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That's A Wrap | Remake This Movie RIGHT Series Finale

Remake This Movie RIGHT began as a tiny nugget of fun on The Hollywood Outsider Podcast, where we would randomly recast popular classic films with updated actors, just to see who could come up with the craziest scenario. That grew into an idea I wanted to explore: what if, using the podcast medium, we had a show that celebrated both the good and the bad of any given film, and then instead of the hosts just bashing everything for laughs, we instead applied that fan magic to creating the...


Raiders of the Lost Ark | Remake This Movie RIGHT

Henry Jones, Jr. is a professor, archaeologist, and adventurer. The U.S. government has enlisted his help: to locate and retrieve the fabled Ark of the Covenant! The only problem is...Nazis are right behind him. For this episode, we dive into the greatest adventure film of all-time, as we determine what is it EXACTLY about Indiana Jones that makes him such a classic, legendary hero. A task so daunting, even we don't want to attempt it. It's time to Remake Raiders of the Lost Ark...


Face/Off | Remake This Movie Right S4 E7

Sean Archer desperately needs to stop Castor Troy, the terrorist-for-hire who is responsible for the death of his son. Unfortunately, once captured, Archer finds that Troy has planted a bomb somewhere, and the only way to find it is to take Castor Troy's place. Actually, to take his FACE! For this episode, we let loose and have some fun with John Woo's action extravaganza. Can you ever top the lunacy of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage pretending to be each other?! It's time to Remake...


Highlander | Remake This Movie RIGHT S4 E6

Connor MacLeod is special. A seemingly unassuming antique dealer in New York, Connor would not seem a master swordsman, yet that is exactly who he is. Graced with immortality, Connor has fended off foes for several lifetimes, and now his final challenge has arrived in Kurgan. Can he defeat his greatest enemy? For this episode, we let the listeners choose, and they decided there could only be one Remake for our final season. You demanded it, and now it's here! It's time to take...


Stephen King's The Stand | S4 E5

A deadly plague has wiped out most of the world's population. Those left split into two factions, each led by someone with mysterious motives. In the end, who will take...The Stand?! Our second Stephen King film revolves around one of his greatest pieces of art, his magnum opus. It's time to Remake Stephen King's The Stand RIGHT! Clips selected from 1994's The Stand. Social Media Facebook Group: Twitter: @RemakeRight Wayne...


Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive | Remake This Movie RIGHT S4 E4

Based on his own short story, Trucks, Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive is what happens when Earth passes through the tail of Rea-M rogue comet, as machines come to life and begin to kill mankind. A group of survivors are under siege from fierce trucks at the Dixie Boy truck stop, and the film follows their plight as they fight to survive. Adapting his own screenplay, Maximum Overdrive is Stephen King's solo directorial debut. Starring Emilio Estevez, the film was critically lambasted, yet...


V - The Original Miniseries | Remake This Movie Right S4 E3

Enormous disc-shaped spaceships surround major cities around the Earth. The world is terrified, yet we are greeted by these alien beings in a friendly, welcoming manner. They claim to want to help us, to offer us technology and science in exchange for resources. They say they come in peace. Mike Donovan and a few others quickly learn the truth. These visitors do not come in peace, they have come to enslave the human race. Can Mike and a small band of resistance fighters save the...


The Princess Bride | Remake This Movie RIGHT S4 E2

A grandfather reads his grandson a story, a magical tale about a Buttercup and her love for a farm boy named Wesley. As he leaves, Buttercup becomes distraught, and eventually agrees to marry Prince Humperdinck. As the wedding approaches, the Dread Pirate Roberts returns, looking to save Princess Buttercup, while Humperdinck and his goons make other plans. Long thought an impossible film to remake, we decided to give this timeless classic a shot. This episode, we're going to Remake The...


Star Wars | Remake This Movie RIGHT S4 E1

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas had an idea. Take a space opera, through in some Hitler-esque motifs, a nod to religion, and create one of the greatest adventures of all time! Ok, he might not have known how big it would be, but Lucas had many brilliant ideas. To kick off Season 4 of Remake This Movie RIGHT, we are going to journey back to the time of Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia, to re-create one of the most important childhood memories of...


Major Announcement: Season 4

Aaron delivers a major announcement involving Season 4 of Remake This Movie Right


Introducing Smirk

Aaron introduces his latest podcast, Smirk, now available on your podcast app of choice, or at Magic. Wonder. Endless possibilities. This week, Amanda tells a story about a young boy, who imagination has awoken a spark of sorts. By the time she hits the hyperdrive to reach her moral, we will all recall that blinding innocence we held as a child. Welcome to Smirk. A podcast that covers society and culture through a storytelling lens. Part creative writing, part discussion,...


Season 3 Finale | Remake This Movie RIGHT S3 E23

On this Best of Season 3 Finale episode, past hosts Troy Heinritz, Amanda Sink, and Mr. Trailer himself - Wayne Henderson - all join Aaron to discuss their favorite episodes and parody trailers from this latest season of Remake This Movie Right! Host | Contributor Information: Aaron - The Hollywood Outsider | The Blacklist Exposed Amanda Sink - Remake This Movie RIGHT Troy Heinritz - The Blacklist Exposed | Under the Dome Radio Wayne Henderson - Media Voice-Overs | Voice-Over Journey...


The Room | Remake This Movie RIGHT S3 E22

The Room follows a successful banker in Johnny. He supports an attractive - but very bored - fiancé in Lisa, who ultimately seduces his best friend, Mark. A torrid affair beings, all while Lisa plays it cool and pushes forward towards their wedding date. Johnny’s life comes crashing down at a birthday party where Lisa and Mark’s affair is exposed, humiliating Johnny, and prompting him to rethink the future of his own existence. The Room has long been considered one of the worst films of...


Dungeons and Dragons | Remake This Movie RIGHT S3 E21

In 2000, director Courtney Solomon finally achieved what many thought impossible; he adapted Dungeons and Dragons for the big screen. With decidedly mixed results and poor box office, the film fell by the wayside and became a film lost to the ages. For this special episode, Aaron enlists the help of not one, but TWO Dungeon Masters to discuss the errors of that original film, and piece together the perfect representation of what a Dungeons and Dragons movie should be. We are going to Remake...


The Fly | Remake This Movie RIGHT S3 E20

The Fly was already a remake of a classic, but director David Cronenberg took it to new levels. With Jeff Goldblum taking on the wings and effects that took home an Oscar, it's a challenge, but we're going to Remake The Fly RIGHT! Clips selected from the 1986 film, The Fly Host | Contributor Information: Aaron - The Hollywood Outsider | The Blacklist Exposed Jason Cabassi – The Walking Dead ‘Cast | Podcastica Courtney Davenport - Remake This Movie Right Wayne Henderson - Media...


Heathers | Remake This Movie RIGHT S3 E19

In 1988, Michael Lehmann expertly brought the high school experience to our theaters as he pointedly delivered Heathers. The film starred Winona Ryder as Veronica, a young teen sucked into a high school clique named Heathers. After she meets her rebel teen love in J.D., Veronica begins dreaming of a world without the cruel teens she deals with every day. And J.D., is more than willing to kill a few people to make that dream a reality. Heathers established Winona Ryder and Christian Slater...


Flatliners | Remake This Movie RIGHT S3 E18

In Joel Schumacher's Flatliners, medical students begin to explore the realm of near death experiences, hoping for insights into what lies beyond our world. Each has their heart stopped and is revived. They begin experiencing waking nightmares from their childhood, reflecting their own personal sins. These experiences continue to intensify, and they begin to be physically abused by their visions as they head deeper into the death experience to find a cure. To bring this concept into the...


Hellboy | Remake This Movie RIGHT S3 E17

In the final days of World War II, the Nazis attempt to use mysticism to salvage their fight. The Allies put an end to their efforts, but not before a demon has been summoned through a portal. Raised by Professor Bruttenholm, this demon baby comes to aid in our never-ending plight against the forces of darkness. He is Hellboy. Ron Perlman perfectly embodied Mike Mignola's iconic character in Guillermo del Toro's film that vividly brought the demon and his minions to life. Hollywood ignores...


9 to 5 | Remake This Movie RIGHT S3 E16

Way ahead of its time, 9 to 5 takes a very candid look at the struggle for women in the workplace. As they come to terms with their sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot of a boss, these women inadvertently kidnap Mr. Hart and change their office around for the better of employees across the board. Starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Dabney Coleman, 9 to 5 has rightfully claimed its place as a comedy classic. A lot has changed since 1980, but there is definitely...


Stephen King's The Dark Tower | Remake This Movie RIGHT S3 E15

Based on Stephen King’s magnum opus, The Dark Tower is a mysterious building that binds the entire universe together, and bans reining darkness from all worlds. The Man in Black and the Crimson King are desperate to destroy reality and let chaos reign. Roland Deschain is the last Gunslinger, a line of knights from a different Earth. Along with a mysterious boy by the name of Jake Chambers, Roland’s quest and sole purpose is to thwart the Man in Black and save the Dark Tower. Although The...