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The Full Montea Presents: The Royal Napkin, Kim Zolciak, and the Bill-Bored Awards

On this weeks episode of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome guest Monty of The Full Montea, and we talk the Royal Wedding, Andy Cohen's curious decision to defend Kim Zolciak's tears, and the Billboard Awards. You can find Monty @the_full_montea on IG, and at the Full Montea on Facebook. Follow the Pop Tea Podcast @popteapodcast on Twitter, @popteapodcast on IG, and Pop Tea Podcast on Facebook. Oh, and don't forget to rate, review, and SUBSCRIBE!


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Royal Wedding Drama, Sanaa Lathan, and Tumblr

On this episode of the Pop Tea Podcast, we discuss the royal wedding, wedding drama, we give advice with Sanaa Lathan (please stop talking, girl), and chat about what to do when a friend dates your ex. Send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com, like us on Facebook, follow us @popteapodcast on IG and Twitter, subscribe, share and rate us in the iTunes store!


Ep 34 - Heavenly Bodies

On episode 34 of the Pop Tea Podcast, we talk Kanye West (who isn't, right?!), DJ Khaled, relationships, and break down a few of our faves at the Met Ball. Post, like, and subscribe @popteapodcast. Send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Ep 33 - The Prom

On episode 33 of the Pop Tea Podcast, we discuss prom, our prom dresses, Bumble vs. Tinder, baby things (we can never have an episode without baby things right?!), and why we'll be sipping out of our Yetis all day. Like us on IG @popteapodcast, Follow us on FB at Pop Tea Podcast, and send your questions to Popteapodcast@gmail.com


Ep 32 - #beychella

On Episode 32 of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome back Lord D-Rock (@lorddrock everywhere), to discuss birth, racial discrimination, Beyonce's epic Coachella performance, and when is too young to be in love. Like, follow, share, and subscribe @popteapodcast on IG, @popteapodcast on Twitter, and at popteapodcast@gmail.com.


Ep. 31 - The episode Elon's been waiting for!

On Episode 31 of the Pop Tea podcast we welcome special guest Mackenzie Ames, writer and college roommate to Cheri, and talk SNL, Sex & the City, and everything in-between. Send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com Tweet us @popteapodcast, and follow us at Pod Tea Podcast on Facebook :)


Pop Tea Prince

On episode 30 of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome back Lord D-Rock and welcome Marcus Anderson, a local jazz saxophonist who toured with Prince, CeeLo Green, and is coming to Durham this Friday, April 6th at the Hayti Heritage Center at 8pm. We peppered Marcus with questions about his love life, his diet, his time with Prince, and his tour! Follow Marcus at @mandersonsax on IG and Twitter, and check out MarcusAnderson.net for shows and tickets. You can find us @popteapodcast on...


Ep. 29 - To Delete or Not To Delete, That Is The Question

Facebook's is scrambling to deal with their data breach. Starr Jones gets married again and Lord D-Rock breaks down her dress. Cheri and Derek discuss Christina Aguilera no makeup cover of Paper magazine.


Ep. 28 - I think I'm Losing It

On episode 28 of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome back Genesis Carter from the Life's a Drag Podcast (available on iTunes and at lifesadragpodcast@gmail.com), and chat the return of the Jersey Shore, update RHOA, talk Desus and Mero, and whether we're Team Aubrey or Andrea. Like us and rate us on iTunes, follow us @popteapodcast on Twitter and IG, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Ep 27 - The Spring Break Episode

On episode 27, we welcome BACK Derek, fashion analyst and Oscar extraordinaire, who helps us analyze the best and worst of the Oscar gowns. We chat Carrie Underwood's facial injury, Ludacris' most underrated album, and Netflix's preview for next month's Rachel Dolezal documentary. Find us @popteapodcast, send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com, and subscribe to the Pop Tea Podcast on iTunes.


Ep 26 - Happy Belated Birthday?

It's not anyone's birthday, but find out why guest host Lord D-Rock made a birthday wish really awkward. On episode 26, we welcome BACK The Full Montea (remember him from episode 22), we get into Safaree's new (nude?) pics, and we discuss just why Tisha Campbell's newfound music career makes us oh-so-uncomfy. Like us on Facebook, follow us @popteapodcast, and send your questions in to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Ep. 25 - Coconut. Ginger. Shrimp. Fergie.

On episode 25 of the pop tea podcast, we welcome Brigid Washington, author of Coconut. Ginger. Shrimp. Rum, her first book highlighting the four major Caribbean flavors, which you can buy on Amazon. While we have Brigid, we talk motherhood and Fergie, how Rihanna played a huge role on her wedding day, Jen Aniston's separation, and our plans to see Black Panther (by ourselves!) Listen, post, and subscribe @popteapodcast on Twitter, @popteapodcast@gmail.com and wherever you get your...


Ep 24 - Happy Valentine's Day!

On this episode of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome BACK 1/2 of the Life's a Drag Podcast, available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. We recap RHOA (we're feeling like this season is a little slow), rally behind team Kim (Cattrall, not Zolciak), and dissect Chris Brown's really strange tweet from over the weekend. Get your juiciest questions answered at @popteadpodcast@gmail.com Follow us @popteapodcast on IG and Twitter, subscribe on iTunes, tell a friend, and don't forget to...


Ep 23: Life's a Drag - Part 2

In this week's episode of the Pop Tea Podcast, Cheri welcomes 1/2 of Life's a Drag (remember Vidra from episode 21?) to guest cohost the podcast, and he has a LOT of opinions. We talk that Superbowl, JT's controversial halftime performance, Stormi Jenner's arrival, and Quincy Jones' dgaf attitude now at the tender age of 84. Follow Genesis Carter, our guest, at @msgenesiscarter on IG Follow Pop Tea at @popteapodcast, and send your questions in to popteapodcast@gmail.com Don't...


Ep 22 - The Full Montea

Cheri, on her first episode hosting solo, interviews Monte of The Full Montea, a must follow Facebook and Instagram personality. They discuss the Grammys, the Black Panther purple carpet, and Beyonce at the ceremony. Then Drew, who is not fired this week ;) joins Cheri and they answer two questions from the mailbag and discuss what kind of things you could discover on a romantic interest's Instagram that would make you want to pull the plug. Send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com,...


Ep 21 - Interview with Ivana West from America's Next Top Model and we discuss Oscar Nominations!

On this week's episode of the pop tea podcast, we interview Ivana from cycle 24 of America's Next Top Model, and she's spilling a little tea about her casting, the house, and who she keeps in touch with these days. We also say congrats to Oscar nominees Jordan Peele and Mary J Blige, and once again, we're scratching our heads at tone-deaf brands (Wycon). Remember to subscribe, rate us on iTunes, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com!


Ep 20 - Life's a Drag, and so are false alarms...

On this week's episode, we welcome guest co-host Vidra Jones from the Life's a Drag Podcast. We chat the end of Aziz Ansari's drag makeup, and the end of the guy's job who pressed the button on the push notification heard 'round Hawaii.


Ep 19 - Welcome to 2018

Pop Tea is back after a holiday hiatus - on this episode, we talk the Oprah effect, Cardi B makes history (again), Bruno Mars throws it back to the 90s, and H&M finds themselves in hot water - when will they learn! You can find us on IG @popteapodcast, email us at popteapodcast@gmail.com, and on Twitter at @popteapodcast Subscribe, and rate us where you find your podcasts!


Ep 18 - Sleep with Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this episode, we recap 2017, interview Andrew Ackerman from the Sleep with Me podcast (he's FASCINATING), and talk housewives - are the housewives still a thing?


Ep 17 - ANTM alumna Brittany Brower from Cycle 4, Roy Moore and 50 Cent's club debacle

A super-sized episode 17! On this week's episode, we welcome ANTM alumna Brittany Brower from Cycle 4! We also talk Roy Moore's defeat, black's womens' victory, and 50 cents club debacle.


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