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Hosts Jessie and PJ Sage bring you news and stories from the sex industry featuring sex workers, artists, writers, academics, and activists . Each podcast features a roundup of recent news stories and interviews.

Hosts Jessie and PJ Sage bring you news and stories from the sex industry featuring sex workers, artists, writers, academics, and activists . Each podcast features a roundup of recent news stories and interviews.


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Hosts Jessie and PJ Sage bring you news and stories from the sex industry featuring sex workers, artists, writers, academics, and activists . Each podcast features a roundup of recent news stories and interviews.








Episode 54: Allie Eve Knox and Kiara Skye on Tech, Sex Work, and Payment Processing in the Adult Industry

In Episode 54 we talk to content creators and fetish performers Allie Eve Knox and Kiara Skye about the intersection of the tech industry and sex work, and why crypto may offer solutions to many of the payment processing issues faced by the adult industry. We also talk to Knox about a recent Rolling Stone article on custom porn that she and Jessie were featured in. But, first, we check-in with Sybil Fury about the International Whores' Day Digital Rally that will take place on June...


Episode 53: Consent and Sexualized Leisure at AVN

In Episode 53 we bring you a recording from the panel Consent and Sexualized Leisure at AVN. Lynn Comella moderates this discussion about how consent is negotiated on the showroom floor with performers Katy Jayne and jessica drake, and scholars Barb Brents and Paul Maginn. This episode is sponsored by Quick and Dirty Media.


Episode 52: 16 Sex Workers Talk Life and Work During a Pandemic

This is a special COVID-19 episode featuring 16 different sex workers’ stories about their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. They share a range of experience, emotions, and wisdom. Featured in the episode: Princess Berpl Lycha Rose Reese Piper Nadia Layne Princess Rene Audrey Ashes Adora Bautista Sybil Fury GoAskAlex Luna Luz April Would Starlight Davie Amanda Sweet Shy Spells Courtney Trouble Episode sponsored by Quick and Dirty Media.


Episode 51: Cindy Gallop on Sex Tech Innovation and the Value of Labor

Episode 51 features an interview with Cindy Gallop, CEO of Make Love Not Porn, a site devoted to social sexuality. We discuss how COVID-19 is spurring sex tech innovation and highlighting how care work has been undervalued. We also discuss the relaunch of Make Love Not Porn. Additionally, we talk about the first Women of Sex Tech Virtual Conference, where Cindy Gallop and Jessie Sage were both speakers.


Episode 50: Ashley Fires, Princess Dandy, and Alex More at Woodhull

Episode 50 is our first episode back after a 6-month hiatus! We are happy to report that PJ is now officially cancer free, and this means that we can relaunch! This episode is a bit of a time capsule, going all the way back to the fall of 2019, before our personal lives were uprooted by cancer and the rest of the world was disrupted by COVID-19. Wow, does that seem like a lifetime ago?! We feature interviews that we did at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. First, we interview...


Episode 49: Sex Work and Family

In Episode 49 we focus on family and sexuality. We talk to sex workers and parents Kym Cutter and Natalie Brewster Nguyen about raising kids in community with other sex workers. We also interview Elizabeth Ann Wood, author of Bound: A Daughter, a Domme, and an End-of-Life Story, about caring for her dominatrix mother at the end of her mother’s life. This episode is sponsored by Quick and Dirty Media.


Episode 48: Woodhull’s Legal Challenge to FOSTA/SESTA

Episode 48 is the second in a series of episodes recorded at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. This episode focuses on the summit itself, as well as Woodhull’s current legal challenge to FOSTA/SESTA. We interview President and CEO of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Foundation Ricci Levy, then, Larry Walters, one of the attorneys representing Woodhull in the FOSTA/SESTA suit. This episode is sponsored by Quick and Dirty Media.


Episode 47: Aging and Sexuality: Normalizing Senior Sex

Episode 47 is the first in a series of episodes recorded at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. This episode focuses on a film that premiered at the summit: jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Senior Sex, a sexually explicit instructional video on senior sex. We interview writer, sex educator, and advocate for ageless sexuality Joan Price, who co-created the film with jessica drake. And we also have a conversation with two of the film’s performers, Bonnie Nilsen and Joel Kann. This...


Episode 46: Theorizing the Web Special Episode: Suppressing Sex

Episode 46 is a special live recording of the “Suppressing Sex” keynote panel we hosted last April at the Theorizing the Web conference in Queens, NYC. Cameron Glover, Liara Roux, Ramona Flour, Sunny Moraine, and Samantha Cole join PJ and I to discuss the social consequences of policing sex off of social media, with a special eye to the impacts of FOSTA/SESTA on marginalized sex communities. This episode of The Peepshow Podcast is sponsored by Quick and Dirty Media. Please show us your...


Episode 45: XBIZ Miami with Destiny Diaz and Riley Nicks

Episode 45 is a special XBIZ Miami episode. We will be featuring an interview with XBIZ’s BBW Clip Artist of the year Destiny Diaz. We talk about navigating conventions, work/life balance, her tutorials for other sex workers, her new series Tinder Tales. We also start out talk briefly to Riley Nicks as she travels home from her first sex industry convention. She talks about finding community, shooting VR porn, and more!


Episode 44: Lena Paul on Consent and Trauma Informed Porn

In Episode 44, we are honored to have porn performer and director Lena Paul with us. She explains why it was important for her to cut her ties with Evil Angel following the news of James Deen’s return in a forthcoming docu-porno called Consent. We also talk about creating trauma informed porn sets, and approaching our work with vulnerability and openness. In our news segment, we catch up on the work that we have been doing, including podcast appearances and new articles. We also preview the...


Episode 43: AVN Past and Present with Nina Hartley, Lynn Comella and Miss Lollipop

In Episode 43, we wrap up our coverage from the 2019 Adult Entertainment Expo and Adult Video Network Awards, looking specifically at the history of the event and the ways it’s changed over the last 35 years. We interview porn performer Nina Hartley, writer and academic Lynn Comella, and cam model Miss Lollipop, who all offer unique perspectives on the event.


Episode 42: Fresh Faces of the Adult Industry with Lydia Love, Ashlee Juliet and Gwen Adora

In Episode 42, we bring you fresh faces from AVN: three young and ambitious women who are making their way in the adult industry. First, we talk to cam model and clip producer Lydia Love about finding her way in the biz and celebrating her 21st birthday at AVN. Second, we interview Ashlee Juliet about working both in front of and behind the camera. Last, we talk with Gwen Adora about combining sex education and sex work.


Episode 41: EJ Dickson on waterboarding as kink and Dahlia Dee on MV Tube

In Episode 41, we talk interview journalist EJ Dickson about her recent Rolling Stone article on waterboarding as a consensual kink. We also feature an interview with performer Dahlia Dee, who will talk about performers’ reactions to the new tube site launched by ManyVids. But first, we discuss the news that the UK just lifted its obscenity ban, which outlawed squirting, fisting, and other acts in pornography.


Episode 40: Lux Alptraum on Naked Selfies the Lies Women Tell

In Episode 40, we talk to Lux Alptraum, author of Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex, and the Truths They Reveal. The book takes for granted that women do in fact lie, and asks what those lies are trying to tell us. We also discuss a piece recently published in the New York Times, “The Real Naked Selfies Are Coming,” about the media’s handling of a fake naked selfie purporting to show congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nude. We talk about how we ought to handle real naked...


Episode 39: Madeleine Holden on Dick Pics and the Male Gaze

In Episode 39 we talk to Madeleine Holden about her Tumblr blog “Critique My Dick Pic;” her essay on the male gaze, and the state of feminism. For our news segment, anthropologist and organizer Kate Doyle Griffiths joins us to discuss whether the upcoming International Women’s Strike make sense for sex workers.


Episode 38: Red on prison reform and the political power of art

Episode 38 is our first episode of 2019! This week we feature an interview with Red, a New York City based Marxist/feminist community organizer sex working art historian. Red’s organizing efforts sit at the intersection of art, politics, and labor. In addition to a discussion of the prison industrial complex as it relates to sex work politics, we talked to Red about the work they have done curating the art exhibit Whores Will Rise. For the news segment, we invited back Kate D’Adamo to talk...


Episode 37: Special Episode: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Episode 37 is our last for 2018. We end the year with a special episode that features live coverage from SWOP Pittsburgh’s December 17 event held in honor of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. We begin our episode with an interview of Christa Daring, SWOP USA’s Executive Director. They tell us about the history of the day, what organizations around the country are doing to commemorate it, and why it is important. We then move to a recording of the event that we,...


Episode 36: The Tumblr Sex Ban with Sunny Moraine and Jaymie Delight

In Episode 36 we explore Tumblr’s recent ban on adult content. We feature two interviews discussing the ban’s impact on marginalized communities: erotic artist Jaymie Delight and genre fiction writer Sunny Moraine. We also introduce Peepshow Podcast’s new weekly Feature Artist promotion.


Episode 35: Andy on Ethical Non-Monogamy

Episode 35 features a discussion of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy with Andy, the owner of The Growth Arc. The Growth Arc is a trauma informed, sex-positive, relationship and sexuality coaching program that she started in 2017 to help people be more honest with themselves in all of their relationships. We talk to her about her own path to ethical non-monogamy and how she is drawing on these experiences to help others. But, first, we discuss Ashley Judd's recent comments about abolishing...