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Ep. 114 Delia Buckmaster; Keeping It Real With The Business of Pilates

This week we get unfiltered with Delia Buckmaster about making tough and informed choices to keep your business thriving under pressure. Delia shares her story of the growth, expansion, and downsizing of her studio as well as her professional journey to honing her offerings to focus on her #1 love, Pilates. Pilates Anytime.com - Workout of the week: #3839 Advanced Reformer Flow with Andrea Maida Use code: PODCAST for a free 30-day trial. Join Lesley on her Holiday Road Trip - Reach...


Ep. 113 | Money Mindset and We Vs. Me

It's another community episode this week and Jenna drops the first challenge in a series of three to work on your money mindset. Our #jennagem talks about the mindset of "we" vs. "me" when addressing a group and shares a presenting story from the Boutique Fitness Summit in Chicago. SPONSOR OFFERS: Pilates Anytime.com - Workout of the week: #3823 Roly Poly Mat With Cara Reeser Use code: COMMUNITY for a free 30-day trial. Find out about 2020 retreats with Lesley Logan at...


Ep. 112 | Are You Entrepreneurial? {Community}

This week we dive deep to explore the 10 traits of an entrepreneur. Even if you don't own your own studio or business there are a number of #jennagems in this episode that will help you feel empowered about your teaching and your career path! SPONSOR OFFERS: Pilates Anytime.com - Workout of the week: #3794 Gymnastics-Inspired Flow with Benjamin Degenhardt Use code: COMMUNITY for a free 30-day trial. Join Lesley Logan in November in NZ and Brisbane. Get a free download of useful...


Ep. 111 | Jessica Valant; Momentumfest 2019 Recap

I'm joined this week by Momentumfest founder, Jessica Valant to recap the 2019 event that happened in June. Jess shares her vision for creating this beautiful festival and clues us in on some of what's to come for 2020! Earlybird registration for next year ends on 11/15/19. Don't miss out on your chance to join this amazing weekend of celebrating movement! SPONSOR OFFERS: Pilates Anytime.com - Workout of the week: #3715 Stability Challenge Reformer with Christi Idavoy Use code:...


Ep. 110 |Community; Lateral Moves and Jenna's Favorite Things

In this week's episode, Jenna talks about how a wide foundation doesn't always serve us with growth opportunities and also shares a list of her 10 favorite wellness/fitness products/services of right now. SPONSOR OFFERS: Pilates Anytime.com - Workout of the week: 3759 Creative Mat Work With Serafino Ambrosio Use code: COMMUNITY for a free 30-day trial. Learn more about Lesley Logans Coaching Group, Agency at www.profitablepilates.com LINKS TO FAVE THINGS: Robyn...


Ep. 109 | Suzanne Martin; A Focus On Function

This week we talk to Dr. Suzanne Martin. Dr. Suzanne Martin’s interest lies in the field of human movement and potential, specializing in special populations of spinal asymmetry, cancer, feet, and performing arts. A doctor of physical therapy, an exercise physiologist and a gold-certified Pilates expert, she is an international presenter, coach, and mentor, as well as an award-winning author and video producer. Dr. Martin’s aesthetic for movement started in the visual arts and dance. With...


Ep. 108 | Community Episode; Therapeutic Alliances, Storytelling and a Listener Rant

This week, Jenna shares a big announcement about future podcasting endeavors. We learn about how the Bio Psychosocial model of care for clinicians can also inform our teaching practice and we even have a listener rant for all of the "solopreneurs" out there in the community. The episode concludes with a Lion-King-inspired #jennagem about storytelling and the value of multiple voices within the stories we tell about our work. RESOURCES: Teach From The Heart Membership New York City...


Ep. 107 | LaBriece Ochsner; The Many Languages Of Pilates

We're joined this week by Pilates Pro, LaBriece Ochsner for a diverse conversation about teaching, moving and culture. LaBriece, as unique as her name symbolizes, is identified by her Pilates clients as a role model for healthy living. She approaches teaching with a full heart, extraordinary insight and precise attention to detail that not just personalizes your exercise experience but allows you to achieve your full potential. After studying at the University of California, San Diego...


Ep. 106 | Community Episode; What IS Pilates?

In this episode Jenna tackles two challenging questions from listeners: 1. What is Pilates? 2. What's the deal with certification and fighting about who's better? Not a small task to take on, but we're going "there" this week. We also have some Gems for branding your own style of teaching as well as a community shout out! COMMUNITY SHOUT OUT: Yunny Bisserette/Harlem Strong Pilates RESOURCES: Jenna's Project Manager Resource Teach From The Heart Membership New York City Movement...


Ep. 105 Carol Monaco; The Truth Behind The Magic

This week we feature Carol Monaco, a long-time teacher with an extensive background in dance who began her Pilates journey working with master teacher Ron Fletcher in 1976. Later she became a teacher and co-owner of the Ron Fletcher Studio. In 1986 she opened Monaco Studio Pilates, which is one of the largest and most renowned Pilates facilities in Los Angeles. This generational conversation gets "unfiltered" about teaching, trends and longevity in the Pilates Profession. Listen to...


Ep. 104 | Community; Synthesizing Continuing Education

In this week's community episode, Jenna shares a gem with strategies and tactics to make your continuing education efforts truly work for you. If you are struggling with the story that you "don't know enough" this one is for you! We also have a special shout out to the Passion Project crew for completing their project management course! See links below for more info on upcoming events and programs. SPONSOR OFFERS: Pilates Anytime.com - Workout of the week: #3715 Stability Challenge...


Ep 103 | Erin Myers; Owning Your Scoliosis

Erin Myers is an international presenter on scoliosis and founder of Spiral Spine, a company designed to enrich the lives of others with scoliosis. She owns Spiral Spine Pilates studio in Nashville, TN, which allows her to actively pursue her passion for helping those with scoliosis through the practice of Pilates. Erin began her career as a professional dancer with the Radio City Rockettes and was trained in Pilates at the Kane School of Core Integration. She is a Balanced Body Master...


Ep 102 | Community Episode; The Value Of Asking For Feedback

In this week's community episode, Jenna shares the story of the passing of her furry BFF, Horatio. We also learn about the importance of self-talk along with some strategies to practice grace with yourself. Our #jennagem surrounds the act of asking for feedback, when it works, how it works and when it's missing the mark. Please submit your comments surrounding ideas for including professionals and topics outside of the Pilates Profession by email Jenna at coachjz@jennazaffino.com or...


Ep. 101 | Taralyn Nunziata; The Human Connection

In Episode 101, we speak to @taralynpilates about her love for connecting with humans through movement. Her work developed from a classical pedigree in NYC and has spanned a spectrum of clientele. Tara-Lyn’s passion is teaching Pilates with a purpose. That purpose always depends on the clients’ needs and what journey they are on. The common purpose is to help clients find the power they have inside themselves through movement, purposeful thought, and intention. Tara-lyn works with the...


Ep. 100 | Pilates Unfiltered Celebrates 100 Episodes

Join us for a trip down memory lane as we relive some of the highlights of the last 100 episodes! SPONSOR OFFERS: Workout of the week: #3601 Conditioning Reformer with Ed Botha Use code COMMUNITY for a free 30-day trial! Join Lesley Logan for her business coaching group: AGENCY - DM visit profitablepilates.com to learn more. Use Code UNFILTERED to receive 15% off of your entire order from 8th Avenue Rail! Visit www.8thavenuerail.com today! LINKS: Pilates Unfiltered...


Ep 99. | Pilates Unfiltered LIVE; Momentumfest 2019

We went LIVE for Momentumfest 2019 in Colorado and got to the heart of the matter. In this episode, Jenna interviews a panel of some of the presenters at the festival including: James Crader, Carrie Pages, Delia Buckmaster, Marimba Watts, Grace Hurry, Debora Kolway, Anula Maeberg, Chantil Lopez, and founder Jessica Valant! We spoke about issues concerning burnout, purpose, generational conflicts, the aging process of a teacher, the joy of moving for yourself, connection to community and...


Ep 98. | Katie Tomaszewski; Getting Real About Being Sober Curious

If you've ever wondered about your relationship with alcohol, this episode is a must listen. Katie Tomaszewski and Jenna dive into a deep conversation surrounding sobriety and being "sober curious," a new-ish term coined by author, Ruby Warrington. Katie is a seasoned Pilates Pro, who found herself questioning her own relationship with alcohol after some life changes. Today, she runs a group called "Drynamics" that helps others go through this process of investigation with support. This...


Ep. 97 | Pilates Unfiltered LIVE; Ann Arbor Michigan, Part II

We continue our event in Ann Arbor Michigan with a panel of esteemed studio owners. In this episode, we speak about some of the challenges that the Pilates Profession faces and how, as studio owners, we navigate these challenges. We also talk about the exercises we would bring with us if there was a Zombie Apocalypse. It's called balance :). Thank you to Elaine Economou and Move Wellness for hosting this live event as well as to our panel including Lynette Rasmussen, Tamara Aprea, Melissa...


Ep. 96 | Kelly Kane; On Ego, Professional Growth And Dancing Vaginas

Conversations where hands are thrown up in the air, tears are shed, snorts of laughter are abundant and the connection is strong are my reason for podcasting. My conversation with Kelly Kane was more like a rebirth of purpose and reaffirmed why I started Pilates Unfiltered. Kelly Kane studied Pilates with Romana Krazanaska & Hila Paldi, completing her certification with The Pilates Institute. She has studied BodyMind Centering™, Continuum Movement™, Iyengar Yoga, and has done extensive...


Ep. 95 | Pilates Unfiltered LIVE, Ann Arbor Michigan Part I

It's a community episode week and we're bringing you part one of a beautiful panel of studio owners in Ann Arbor, Michigan! In this spirited conversation, we take a deep dive into inquiry surrounding the Pilates community in Ann Arbor, the challenges within the role of owning a studio owner, changes we'd like to explore in the profession and setting examples by working together. Thank you to Elaine Economou and Move Wellness for hosting this live event as well as to our panel including...