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Ep 138 - Interview with "Paradise Hotel" Winners Tatum Smith & Bobby Ray

(SPOILERS) Tatum first joins me to talk about how she got cast, what show she was almost on, her strategy with Jair, why she made out with Carlos, did she think Bobby was ever going to not drop the ball, what happened to their relationship post show and more. Then Bobby joins (52:14) to discuss what his thought process was going into the show, the show’s format, what he thought of the strategy to plot against Jair, how bothered was he by the Tatum/Carlos hookup, was he always planning on...


Ep 137 - Interview with Olivia Caridi

(SPOILERS) Olivia joins me to talk about her recent trip to Copenhagen with Brandi Cyrus (4:42), Luke P's role on the show and what it means to be produced (22:38), how being a villain affects someone & going after a "redemption" edit (36:49), closure with Ben Higgins (42:13), sex on the show (48:11), and we end with the Final 10, where I answer the same questions I ask to Olivia (1:03:41). Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)


Ep 136 - Interview with Haley Stevens, Jed Wyatt's Ex-Girlfriend

(SPOILERS) This podcast will have spoilers in it from the very beginning as Haley joins me to discuss the show's ending & how I first heard about her (5:53), everything about her relationship pre-show with Jed (14:28), how their relationship was defined (30:26), why did she come forward with her story (43:35), how was it while he was off filming (49:03), the details in the interviews that she's done (58:31), and we talk about everything that's happened post-show since Jed returned home from...


Ep 135 - Interview with Christen Whitney

(SPOILERS) Before Christen joins me, I talk about the crazy week in Bachelor Nation including spoilers. Then Christen talks about her "Bachelor" experience on Nick's season (5:41), her time on "Bachelor in Paradise" season 4 (20:52), how the "Scallops" nickname came to be (27:18), going on "The Proposal" last summer (33:09), "Bachelor in Paradise" season 5 (41:03), how this interview came to be (43:46), what she's been up to post-show and her current dating life (50:35), talking this week's...


Ep 134 - Interview with Melissa Schreiber

(SPOILERS) I first give a recap of the Vegas Fan Appreciation Party and reference the BIP cast list I tweeted out last night. Melissa then joins me to talk about her brief stint on Brad Womack’s second time around as the “Bachelor” (8:02), going on “Bachelor Pad 2” (19:09), post-show ridicule she suffered (31:43), coming out as gay in 2013 after the show (34:12), starting a blog opening up about her anxiety & OCD and the extent of how bad it can get for her. Music written by Jimmer Podrasky...


Ep 133 - Interview with Amanda Stanton

Amanda joins me to talk about Josh Murray for a hot minute (3:20), her Lani the Label clothing line (5:01), her recent trip to Maui with her daughters (9:42), the relationship with Bobby and what happened (11:55), the hacking incident from a couple months ago (25:40), her decision to get breast implants (35:15), the Vegas incident from a few months back (39:33), and her book coming out in a few months (52:30). Music written by Jimmer Podrasky (B'Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)


Ep 132 - Interview with Michael Garofola

(SPOILERS) The show starts with a little talk about Joey Jones’ exes whose stories were posted yesterday on the site. Then Michael joins me to talk about if he sees the difference in editing between the three main “Bachelor” produced shows (6:48), having friendships with producers (8:30), Cam’s role on Hannah’s season (13:02), the idea of interrupting during a date – why people do it and why the lead lets it happen (17:35), we then get into talking about Luke P. where spoilers are discussed...


Ep 131 - Interview with Dr. Jonathan Treece aka "Ticklemonster"

Jonathan joins me to talk about his time on Rachel's season of the "Bachelorette," then appearing on "Bachelor in Paradise 4." How did he come up with the tickle entrance? Does he regret it? Do people still call him that? Did he feel like he could've lasted with Rachel? What made it him go on "Paradise?" All that and much more with Jonathan. Then Stephen Fishbach joins us to talk Survivor: Edge of Extinction. If you somehow haven't watched the finale just yet, we discuss the ending, plus...


Ep 130 - Interview with Wes Hayden

(SPOILERS) Before Wes joins me, I briefly talk about episode 2 spoilers and some overall thoughts on Hannah's season. Then Wes comes on to talk about how this whole thing started for him and getting cast on Jillian's season (6:24), did he really go on the show with a girlfriend (7:55), did he see where his villain edit was going while filming (15:30), the post show treatment by fans (22:09), going on "Bachelor Pad" (29:25), best memories from "Bachelor Pad" (32:30), his life since the show...


He Said, She Said with Ashley Spivey - Episode 19

This episode, Ashley joins me to discuss the spoilers regarding “Game of Thrones,” even though I’ve never seen an episode. We cover this past Sunday’s episode, so if you haven’t watched yet, you’ve been warned. Our only caller this episode is Katie from FL who joins us to talk about dating when she knows she doesn’t want kids (11:33). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled "Blink."


Ep 129 - Interview with Jen Schefft Waterman

(SPOILERS) Before Jen joins me I talk a little spoilers regarding Hannah’s season starting on Monday. Then Jen joins to talk about if her kids are aware of her “Bachelor/ette” appearances (12:21), how she got cast on the show (14:18), some memorable moments from her season (17:15), her finale on the “Bachelor” (22:30), how often she and Andrew saw each other (25:41), her post-show relationship, moving to SF, & eventually breaking up (28:24), getting the “Bachelorette” gig & how it wasn’t a...


Ep 128 - Interview with Peyton Lambton

Peyton joins me to talk about how she got cast (5:48), what she was told she couldn't say on her limo entrance night 1 (9:16), her first night impressions (12:15), why they didn't have a "Tell All" on their season (14:50), her infamous 2-on-1 exit (18:55), did she think Andy and Tessa would make it (25:02), being on the first season of "Bachelor Pad" (27:00), the competitions on BP (31:38), the timeline of her relationship with Chris (39:04), her relationship with Jason Witten's family...


Ep 127 - Interview with Brittney Rose & Dr. Johnny of "Temptation Island"

Brittney joins me first to talk about her background (5:25), what do her Wellness Retreats consist of (8:58), getting cast on the show (11:15), who was she initially attracted to (18:18), her first date and drama with Evan (19:35), her courtship with Karl (25:40), the final conversation with Karl before she left (36:24), Karl's final bonfire (38:43), their post-show relationship (42:01), her April Fools IG post (44:47), and how you can be a part of her Wellness Retreat (52:33). Then Dr....


Ep 126 - Interview with Kady Cannon and John Thurmond of "Temptation Island"

Kady joins me to talk about her background (5:51), how she met John (7:44), how they got cast (9:13), what she thought were their issues pre-show (16:13), the "alpha male" comment (19:33), her thoughts on meeting the singles and blocking Katheryn (24:38), her early connections with the singles (29:45), not leaving a video message for John (34:43), was there a point when she realized she was breaking up with him (37:58), her final bonfire comments (44:29), what happened post-show (52:30), and...


He Said, She Said with Ashley Spivey - Episode 18

In Episode 18, Ashley joins me and we take a trip down memory lane discussing the 2010 Reality Steve Dating Contest that ended up being a disaster. Then we are joined by our first caller, Courtney in Pittsburgh who tells her story of overcoming a heroin addiction (18:33). Caller #2 is Lisa in Virginia who share her story about being catfished (47:17). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled "Blink."


Ep 125 - Interview with "Temptation Island's" Katheryn Golden and Nicole Tutewohl

Katheryn joins me to talk about her life before "Temptation Island" (3:55), the reality show she was on before (5:48), how she was cast on TI (10:46), her bizarre journey on the show having never gotten a date until the very end (19:07), was she off limits to other guys bc of John (25:22), her fight with Morgan in episode 2 (27:04), did guys share their bonfire stories every time (36:53), her relationship with John on the show (42:57), Kady's treatment of John (46:19), her fall out with...


Ep 124 - Interview with Karl Collins & Evan Smith of "Temptation Island"

First Karl joins me to talk about how he and Nicole got cast on the show (6:57), what singles immediately caught his eye (13:12), reacting to bonfire clips of Nicole (14:35), hearing Nicole say their relationship was surface level (17:41), what did he think Nicole's response would be to his admission of sleeping with Brittney (23:02), Brittney's IG April Fools pregnancy joke - which at the time of taping was still a question mark (27:21), where is he at with Brittney now (31:30), what was...


Ep 123 - Interview with "Temptation Island" Host Mark Walberg & Kaci Campbell

Mark joins me to talk about his initial thoughts when hearing the show was getting rebooted after 15 years (8:08), his initial first impressions of all the couples (10:31), Nicole's growth throughout the season (19:10), Kady's treatment of John (25:21), his thoughts on the Evan/Kaci/Morgan situation (28:13), final bonfire for Karl & Nicole (35:43), final bonfire for John & Kady (39:45), and how difficult it was being there for Evan & Kaci's final bonfire (41:29). Then Kaci joins me to talk...


Ep 122 - Interview with Tara Ariano & Sarah D. Bunting of the "Again With This" Podcast

Tara and Sarah join me to talk about how they met each other and began collaborating on 90210 stuff (3:25), the impact 90210 had on the television in the 90's (7:35), the book they're currently working on (13:13), 90210 high school vs college years (16:03), does the show still hold up today (23:30), favorite storylines (32:04), their hatred for Brandon Walsh (38:02), the recent death of Luke Perry (42:15), and the reboot of 90210 coming this summer (49:29). Music written by Jimmer Podrasky...


He Said, She Said with Ashley Spivey - Episode 17

In Episode 17, Ashley joins me to first talk about the last podcast we did and her clever Spotify playlist she made for me. Then caller Nancy in NC joins us to talk about the suicide of her grandfather and the effect it's had on her along with a pregnancy struggle she had (6:45). Then Beth in NY calls in to talk about her 15 year old daughter recently being diagnosed with depression (33:58). Original theme music provided by Kate Bass and the song is titled "Blink."