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Episode 22 - #TheSecretToMarriage

**SEASON 1 FINALE** Do you want to know the secret to a successful, long-lasting marriage? Anyone who is married or about to get married has probably wanted to know the answer. Well, DemFultons have the answer! Fresh off of celebrating our ten-year anniversary and after celebrating the nuptials of our cousin, we have learned the secret and we want to share it with you! In this, the SEASON 1 FINALE, we discuss what it takes to have a winning marriage!


Episode 21 - #MusicMondayFloridaEdition

It's Music Monday!! Greetings from sunny Florida! This episode comes to you on location from The Villages, FL as we wrapped a gig and prepared to fly out in the VERY EARLY AM!! So, we decided to discuss some of the most famous and influential names in music to come out of the Sunshine State! There are some you know and some you may not know! Listen in and discover, as we did, some of the great music and arts from Florida!


Episode 20 - #TheDarkSideOfMentalIllness

Slight pun intended here as we discuss the "dark" side of mental illness and its effects on the black community; more specifically black men. We draw upon recent events that dominated the headlines to bring awareness to the need for open-minded discussions on mental illness. **DISCLAIMER** - The opinions expressed in this podcast are ours alone and we do not intend to offend or dishonor anyone.


Episode 18 - #ChurchPeopleSayTheDarndestThings

***SPOILER ALERT*** We get a little "churchy" in this episode!! We discuss some of the "crazy" things people say in church, from funerals to Sunday service! These sayings range from errant words of comfort to straight up non-Biblical rhetoric. Having both grown up in the church and being in ministry now, we have a combined 80 years of life in the church! Church people truly do say the darndest things!!


Episode 17 - #MusicMondayScottyGrand

It's Music Monday!! Our highlighted artist is independent singer/songwriter/musician, Scotty Grand. In 2015, Scotty released the first part of his long-awaited LP entitled "A Songwriter's Right - Paragraph One: Love Is" in which he takes the listener on a journey of love as he struggles to balance his love of music with his romantic relationship. Scotty followed that up in 2016 with the second part, "Paragraph Two: Hate Will", in which he vividly recalls a vicious break-up and the fallout...


DemFultons Taking A Break

We are taking a week off for family business. We'll return next week!


Episode 11 - #NeverMeetYourHeroes

They say "never meet your heroes" because your image of them may change when you find out they have human flaws just like you. In this episode, we examine the images and expectations that we place on those who are "superstars" whether by art or athletic ability, and why we tend to overlook certain flaws in an effort to keep that image untarnished.


Episode 10 - #MusicMondayGregoryPorter

It's Music Monday and we're talking Gregory Porter, an accomplished Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Gospel singer, and his latest album, "Take Me To The Alley", released mid last year. We do a track-by-track review and discuss our favorites and what makes this album a must have for any music lover!


Episode 09 - #TrumpSurvivalKit

It's going to be a long 4 years under the leadership of Donald Trump, and you need to be equipped with certain things that will help you survive! We asked people on Facebook what they would include in a survival kit to get them through the next 4 years. Some responses were humorous while others were food for thought. We discuss the responses as well as our own items for the ultimate Trump Survival Kit!


Episode 06 - #WhiteLivesMatterMore

Current events is the topic of the evening for DemFultons. We discuss the recent news story of a mentally disabled white teenager who was kidnapped, assaulted, and tortured by four black teenagers in Chicago. The four black teenagers have since been charged with various crimes including a hate crime. We share our views as well as compare this story with other stories involving racially motivated assault.


Episode 05 - #MusicMondaySolange

We introduce a new segment in this episode called "Music Mondays". The first Monday of every month we will dedicate to discussing music and the people who create and love it! This week our focus is Solange and her latest album "A Seat At The Table". Kenny and Chynah break down the album and discuss our favorite tracks.


Episode 03 - #TheNecessityofNepotism

Nepotism is not a word often used, but it's something that happens in the workplace all too often. It was once considered frowned upon in the private sector, and is still illegal in some government positions. In this episode we discuss our thoughts on Nepotism and why we believe it is necessary for the advancement of Blacks in America. The idea for this topic comes from an episode of ABC's sitcom "Black-ish" titled "Nothing But Nepotism".


Episode 01 - #ThanksNOGiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most universally celebrated holidays in America. It's a holiday that transcends religious beliefs and cultural barriers. However, many today have decided to forgo the festivities for personal stances. We may think these people are being overly deep, and their reasons are pointless, but they may very well have some legitimacy. We discuss these reasons and our own stances on "Turkey Day".


Episode 0.5 - #WhoRDemFultons

Who are #DemFultons? Where did they come from? What makes them so special that they need a podcast? And why should YOU listen? Get the answers to all these questions in our very first episode of "Pillow Talk with DemFultons". In this episode we introduce ourselves to the world giving you a little background on ourselves and the origin of #DemFultons. We also give you a taste of what to expect in the coming episode. It's "Pillow Talk with DemFultons", and you're going to love it!