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Let's talk - let's upset people with the truth. Let's have some fun. Let's call out some celebrities and sports stars. Hell, let's call out some of them "Politicians" WARNING - I don't discriminate I treat everyone the same

Let's talk - let's upset people with the truth. Let's have some fun. Let's call out some celebrities and sports stars. Hell, let's call out some of them "Politicians" WARNING - I don't discriminate I treat everyone the same
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Let's talk - let's upset people with the truth. Let's have some fun. Let's call out some celebrities and sports stars. Hell, let's call out some of them "Politicians" WARNING - I don't discriminate I treat everyone the same






Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer Breakdown and Theories

Pappy breaks down the newly released Star Wars Episode 9 trailer and give you some interesting theories.


Episode 15 - People Dying at the Grand Canyon, Leader of the NOI Claims He is Jesus, Man Sues Parents For Missing Porn Stash and The Lebron Train - It's Over!

Some great stuff this week Adventures with Pappy Kickstarter Coming 3 People have died at the Grand Canyon in 2 months Leader of the Nation of Islam claims he is Jesus Cameras recorded women in hospital delivery rooms Is the Lebron "Train" over? Rockhounding with my kiddos Shazam movie review Dave Turins Lost Mine review Dave Turin and KC Morgan Ranting about gas prices Star Wars Episode 9 shout out 2 Ask Pappy Responses on Andrew Yang and Canabis 4 New useless facts


Episode 14 - Let ME Preach Some History Facts - Democrats and Colorado 2nd Amendment

Episode 14 Adventures With Pappy is coming soon New Listener Shout-outs Colorado wants to take away guns April Fools Day - Where did it come from? Do you know the meaning behind the US Flag? Uplifting Story - School district uses leftover food to feed kids of the weekends 12 bizarre facts about the US I bet you didn't know Applebees $1.00 strawberry margaritas Movie Reviews: Per Sematary Avengers End Game Highwaymen - NetFlix - Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson Hanna Series -...


Pappy Hour Special Report - WrestleMania 35 Predictions

Pappy's Wrestlemania 35 Predictions


Episode 13 - Ranting Away - Gun Control, Krispy Kreme and the Nazis, US Border Shutdown

Welcome to Episode 13. Lets Rant! My pick for the NCAA Championship The Border Shutdown Threat The Muller Report - Wasted Time and Money 45 Rattlesnakes Removed From Under A Texas Home Fattest Cities in the US New Zealand Gun Ban and US Democrats Krispy Kreme and the Nazi's Ranting About Jussie Smullett's Charges Being Dropped Pappy's Story of The Week


Episode 12 - Woman Attacked by Jaguar at Zoo and YouTube Mom Arrested For Abusing Her Kids

This show has some interesting topics. 1 of which you get to hear Pappy get really angry. Woman gets attacked by a jaguar at Phoenix area Zoo! Is the movie Idocracy coming true? Do vaccines actually cause autism or other medical issues? Do violent video games cause violent behavior? Mom of popular YouTube show arrested for abusing kids! Ryan Is Pappy - YouTube Its Pappy Hour - Facebook My trip to Blanding, Utah Monument Valley Indian Ruins 5 Kivas Dinosaur Prints Bluff...


Episode 11 - Cousins Getting Married - Star Wars Land

Episode 11 So much craziness! Conspiracies With Pappy! We are on iTunes and Google Play Soon to be on iHeart Radio The Fruit Basket is Back Adventures with Pappy Coming Soon! TV Show - The Passage Rap Music Is Dead R Kelly and His Fetish For Younger Women Cousins Petition Utah to Honor Marriage Chandler, AZ School MAGA Protest New Neo Nazi Leader and He's BLACK Star Wars Land - Disney Story of The Week Security Thoughts - Posting Vacations on Social Media Alex Trebec


Conspiracies With Pappy - Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport Conspiracies Lets cover many of the conspiracies involving this airport such as: Why is it so big Extremely large amounts of communications cables A teflon - fiber roof $2 billion over budget 5 buildings buried underneath A swastika shaped runway The New World Order 32 Foot blue horse statue - Blucifer Dedication Marker New World Order Commission - Who are they? Freemasons Nazis Odd time capsule 4 scary and disturbing murals Murals tell what is...


Episode 10 - Dumb Green Deal, Who the heck is Momo, Gold Fever!

Lots of fun this episode! New Green Deal - AOC is a bigger idiot than I thought! Actor, James Woods Slams AOC Osama Bin Laden's Son takes over al-Qaeda Momo Challenge - DUMB! Handbag made of human skin? I kid you not! Pappy Hour is on iTunes and Google Play Store Gold Fever! Lost Gold TV Show - Jesse and Josh Feldman Expedition Unknown TV Show - Josh Gates Dave Turins Lost Mine Pappy's Rant - Losing Faith in Humanity GPAA Gold Show - Phoenix Gold Prospectors Association of...


Episode 9 - New Shows Coming - Picking on Vegans - Pappy Was Star Struck

New Show - Video - Adventures with Pappy New Show - Once a month Conspiracies with Pappy Shout out to my Daughter Regina Jussie Smollett- Absolute IDIOT ISIS Bride - Hoda Muthana The Simpsons predicted the future Deer Zombie Apocalypse Kids developing British accents watching Peppa Pig Fighting with my Family Movie Review What the heck is a Vegan Food Festival? My food poops on your food Goldfield Arizona Ghost Town Pappy was start struck Lost Gold TV Show Jesse and Josh...


Episode 8 - The World Is Going Crazy - So Am I

Another exciting show with Pappy Kentucky Sheriff suspends all law Enforcement in his county Lottery Winner Wears Scream Mask To Claim Prize Tudder - Seriously Tinder for Cows 48 Hour Challenge Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Adventures With Pappy Video Series Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Gold Panning In the Snow - I'm Crazy Scientology and The Aftermath TV SHow Boy Meets Girl Music - Shannon Rubicam Story Of The Week Pappy's Random Thought Of The Week Prepping For Disaster...


Episode 7 So Many Rants Not Enough Time

Ranting away once again. Today I'm Talking DUI on and electric scooter - Yep it's possible! 4 Dolphins die since 2016 in Arizona My take on the State of the Union Man gets attacked by a mountain lion - then kills it! Dumb Laws that actually exist Movie Reviews - Glass This weeks fruit basket Technical Difficulties - Podcast shout out Tucson Gem Show Created 2 new jobs Nancy Pelosi Kyrsten Sinema Judging people before you know them Story of the week Random Thought - 9...


Episode 6 - Ranting Away - Superbowl or Superbore

Pappy Hour What's In The Fruit Basket Hillbilly Dip Creed Fihser Tour New Music Intro and Outro Superbowl Rams vs Patriots Boring Superbowl Maroon Five Ohio Winter Poem Arizona Schools looking at a parent dresscode Favorite Superbowl Ads Least Favorite Superbowl Ads Sarah Jessica Parker Jason Bateman The Twilight Zone Game of Thrones Security Officers as the first line of defense NBA All Star voting is a lie Lebron James New Fluffy Episode on NetFlix Gabriel...


Episode 5

Let's Talk Oreo's Mega Stuff WWE Royal Rumble WWE Raw WWE Smackdown Freeze Saints Fans File Lawsuit No Sweethearts Candy This Year Arrest Made in Hacienda Healthcare Government Shutdown To Win It All the Road to the Six Invitational Review Pewdiepie Check In Creed Fisher Neal McCoy Pengu G2 Niclas Mouritzen Canadian Evil Geniuses Troy Jaroslawski Zig Team Liquid Leo Duarte PS4 VR System Stupid Internet Challenges Ryanispappy YouTube Channel


Episode 4 1-22-19

Let's talk TSA and the Shutdown Nancy Pelosi Dissed by Trump 2020 Presidential Elections Heating Up E-Sports in the Olympics 2019 Royal Rumble The Wizard Movie Review To Win It All the Road to The Six Invitation itsbustinjieber on with me today Ranting on Fun Sized Candy Bars


Episode 3

Hacienda Health Care Spilled Liquid Chocolate Misunderstood Songs Work Ethics where have they gone? Governmant Shut Down Rad Movie Review Howard The Duck Movie Review


Episode 2 - 1/6/20019

Let's talk Star Wars, Government Shutdown, Burger King being sued, Mangina, movie reviews and more.


Pappy Hour Episode #1 - Come Find Out Who I am

Come in and find out who I am and what my show is about. During our show we talk about all types of things, whether it be current events, politics, video games, whatever I want I do need to put a disclaimer - I don't discriminate I'm and Asshole to everyone!