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Tristan Thompson's infidelity, "Mad Men", "This is Us" and Jim Accosta

On this week's episode of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome BACK friend to the show, Mackenzie Ames, where we talk how to deal with a cheating significant other, This Is Us, Mad Men and we talk about whether we need to be nervous about ever having press passes revoked (maybe?) Like us on Facebook, tweet along with hashtag #popteapod, follow us @popteapodcast, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


LA comes to Pop Tea

On episodes 53 of the Pop Tea Pod, we welcome freelancer/content creator Colleen Callahan and chat Halloween dos and don'ts, our favorite celeb costumes, rap beefs, and Kanye's break from 45. Like us on Facebook, follow us @popteapodcast, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Breakups, Beefs, and Baby

On episode 52 of #popteapod, we fly solo for the first time - Producer Drew is out doing the dad thing, and we're (Cheri and @Lorddrock) trying our hand at recording, producing, and editing this thing at the same time. On this epi, we chat Ariana and Pete's breakup, the most surprising in all of history, Kanye West's latest, why we're still not into this Drillie Bobby Brown thing, and why we wish Azaleia Banks would simply stop. Like, post, and subscribe @popteapodcast on IG and Twitter,...


Licky-licky water droplets

On episode 57 of the #popteapod, we welcome Justin to his first time cohosting a hit podcast! We chat Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's marriage and complete lack of prenup (we want prenup, we want prenup), Kanye's bizarre performance at SNL over last weekend, and whether you've ever sent a text or email to the WRONG recipient. Follow the show on Facebook at Pop Tea Podcast, follow us on Twitter @popteapodcast, and email your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com.


Luxury Brands, Bill Cosby's sentencing, and Tiger Woods' victory.

On Episode 50 (!!!!!??) of the PTP, we welcome back Mackenzie Ames, aspiring comedienne and freelance writer, and discuss Bill Cosby's sentencing, the My Favorite Murder Live Show, Tiger Woods' big win, and Versace's big business move. Send us your questions at popteapodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @popteapodcast, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Feuds, Drake's weird relationship with a young star, and quitting your job.

On episode 49 of the PTP, welcome back Lord D-Rock and chat famous feuds, Drake's weird texting relationship with Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things, we talk the Vine stars who shall not be mentioned, and our worst jobs. Like the Pop Tea Podcast on Facebook, tweet us @popteapodcast, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Fyre Festial Update with ITB Insider, Serena William's US Open loss, and Mac Miller dies of a suspected drug overdose

On this week's episode of the PTP, we welcome back Seth from the ITB Insider. Seth first joined us back at Episode 39 and detailed his time at the ill-fated Fyre festival, and is back to bring us more on what's happened since. While he's waiting on that payout, Seth talks Ariana Grande, Serena's heartbreaking loss at the US Open, and whether you issue a public statement when you make a big life change. Like, review, post, and subscribe @popteapodcast, and send your questions into...


Nike's new ad, Geoffrey Owens does an honest days work, and a homegoing.

On episode 48 of the PTP, we welcome back Mackenzie, and discuss Aretha's homegoing, Ariana's dress (was it okay? is it okay to ask that?), John McCain's homegoing, why folks are tearing the swooshes of their socks, and why a honest days' work is just fine by us. Like us at Pop Tea Podcast on Facebook, tweet us @popteapodcast, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


John McCain’s passing, Ben Affleck back to rehab, Serena’s cat suit and Laura Lee’s tweets

John McCain’s passing, Ben Affleck back to rehab, Serena’s cat suit and Laura Lee’s tweets.


Insatiable, the 2018 VMAs, Nicki Minaj, and a Kardashian Reunion?

On episode 45 of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome back Mackenzie Ames and talk the 2018 VMAs, Nicki Minaj's misbehavior, and a potential reunion between Kourtney and Scott? Listen, like, post and subscribe @popteapodcast, follow us at Pop Tea Podcast on Facebook, and send your questions to popteadpodcast@gmail.com


RE-POST: Ep 12 - Interview with Kate Casey, goodbye Kevin Spacey, and Wendy Williams, how you doin (seriously, get well soon babe)

This is a re-posting of an episode we made last year on 11-1-2017 and features an interview with special guest and pop culture guru Kate Casey.


Beyoncé on normalizing the FUPA, and Kim and Kourtney's fight on season premiere of KUWTK

On episode 44 of the PTP, we update you guys on the deal with Movie Pass, breakdown Kim and Kourney fight on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" season premiere, talk about Demi Lovato's release from Cedars-Sinai, the September covers of Vogue, and normalizing the FUPA. Don't forget to complete our short survey, located at the top of our Twitter, pinned to our Facebook, and on our website. Like us on Facebook, Tweet us at @popteapodcast, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Demi Lovato's overdose, Movie Pass crashes and Southern Charm pt. 2

On episode 43-ish of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome back Mackenzie Ames. In this episode we cover... https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/8467575/bruno-mars-teases-cardi-b-replacement-upcoming-tour https://gizmodo.com/report-increasingly-desperate-moviepass-will-not-be-pa-1827986556?utm_campaign=socialflow_gizmodo_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow&utm_source=gizmodo_facebookhttps://www.sbnation.com/2018/7/31/17634370/lebron-james-school-akron-i-promise-different Please...


BEST OF POP TEA - Fyre Festival and Cheri and Derek's first recorded moments

Hi Pop Tea Nation - This is Drew Adams producer of the Pop Tea podcast. Its July 27, 2018 and I have been taking a bit of a summer break here. I have been at Podcast Movement this week learning new tips and tricks and Cheri in New York City. While we are taking this summer break, we wanted to drop this special bonus episode. There are two parts to it. First is the interview we did with Seth from the ITBinsider. He told us his first hand account of attending the now infamously mismanaged Fyre...


Brandy vs. Monica, Whitney Houston, and pregnancy rumors.

On episode 42 of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome back Genesis Carter of the Life's a Drag Podcast and chat the Monica vs. Brandy feud, we reopen the case of the Carter's last album, and we top it of with a hearty helping of celebrity pregnancy rumors. Like us on Facebook, subscribe on iTunes (or wherever you listen to podcasts) and make sure to leave us a five-star review.


"I Like It", LeBron James, and an age gap.

Episode 41 of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome back Mackenzie Ames of MKZ Content to talk about LeBron James' 4-year move to the Lakers, Katherine McPhee's engagement, and Cardi B's song of the summer. Follow us @popteapodcast on Twitter, Pop Tea Podcast on Facebook, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Cardi B, The Carters, and BET

On episode 40 of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome back Vidra Ross Jones of the Life's a Drag Podcast, and get her opinion on racism in the drag world, Beyoncé and Jay-Z's joint album, and what BET can do to save its programming. You can find the latest episode of Life's a Drag here. Follow Pop Tea Podcast on Facebook. Find as at @popteapodcast on Twitter, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Attending the Fyre Festival (William Needham Finley IV's first person account), IHOB and Pete Davidson gets engaged to Arianna Grande

In this week's episode of the PTP, we welcome ITB Insider, William Needham Finley IV (WNFIV) to talk about his Dumpster Fyre of an experience at the Fyre festival, spring 2017's ill-fated music festival. His name isn't really William, and he goes into that during the show, and how he managed to confuse NPR and CNN with that pen name. It's actually Seth, by the way. Find ITB Insider here, tweet him @ITBinsider, and read about his experience at Fyre Festival here. Send your questions...


Kanye West's new album 'ye', Miss America, and Pusha T's beef with Drake

On episode 39 of the PTP, we welcome back Lord D-Rock, @LordDRock everywhere, to talk about the brutality of the Drake/Pusha-T beef (we are leaning toward Pusha winning this one,) we talk the elimination of the swimsuit portion of the Miss America Pageant, and Derek breaks down 'Ye's latest album. Like, post, and subscribe @popteapodcast. Send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com. And be sure to subscribe/rate us wherever you listen to your podcasts!


Worst graduation advice, Roseanne gets cancelled, and a wild Backstreet Boys cruise (yes, cruise!)

On episode 37 of the PopTea Podcast we welcome back Mackenzie and we talk about the worst graduation advice we have received, the cancellation of Roseanne due to some, um, inappropriate tweets and what's it like to take a cruise with your teenage 5:59 - When did you feel like an adult? / Best graduation advice 25:57 - Backstreet Boys Cruise 38:39 - Royal Wedding Part II 44:40 - John Cena's not gettting married 53:00 - Roseanne show being cancelled