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Sam and Stormy died and they can't get into Heaven until they review every horror movie on Netflix.

Sam and Stormy died and they can't get into Heaven until they review every horror movie on Netflix.


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Sam and Stormy died and they can't get into Heaven until they review every horror movie on Netflix.






Not All Death is Perma Death (Real Minishow Ep. 43)

Netflix has betrayed us. They took away the show we’re watching, so now we’re struggling. But don’t you fret--we will plow forward in our consumption of ‘The Originals’ no matter what! Because season 2 is filled with sex, family drama, body swapping, and werewolf trust falls! Klaus will do whatever it takes to protect his family* *Including killing his family. Guest Find Us Online - Website: - Twitter: - Support:...


THE BOY is Back in Town (Brahms: THE BOY 2)

I don't know about you, but when we finished THE BOY in a previous episode I was really itching for a sequel that has absolutely nothing to do with the original. Well, it kind of does, but in the way that it shits all over what its predecessor tried to do. Brahm's: THE BOY 2 is a 2020 horror movie starring Katie Holmes, a mother trying to keep her family together after a traumatic incident that occurred a year earlier. And the dad is just there. Their lives are even more disrupted after...


The Ginger Dies Regardless (A Classic Horror Story)

CONTENT WARNING: Today’s episode contains a brief discussion of rape and child death. This week, we're taking our first adventure into the world of Italian horror with 'A Classic Horror Story' which is your quintessential "group of teens who get lost in the woods and end up dying." So, a very fitting title for this little romp. Guest Find Us Online - Website: - Twitter: - Support: - Submit:...


Everyone Wants to Sacrifice this Baby (Minishow Ep. 42)

Klaus just can't seem to catch a break in his journey to reclaim the city he helped build. And it doesn't help that everyone and their grandmother wants to murder his baby. And him. Guest Find Us Online - Website: - Twitter: - Support: - Submit: Good Things to Support *This episode was recorded two weeks before the leaked Supreme Court Opinion on...


A Million Little Internal Papercuts (Choose or Die)

This week we return with a hot new review for the hot new Netflix "original" horror movie 'Choose or Die'. 'Choose or Die' (originally titled 'Curs>r') stars 'Sex Education's Asa Butterfield and newcomer Iola Evans, as they try to solve the mysteries behind a deadly retro game...narrated by the wonderful Robert Englund. We also discuss the economic status of the 'Euphoria' characters and how they shouldn't be able to afford their lifestyles. Guest Find Us Online - Website:...


So, We’re Watching The Originals Now (Real Minishow Ep. 41)

We’re back from spring break, and we couldn’t be more excited to dive into ‘The Originals, the ‘Vampire Diaries spinoff that follows Klaus Mikelson as he prepares to embark on the journey of fatherhood. Oh, and there’s also some weird turf war going on with a guy named Marcel who’s known Klaus…for a very long time…yeah…The expanded ‘Vampire Diaries universe still has its weird relationship with race. We also decided on the next movie we’re going to review (Choose or Die) and get an update...


She’s Gonna Lose a Toe (Till Death)

Sam got engaged, so now’s the perfect time to watch a movie wherein a husband handcuffs his corpse to his cheating spouse instead of going to therapy. That’s right, this week we’re reviewing “Till Death” starring Megan Fox in all her Foxy glory. Will she manage to untangle herself from her husband and survive his twisted, post-mortem mindgames. And seriously, when will Megan Fox get her chance to shine in the eyes of film critics everywhere? And is she really going to marry Machine Gun...


So, We Finished the Vampire Diaries (Minishow Ep. 40)

What a long strange journey it's been through 'The Vampire Diaries'. We're talking about how the showrunners just like to screw Bonnie over for the sole purpose of screwing Bonnie over, how underwhelming the return of Katherine was, and how STEPHAN AND ELENA SHOULD HAVE BEEN END GAME. We're sad to end this chapter of the podcast, but oh so excited to finally rejoin our beloved Kalus in "The Originals" Guest Find Us Online - Website: - Twitter:...


Let’s Get to the Bottom of This (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022)

This week, we're reviewing the 2022 """"sequel"""" to the 1974 classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Don't worry if you've never seen it, because the writers of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 also haven't watched the original, so you're in okay company. Because where this movie succeeds as a slasher, it fails at being what it's pretending to be--Halloween 2018 but with Leatherface and a chainsaw instead. Guest Find Us Online - Website: - Twitter:...


Losing its Spice (Minishow Ep. 39)

Oh no, a siren is tormenting the town of Mystic Falls and has taken control of eeeevil Damon and eeeeevil Enzo! Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline get engaged despite their lack of chemistry while Bonnie deals with losing the love of her life to another woman. But just when things can't get bad enough Matt's estranged father decides to make an appearance--I mean--we find out that the sirens are using Damon and Enzo to resurrect Satan himself...Kade. And that's just the first eight episodes of...


A Very Special Horrorshow: Fifty Shades Freed

What a long strange journey it has been through the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. Grey? Gray? Grey. This week, Sam and Stormy complete the trilogy that captures the hearts of a million horny women all over the world. 'Fifty Shades Freed' follows the story of Anna and Christian Grey as they deal with the turmoils of married life. Like having a baby, sunbathing nude, and hitting up the woman who molested you instead of getting therapy. Guest Find Us Online - Website:...


The End is Near (Real Minishow Ep. 38)

There's no easy way to say this, but season 7 of 'The Vampire Diaries' was a MESS. They're really struggling to find their footing without the presence of their leading lady. Too many plotlines and too much jumping around--and this is coming from someone who loves non-linear storytelling. Also, this show is really starting to cross a line in who it chooses to put into romantic pairings (seriously, what is it with vampires and teenage girls?) Guest Find Us Online - Website:...


DRAAAAMA in the Friend Group!! (The Descent)

O.M.G We're back this week to discuss the all-time classic #girlpower horror movie, 'The Descent'!! This may be a super hot take, but 'The Descent' is absolutely a modern classic. It's also the perfect palet cleanser we need after the mess that was 'The Cave'. But I promise we don't compare the two THAT much. Only where it matters. Like dick size. Guest Find Us Online - Website: - Twitter: - Support:...


4 Outta 5 Stars Can’t Be That Bad - Real Minishow Ep. 37

Oh boy, Vampire Diaries is getting fookin' wild. After Sam initially pointed out that Alaric has INSANE chemistry with all of his students, he's finally impregnated one. Well...not really...but that kind of makes the whole situation worse since Caroline was impregnated by a coven of witches against her will. Damon is also having a hard time coping without the love of his life, Elena, who's still sound asleep in her little coffin...just waiting for the day Bonnie dies. There are also a lot...


You Can Cast People Who Don’t Look the Same (The Cave)

This week, we're reviewing 'The Cave' a 2005 movie about a group of people getting trapped in a cave...but it's not THAT movie about people getting stuck in a cave. We're also one movie away from becoming the official Piper Perabo fancast, something we never set out to do...but...she's in so many bad horror movies. We also talk about Sam's undiagnosed ADHD and her lack of object permanence. Guest Find Us Online - Website: - Twitter:...


New Year’s Resolutions and Elena’s Long Nap (Real Minishow Ep. 36)

We’re finally back after a nice, long winter holiday. This week, we’ve finally finished season six of The Vampire Diaries, and we have a lot of hot takes regarding the hard left turn the showrunners take. And, because it’s the New Year, we talk a bit about what we hope to accomplish in 2022. Guest Pepper the Cat Find Us Online - Website: - Twitter: - Support: - Submit:...


Re-Broadcast of ‘The Spirit of Christmas‘

Originally released December 2019. There's a tragic lack of Christmas horror movies. So, for our 2019 Christmas special, join us in talking about 'The Spirit of Christmas' a film in which a high executive lawyer plows a sexy ghost. No, really, that's the plot. . . Guest Find Us Online - Website: - Twitter: - Support: - Submit: Good Things to...


Gobble Gobble(Dave Made a Maze)

TikTok made us do it. This week, we’re reviewing the delightful adventure, comedy horror movie ‘Dave Made a Maze’ and ask the question: “What makes a horror movie?” ‘Dave Made a Maze’ follows the story of Dave, who made a maze out of cardboard boxes--which is a lot more complicated than it sounds. After being lost in the maze for three days, Dave’s girlfriend, his best friends, a documentary film crew, and a homeless man who “knows cardboard” embark on a whimsical journey through the maze...


You Can‘t Just Date Every Man, Caroline (Real Minishow Ep. 35)

It's always nice to end a super stressful week with a thrilling Vampire Diaries Discussion. This week, Sam and Stormy still aren't on the same page as Sam completes Season 6 and Stormy's stuck on Episode 11. That's okay, it doesn't matter--much like the concept of death in this universe. Seriously, they're just always going to find loopholes to bring someone back to life. It's ridiculous. They also decide "Dave Made a Maze" will be the next movie they'll review because of TikTok. God, that...


A Very Special Horrorshow: Halloweentown Kills

It’s two days past Halloween, which means it’s time for our Halloween Special! This year we’re taking a break from the Scream Queens to talk about the Teen Queens, with the original Halloweentown, starring the iconic Kimberly J. Brown. This is a first time viewing for Sam, so will she fall in love with it as a 28-year-old? Guest Shadow the Cat Find Us Online - Website: - Twitter: - Support:...