The Box Needs to Make a Dex Save”

Our heroes continue their trek through the dark dungeons of the dwarves. Slowly but steadily, they make progress, but what will prove the most dangerous to them; the ancient traps, the deadly creatures who live here,their own hubris, or the crumbling ancient dwarven infrastructure? I mean, the ants will probably murder them in their sleep but the dwarves really need to send some fantasy engineers down here, these tunnels are a mess! DM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Patrick Flood Jack...


[Lunamar] Chapter 2, Part 2: ‘Well, Robin’s Dead.’

As our heroes continue their trek into the dwarven ruins, they have to face their fears and deal with growing party tension. Surely this couldn’t be exacerbated by the tight dark corridors of an ancient long forgotten mine, right? Well, regardless, our heroes have to make their way through to discover the secret behind the sudden disappearance of a dwarven clan. Join us once more for an episode ripe with Geodudes, Sausages, and just the worst things in the world. Wait, are you guys...


[Lunamar] Chapter 1, Finale: Apples, Part Two

The first arc is almost over, friends! With Viola found and a suspect on the run, another interrogation has to take place to figure out the answer behind the mystery. Don’t worry, though, Uthoian isn’t doing this one. Join our Heroes for the finale of the first arc! It’s time for accusations, clever ruses, reveals, and revenge! DM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Patrick Flood Jack Manning Jess Juan-Aquino


[Lunamar] Chapter 1, Finale: Apples, Part One

The first arc is wrapping up, friends! Our heroes have found Sebastian’s sister and gotten her to wake up (after a bit of an ordeal). Now the final touches have to be added, and the perpetrator must be found. So join us once more for a Masquerade, a Sneaking Mission, and a Tense Interrogation. This is Part One of the finale of the first arc, so we hope you enjoy it! GM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Patrick Flood Jack Manning Jess Juan-Aquino


[Lunamar] Codex the First: To Kill a Mockingjay

Because we at Our Power is Out are very good at planning, we did half the dang adventure without you! Don’t worry though, this is all backstory on what happened during the run up to the start of the podcast proper. We also go over the various Gods of the setting and more about the World of Lunamar! Oh boy, can you wait to hear us think about explaining inside jokes and then not doing so? I bet you can’t! In this episode: Kristen Ippolito (@kris_lito) Patrick Flood (@uninvited_haggis)


[Lunamar] Chapter 1, Part 5: “David, The Cannibal Priest”

Join our heroes once again as they meet with Hierarch Alcadias, One again visit Toby’s Pub, and track down the final pieces to the puzzle they’ve been struggling to solve. Emphasis on struggling. But perhaps the turmoil is coming to an end! That is to say they might find Sebastian’s sister. The turmoil of the world coming to an end is still in full swing. GM: Kristen Ippolito Players: Patrick Flood Jack Manning Jess Juan-Aquino


[Lunamar] Chapter 1, Part 4: “Bassanio’s Murder Drawer”

Picking up from right at the end of episode 6, our heroes spend a little bit a time going over what happened earlier that day, then go to visit the Orobeck Manor to investigate the disappearance of Sebastian’s twin, Viola. What horrors will they uncover? Has our dragon friend been lying to us? And what revelation will change the entire investigation? Find out in Episode 7, now with less hurdy-gurdy music. Oh yeah and something might come up with the main plot too, but who cares about...