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Reliving My Youth - Martin Page

I catch up with singer-songwriter Martin Page, who is behind the smash hits “We built this city” by Starship and “These Dreams” by Heart. Martin has worked with Bernie Taupin, Elton John’s writing partner as well as Maurice White from Earth Wind and Fire. He also played keyboards on Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters. Martin fronted the 80’s band Q-Feel, who had the hit “Dancing in Heaven” from the movie Girls just want to have fun. He finally released his solo album in 1994 with “In the house...


Reliving My Youth - Dave Wakeling of The English Beat

I catch up with Dave Wakeling of The English Beat. They were one of the most influential bands of the early 80’s. The band’s hits include “Save it for Later”, “I Confess” and “Mirror in the Bathroom”. Their music fused punk rock, soul, reggae and ska. The Beat broke up after releasing their third album. Dave and Ranking Roger formed General Public. Dave reformed The English Beat and has toured extensively. The English Beat are releasing their first album in 30 years.


Reliving My Youth - Bill Wadhams of Animotion

I catch up with Bill Wadhams of Animotion, who tells me how the band came about the song “Obsession”, which was originally recorded by Michael Des Bes Barres and Holly Knight. Their version failed to chart but Animotion’s went to number six. Bill tells me why he was hesitant about the song and why he left the band before the third album. He reunited with Astrid Plane and released their first album with Animotion, Raise Your Expectations, in almost 30 years.


Reliving My Youth - Taylor Dayne

I catch up with Taylor Dayne, who is out on tour supporting the 30th anniversary of “Tell it to My Heart”. We discuss the origin of the song and her name. She’s had 18 songs reached the billboard top ten including, “I’ll Always Love You”, “Prove Your Love” and her number one hit “Love Will Lead You Back”.


Reliving My Youth - Maggie Roswell

I catch up with Maggie Roswell (The Simpsons), who tells me which of her characters is her favorite to voice. The Simpsons have had so many special guest stars over its almost 30 years, she tells me which her most memorable ones. We talk about the story behind getting to voice the iconic Sharry Bobbins. Maggie was an established on camera actress before The Simpsons, we discuss her cult classic movie “Midnight Madness” and what iconic TV show she turned down.


Reliving My Youth - Valerie Day and John Smith from Nu Shooz

I catch up with Valerie Day and John Smith from Nu Shooz, who tells me how the married couple met, the process behind the smash hit, “I Can’t Wait” and their reactions to finding out they were nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy. The two took a break from Nu Shooz for a while and tell me what they were working on during that time. They reformed Nu Shooz and released “Bagtown” in 2016.


Reliving My Youth - John Wozniak from Marcy Playground

I catch up with John Wozniak from Marcy Playground who tells me how the iconic “Sex and Candy” came about and where the title came about. John talks about how he got his record deal. We geek out over Star Wars a bit. Marcy Playground is performing a concert to benefit “Rock Against Dementia” on March 23rd at The Cutting Room in New York.


Reliving My Youth - Martha Davis of The Motels

I catch up with Martha Davis of The Motels, who tells me what the band was called before they changed their name. The band’s biggest hits include “Only The Lonely” and “Suddenly Last Summer”, Martha tells me the story behind those hits. We talk about the band’s upcoming release, “The Last Few Beautiful Days”


Reliving My Youth - Vinnie Dombroski from Sponge

I catch up with Vinnie Dombroski from Sponge, who tells me if he thought Plowed would become a massive hit and the story behind the song Molly. Vinnie also shares some of his favorite acts he has toured with. We discuss his latest project, the Beer Sessions.


Reliving My Youth - Matthew Godfrey from You Can’t Do That On Television

I catch up with Matthew Godfrey (You Can’t Do That on Television), who played the “know it all” kid during his time on the show. He tells me the sitcom star is character was modeled, the audition process for the show, and his favorites sketches. Matthew worked with Alanis Morissette and shares a couple of stories. He tells me what went into the slime and water scenes. Matthew is a son of Canadian diplomats and shares his real-life connection to the movie Argo.


Reliving My Youth - Mindy Sterling

I catch up with Mindy Sterling (The Austin Powers movies), who tells me about filming those movies and if a fourth one is coming. Mindy was a member of the Groundlings and tells me the SNL alum who babysat her son. A new generation of fans will know her as Miss Briggs from iCarly. We discuss the impact the show has had on kids. Perhaps her best role is playing Alan Tudyk’s manager, Bobbi on the web series, Con Man.


Reliving My Youth - Barry Andrews of Shriekback

I catch up with Barry Andrews who is the co-founder of Shriekback. Barry was the keyboardist of XTC. He left the band after two albums. We talk about why he joined XTC and why he left. Barry formed Shriekback after leaving XTC. Shriekback is best known in the states for Nemesis. They recently embarked on an European tour thanks to Kickstarter and are planning their U.S. tour also through Kickstarter.


Reliving My Youth - Michael Pearlman

I catch up with Michael Pearlman, who played Jason Pembroke during the first season of Charles in Charge, which ran on CBS during the 1984-85 season. The show was cancelled following the season up found new life in first-run syndication two years laters with a new family, the Powells. Michael was the only cast member to return for the second season premiere. He tells me about that experience and the differences between the two families. He fills me in on what he has been doing post acting...


Reliving My Youth - LeRoy Wolfgramm of The Jets

I catch up with LeRoy Wolfgramm of The Jets, who were one of the biggest bands in the late 80’s. The band was made up of the eight oldest Wolfgramm children. The Jets were constants on the charts with hits like “Crush on You”, “You Got It All”, and “Make It Real”. LeRoy talks about how the band learned to play their instruments and who decided which member would sing a particular song.


Reliving My Moment - Billy Vera

I catch up with Grammy-Award winner Billy Vera, who has done it all in the music industry. His career spans over 50 years. It didn’t just start with “At this Moment”, which is the most unlikely song to hit number 1, largely in part to Family Ties. Billy still performs with the Beaters. Billy has also done quite a bit of acting, with roles in the cult classic, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Wiseguy, he had an occurring role of Duke on Beverly Hills, 90210. He’s also preformed the theme...


Reliving My Youth - Vanessa Angel

I catch up with actress Vanessa Angel (Kingpin, Spies Like Us), who tells me how she got started in acting. Vanessa was the first choice to play a certain warrior princess, she tells me what happened. We talk about her role as Lisa on the TV version of Weird Science and her cameo on Entourage.


Reliving My Youth - Oleta Adams

I catch with singer Oleta Adams, who collaborated with Tears for Fears on the Seeds of Love album and toured with them. She did vocals on “Woman in Chains” and Badman’s Song.” Some say it was Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith who discovered Oleta in a Kansas City hotel bar, but that’s not the case. They were just the ones who kept promises. We talk about her time with the band. She was there when the band broke up and her latest release, Third Set, that came out in 2017. The Grammy nominated...


Reliving My Youth - Frank Ford of Four Day Weekend

I catch up with comedian Frank Ford, who is one of the founding members of the comedy group, Four Day Weekend. Frank talks about his comedy influences growing up, how Homer Simpson had a part in the group’s name and how he went from a full-time, six figure job to doing comedy full time. Frank, along with his partners, David Ahearn and David Wilk, wrote the book, Happy Accidents: The Transformative Power of "YES, AND" at Work and in Life.


Reliving My Youth - Scott Schwartz

I catch up with Scott Schwartz (A Christmas Story, The Toy), who tells me how he won over Jackie Gleason on the set of The Toy, if he got all of the jokes from the movie. Scott played Flick in A Christmas Story and tells me how the movie went from the a cult classic to iconic status.


Reliving My Youth - Dan Lauria

I catch up with actor, Dan Lauria, who tells me how he went from the gridiron to the stage and what sitcom star helped him land the role of Jack Arnold on the Wonder Years. We talk baseball and cross off how many different types of coaches he has played in his career.


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