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Red Cup Confidentials "Shorty Took Your V-Card" Ep. 22

The 2 Broke Girls + Mickey broke out the red cups and got lit! We discussed everything from... whether or not we could date a trans losing our virginity, if we regret how we lost it... to pondering if homosexuality is at all similar to pedophilia... and much, much more! Thank you for listening and you know the routine: Pull up, pour up and ENJOY!!


Red Cup Confidentials "Love Triangle Pt. 2" Ep. 21

Red Cup Fam, we are BACK! We missed y'all but we have produced sooooo much content in the meantime for you all. Enough small talk, let's get into part 2 of our episode "Love Triangle." Make sure y'all check out part one! We hope you enjoy this week's episode. Much more to come! We love all of you and thank you so much for your support. As always, Red Cup fam.....Pull up, pour up and enjoy!


Red Cup Confidentials "Love Triangle" Ep. 20

The 2 Broke Girls give a review of the recent Ja'Rule concert that they attended. They also discuss how the school curriculum is ridiculous and needs to be changed ASAP. They then get a little juicy and talk about love triangles. What you should do if ever put into that situation and find out if either of us have ever been in one!...Oh yeah, this is only part one! Make sure you catch this one because part 2 is even crazier! Until next time! We love you guys and remember.... Pull up, pour...


Red Cup Confidentials "They Tried to Get Me in Bed!" Ep. 19

NEW EPISODE ALERT! This one may be our best episode yet. Jo Jo holds it down this episode along with two special guests, Monet Mahogany from PornHub, KC who is a regular now and one who shall remain anonymous! ------------ This week we talk about: • Girls dating older men while in high school and if it is the norm. • If a man should ask for ID when dating a woman to be sure she is of age. • Sleeping with a man that is married or in a relationship. (Find out which two of us on the show...


Red Cup Confidentials "Numerous of Dicks" Ep. 18

Aaaand we're BACK! The two broke girls are at it again. This episode we talk about: Thanks for listening and as always...pull up, pour up and enjoy!


Red Cup Confidentials "Freaky Fetish" Ep. 17

This one is an emotional rollercoaster forreal. We're discussing feces fetishes, virginity, breaking up with a significant other, porn and more!⁣ On this episode we have 1/2 of the 2 broke girls (Jo Jo), 2 bi girls (Teyona and KC), and 1 pansexual(?).⁣⁣ Anyway, you can see why this episode is full of hilarious content. You know the routine...pull up, pour up and enjoy!


Red Cup Confidentials "In My Feelings" Ep. 16

Red Cup Family!!!! We are back again! No need for an introduction at this point, let's get right to it! Ruby J starts out by telling her story of betrayal that recently happened between her tight knit group of friends. I know there a lot of you out there that can relate to this one! We move on to the topic of friendship and beef. We give our take on what we would do if we were beefing with a friend and then decide to reconcile, only to find out they were talking trash and telling our...


Red Cup Confidentials "Take Me Down Memory Lane" Ep. 15

To all the 90's baaaaabiiiiies!!!! We are back with episode 15! This one is self explanatory. I know we all remember waking up on the weekends watching our favorite cartoons and eating cereal. Those days of coming home and watching some of our favorite nick at nite shows make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Take a stroll down memory lane with us, this one is going to be fun! As always, pull up, pour up and enjoy!


"Hate" Episode 114

The 2 Broke Girls are back! We are kicking off season 2 with nothing but tea courtesy of Nicki Minaj! We give our views on the "Nicki Hate Train" and get to the bottom of why she is the most hated person in the game right now. We also talk about Teyana Taylor v. Jeremih and who should really open up for who on tour. A quick game of smash or pass is played (we had a great time with this one). We then talk about if we've ever cursed before as children and if it is right for other people to...


Red Cup Confidentials "Roast Beef Coochie" Ep 113

Hi RCC Family!!! We're back again for episode 113. In this episode we talk to our special guests KC and Ty Ty about everything from pegging, to unattractive vaginas, secret sex parties, if they would date a bisexual man, threesomes and wayyyy more. Please excuse the baby sounds, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do 🤷‍♀️lol You guys will really enjoy this one so pull up, pour up and enjoy! Happy Friday family!!!! ❤💙💚💛💜🖤


Red Cup Confidentials "Unapologetically Black" Ep 112

Hey you guys!!!! The 2 broke girls are back at it again!!! There's no caption needed, we think the title speaks for itself. Y'all know the routine pull up, pour up, and enjoy!!!


Red Cup Confidentials "What's Your Sign, Baby?" Ep 111

This episode is a roller coaster ride! The 2 broke girls kick off the show with a little game of EFF, MARRY, KILL.They then discuss the unfortunate death of Lesandro Feliz Guzman aka Junior and the cowards who murdered him. R.I.P. After that they talk about zodiac signs and who is compatible with them. They also share some experiences with certain signs in the past. See which sign they can't stand! Thank you all for listening! Pull up, pour up and enjoy!!!!!!


Red Cup Confidentials "Play Ya Cards Right!" Ep. 110

Hey Y'all we are back at it again!!! This week's episode we talked about xxxtentaction's death (may he rest in paradise); violence and crime in this world, and Jay and Bey's new album. I think y'all should be familiarized with the routine by now, so pull up, pour up, and enjoy!


Red Cup Confidentials "Sucka!" Ep. 109

AYYYYEEE!!! We are BACK! I know you missed us.Sorry we left you guys hanging last week but we have returned. This week we talk about snitching on your best friend's significant other. To tell or not to tell. We also talk about how social media affects relationships these days and if relationships were better back in the day or just easier. Pull up and...well, Joanna was detoxing so no alcohol in her cup but pour up nonetheless! lol Enjoy!


Red Cup Confidentials "Beef" Ep. 108

Hey Y'all!!!! The 2 broke girls are back at it again! This time we are talking about the drama between Drake and Pusha T, music from our generation, and music today! So y'all know the routine, pull up and pour up and enjoy the show!


Red Cup Confidentials "Hey Ho!?" Ep. 107

Hey Y'all!!!! The 2 broke girls are back again! Episode 107 is the most fun we've had yet! We talked about all the things people are afraid to. Summer is approaching which means so is HO season for some. We talk about what makes a ho, if there is such thing as a ho, and if it is okay for men to ho but not okay for women. We also discuss "work boyfriends/girlfriends" and if it is acceptable to have one. We can't wait for you guys to check this one out! Please let us know what you think! We...


Red Cup Confidentials "Sextacular" Ep. 106

The 2 broke girls talked about if being bisexual is a new trend. Can men be considered as being bisexual or down right gay? They also discussed if sex is all about pleasing your partner, yourself, or both. Last but not least, they touched on what would be considered a real friend. So grab your cup and enjoy the show!


Red Cup Confidentials "Stating Facts" Ep. 105

In this episode the 2 broke girls discuss Childish Gambino's relationship with a white woman, if you can be in an interracial relationship and still be loyal to your people. The Tierra Marie sextape. Would you be okay if your man bought his baby mama a mother's day gift. Pull up and pour up with us! Enjoy! Until next week!


Red Cup Confidentials "The Process" Ep 104.mp3

Hey y'alllll! We're back again with episode #4!!!! On this episode the 2 broke girls discuss Kanye West and his antics yet again! Has he completely lost his mind?! They also talk about Bill Cosby's trial and if it is too late to send him to prison for acts that were committed years ago. They speculate about the split between Jhene Aiko and Big Sean. At the end of the show the girls drop some motivation! Pull up and pour up with us!


Red Cup Confidentials "Keeping it Real" Ep. 103

The 2 broke girls talk about Kanye West, the Kardashians, white people using the "N" word, and so much more!