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"Poptarts" is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by BUST Magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each episode is devoted to a hot topic in entertainment, and in the second half, a segment called "Whatcha Watchin'?," Callie and Emily dig into all the shows, movies, books, music, videos, and podcasts they've enjoyed since the last episode, and either praise or pan each experience.

"Poptarts" is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by BUST Magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each episode is devoted to a hot topic in entertainment, and in the second half, a segment called "Whatcha Watchin'?," Callie and Emily dig into all the shows, movies, books, music, videos, and podcasts they've enjoyed since the last episode, and either praise or pan each experience.


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"Poptarts" is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by BUST Magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each episode is devoted to a hot topic in entertainment, and in the second half, a segment called "Whatcha Watchin'?," Callie and Emily dig into all the shows, movies, books, music, videos, and podcasts they've enjoyed since the last episode, and either praise or pan each experience.






Poptarts Episode 83: Insecure's Yvonne Orji

Comedian and actor Yvonne Orji is best known for her role as Molly on HBO’s “Insecure” and her film credits include “Night School” and the upcoming “Vacation Friends.” She co-hosts the critically acclaimed podcast “Jesus and Jollof,” with her pal Luvvie Ajayi, and her upcoming book “Bamboozled by Jesus: How God Tricked Me Into the Life of My Dreams” will hit shelves next year. Her first hour-long HBO comedy special, “MOMMA, I MADE IT,” comes out June 6 and it is super funny and touching and...


Poptarts Episode 82: The Runaways' Cherie Currie!

As the legendary front-woman of the Runaways, Cherie Currie and her teen bandmates Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Sandy West, and Jackie Fox exploded out of L.A. in 1975 and became the first American, all-girl rock band to make it big. She put out two studio albums and one live album with the Runaways and created an absolute frenzy in Japan before calling it quits in 1977. Since then, Currie has never stopped creating, putting out seven more studio albums as a solo artist, with her twin sister Marie,...


Poptarts Episode 81: Yoga Superstar Jessamyn Stanley!

Jessamyn Stanley is an award-winning yoga instructor, intersectional activist, and founder of The Underbelly virtual yoga studio app who first rose to fame in 2012 through her Instagram posts showing her doing high-level yoga as a plus-size woman of color. Self-identifiying online as a "queer fat femme," she’s helped coax legions of women who previously felt alienated by the privileged, skinny, white world of yoga into the practice along with her. And now she’s one of the most influential...


Poptarts Episode 80: Bachelor Nation!

Since The Bachelor debuted in 2002 on ABC, the relationship reality show hosted by Chris Harrison has grown into a huge pop cultural phenomenon. The show is now responsible for tons of watch parties, relentless watercooler talk, and a surprising number spin-offs. For over 15 years, feminists far and wide have sneered at and ignored this show. But last year, BUST’s digital editor Lydia Wang and BUST digital contributor Emma Davey started talking about it at BUST HQ so much that BUST’s...


Poptarts Episode 79: Mary Lambert!

Mary Lambert is a true titan of truth-telling who, over the last seven years, has become as famous for her vulnerability as she has for her powerhouse vocal talent. Mary is a grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, author, and activist who just released her second full-length album, Grief Creature. But most folks know her for her breakout 2012 collaboration with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on the triple-platinum-selling gay rights anthem “Same Love,” a huge hit that made Mary a gay icon overnight....


Poptarts Episode 78: Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards!

Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards’ book Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and The Future was released in 2000 as a chronicle of the third-wave feminist movement they were experiencing. The book has since become a classic of contemporary feminist literature and the 20th anniversary edition hit shelves March 10. In this episode of BUST’s Poptarts Podcast—recorded before the Corona Virus pandemic sent us all into social distancing mode—the dynamic activist duo looks back on Manifesta 20...


Poptarts Episode 77: Psychic Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo!

Jessica Lanyadoo is an Oakland-based astrologer, psychic medium, and animal communicator with over 20 years consulting experience. She’s currently on tour with her new book, Astrology for Real Relationships: Understanding You, Me, and How We All Get Along. Plus, her super popular astrology and advice show, Ghost of a Podcast, is THE place to get astrological advice through your headphones with thousands of listeners each week. Her advice is always kind, non-judgmental, open-minded, and...


Poptarts Episode 76: Disco Divas Maxine Nightingale and Linda Clifford!

Maxine Nightingale and Linda Clifford are powerhouse vocalists whose soulful hits “Right Back Where We Started From” and “If My Friends Could See Me Now” helped define the 1970s disco sound. And in this special double episode of BUST’s Poptarts podcast, host Emily Rems catches up with them on board the amazing Ultimate Disco Cruise (ultimatediscocruise.com) where they each brought enthusiastic crowds to their feet with their virtuoso performances. Here, these disco divas explain what it...


Poptarts Episode 75: Showgirls!

Showgirls. It’s a bad movie. The world is full of bad movies. But what does it take to make a really great bad movie? One that inspires a cult following and Halloween costumes and theme parties and ongoing public screenings and full-on fan obsession? Whatever that special magic is, Showgirls has had it for 25 years. And on this episode, we are joined by Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen— founders of the THNK1994 museum and curators of GODDESS: The Immersive Showgirls Exhibit at the Resorts World...


Poptarts Episode 74: Shrill's Lindy West!

Lindy West is an opinion writer for The New York Times and is the author of the bestselling memoir Shrill and the new book The Witches Are Coming which exposes all the misogyny that has come squealing to the surface of culture as a result of the #MeToo movement. She also executive produces and writes the acclaimed Hulu comedy series Shrill, based on her life, which just kicked off Season 2 on January 24. And in this episode of Poptarts, she opens up about confronting her trolls, casting Aidy...


Poptarts Episode 73: Days Of Our Lives' Victoria Konefal!

Days Of Our Lives, the most iconic soap opera ever to grace the small screen, has been running five days a week on NBC since 1965. Victoria Konefal, the show’s super popular new star, joined the cast in 2017 as Ciara Brady—the strong-willed daughter of the show’s power couple Bo and Hope—and shortly after making her debut, she was singled out for a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. She has been voted #1 Soap Actress multiple times in polls conducted...


Poptarts Episode 72: Ada Calhoun!

Ada Calhoun is the author of the memoir "Wedding Toasts I’ll Never Give," named an Amazon Book of the Month and one of the top ten memoirs of 2017 by W magazine; and the history "St. Marks Is Dead," one of the best books of 2015, according to Kirkus and the Boston Globe. She has collaborated on several New York Times bestsellers, and written for the New York Times, New York, and The New Republic. And in this episode of BUST's Poptarts podcast, she talks about her brand new book, "Why We...


Poptarts Episode 71: Kara Loewentheil of "Unf*ck Your Brain!"

Kara Loewentheil has a B.A. from Yale and a J.D. from Harvard Law and she just so happens to be one of the most beloved self-help gurus working in the podcasting space today. In the last three years since leaving her legal career behind, Kara has grown her life coaching business from 0 to 7 figures. She's the host of the iTunes top-rated self-help podcast Unf*ck Your Brain which has been downloaded over 5M times, and she has been featured in Marie Claire, Mind Body Green, MSN.com, The...


Poptarts Episode 70: Janelle James!

Janelle James is a bi-coastal comedian who you may know from The Comedy Lineup on Netflix, Late Night with Seth Meyers, or from Crashing on HBO. She’s toured with Chris Rock and Amy Schumer and she’s now the boss lady of The Janelle James Comedy Festival, which is returning to Brooklyn for its second year December 5 through 7 at The Bell House and will feature big names including Ilana Glazer, the Lucas Brothers and Jaboukie Young-White. Her debut comedy album, Black and Mild is available on...


Poptarts Episode 69: Penny Arcade!

Penny Arcade is a true downtown N.Y.C. performance legend! She began her career as a teen actor in the 1960s at the avant-garde Playhouse of the Ridiculous, at the La Mama theater, and as one of Andy Warhol’s factory superstars before establishing herself as queen of the underground performance art scene. As a writer/director/ performer, feminism, intellectualism, and rebellion have always been at the forefront of her groundbreaking shows, which include Bitch Dyke FagHag Whore, Love Sex and...


Poptarts Episode 68: Taxidermy Talk with Erin Derham!

Taxidermy—it’s an art form that requires practitioners to be sculptors, biologists, and naturalists all at once. The blood-and-guts aspects of preserving animals for display have traditionally made taxidermy a male-dominated space. But women are making a mark in the field like never before. Helping us discuss the topic on this episode of BUST’s Poptarts podcast is documentary filmmaker Erin Derham, whose new film, Stuffed, takes a deep dive into the state of the art.


Poptarts Episode 67: Michelle Tea!

Michelle Tea has been a beloved author in feminist literary circles for over 20 years. Her books for grown-ups include Modern Tarot, Valencia, and Black Wave, she’s got a YA fantasy trilogy that includes Mermaid in Chelsea Creek, Girl at the Bottom of the Sea, and Castle on the River Vistula, and she’s now penning gorgeous astrology books for little ones. She’s written for Harper’s, The Believer, Artforum, Cosmopolitan, Lenny Letter, and Buzzfeed, she created Drag Queen Story Hour, and she...


Poptarts Episode 66: Staceyann Chin!

Staceyann Chin is a poet, actor, performing artist, and activist. Her 2009 memoir The Other Side of Paradise received critical acclaim, she was a co-writer and in the original cast of Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway, and she’s written and performed four one-woman shows off-Broadway. She proudly identifies as Caribbean, Black, Asian, lesbian, a woman, and a resident of New York City, as well as a Jamaican national. And the first full-length collection of her poems, Crossfire: A...


Poptarts Episode 65: Wu-Tang's Secret Weapon—Sophia Chang!

For decades, Sophia Chang worked behind-the-scenes helping famous men advance their careers as a record exec, producer, and manager, including for the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA, GZA, and ODB, A Tribe Called Quest, Raphael Saadiq, and D’Angelo. Her relationship with the Wu-Tang Clan led her to a transformational journey studying Shaolin kung-fu. And now, in her new Audible Original memoir, The Baddest Bitch In The Room, she shares all the lessons she learned in the trenches of the music business and...


Poptarts Episode 64: OMG CATS!!! With Kristen Sollee!

Spend any time on social media and it will become abundantly clear that cats are a global obsession. But what is it about them that makes them pop cultural catnip? Why are women so deeply infatuated with felines and what does their popularity say about us as a culture? Helping us sort it all out on this episode of BUST’s Poptarts podcast is Kristen Sollée. Kristen is a writer, curator, and educator whose latest book, Cat Call: Reclaiming the Feral Feminine—is all about cat archetypes in...