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Our host, David Walsh, talks frequent flyer points with some of Australia’s best point hackers. The official Point Hacks podcast.




Our host, David Walsh, talks frequent flyer points with some of Australia’s best point hackers. The official Point Hacks podcast.




S2 Ep 10 - The Taj Mahal via an Indian Air Force base (w/ Chris Chamberlin)

Travelling in India is an amazing adventure, but it pays to plan in advance. From landing in a security-heavy air force base to finding the right ATM, Chris Chamberlin shares his firsthand experience of incredible India.


S2 Ep 9 - A taste of the Maldives in New Caledonia (w/ Chris Chamberlin)

Fresh off a Business Class flight, Chris Chamberlin is loving New Caledonia. Noumea is easy to get to, gives you a taste of the Maldives, and there are reward seats available! David and Chris breakdown the entire experience, and how you can fly there yourself using your Qantas points.


S2 Ep 8 - Talking availability and hunting reward seats (w/ Matt Graham, Chris Chamberlin & Brandon Loo)

How do the experts find Business and First Class reward seats? What are some routes to look at given current availability? Which points currencies should I be collecting? There are too many answers to these questions to put on one guest's shoulders. So we got three! We've gathered some of Australia's leading frequent flyer experts from both Point Hacks and Australian Frequent Flyer to help us get to the bottom of these questions and more.


S2 Ep 7 - All roads lead to Rome (w/ Brandon Loo)

In this episode, Point Hacks' writer Brandon Loo returns to the podcast to brag about his recent trip to Rome and the sparkling Amalfi Coast. With reward availability at a premium right now, we also dive into some interesting and creative ways to jet to Europe on points. Brandon's top tips? You'll have to listen to find out!


S2 Ep 6 - The world’s longest flight (w/ Chris Chamberlin)

Chris Chamberlin is making up for lost time! Having just completed the world's longest flight between Singapore and New York, we talk about how he fared and the future of ultra long hauls.


S2 Ep 5 - 109 hours, impressive or insane? (w/ Michael Siwes)

Point Hacks CEO, Michael Siwes, just flew return to Barcelona. From start to finish, the entire trip was booked using points in either Business or First Class. The catch? 109 hours of time spent travelling.


S2 Ep 4 - A Sling to Singapore (w/ Daniel Sciberras)

Singapore have recently relaxed their COVID restrictions, effectively opening the county to tourism again. Editor-in-Chief of Point Hacks, Daniel Sciberras, joins our host David to talk about what Singapore is currently like on the ground, and some of the best ways to get there on points.


S2 Ep 3 - Across the ditch (w/ Chris Chamberlin)

Chris Chamberlin joins David today to talk about New Zealand. Chris had travelled over a million miles sampling the best in Business Class and First Class. That’s further than two return trips to the moon! Today he recounts his recent trip to New Zealand and shares some tips for when you book your next trip.


S2 Ep 2 - Fiji is calling (w/ Brandon Loo)

On this episode of Points of View, we chat with Brandon Loo, a senior writer for Point Hacks. Brandon recently jetted to paradise in style, thanks to Qantas Points. He shares his tips and tricks – from planning his trip to Fiji, to making the most of his time on the ground.


S2 Ep 1 - London via Darwin (w/ Antonia Strakosch)

We're back after a pandemic-sized break. On this episode of Points of View, we talk to Antonia Strakosch, a writer and editor for Point Hacks. Antonia just did a Business Class round trip to London on points, and dives into what it's like to travel as COVID restrictions are lifted and the world opens up. Antonia's biggest tip? Have a working printer at home.


S1 Ep 10 - Q & A with the Managing Editor of Point Hacks (w/ Daniel Sciberras) - Point Hacks

What are your burning questions about the frequent flyer game? On the last episode of Season 1, we asked the Point Hacks audience what they’d like to ask our Managing Editor, Daniel Sciberras. From tools, status and the age old Qantas versus Velocity question, Daniel answers all.


S1 Ep 9 - What to tell a Frequent Flyer Beginner and Redemption Strategies (w/ Keith Mason) - Point Hacks

We’ve got Keith Mason, founder of Point Hacks, back on the podcast and we’re talking about Beginners and Redemption Strategies. This is a great episode if you’re a beginner yourself or if you have friends that ask you how to get started in the points game. In the second half of the podcast we take a dive into Keith’s methods for redeeming flights, definitely worth a listen.


S1 Ep 8 - A Game of Thrones, the best Business Class seats (w/ Matt Moffitt) - Point Hacks

The team at Point Hacks travel a lot and have been fortunate enough to test out many Business Class seats. On this episode, Matt Moffitt and I run through the best seats you should be aiming for with your Frequent Flyer points redemptions.


S1 Ep 7 - Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn. Talking about the world of Hotel Points (w/ Daniel Sciberras) - Point Hacks

Australians are points crazy, but mainly with Frequent Flyer points. There’s a whole world of hotel points that goes relatively unnoticed in comparison. Point Hacks Managing Editor, Daniel Sciberras is back to talk about how to get the most out of hotel points.


S1 Ep 6 - Using points to fly with your family (w/ Keith Mason) - Point Hacks

Point Hacks founder, Keith Mason, is back again and on this episode we’re talking travel with family. We’ll be diving into how Keith travels with his family using points, how your priorities can change when booking a seat, as well as tips & hacks to look out for.


S1 Ep 5 - How a newbie scored First Class (w/ Kane Richards) - Point Hacks

How do you go from having close to 0 Frequent Flyer points in your account to booking a trip with 2 Business and 1 First Class flights just over a year later? A good friend of mine, Kane Richards, joins me today to talk about how he did just that and what he learned from the process. It's worth noting that the flights we discuss were booked prior to the Qantas Frequent Flyer changes that came into effect in September 2019 and at the time of recording, BP's switch to Qantas had only just been announced.


S1 Ep 4 - When flying with Points goes horribly wrong (w/ Edward Alder) - Point Hacks

What do you do when you’ve booked a massive family trip to Europe using points and things start to fall apart? Edward Alder, who’s joining us today, found out the answer to that question first hand. It’s a pretty insane story.


S1 Ep 3 - Amazing use of points, Round the World with oneworld (w/ Daniel Sciberras) - Point Hacks

The Managing Editor of Point Hacks, Daniel Sciberras, joins us today. We’ll be discussing one of the best value points redemptions you can make… a oneworld round the world booking. This can be done in Economy, Business or First class using your qantas points. Daniel covers all of the details, routes he's flown, and how you can book a trip yourself.


S1 Ep 2 - Living as a digital nomad and flying in style (w/ Matt Moffitt) - Point Hacks

Imagine travelling the world, working from exotic locations and flying in more business and first class seats than you can count. Well that’s exactly what Matt Moffitt, a Senior Writer for Point Hacks, did for over a year! Today I’m talking to Matt about his time as a digital nomad including the ups, downs and tips if you want to do the same.


S1 Ep 1 - The story of Point Hacks (w/ Keith Mason) - Point Hacks

In the very first episode of Points of View we talk to Keith Mason, founder of the Point Hacks website. Point Hacks started in 2011 and has grown into Australia's top website to help people earn the most points that can meet their travel goals. We also dive into how Keith got into the world of Frequent Flyer points, how Point Hacks came to be, and some of his most memorable Business and First Class redemptions.