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Introducing Reuben, Marc and Graham: the Queers At Play! Every fortnight we bring you our irreverent take on all of the latest games news and serve up our terrible opinions.

Introducing Reuben, Marc and Graham: the Queers At Play! Every fortnight we bring you our irreverent take on all of the latest games news and serve up our terrible opinions.


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Introducing Reuben, Marc and Graham: the Queers At Play! Every fortnight we bring you our irreverent take on all of the latest games news and serve up our terrible opinions.




Season 3 Episode 1: Summer Game Fest

The wait is finally over as the Queers At Play return for season 3 with new regular host Graham, our brand new feature Game Pass Gamble and, in this episode, we give our thoughts on the many events sucked into Geoff Keighley's summer ego show.


Season 2 Special 3: Games of the Year 2021

Join us for the final special of season 2 of Queers At Play, where Reuben, Graham and Marc discuss their absolute favourite games of 2021. From obscure visual novels to games we wouldn't recommend to anyone and plenty of Metroid, it's all here.


Season 2 Episode 9: Nintendo Indie World and Pokemon Presents featuring Toadsanime

Welcome to the penultimate episode of season 2 of Queers At Play. This week we're joined by the wonderful Ryan Brown (Toadsanime), where we discuss the topic of video game preservation, the Super Rare Games Mixtape Vol 1 and we delve into Nintendo's Indie World Direct and Pokemon Presents presentations. Plus as always we give out guest host, Ryan, the Simply The Guest treatment.


Season 2 Episode 8: Annapurna broadcast and PlayStation Indies featuring Lo_ouve

Your favourite Queers At Play are back with the latest episode of season 3 featuring Anne-Lou (Lo_ouve). For this week's episode we discuss further fallout from Activision Blizzard, the Annapurna Interactive Showcase and the recent PlayStation Indies highlights. Plus we get to know Anne-Lou a little better in our regular Simply The Guest feature.


Season 2 Episode 7: Activision Blizzard controversies and Valve Steam Deck featuring NintenDori1988

A week late but still sounding great, Marc and Reuben are joined by co-host Kory (NintenDori1988) as they discuss the latest Activision Blizzard controversies, the recent EA Play 2021 presentation and we share our thoughts on Valve's new handheld console the Steam Deck. Plus as usual we dive into our Simply The Guest feature to learn a little bit more about Kory. Please be warned some listeners may find the topics discussed around the Activision Blizzard segment distressing or upsetting so...


Season 2 Episode 6: PlayStation State of Play and Nintendo Switch OLED Model featuring Kallisti777

This fortnight's episode features a PlayStation State of Play event, Nintendo's not so surprising reveal of a new Switch model and not one, not two, but three classic Reuben Rants. We also put our guest host Douglas (Kallisti777) in the hot seat for this episode's Simply The Guest feature!


Season 2 Episode 5: Post E3 News and Sonic's 30th Anniversary featuring Verscuse

After a busy E3 the Queers At Play return to their regularly scheduled programming covering gaming news and events from the last couple of weeks. This episode we talk about Microsoft's latest xCloud announcements, even more Cyberpunk nonsense and get all nostalgic for Sonic's 30th anniversary. Plus our special guest host James shares his gaming past in our Simply The Guest feature!


Season 2 Special 2: E3 Special Featuring itsa_me_gameboy

It's the first ever Queers At Play E3 special! Join Marc, Reuben and special guest host Graham (itsa_me_gameboy) as we cover all the exciting announcements from this year's digital only event. Discussions include events from Microsoft/Bethesda, SquareEnix and Nintendo. Plus expect all the usual tangents and plenty of METROID!


Season 2 Episode 4: E3 build-up and the Geoff Keighley Ego show featuring LyneTheOrder

After last week's Pride Special we're back for another regular instalment of Queers At Play with 3 week's worth of news to cover. In this episode we talk about the Sonic anniversary showcase, Activision's shift to being a 100% Call of Duty publisher and Geoff Keighley's semi annual ego show. Plus LyneTheOrder tells us all about her proudest gaming accomplishment and there's definitely a Reuben rant or two in one of our longest episodes yet!


Season 2 Special 1: Pride Special Featuring C3nric and ctrlaltcookie

Join the Queers At Play, ctrlaltcookie (Remi) and C3nric (Emre) as we discuss all things LGBTQA+ in gaming, from our first memories of representation to queer coding, where the industry can improve and more. Plus all the usual random tangents and digressions you've come to love from your favourite Queers At Play!


Season 2 Episode 3: Lots of Nintendo titbits and the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest featuring Nintenmau5

Welcome back for the third episode of Queers at Play season 2, where Reuben and Marc are joined by the wonderful Richard AKA Nintenmau5. In this episode we discuss the latest Ubisoft controversies, a whole raft of little Nintendo announcements including some spectacular (/sarcasm) new games for the Nintendo Switch Online Service and all the reveals from the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest. Finally we spend some time getting to know Richard's gaming past a little bit in our Simply The Guest...


Season 2 Episode 2: Sony and Nintendo Financials and the PlayStation State Of Play featuring JoeyWh1te

We're back again with another episode of Queers At Play Season 2, this time dragging along the incredible JoeyWh1te for the ride! Join us as we talk about the Sony and Nintendo financials, the latest PlayStation State or Play featuring Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart and why Activision are bastards. Plus find out all about Joe's gaming past!


Season 2 Episode 1: Resident Evil Showcase and Nintendo Indie World featuring World Building Stream

Join the Queers At Play and Louis (World Building Stream) for the first episode of season 2 as they discuss the latest Resident Evil Showcase, including the first part of the Resident Evil Village demo, the Nintendo Indie World presentation, the usual quick fire news and a discussion with Louis about his history with gaming in our Simple The Guest feature.


Season 2 Episode 0.2: QAP Season Two: Be Our Guest

Join the Queers for the premiere of Season 2. In this episode, we will be reintroducing ourselves, chatting about some of our favourite games of all time, and revealing the list of guest hosts for the main episodes of the season!


Season 1 Episode 13: Nintendo Direct, State of Play and Pokémon Presents

This fortnight we discuss the deluge of news over the past two weeks. We talk about all the big announcements from Nintendo Direct, State of Play and Pokémon Presents. In this episode's Backlog Bingo, Marc tells us what he thought of the Sims 4 and Will chooses a game for Reuben to play and report back on. It's another jam-packed episode of Queers At Play!


Season 1 Episode 12: new release announcements, Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker and yet more controversy

In Episode 12, we talk about the new release date announcements, the latest controversy (including *yet more* CDPR developments) and round-up the rest of the news from the past two weeks. We also discuss the biggest news of the week (if you ask us at least) and take a deep dive on Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Finally, in Backlog Bingo, Will updates the Queers on how he got on with Fortnite and then chooses a game for Marc to play. Will he give us a Reuben-esque rant? You'll have to listen...


Season 1 Episode 11: News Round-up and Resident Evil Showcase

In Episode 11, the Queers discuss a whole host of news from the past two weeks and chat about the Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Showcase, among other topics. Also, in Backlog Bingo, Reuben tells us what he thought of Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash and then chooses a game from Will's backlog for him to play and review in the next episode.


Season 1 Episode 10: news roundup and our most anticipated games of 2021

It’s a new year and there’s new news! The Queers talk through the multitude of information that’s been released in the past week, before talking through some of their most anticipated games of 2021. In this episode’s Backlog Bingo Marc tells us what he thought of The Gardens Between before picking a game for Reuben to play from his backlog.


Season 1 Episode 9.1: Games of the Year: Definitive Edition Remastered

Happy New Queer! Join Marc, Reuben and Will as we discuss our games of 2020 in this bonus episode.


Season 1 Episode 9: Nintendo Indie World, Cyberpunk 2077 and Super Nintendo World

With the controversy continuing to rumble on, the Queers return to their new favourite ranting topic: Cyberpunk 2077. We also discuss a whole host of other news, including all the announcements from Nintendo's Indie World and Super Nintendo World Direct. Will is in the Backlog Bingo hot-seat and tells us how he got on with Hollow Knight, while Reuben picks a game for Marc to play and review in the next episode.