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Join your host and Pilates Professional, Jenna Zaffino as she has spirited discussions on the Pilates culture with industry leaders and hidden gems. Time to laugh, challenge, reflect, and hear the pulse of the Pilates community!

Join your host and Pilates Professional, Jenna Zaffino as she has spirited discussions on the Pilates culture with industry leaders and hidden gems. Time to laugh, challenge, reflect, and hear the pulse of the Pilates community!


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Join your host and Pilates Professional, Jenna Zaffino as she has spirited discussions on the Pilates culture with industry leaders and hidden gems. Time to laugh, challenge, reflect, and hear the pulse of the Pilates community!




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BONUS - Checking In With Jenna

I'm dropping in with some food for thought about the next steps of your business as well as a special invitation to be with me at Brink! xo Jenna Purchase Tickets and Recordings at: www.brinkvirtual.com


REPLAY: Mari Winsor Tribute

The Pilates Community received news this past week that Mari Winsor had passed. In a re-release of this episode, originally recorded in 2018, we hear listener call-ins, tributes from students and friends and even a series of questions that Mari herself graciously answered for the listeners. Thank you for the road you paved for all of us in the Pilates profession, Mari. You are greatly missed.


Ep. 125 | Stephanie Benton; Effective, Authentic Marketing

I've got a personal message for you this week to open the show and I'm thrilled to share my interview with Stephanie Benton. If you were confused about marketing your services before quarantine and aren't sure where to start now, this episode will answer all of your questions. Stephanie is a passionate Pilates teacher and marketing + branding coach for wellness entrepreneurs. She is passionate about helping the industry learn how to leverage their marketing efforts to create a brand that...


Ep. 124 | Kelly Hale; Digestion, Integration and That 4-Letter Word

Kelly Hale is one of my favorite resources for all things integration and gut health. In this conversation, we discussed so many simple and effective strategies to use to improve your digestive health and movement practices, both as humans and . We also dove deep into the subject of elimination! Kelly is an Occupational Therapist , Mind Body Integration Specialist, and Gut Health coach! Kelly brings a refreshing mix of experience and insight, as she combines rehab, holistic healing and...


Ep 123. | Lily Matson; A New Teacher's Paradigm

We all could use an enlightening episode right now! Lily Matson first reached out to me to see if I would be interested in interviewing someone who was just completing her first year of teaching to explore this very sweet spot in a Pilates Teacher's journey. I was a full YES! At the time of this interview, Lily was a newer Pilates Instructor in Portland, OR. with about 1 year of teaching under her belt. Her relationship with Pilates started when she was in high school, watching Mari Winsor...


When Sh*t Gets Real, We Go Basic

I'm dropping in for a chat about how we can care for ourselves, our clients and our environments during this time of major stress and uncertainty. Thinking of all of you right now - You are doing a GREAT job - now let's get serious about the basics. xo Jenna


Ep. 122 | Maggie Downie; Asking Challenging Questions

The conversation with Maggie Downie is full of "Teacher Talk!" Working with clients with chronic pain, quality of movement, quality of teaching and whether or not Joseph Pilates would have a huge following on instagram today are covered in depth. If you've ever asked yourself what really matters in your work, this interview will give you a lot of food for thought! Maggie Downie is the founder of Personal Euphoria, a fitness and wellness company, where she has been helping her clients reduce...


Earn PMA CEC's By Listening to Pilates Unfiltered

We've just released two new CEC series on pilatesunfiltered.com! Visit the link, click on "EARN PMA CEC's" and choose from the Historical Series, The Therapeutic Series or The Business Series. Listen to the interviews with some of our best industry pros, take a quiz and receive your certificate directly into your inbox! Visit www.pilatesunfiltered.com today and earn those credits from the comfort of your earbuds ;).


Ep. 121 | Amy Rost; Pilates Fest North

Meet Amy Rost, a Mom of 4, Founder of ARC Pilates and the creator behind Pilates Fest North. Amy uses Pilates to empower and heal people so that they can lead a healthy and happy life! With over 10 years of Pilates experience, Amy brings passion, tenacity, and experience to the table for her clients and community. She is a woman on a mission and Pilates North Fest is Amy’s newest adventure. Her unshakable commitment to growing Pilates culture in Canada has been the driving force for this...


BRINK 2020 - An Unforgettable Professional Development Event

Unfiltered Listeners! I'm so excited to tell you about my first-of-its-kind-event for movement and wellness professionals: BRINK 2020! BRINK 2020 is a professional development event for wellness pros, entrepreneurs and creatives who believe whole-heartedly in their meaningful work and desire effective support for their vision. We know what it’s like to be on the edge of the next steps in your career but hold yourself back because of fear, lack of resources and support Our goal for BRINK...


Ep. 120 | Hilary Opheim; A Bright Outlook on Movement and Life

Positivity has arrived JUST IN TIME. Hilary Opheim is a bright light in the Pilates world who has an outlook that is like a breath of fresh air in a field that can sometimes be riddled with critique. Hilary has been teaching over 25 years and is known for her positive and supportive style of teaching not only clients but, for those she Mentors and go through her Training Program. Over her Pilates career she has studied with many and in 2017 She completed the 360 Program with Benjamin...


REPLAY | Madeline Black ; A Career With Creative Outlets

In this replay episode, we hear from industry fave and movement practitioner, (not instructor!) Madeline Black. She shares her wisdom with us about the longevity of her career, the balance of self practice, the process of writing her book 'Centered,' and her current creative outlets. Sustaining Sponsor: Pilates Anytime.com Apply To Gem Seekers Group Coaching: APPLY TODAY


Ep. 119 | Mimosa Gordon; Speaking Less To Say More

We're joined by Mimosa Gordon this week to dive into a rich conversation about teaching process, cueing skills, and seeing the body in front of you. Mimosa and I explore the "yes, and" element to having a conversation that holds multiple points of view - something that is not always available in the realm of discussing Pilates. Episode Sponsor: Pilates Anytime.com USE CODE GETUNFILTERED to receive a free, 30 day trial! Momentumfest 2020 June 26 – 28, 2020 Get your tickets before...


REPLAY | James Crader; The Minutia Of Movement - 2017

On the week's between new interviews, we're throwing it back to some of our favorites and kicking it off with James Crader! This interview originally aired in June, 2017 James Crader is on the show this week and he and Jenna dive into the depths of the differentiation between movement, exercise, Pilates, and so much more. If you love getting into the minutia of movement, this episode is for you! References: Katy Bowman, Ido Portal, Rafe Kelley. Connect with James Crader HERE


Ep. 118 | Marimba Gold-Watts; Embracing Your Individuality For Empowered Teaching

We're BAAAACCCKKKK! And I can't think of a better, more energetic way to enter into a new year than with the beautiful spirit of Marimba Gold-Watts. This conversation spans all of the teaching topics from working with unmotivated clients to feeling empowered to get creative with your teaching to the perils of competition in the dance world vs social media. Episode Sponsor: Pilates Anytime.com USE CODE GETUNFILTERED to receive a free, 30 day trial! Upcoming Live Events: Mcentire...


Ep. | 117 Community; End of Year Wrap Up

We're wrapping up 2019 with an epic #jennagem about effective goal setting for 2020! Pilates Anytime.com - Workout of the week: #3565 Kids Mat: Precision Use code: COMMUNITY for a free 30-day trial. Get all of the info you need to start writing effective newsletters at your studio at profitablepilates.com LINKS: Verilux Happy Light The Calling BY Rha Goddess Pilates Unfiltered CEC's


REPLAY: Ep. 94 | Kira Lamb; The Evolution of Our Practice

Originally air date: 6/6/19 From the cacophony of working in big cities to teaching Pilates in Turks and Caicos, Kira Lamb's story is a multifaceted adventure in teaching, moving and life! In this beautiful conversation, Jenna and Kira connect through a deep dive of inquiry behind some of the stories that formed the driving forces behind Kira's gifts as a teacher of movement as well as many of the ways that our practices shift to meet the different stages of our lives. Get ready to think,...


Ep. 116 | Pilates Unfiltered LIVE at Chapel Allerton Pilates UK!

This week we go LIVE at Chapel Allerton Pilates in Leeds, England with studio owner, Claire Sparrow as well as audience members. We speak about Pilates in Great Brittain, the community in Claire's studio and lots of fun aspects with the old favorite.. Never Have I Ever! Pilates Anytime.com Use code: PODCAST for a free 30-day trial. Get courses to get your clients back in the studio on profitablepilates.com LINKS: Verilux Happy Light Pilates Unfiltered CEC's


Ep. 115 | Jennifer Gianni; Unpacking The Pilates Teacher's Process

We're joined this week by Pilates Pro Jennifer Gianni and this episode is quite possibly one of the most honest and powerful conversations that I've ever had about teaching on the show. HUGE gratitude to Jennifer for going "there" in an effort to bring ease and access of confidence to the teachers in the Pilates profession. You're going to LOVE this one! Pilates Anytime.com - Workout of the week: #3855 Upper Body Power with Gia Calhoun Use code: PODCAST for a free 30-day trial. Get...


Ep. 114 Delia Buckmaster; Keeping It Real With The Business of Pilates

This week we get unfiltered with Delia Buckmaster about making tough and informed choices to keep your business thriving under pressure. Delia shares her story of the growth, expansion, and downsizing of her studio as well as her professional journey to honing her offerings to focus on her #1 love, Pilates. Pilates Anytime.com - Workout of the week: #3839 Advanced Reformer Flow with Andrea Maida Use code: PODCAST for a free 30-day trial. Join Lesley on her Holiday Road Trip - Reach...