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Ep 103 - Interview with "Entertainment Tonights" Lauren Zima

(SPOILERS) Lauren joins me to talk about how she got started in the business, her first live hit on TV (7:08), making the move to LA after years in Missouri (10:43), her idols in the industry (21:31), how long has she been a fan on the "Bachelor" franchise (24:36), how she ended up being ET's #1 reporter for all things Bachelor Nation & her favorite season (26:44), the Kaitlyn/Shawn breakup which happened as we were recording (29:05), Lauren asks me if I'd ever do the show (35:09), her...


"He Said, She Said" with Ashley Spivey - Episode 9

In Episode 9, Ashley and I begin by talking about her Sunday routine with her husband, which then leads to me telling everyone about my first world problem I’m having and my solution for it this Xmas. Lindsay from New Jersey joins us to talk about the post-partum depression she had after a very difficult third pregnancy (12:45). That’s followed by Lauren in Chicago who has been having a very difficult time following the unexpected death of her father a little over a year ago (41:50)....


Ep 102 - Interview with Olivia Caridi

(SPOILERS) Olivia joins me to talk about what she's been up to in the last year since she appeared on the podcast including her move to Seattle (3:33), all the places she's been traveling to that she documents on her IG (7:43), her favorite & most overrated places she's been (18:42), repairing her friendship with Taylor Nolan after her move to Seattle (21:55), her podcast with Michelle Money where she opened up about her insecurities (34:47), what still triggers her (52:53), we have fun with...


Ep 101 - Interview with Bekah Martinez

(SPOILERS) Bekah joins me to talk about which nickname she liked the best from the show, how she got cast (9:10), the vibe she got from the other women about herself (11:12), her thoughts on Krystal & her meltdown in Ft. Lauderdale (18:08), when did she see relationships starting to shift (19:28), the issues with Tia and the uncomfortable 2-on-1 in Italy (22:23), how the Arie/Becca/Lauren ending played out (29:37), her Twitter war with Raven after I revealed the Colton/Tia relationship in...


"He Said, She Said" with Ashley Spivey - Episode 8

In Episode 8, Ashley and I begin the podcast by talking about the complicated issue of is it possible to be friends with your ex when you’re in a new relationship. Dana in Tampa is our first caller and she talks about her mother’s drinking which is starting to interfere in her life (10:59). Then Marissa in North Carolina joins us to talk about her older boyfriend that she moved in with a few months ago whose attitude seems to have changed (35:41). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass...


Ep 100 - Interview with Mary Delgado

(SPOILERS) Mary joins me to talk about how she originally got cast on Bob's season (5:08), does she remember as much cattiness with the other women (8:02), her amusement park 1-on-1 (11:16), making the final 3 and thinking Bob was going to pick her (15:41), when was she approached about going on Byron's season and did she originally balk at the idea (19:50), did she think that Byron was going to pick her (29:40), packing up her life in FL and moving to Texas for Byron (33:01), having 3...


Ep 99 - Interview with David Ravitz

(SPOILERS) David joins me to talk about how he got cast on Becca's season (5:48), the idea behind wearing the chicken suit (7:32), who he bonded with most on the first night (10:31), first group date and his thoughts on Lincoln (15:45), falling off the bed and how serious his injuries were (22:224), the lumberjack date in Park City and the Jean Blanc fallout (33:14), the 2-on-1 in Vegas with Jordan and why he couldn't stop talking about him to Becca (38:07), who did he think was winning once...


He Said, She Said with Ashley Spivey - Episode 7

In episode 7, Ashley joins me and we talk about this past weekends Taylor Swift concert I attended along with my partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and how it all came together. Then Melanie from Atlanta joins us to talk about her manipulative ex-boyfriend who has left her with some serious trust issues, something I'm all too familiar with (11:37). Then Jenny in Massachusetts calls in to talk about all the baby talk she's hearing as she approaches her wedding date and she's tired of...


Ep 98 - Interview with Jacqueline Trumbull

(SPOILERS) Jacqueline joins me to talk about being the "invisible girl" on Arie's season, how she got cast (4:04), her limo entrance and the first night cocktail party (7:35), her thoughts on Bekah M. (12:35), her thoughts on Krystal (14:28), having no date in episode 2 & how she felt (20:57), the wrestling group date (23:19), the group date in Lake Tahoe (25:16), the shit show that was the bowling group date in Ft. Lauderdale and what Krystal said (28:16), her 1-on-1 date in Paris (35:28),...


Ep 97 - Interview with Danielle Lombard

(SPOILERS) Danielle joins me to talk about which name she prefers to go by (5:19), her reality TV stint before the “Bachelor” (6:39), how she got cast (9:30), her limo entrance being the last one but being shown first (12:50), who she thought was competition on night one (18:57), was she surprised she didn’t get the FIR (21:25), first group date w/ Corinne taking off her top (22:30), the Backstreet Boys group date where she got the rose (26:09), her 1-on-1 in Wisconsin and “running into”...


He Said, She Said with Ashley Spivey - Episode 6

In Episode 6, Ashley and I begin the podcast by talking about the serious nature of this week’s calls and how we’re not experts, but we’re glad people still come to us and feel comfortable enough to share their stories. Courtney in Atlanta is our first caller who has an STD and talks about the struggles of entering future sexual relationships with herpes (5:27). Then April in Colorado joins us to tell a very heartbreaking story of the depths of her depression and the struggles within her...


Ep 96 - Interview with Mike Renner

(SPOILERS) Mike joins me to talk about how he got cast (5:32), was his limo entrance of the Arie cutout his idea (9:11), did he recognize Clay (11:08), what his thoughts were on the 5 guys he saw on the ATFR that Becca met (14:05), what his problem was with Lincoln (19:31), how bored was he in the mansion (24:09), being on the football group date – his only date (26:33), did he think he was going home at rose ceremony #3 (29:33), post show disappearance – no Men Tell All or Paradise (30:31),...


Ep 95 - Interview with Jordan Kimball

(SPOILER) Jordan joins me to talk about the whirlwind that's been the last 48 hours, how he first heard, what was Jenna's reaction when he confronted her on it, the news that was presented to me today, how he's feeling overall, why did he end the engagement, does he think there's a reconciliation in the future, and a whole lot more. No time stamps for this episode because it's shorter and I know people wanted to hear it as soon as possible. It's one thing to read Jordan's statements with...


He Said, She Said with Ashley Spivey - Episode 5

In Episode 5, Ashley and I start off by discussing the selection of Colton as the “Bachelor.” Then Mallory in North Carolina calls in to discuss recently having lost her virginity to a guy that ended up ghosting her (9:26). After that, Danielle in Canada comes on to discuss a topic that came up in an episode a few weeks back that I was looking for feedback on, which was how people deal with in-laws when they have kids and both sets of parents want time with their grandkids (34:09). Original...


Ep 94 - Interview with Taylor Nolan

(SPOILERS) Taylor joins me to talk about how she got cast (4:04), did she ever notice Derek during JoJo’s season (8:53), how she managed her dresses (9:52), being one of the younger ones on the show (10:57), who’d she bond with on the first night (14:27), when did she realize Corinne would be the villain (17:58), we break down her “emotional intelligence” line to Corinne (25:54), what she went through while the show was airing (30:10), going on BIP 4 knowing Corinne would be there (38:07),...


Ep 93 - Interview with Kat Hurd

(SPOILERS) Kat joins me to talk about how big of a fan she was before coming on the show, getting named to the Phoenix Suns dance team the same time she was accepted on the “Bachelor” and her decision to do the show (7:42), her limo entrance and first night impressions of the women (17:13), how she handled her dressed for the season (21:13), her first 1-on-1 with Juan Pablo for their Electric Run (24:43), international travel in South Korea & when her problems started with Nikki (31:08), the...


Ep 92 - Interview with Bri Amaranthus

(SPOILERS) Bri joins me to talk about how big of a fan she was of the show before going on (10:30), her last serious relationship (11:30), how many dresses did she bring (17:59), what were her expectations going in (20:59), her limo entrance & her first night memories (25:05), was she expecting to get cut at the rose ceremony (30:36), starting the Rose Girls (34:46), why she didn’t do Paradise and the advice she got (40:00), her college life (50:30), how she got started in broadcasting...


He Said, She Said with Ashley Spivey - Episode 4

(Episode 4): Ashley joins me as we discuss what the first few days have been like after adopting Luka. Then Sarah from Washington calls in to discuss a horrible assault from her past that's currently been brought to the forefront again by unforseen circumstances (7:23). It's really a story you have to listen to to believe and we appreciate Sarah for opening up and sharing this with us. Couldn't have been easy. Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled "Blink."


Ep 91 - Interview with Christon Staples

(SPOILERS) Christon joins me to talk about how his name changed on the season, playing basketball growing up (4:16), how becoming a Globetrotter came about (7:44), leaving the Globetrotters to pursue acting (22:40), how dunking became his “job” (28:01), how he got cast on the show (41:39), recapping all three group dates he was on (45:18), his thoughts on the Jean Blanc situation (52:57), Lincoln (58:21), Colton (1:02:50), Garrett (1:05:08), and we end with the Final 10 (1:12:39). Music...


Ep 90 - Interview with Sean Lowe

(SPOILERS) Sean joins me to talk about Vouch, the new dating app venture he’s gotten involved in (6:37), the reason he initially agreed to go on the show (16:29), did he think Emily was picking him when it was down to final 3 (22:25), if she did, does he think they would’ve lasted (26:27), how soon after the breakup was the Bachelor brought up to him (30:15), did he have any pre-show demands before signing on (34:40), being labeled the Virgin Bachelor by the media (42:10), Catherine getting...